How Michigan Poisoned Flint's Kids

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Michigan Breaks Ground Building The Flint Children's Trust Model - Light Up That Network

Edwards: Flint witness falsified research claims

COA: Flint residents can sue the state over water crisis

Gov. Snyder stepped up charitable donations in 2016, giving 42% of his income to charity

AG Bill Schuette to spend $2.6M more for Flint water investigation; costs to top $25M

Study: Fetal deaths spiked, pregnancies declined during Flint water crisis

Schuette Charges Six More in Flint Water Crisis

Federal judge to Flint: Time's up, pick a safe, long-term drinking water source now

Back to court for several Flint water crisis defendants

These are the 15 people criminally charged in the Flint water crisis

Tax foreclosure threat becomes latest hardship in Flint

Flint residents share disdain during Young Turks water crisis town hall

Proposed $97M deal reached in Flint drinking water case

Flint mayor diverted water-crisis money to political PAC, suit says

Snyder: I'm not concerned about being charged over Flint water crisis

State explains why no bottled water delivery in Flint

Snyder's legal tab with criminal defense firm hits $3.5M

Flint crisis charges raises scrutiny of EM law

How Flint's water crisis unfolded

Michigan has a long and expansive history of its child welfare policies.  To date, it has been quite nasty.

This is a one-stop shop for all the latest dirt on the intentional poisoning of the children of Flint.

This is privatization and it started in Michigan with its child welfare policies and revenue maximization through Medicaid fraud.

Disaster Day by Day: A detailed Flint crisis timeline

AG Bill Schuette: Don't bill Flint residents for water they can't drink

Michigan AG declined to investigate Flint water in December

People of Flint speak: 'Nobody living like this'

Governor must make Flint emails public

Cher donates bottled water to Flint

Obama grants emergency aid for Flint

President Obama signs emergency declaration for Flint amid water crisis

Senator Bernie Sanders calls for Gov. Snyder resignation

Snyder activates National Guard to help in Flint

Flint police investigating whether water documents were stolen from city hall

State removes criticized Flint water poster

White House ‘concerned’ about Flint water crisis

Stir it up: No one is to blame for Flint but Snyder 

Shakeup roils DEQ in wake of Flint water crisis

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Half-Ass Apologizes For Poisoning Children Of Flint

Michigan Ignored 'Conclusive Evidence' Of Flint Lead Poisoning, Researcher Says

Researcher: State Tried to Cover Up Child Lead Poisoning in Flint Following Switch to River Water

What Happened to the Man Who Poisoned Children in Flint, Michigan, to Save Money?

Listen to "Not Safe to Drink," a special documentary about the Flint water crisis

Will the water in Flint, Michigan, ever be safe again?

Five Reasons Why Flint Needs To Be Declared A State Of Emergency

EPA to audit Michigan drinking water program following Flint lead crisis

Lawsuits Coming Down In The Great Michigan Water Poisoning

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver Sheds More Light On The Great Michigan Water Poisoning

Michigan Water Decisions Intentionally Targets Poor Kids

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