Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Federal Reserve Published TARP Propaganda To Cover Up Fraud

Have you ever had one of those moments when your wildest dream came true?

Well, this fell in my lap.

For the longest time I have been claiming that Kansas and Michigan are running socio-economic policy experiments, but I am working on a future post because it is all related to Medicaid fraud in child welfare.

For the longest time I have dreamt about doing my own peer review on a professional publication such as this using my econometric background.

In the spirit of fuchsia...

To begin, we have what is called researcher bias.

You see, you have the principals of this research working paper who have ties to the University of Southern California, the same USC that has a school of Public Policy named Price, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, that is and guess who they are working with?

Oh, come on....

Fine.  I will tell you.

These researchers are tied to the Detroit Land Bank Authority and the Clinton Foundation, organizations that were recipients of TARP funding that came through the State of Michigan Housing Development Authority, that handing the oversight of the Hardest Hit Funds, part of TARP, to the Michigan Homeowners Assistance Nonprofit Housing Corporation through....drumroll please...

I shall bring in Kevyn Orr, Emergency Manager appointed by Governor Rick Snyder, who both have ties to the Clinton Foundation, in a future post I am working on.

Now, on to the methodology.

It sucks.

How the hell are these so-called researchers going to use qualitative methods in a research design that so desperately calls for quantitative methodologies?

They used Dummy variables.


I would have constructed a Spline model because I could have easily extrapolated data from databases, like, um, how many homes were actually saved from the HHF program.

This working research paper is nothing more than glorified propaganda because the people who even took the time to read the report rely upon this jacked up propaganda, which manipulates the public record and destroys the Library of Congress.

This is crap, but let us attempt to disprove their crappy Null.

Did bank borrowers benefit from the TARP Program?  

Hell yes, they did.

TARP is called the Troubled Asset Relief Program where the feds bailed out the banks, then fined them, where these fines funded TARP.

Taken directly from the federal TARP website:

Treasury is now winding down its remaining TARP investments and is also continuing to implement TARP initiatives to help struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure.
Did you see that?  It says, "to help struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure".  

The question I would have presented to be disproven would have been, "Did the people benefit from the TARP Program?"

Hell no, they did not, but the banks did and that is why the Federal Reserve published this propaganda.

As for the child welfare fraud, well, there is much more to the story coming, so stay right here...or just go through my archives.
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