Detroit Land Bank Authority Leaks

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The 2017 Detroit Mayoral Election Campaign Has Officially Launched

 A Public Service Announcement To Detroit Land Bank Authority

It Is Not Nice To Lie To The Court, Detroit Land Bank Authority

Cummings & Gowdy Got A Flat Out "No" From Snyder On His Fraudulent Flint Testimony

Bill Schuette, Detroit Land Bank Authority, U.S. Department of Defense & Fraud: Part I

Ring Around The False Claims Act With The Detroit Land Bank Authority

Ousted Detroit Land Bank director was drunk on job, stalked employee

Two Former Wasserman Schultz IT Aides Indicted For Conspiracy Against US

Detroit Land Bank Authority Rumors: Judge Columbo, Mortgage Fraud & Voting Rights, 8-12-2017

Duggan & Detroit Land Bank Authority Are "WE"s 

Ethics panel still reviewing Conyers' pay to aide

Man buys home from Detroit Land Bank, then told by city it could be demoed

Detroit Land Bank Authority Rumor Updates: 8-7-2017

Part 1: Duggan’s formidable political machine relies on deep-pocket outsiders

Detroit Land Bank Authority Rumor Updates: 8-5-2017

The Magical Doors Of The Kingdom Were Opened: Beverly Tran, et al, v. Detroit Land Bank Authority, et al, 7-31-2017

Day 284 - Hillary's Leakers, Hackers and Henchmen: Real Estate Fraud, Imran Awan & Cynthia Martin

FACT Request For House Ethics To Investigate U.S. Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz For Employment Violations Of Staffer Imran Awan

MHA, DLBA reach settlement regarding improper invoicing for Hardest Hit Fund demolition work

The Detroit Land Bank Authority Leaks: The North American Water And Power Alliance

Congressional IT staffer charged with home equity loan fraud

Former Wasserman-Schultz IT Staffer Imran Awan Arrested at Airport While Trying to Flee U.S.

Trust Funds Tales of Child Welfare Fraud: Shirley Temple, Jackie Coogan, Hillary Clinton & UNICEF

Federal Reserve Published TARP Propaganda To Cover Up Fraud

Michigan Real Estate Businessman Sentenced to Prison for Obstructing the Internal Revenue Laws and Bank Fraud

Why Conyers' Congressional Office Is Under Ethics Investigation

CONYERS: Judiciary Democrats Demand Answers On Abrupt DOJ Settlement Of Fraud Case Handled By Russian Lawyer Who Met With Trump Jr.

A Love Question To My #Superfans: Why Was The Detroit Land Bank Authority A Detroit Bankruptcy Creditor?

Time To Audit God: Detroit World Outreach, Child Welfare Fraud & Detroit Land Bank Authority

Hoisted By Her Own Petard: How Hillary Clinton Really Lost Michigan

Detroit Land Bank & Friends Get Federal Grand Jury Subpoena

Detroit Land Bank subpoenaed by Department of Treasury 
What Do Children, Organ Transplants, Land Banks & Voting Have In Common?

How Detroit Land Bank Authority Michael Brady Bribed Attorney Crystal Hopkins To Drop A Federal Fraud Case Against Them

Pick And Choose Residents: How Building Detroit Steals Houses For Detroit Land Bank Authority

Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission Filing On Detroit Land Bank Community Development Corporation - Michael Brady, et al

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette Did Not File To Dissolve My Detroit Land Bank Authority Corporation

No Money, No Justice: Beverly Tran v. Detroit Land Bank Authority

Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission Sucks

The following case closed was closed on 12-11-2012 and transferred to Central District of California.

CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA (Western Division - Los Angeles)

12/27/201270 NOTICE of Voluntary Dismissal filed by Plaintiff Deborah Abeel. Dismissal is without prejudice. (Fiedler, James) (Entered: 12/27/2012)

Detroit Land Bank Community Development Corporation 2017 990s for the Fiscal Year 2018 - Saskia Thompson by Beverly Tran on Scribd

Detroit Land Bank Community Development Corporation 2017 990s by Beverly Tran on Scribd

Detroit Land Bank Community Development Corporation 2016 990s by Beverly Tran on Scribd

State of Michigan Detroit Land Bank Authority, L.L.C. Dissolution - 11-27-2017 by Beverly Tran on Scribd