Saturday, April 21, 2012

Shanelle Jackson Michigan 13th Congressional Campaign Activities Raise Serious Questions

Michigan House Representative
Shanelle Jackson
According to the latest Federal Election Campaign (FEC) filings Shanelle Jackson may be disqualified a candidate in the Michigan 13th Congressional District House race.

In her initial FEC Statement of Organization filings, Ms. Jackson indicated two types of candidate committees.  The rule only allows for one.  A response is due by April 30, 2012.

Michigan House Representative Jackson faces further challenges with her campaign filings with the State of Michigan.

It seems when she filed her state annual campaign statement with the Secretary of State, her beginning balance was registered as $0.00 with zero dollars in contributions and disbursements, contrary to the previous year filing.  Response was due February 17, 2012.

The erroneous report prompted a referral to the State Attorney General for investigation but I will put a disclaimer and state that the database has been known to be slow in updating but in this instance, I highly doubt it.

What makes the campaign activities of Representative Jackson relevant to my mission is twofold.

First, this is fraud and this is why:

During the time of the initial FEC filing there was opportunity for various co-mingling of funds.

Were funds solicited under the guise of state activities for a federal race or were funds transferred from a state campaign committee to a federal campaign committee?

One could question if some of those contributions went unreported towards personal and political gain such as paying legal fees in the State Attorney General investigation of her questionable campaign finance activities.

Better yet, as there was indication of two types of Congressional Campaign Committees, were funds solicited under the guise to attack other candidates in the race which brings me to the second reason why this situation has my passionate, undivided attention.

Campaign finance is a hot button federal issue and as a federal candidate, Ms. Jackson should have known this.  Her actions are either misfeasance or malfeasance; I reject the former.

I have previously questioned Representative Jackson's political and campaign activities with only the discerning charm that I possess.

As all the other candidates are male in the 13th Congressional District Democratic race, there can be no one to say this is an attack on a woman.

This is just personal.

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