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The Tale Of Detroit Motor City Match & The Michigan Children's Trust Fund

Motor City Match lies.

Motor City Match runs money.

Just ask Goldman Sachs.

They run fake taxes.

They run fake foreclosures.

Then they say through a Corporate Shape Shifter, "Whoops, my bad. Wanna contact?"

But hey, what do I know?

I know this is an historic district.

I know this is how you fund those crafty, grassroots campaigns, for election purposes, only, of course.

The Detroit Land Bank Authority was all up in the historic districts, which were not part of the Hardest Hit Funds.

The Detroit Land Bank Authority swooped up everything, in a psychotic frenzy of severely, ethically distorted existences, or better known as "Legal Geniuses, (trademark pending)".

To my dearest generals of pens and swords, I pray thee look upon the Michigan Children's Trust Board Members. did not hear that from me so do not tell anyone I told you to look into District 7 and da church-ez. Sssssshhhhhh.......

Feds review Motor City Match over documentation, low-income assistance

Detroit — A city program designed to support entrepreneurs and championed by Mayor Mike Duggan is under federal review over its record keeping and whether funds were used appropriately.

The city suspended use of federal funds for the Motor City Match program after being requested to do so last month by the Housing and Urban Development Department until city officials address its findings that suggest the program was not adequately targeting low- to moderate income areas.

That September report followed the agency’s May 2018 monitoring of the city’s Community Development Block Grant records.

“I’m confident we’re going to satisfy HUD’s request,” said Arthur Jemison, the city's chief of services and infrastructure.

HUD will analyze the city’s response before determining the eligibility or appropriateness of Detroit's use of the funds, said Jim Cunningham, deputy regional administrator of HUD's regional office based in Chicago.

“While HUD does not want to speculate on any outcomes in this situation, the goal is to achieve compliance in the city’s administration of its CDBG program,” he said. “HUD has various methods of corrective actions for non-compliance with CDBG program rules and regulations and will take appropriate corrective actions when program violations are found.”

Michael Polsinelli, HUD field office director for the state of Michigan, said the review is not considered an investigation at this point.

"It has not risen to that level," he said.

To date, the city said it has funded $7 million to businesses through the program, resulting in 57 opened businesses and 85 others in various stages of development.

Duggan launched the Motor City Match program in 2015 to jump-start entrepreneurship in the city. The program was heralded by then-Vice President Joe Biden in January 2017, who said small businesses were central in sustaining Detroit growth.

“Motor City Match is doing that,” said the vice president, noting Duggan was the visionary who moved the program forward.

The program is funded through federal Community Development Block Grant dollars. The city provides the CDBG funds to the Economic Development Corp. to carry out Motor City Match's activities by providing financial and technical assistance to potential and existing small businesses.

In May 2018, HUD conducted what it calls routine monitoring of the city’s CDBG funding to ensure it was complying with eligibility and national objective requirements. Prior to that, the last monitoring was in 2015, according to HUD. Among the programs monitored was Motor City Match.

In the fall, HUD issued the report showing there were insufficient records to support Motor City Match program activities met an objective to target low-to-moderate income areas.

A second finding showed the city lacked records to show economic development underwriting and public benefit standard requirements for the program. According to HUD, the city also provided CDBG funds directly to for-profits without performing required financial underwriting.

The city responded the Motor City Match assistance was exempt from the requirements because for-profits qualified under the CDBG regulations as "microenterprise" businesses.

HUD said in its finding that while that may be the case, the city did not maintain records it should qualify for assistance under CDBG regulations.

In a third finding, HUD said that the city did not maintain sufficient oversight to ensure costs complied with CDBG-eligible activity.

Among other cited deficiencies were that staffers worked both on CDBG-eligible and non-CDBG eligible activities and records were not maintained to document 100% of the employees' time. Only time spent on the Motor City Match program was documented. Also under review is a March 2017 payment for $153,000. HUD said only $20,000 of the total was directly tied to assisting 10 businesses. The rest was used for administration, project assessment and outreach and engagement.

"Most of the costs billed to CDBG were not distributed directly to a business," according to HUD. "Therefore, it's not clear if the costs were necessary, reasonable, or allowable for the provision of assistance to a private for-profit business."

Donald Rencher, director of Detroit's Housing and Revitalization Department, said his department has started to provide responses to HUD's findings.

“We’ve been working through that monitoring report and how we’ve actually taken documentation and provide evidence of invoices,” he said.

The city has requested until Dec. 15 to give a final response. HUD is evaluating the city’s extension request, Cunningham said.

As the city works with HUD to address the report findings, city officials said this week they plan to request by the end of July a vendor to help the city administer the program. The city also hopes to shift the focus of the program to business expansion and technical assistance.

City officials said they met with HUD officials this month and will again in about two weeks to address their concerns.

They also plan to continue the Motor City Match program beyond its initial five-year run while working to address HUD's concerns regarding its record keeping and use of funds.

In March, the City Council approved the Housing and Revitalization Department's request for $800,000 in funding for the Motor City Match program from its general fund. The plan is to continue the program with a mix of CDBG funds and general fund dollars, Jemison said.

Motor City Match is the latest cornerstone initiative of the Duggan administration to come under federal scrutiny in recent years.

The city’s massive blight elimination program remains at the center of a federal criminal investigation after concerns were raised in 2015 over bidding practices and soaring costs. The program also has been the subject of state and local audits and reviews.

In April, federal prosecutors unsealed criminal charges against two people — a former employee of a prominent demolition contractor and an ex-building authority employee — accused of accepting hundreds of thousands in bribes and rigging bids to demolish homes in the city.

The Department of Justice at the time also said it did not expect to bring any more charges against public officials for wrongdoing in the demolition program.

Meanwhile, Duggan’s ties to a program run by Wayne State University and the prospect of preferential treatment are the subject of a probe launched this spring by Detroit’s Office of Inspector General.

The office opened an investigation on April 5 to determine whether Duggan and city officials potentially “abused their authority” by providing preferential treatment to Make Your Date, a program dedicated to preventing premature births.

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Cocktails & Popcorn: Hillary & Clinton Has No Business Like Show Business - Propaganda Show Cancelled

$4.2 million would have helped many individuals in Detroit pay their water bills.

Broadway play ‘Hillary and Clinton’ closing early due to low ticket sales

A Broadway depiction of former President Bill Clinton and former First Lady Hillary Clinton will be ending its run early due to underwhelming ticket sales.

The production of "Hillary and Clinton" was scheduled to close July 21, but producer Scott Rudin announced Monday that its final performance will be held Sunday. June 23. The play cost $4.2 million to produce and accumulated only $4.7 million at the box office, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The show, titled "Hillary and Clinton," takes place in March 2008 and offers a fictional behind-the-scenes look at the former secretary of state's first presidential campaign as then-Senator Barack Obama began gaining momentum. The play stars Tony winners Laurie Metcalf as the Democratic candidate and John Lithgow as former President Bill Clinton.

Metcalf was nominated for her lead performance at this year's Tony Awards, but lost to Elaine May in "The Waverly Gallery."

Hillary Clinton rages against President Trump in commencement speechVideo
The play premiered in Chicago in 2016 with an entirely different cast. It premiered on Broadway in April 2019 at the John Golden Theatre. Playwright Lucas Hnath described his production as "a play about the Clintons that's not a play about the Clintons."

The cast also featured Zak Orth as former Clinton pollster Mark Penn and Peter Francis James as Barack Obama -- referred to in the play as "The Other Guy."

The early curtain call comes after Hillary and Bill's national tour also struggled to find an audience this year, with some tickets for the 13-city event selling at more than 50 percent off.

I put on this show for free.

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Who's On First: Which Country Is On The Birth Certificate? How To Figure Out The Illegal Immigrant Citizenship Of The Baby

Riddle me this:

If a teen from Country A is placed in a federal program of Country B, which transfers custodianship and guardianship to a private contract of a corporation of Country C, under the laws of State X, transferred across state lines to give birth in State Y under a private policy, what is the citizenship of the baby and who possesses the certificate of birth when born on religious land?

And to think, I have not even begun to castigate their use of their favorite pseudo-scientific predictive modeling crap variable of race.

If you hated me before, just wait, you will find the ire in your spirit to curse my names from the tops of the mountains as the heavens fall.


U.S. court rules against Trump administration in immigrant teen abortion case

(Reuters) - A U.S. appeals court ruled on Friday that the U.S. government cannot deny access to abortions for unaccompanied immigrant minors in federal custody, delivering a blow to a Trump administration policy.

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit upheld a lower court decision that found the government cannot unduly burden the ability of a woman to obtain an abortion under established Supreme Court precedent.

The case involves the intersection of two divisive social issues on which Republican President Donald Trump has taken a hard line: abortion and immigration.

It began with a 17-year-old girl, whose name and nationality were not disclosed and was called “Jane Doe” in legal papers. She came to the United States alone in 2017 and was placed in the care of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, which falls under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and houses immigrant children.

The girl, who was in the United States illegally, obtained an abortion after suing the administration in federal court. But the Supreme Court last year allowed the litigation to continue in lower courts to determine the fate of other detained immigrants in similar situations.

The Office of Refugee Resettlement in March 2017 announced that shelters were “prohibited from taking any action that facilitates an abortion without direction and approval from the Director.” Scott Lloyd, who had become the agency’s director that month, then denied every abortion request presented to him during his tenure even when the pregnancy resulted from rape, according to the appeals court ruling. Lloyd left his post at the end of 2018.

“The policy functions as an across-the-board ban on access to abortion,” the appeals court ruling said.

The U.S. Justice Department declined to comment.

In the 2018 fiscal year, there were almost 50,000 unaccompanied minors referred to the refugee office’s network of some 100 shelters around the United States.

Minors from countries other than Mexico or Canada who cross the border alone stay in federal care until they can be released to sponsors in the United States or until they turn 18 and are transferred to immigration detention. In fiscal year 2017, the only year for which data is available, 18 pregnant unaccompanied minors in the refugee office’s custody requested abortions, according to the court ruling.

The Trump administration could appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court but Justice Brett Kavanaugh, a conservative Trump appointee who participated in the case when he served on the D.C. Circuit, would likely be recused. That would leave the court split 4-4 along ideological grounds.

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GO BLUE: Rick Shanahan & His Missile Defense Trafficking Tiny Humans Fraud Scheme In Michigan

Patrick Shanahan is out before he even got in.

First, this happened.

Patrick Shanahan out as Pentagon chief after domestic violence allegations

Then, this happened.

FBI examining 2010 domestic fight involving acting defense secretary Shanahan; accounts differ on aggressor

Which led me to his time at Boeing.

Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance

Then, I found his friend Rick Ellison.

That led me to here.

Image result for Youth Impact Program

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JUDICIARY: Online Platforms and Market Power, Part 1: The Free and Diverse Press


Mr. David Chavern 
President, News Media Alliance
Mr. Gene Kimmelman 
President, Public Knowledge
Ms. Sally Hubbard 
Director of Enforcement Strategy, Open Markets Institute
Mr. Matthew Schruers 
Vice President, Law and Policy, Computer and Communications Industry Association
Mr. David Pitofsky 
General Counsel, News Corp
Mr. Kevin Riley 
Editor, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
116th Congress

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Cocktails & Popcorn: June 18th, 2019 Flynn And GRU Spy Chief Worked On $100B Saudi Reactor Deal. Would They Use Spies? - Does Detroit Love Fried Schrimps?

Image result for dot and ettaI do hope everyone knows I am just waiting, patiently, for Detroit.

This is so juicy.....there is going to be sex, drugs, and lots of fried 'schrimps'.

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Cocktails & Popcorn: "The Poors" Have Beared Their Arms - #PoorPeoplesCampaign - The Foreign Moral Revolution Trying Really Hard Not To #sayhisname

Image result for black bottom detroit
"They truly have bastardized voting rights."
This campaign is about bearing witness to the heavens by preserving the historic record because it has been bleachbitted for centuries.

This is about chattel law, the laws of property ownership, more intuitively recognized as parental rights, steeped in the body of ethics.

This is about testifying into the public record, being held accountable to truth, under the laws of ethics, the way they wish to reconstruct.

This is about the residuals of the peculiar institution, starting by using statistical labels of social constructs for the purposes of predictive modeling crap... for stealin'.

There does exist underlying agendas because I can see it but RD Barber may not, because he has his talking points.

Reverend Doctor William Barber is utilizing the term "policy murder" but I prefer to call this a #coloredrevolution.

He is calling out chrisitian leaders for allowing poverty to exist, which sounds like the RD Barber is campaigning in his religious corporate ascension election.

He said government policy makers put a time on the lives of "The Poors" in regards to universal health care and advocated Medicaid expansion in the same breath, with no mention of intellectual property theft and the other ills of the pharmaceutical industry.

Not once was fraud, a breach of ethics, ever mentioned, nor did anyone #sayhisname.

Not once did they mention the work of Obama and Holder on gerrymandering.

Odd, is it not?

I guess that is why Joy Reed is moderating.

Without further adieu, enjoy the show.

Poor People's Campaign
The following is a list of partners.
A Philip Randolph Institute
About Face (Iraq Veteran’s Against the War)
Adalah Justice Project
Advocates for Youth
AFSCME American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO
Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc
American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE)
American Federation of Teachers
American Friends Service Committee
Assembly to End Poverty
Auburn Theological Seminary
Ben & Jerry’s
Bend the Arc
Beyond Extreme Energy
Campaign to Take on Hate
Center for Popular Democracy
Center for Progressive Renewal/Convergence
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Coalition Against Corporate Higher Education
Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases
Coalition of Veterans Organizations
CWA Communications Workers of America
Define American
Democracy Spring
Democratic Socialists of America
Disciples Justice Action Network
Doctors for America
Dream Defenders
Earth News Channel
Ecumenical Poverty Initiative
Episcopal Church
Every Mother Is A Working Mother Network
Faith in Public Life
Faith Matters Network
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Food and Water Watch
Fraciscan Action Network
Freedom Road
Friends Committee on National Legislation
Friends of the Earth
GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders
Global Women’s Strike
Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition
Green Faith
Housing Works
Interfaith Moral Action on Climate
Interfaith Worker Justice
Islamic Society of North America
Jewish Voice for Peace
Jews for Racial and Economic Justice
Memphis Center for Urban and Theological Studies (MCUTS)
MPower Change
Micah Challenge USA
Micah Institute
Military Families Speak Out
Move To Amend
Movement for a People’s Party
Movement in Faith
Muslim Peace Fellowship
Muslim Public Affairs Council
“National Black Justice Coalition”
National CARES Mentoring Movement
National Council of Churches
National Economic and Social Rights Initiative
National LGBTQ Taskforce
National Physicians Alliance
National Welfare Rights Union
Network of Spiritual Progressives
On Earth Peace
Our Revolution
Parents Organizing for Welfare and Economic Rights
Partisan Press
Peoples Climate Movement
Physicans For a National Health Plan (PNHP)
Picture the Homeless
Presbyterian Church (USA)
Presbyterian Church (USA), Racial Ethnic & Women’s Ministries
Progressive Doctors
Progressive National Baptist Convention
Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association
Red Letter Christians
Religions for Peace USA
Religious Institute
Revolutionary Love Project
Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference
SEIU Service Employees International Union
Shalom Center
Showing Up for Racial Justice
Sierra Club
Social Welfare Action Alliance
Southern Aids Coalition
Students United for a National Health Program
The Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign
The Rabbinical Association
Transform Network
UCC Climate Justice Council
UFW United Farm Workers
UHCAN | Working for Health Care Justice
Undocu-Black Network
Union of Reform Judaism
Unitarian Universalist Association
Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice
United Church of Christ
United Food and Commercial Workers
United for Peace & Justice
United Methodist Church – General Board of Church and Society
United Methodist Women
United National Antiwar Coalition
United Religions Initiative
United Steel Workers (USW)
US Human Rights Network
US Labor Against the War
Veterans for Peace
Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP)
Women of Color/ Global Women’s Strike
Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
Women’s March <=====This is incorporated.  This is a political op because they ran it in Detroit. It sucked, badly.
World Beyond War

The Democratic Presidential Candidates will be in Detroit in the next few weeks.

I know who is creating this magnificent work art, but, alas, no one will #sayhisname.

The impeachment is Trump's 2020 campaign because I know that magnificent, that sweet, succulent smell of Mr. Messy Pants.


Joe Biden is going to be torched at the stake of public opinion when his dirt comes out, and it will, even though he is busy trying to run cover up ops.  I know.  People have no shame with their Instagram vanity.

Listen to the music.

That is Detroit, people.

This is the roll out....of chaos.


My Sweetie is serving heads on the silver platter.

If Kwame Kilpatrick leads Trump's 2020 re-election campaign, then Kwame is going to be called up for impeachment hearings. That means he has to bear witness. Now, who do you think is going to be running those House Judiciary impeachment hearings? #sayhisname

Making Native rights, "part of the process"? So they are saying NICWA has no rights?  Not to bright of a political platform statement if you think about what it takes to be recognized as a protective class in a legal jurisdiction.

Andrew Yang is on the hot seat on gerrymandering and being dumb on poverty.

If you pay attention, this is how you record them in the public forum. You set up a public forum of due process. You use their own testimony to enter into the public record as an official political candidate, being granted the right to bear arms, under the laws of ethics.

This is what Voting Rights are all about.

This is how you preserve the public record because it is called multiple attestation, meaning, you can look them up to see who is behind this, which is exactly what I did.

The Poor People's Campaign, is brought to you by.....drumroll please....... Foreign Corporations through children's trust funds!

These are the institutions who support Kairos because I really did not find any legally registrated entity under the name of Kairos, The Center for Religions, Rights, and Social Justice, so what they did was to become a Corporate Shape Shifter through Public Private Partnerships, because they all get federal grants:

Image result for the ford foundation

The G.A. Ackermann Memorial Fund (Bank of America, N.A. Trustee)

I was not able to find its arms, but I did find this.

Image result for G.A. Ackermann Memorial Fund
Reverend Doctor William Barber
Rev. Barber has stepped down from the NC NAACP as President to launch a 25 state ‘New Poor People’s Campaign’. The campaign, however, will be anything but poor.

Barber said that he would be engaging in a social justice campaign modeled after the late Dr. Martin Luther King’s ‘Poor People’s’ campaign.

Barber and the NC NAACP characterize it a ‘national moral revival’ and Moral Monday will be a ‘template for the new campaign.

The statement from the NC NAACP says the campaign will be focused in “Washington D.C. and twenty-five states across the nation.”

The statement also notes where the money will come from to support the new campaign.
“Rev. Barber will focus attention on The New Poor People’s Campaign co-led by the Kairos Center at Union Theological Seminary, where Rev. Barber is a distinguished professor of public theology.”

Barber is a professor of theology at the Kairos Center.

Kairos has already posted a set of ‘study‘ materials for the New Poor People’s campaign, which include Moral Mondays’ 14 Point Agenda and Sermons by Reverend Barber.

The Poor People’s Campaign already has a dedicated website up.

The purpose and timeline, according to the NC NAACP statement, will take place, “Throughout 2017 and early 2018 he will lead training and organize alongside moral leaders, including poor black, brown and white communities.”

According to WRAL, Rev. Nancy Petty, pastor of Pullen Memorial Baptist Church in Raleigh says that the Moral Monday leader will take with him ‘all the support’ of groups in North Carolina aligned with Moral Mondays.

The WRAL article continues, citing Rev. Petty’s remarks that, “Rev. Barber, we’re sending you into the world to be an agitator.”

Follow the Money
Following the money when it comes to the Kairos Center is easier said than done.

Donations made to Kairos actually are made to Union Theological Seminary.

According to their website, checks can be sent to “Poverty Initiative/Kairos Center, 3041 Broadway New York, NY 10027.” That’s the same address as Union Theological Seminary.
Donations can also be made online, which are again funneled through the Union Theological Seminary.

The Kairos Center, according to their website, “works to strengthen and expand transformative movements for social change that can draw on the power of religions and human rights.”

The Union Theological Seminary website says the organization has, “institutional supporters” which include the NoVo, Ford, Stentzel, ASG and New World Foundation Luce Foundations, as well as the and G.A. Ackermann Memorial Fund (Bank of America, N.A. Trustee).

In 2014, the NoVo Foundation gave Union Theological Seminary a combined $300,000 in grants earmarked specifically for the Kairos Center.

Union Theological is a Financial Juggernaut
Union Theological Seminary has been a tax-exempt organization since 1934 and is currently a 501(c)3.

In 2014, the organization’s gross receipts totaled $922,972 according to their 990(T) filing.
In 2013, gross receipts were in another league altogether, coming in at $16,070,848 with net assets exceeding $112 million. 172 grants or scholarships were given out totaling $3,185,602.

The organization’s president, Rev. Dr. Serene Jones, was paid in excess of $393,000 through internal and external sources in 2013.

PPC Moral Fiscal Review - BarberThe 2013 filing also notes the organization keeps an investment bank account outside of the United States listed as, “Central America and the Caribbean” that is worth $9,469,893.

Gross receipts totaled $19,526,846 in 2012, $22,240,818 in 2011 and $47,262,134 in 2010.

More 990 filings can be viewed at ProPublica.

While Union Theological’s filings do not detail the amounts given as grants, it seems clear that Rev. Barber’s New Poor People’s Campaign will be anything but poor.


The Reverend is talking about racism as policy, not a color label. This is the rollout of redirecting the narrative far away from chattel law, by marginalizing life of "The Poors" into predictive modeling crappy variables like, systemic poverty, militarianism, rascism.....interlocking poverty policies.

Marianne Williamson - 33252886458 (cropped).jpg
Marianne Williamson - a DNC
political operative. Just ask Jennifer
Granholm - I busted her sliming in my data
without even getting me a cocktail or 
popcorn, first.
How do I know this?

Because they refused to discuss anything about trafficking tiny humans and refused to #sayhisname....because this is his legacy is being executed, so they had to come up with new nomenclature for "The Poors".

Always pay attention to who is "not" present.  Those are the ones laying in waiting, surrounding the kingdom, awaiting the call to arms in their publications.

This was strictly a private event because MSNBC disabled comments and attempted to change the format, turning down the sound on unwanted messaging, like NICWA, where the front row was told to turn off any recording or streaming devices.  I caught that.  That is called a controlled message.

Eric Swalwell is absolutely clueless of the industry of poverty.  He actually believes poverty is not a crime.

Stay tuned, because this is going to get nasty, very nasty, because they are going to have no choice but to #sayhisname, TARP or Public Private Partnerships of foreign corporations, but I guess it would not be proper to discuss ongoing legal proceedings.

The event closed out using George Clinton's "Flashlight" which he does not own and receives no royalties, leaving us with one last parting gift of being a #clownfest.

Voting is beautiful, be beautiful ~ vote.©

The Tale Of The Propaganda Cough: Why Mick Mulvaney Sucks - Gerrymadering & TARP In Public Office

Image result for bullshit cough
How to cover up stealin' from "The Poors" (always said with clinched teeth)
[just cough].
It was at this very moment I took immediate pause, dropped everything I was planning on doing for the next thirty seconds, transformed into the Celestial Goddess of the Woodshed and immediately pulled the first video to drop the Tale of the Cough.


That is how I was able to identify the Mulvaney Cough as an artifice of a cover up propaganda campaign.

Trump interview goes off the rails after his chief of staff coughs: 'I don't like that'

The 20/20 special “President Trump: 30 Hours,” revealed a pet peeve of President Trump’s: coughing. In fact, an errant cough brought his interview with George Stephanopoulos to a standstill.
Since he began his 2016 campaign, Trump has been under fire for not releasing his taxes. And while discussing his administration’s most recent refusal to go public with the records, he said, “At some point I hope they get it 'cause it's a fantastic financial statement.”
While the president was talking, his chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, accidentally coughed. The president was visibly upset by the distraction, stopping the interview. Trump said, “Let's do that over, he's coughing in the middle of my statement. I don’t like that, you know, I don’t like that.”
In the spirit of fuchsia...

Once upon a time, Mick Mulvaney coughed in an interview being set up with a ABC reporter, George Stephanopoulos.

Trump did not like that and wanted to do it over.

Sometimes, coughs may be misconstrued as a call to action.

I took it as a call to action because there has been a steady flow of issues dealing with covering up the industry of real estate, which just so happens to be a subject matter no one is reporting upon, except the Celestial Goddess of the Woodshed.

So, I magically reached into the Google Cauldron artificially brewed search results and pulled out the  Lancaster County Land Bank Authority.

In utter shock, right before my eyes, I did spy the Wayne County Land Bank transposable model.

Wayne County Land Bank was the first pilot test for predictive modeling crappers to sell their wares in the art of gerrymandering.

Yes, "if you do not live there, you cannot vote there" is that magical incantation I found in the Wayne County records because it started in child welfare, but it would a bit redundant if I did not focus on Mulvaney socioeconomic pilot test model of stealin'.

In a nutshell, Mulvaney was executing the same Corporate Shape Shifting operations in Lancaster County as they were doing in Wayne County.

I know because I watched them do it in Wayne and Oakland County.


That is how the 2010 redistricting maps were generated.
Everybody was stealin'.

He used his political, elected office, to promulgate law, to submit false claims, to acquire real estate, to put in an infrastructure, then transfer for a profit to another Corporate Shape Shifter, who in turn, as I do not dare attempt to find the court docket, defaulted on the county taxes, to go into foreclosure, to be put into the Lancaster Community Land Bank Authority, to go into blight, to become eligible for TARP.

Then, I am going to just throw it out there that he back dated the transfer with forged notaries of public.

Where are Mulvaney's tax returns?

And that ends the Tale of the Propaganda Cough.

Republican hopeful Mulvaney defends past land deal

Republican U.S. House candidate Mick Mulvaney is fending off questions over his role in a housing development plagued by financial and environmental problems.

Construction permits for new homes in the Edenmoor subdivision have been halted for more than six months because of erosion and extensive road problems.

Lancaster County attorneys say Edenmoor's delinquent taxes and assessments exceed $5.1 million. The county has begun condemnation proceedings.

In a TV ad that began airing last week, Democratic U.S. Rep. John Spratt criticized Mulvaney for failing to follow through on the development after he convinced Lancaster County to issue $30 million in bonds.

The ad says Mulvaney, a former real estate developer, sold the land for a $7 million profit, then didn't keep promises to stay involved. Mulvaney, a state senator, is in restaurant and small business management.

Mulvaney called a press conference Thursday to refute the allegations. He produced a stack of documents to show he sold his ownership stake in Edenmoor in 2005 - before problems began.

Expressing anger over the charges, Mulvaney also denied making a $7 million profit. He said it was substantially less, but wouldn't specify an amount.

"We never moved a piece of dirt on this property," he said Thursday. "This was not our development. This was a piece of property we sold to a new owner."

Mulvaney hatched initial plans for the development, situated along U.S. 521 one mile south of the N.C. border.

In September 2002, Mulvaney announced plans to develop the project, then known as St. Katherine, as a master-planned community of 2,300 homes, 250 apartments and a 200-room hotel, county records and marketing materials show.

Mulvaney lobbied Lancaster County Council members to approve $30 million in bonds to pay for public improvements such as roads and water lines - an approach commonly used on large-scale projects, including the nearby Sun City retirement community.

After the bonds were approved, Mulvaney sold the property to Lawson's Bend, a homebuilding outfit that failed to make good on the original plans.

Today, only 50 residents live on streets surrounded by mounds of dirt and construction debris. The Lancaster County Council approved in February a measure that allowed county attorneys to begin the process of condemning the 60-acre park and EMS station in the community.

Condemning the property means that the county is responsible for making repairs to the park and EMS station, which have been damaged by vandalism and theft.

At his news conference Thursday, Mulvaney pinned the new owner's problems on the collapse of the home construction industry. He said the foreclosure process would allow a new developer to buy the property and resume work.

"The residential real estate market in this area - it died," he said. "Our business was off almost 90 percent from one year to the next.

"It's the longest recession ever in American homebuilding history."

County taxpayers are not responsible for repaying the bonds, said Lancaster County Council Chairman Rudy Carter, who also spoke at the news conference.

The bonds were sold on the private market, and the debt will be repaid by current and future Edenmoor homeowners and businesses through special fees.

Some Lancaster County officials say Mulvaney used his name and reputation to convince the county to support the project. Critics say the reliance on public aid contradicts Mulvaney's anti-government rhetoric on the campaign trail.

"I don't believe small business needs government," Mulvaney said in September at a 5th Congressional District debate at River Hills Country Club in Lake Wylie. "I believe small business needs government to get out of the way."

Spratt said the Edenmoor deal reflects a "big inconsistency."

"When he needed $30 million, he didn't go to his bank, he didn't go to private sources, he went to county government," Spratt said. "If he really believes government should stay out of private transactions, why did he seek a $30 million bond issue?"

Mulvaney told Lancaster County officials that he would stay involved personally in the project, said former Councilman Alston DeVenny, a Democrat who later ran against Mulvaney for the state House.

"What we found out is, he basically pulled these things together and then got somebody else to develop it," DeVenny said. "When he was making the pitch (to the council), he was saying, 'I'm going to do this.'"

The Spratt campaign released a statement late Thursday criticizing Mulvaney for failing to take responsibility.

"Mick Mulvaney continued to dodge questions about his role in the Edenmoor land disaster," spokesman Nu Wexler said in a statement. "In 2004, he promised Lancaster County that he would be the face of the development. Today, he refused to accept any responsibility for the project."

Mulvaney said his goal in holding a news conference and sharing documents was to address what he called "half-truths and innuendos" pushed by the Spratt campaign.

"There is absolutely nothing here for me to hide," he said.

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