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April Birman Dies By Michigan CPS

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April Birman
It can happen to you.

I demand a formal investigation by the State of Michigan and the U.S. Department of Justice and for all parties involved to be held accountable.

Give the children back to the family, now.

On a mission...

From a Cyber Goddess ~
She committed suicide because they stole her kids, arrested her oldest on false accusations, and were abusing her toddler while in custody of CPS. All of this because they went fishing as a family and the toddler fell into the lake and the 17 year old brother saved him and performed cpr. A trip to the hospital to make sure he was ok turned into her worst nightmare. Her husband was an oil pipeline whistleblower. All in Michigan. She reached out to me about how to get her kids back and we talked often. This is heartbreaking. 😭 Her kids are devastated and nobody can understand why her parents or her ex-husband don’t have custody yet. This is just awful. I just chatted with her two days ago.

April M. Birman, 37, died unexpectantly January 9, 2020. She has gained her angel wings and is now in heaven holding her beloved Julian. April was born April 16, 1982 in Bayview, TX to Laurel Birman and Rodney Loomis.

April loved to write, play guitar, read poetry and go on shopping trips. She enjoyed her tv shows, especially Criminal Minds and Walking Dead. But most of all, she lived to spend time with her children. They would always stay up late, make food and watch movies together.

April is survived by her children, Jacob Birman, Levi Birman, Abigail Birman, Mary Birman and Liam Birman; her mother, Laurel (David) Payne; her father, Rodney (Valora) Loomis and siblings, Haley Loomis, Lacey Loomis, Philip Birman, Wes Chandler, Autumn Moore, David Payne, Tasha Payne and Kristy Grestini. She was preceded in death by her infant son, Julian Birman.

A memorial service to celebrate April's life will be 2:00 p.m., Saturday, January 18, 2020 at the Farley Estes Dowdle Funeral Home & Cremation Care. Visitation will be one hour prior to the service, starting at 1:00 p.m. Personal messages for the family may be placed at

Mother says son charged after near drowning of toddler is a hero, not a child abuser

The mother of a 17-year-old boy said he is a hero and not guilty of child abuse, as police and prosecutors allege.

April Birman's son, Jack Birman, known as Levi, is charged with third-degree child abuse after Calhoun County Sheriff Department deputies said he went fishing and left his brother, 16-month-old Liam, on the shore of a pond near Avenue A and Dickman Road in Springfield on Sunday and the toddler nearly drowned.

"He saved his life," April Birman told the Enquirer on Thursday. "There is no way he would ever harm his little brother or be neglectful."

Levi Birman faces up to two years in prison if convicted of the charge. He is scheduled to appear for a preliminary examination on Oct. 22. He has been released on a $50,000 personal recognizance bond following an arraignment Monday in Calhoun County District Court.

But the mother of the boys said her older son saved the life of his brother and is not guilty of any negligence or abuse.

"They went for a walk and ended up at the pond fishing," she said. "He took his eyes off him for two seconds and he was under water."

April Birman told deputies she had been asleep because she works nights and that the boys had been gone about two hours. She was worried and had called friends of her older son and then the Calhoun County Sheriff Department, which provides police services to the city of Springfield.

"I had called the police because I felt something was wrong," she said. "I called the police because — Where in the hell would they be? I felt in my gut something was wrong."

She said deputies were at her home at about 8 p.m. at Wyndtree Townhouses, about a mile from the pond, and taking a report when Levi Birman ran into the house holding his brother.

"He had wrapped him in his clothes and saved his life and ran home with him," she said. "He had looked away for a few minutes and found his brother and resuscitated him."

Sheriff Department Det. Steve Hinkley said Tuesday the young boy had signs of drowning when deputies saw him and that officers believe that Levi Birman was in a rowboat on the pond and left his young brother, Liam, on shore.

The young boy was carried from the pond to the house by his brother and deputies reported that the young child was wearing only a diaper.

But April Birman said the allegations don't make sense to her.

"He was in the water only a few minutes," she said about her toddler son. "Logically that makes the most sense because if he had been any further away from my child — the baby — he would already be dead or had brain damage.

"He would have died of hypothermia or had brain damage or other effects. That makes no sense what they are stating on paper."

She also questions evidence about a boat which investigators described as an old rowboat which had been left at the pond and used by people who stop to fish.

"At some point (Levi) said something about a boat but that was after hours of coercion by multiple police officers. They were cornering him up in his bedroom and didn't read him his rights."

Sheriff Matt Saxton said an initial interview was conducted at the home and Levi Birman was not under arrest or in custody so the officers were not required to advise his rights. Those rights include a right to an attorney and an explanation that he didn't have to speak to the officers.

Birman said her 16-month-old son has been released from the hospital and is expected to recover. He is in the custody of Child Protective Services, which also is investigating the incident.


The caseworker is friends with the foster placement family. They had the two kids and were in a car accident and they didn’t tell her. Her daughter told her when she saw her. 

She told me that Calhoun county CPS blocked the police from seeing her son when she complained about the abuse. She contacted the fbi and had a reporter outside when the police were denied viewing. 

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Jennifer said...

I want to know what I can do to keep her fight going for her children shes a long long time friend. I've been talking her through this I stopped her once I could have agsin if I would have just answered my phone the night before I believe she was reaching out to me again but I have to make her death worth something to get her kids to family please let me know what I can do to avenge her unexpected death thank you my name is Jennifer ort

Unknown said...

This is April's mom- John is not the daddy. Children are with family except the baby. He is still in foster care and we are having a fight to get him back to our biological family.