Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Michigan Medicaid Fraud To Be Discussed In Appropriations

Michigan House of Representatives will be addressing the Department of Community Health Audit.

Review of recent Office of the Auditor General audit findings related to the Medicaid Program

The Office of Auditor General has begun to lock the pdf audits since I have begun uploading to this site. Here is the link to find the complete audit.
Michigan Department of Community Health Audit 2010

The State Medicaid Director is the Director of Community Health, Janet Olszewski and she does not, under any type of situation, be it death, human trafficking or your basic phantom services, will not report Medicaid fraud to the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit.

As a matter of fact, the Department of Community Health will continue to enter into contractual relationships with organizations and corporations who are widely known to engage in Medicaid fraudulent activities, but there is a reason why there is federal non-compliance in dealing with Medicaid matters...

The Attorney General, Mike Cox, fails miserably when it comes to prosecuting Medicaid fraud in child welfare.

Here is a snippet of his press release proposing a Medicaid Fraud Inspector General:

And here is a statement of the House of Representatives on the levels of Medicaid fraud:
Medicaid is the health care program for the poor, paid for by both the state and federal governments. After K-12 education it is the second largest spending item in the state budget, and there is evidence of ongoing and large scale Medicaid fraud. 

Simply put, Medicaid fraud in child welfare will never be addressed due to the inherent conflicts of interests within the Attorney General's Office:  "How can the Attorney General prosecute a state entity when it previously defended that state entity?"

Oh wait a minute... I remember reading a recent Court decision allowing the Attorney General leave to proceed in prosecuting a state entity it previously represented...

Michigan v Waterstone  

Unfortunately, the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit remains a phantom program for the state, and Mike Cox is too busy running for the Office of the Governor, so nothing will be done.

I will publish my Medicaid Fraud Control Unit Model after the primaries.

Michigan Peremptory Mandamus Petition

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