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Illegitimate Governor Gretchen Whitmore - MLK Humanitarian To Respond In Deposition Style To Trump SOTU

I have to determine if she is just really dumb or brilliantly nefarious.

I am going with the former until evidence proves, otherwise.

All I can say is that this will be better than any kind of deposition one can creatively conjure.

Since I have an international audience in hand, I thought it would be optimal for me to request assistance:

On November 22, 2019, DTE came to an elderly woman's home, in her 70's with her sister in her 80's, to install a new gas line.
They have lived there for 35 years.
The workers busted the brick and foundation with sledgehammers, destroying the ventilation system for the water heater.
The home is almost 100 years old.
The workers even left their tools.
We all called to request immediate, emergency assistance to repair the damage, but DTE refused to respond.
State Senator Stephanie Chang just referred to constituency request for emergency help back to DTE, who never returned calls.
Gretch's office was just rude and referred the matter to DTE, who never returned the call.
As of this posting, there is still no hot water and they are sick.
I was considering this an act of retaliation, just because it is a predictable pattern of practice when dealing with Michigan social welfare issues, but, hey, what do I know?
I know nothing because no one will call back and help them.
So much for that MLK humanitarian award....
Considering the fact that Gretch is not duly elected, she probably does not respond to humanitarian emergency requests for assistance because she is an illegitimate governor.

Whitmer set to deliver Democratic response to Trump's State of Union address

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer gives a speech after receiving the Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Award.
Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer gives a speech
after receiving the Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Award
Capturing that look of complete indifference to due process
Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer will give the Democratic response to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address Feb. 4, six days after delivering her own State of the State speech in Lansing.

Whitmer will deliver the response beside U.S. Rep. Veronica Escobar of Texas, who will give a separate response in Spanish.

The response is usually given by an elected official whom opposition party officials tag as a rising star. Trump's speech will come one day after the Iowa caucuses and likely in the midst of the Senate impeachment trial.

Whitmer said the response would serve as an “exciting opportunity” to show Democrats “getting things done.”

“Across the country, Democrats are staying focused on building a stronger, more sustainable country for future generations,” Whitmer said.  “As leaders, it’s our responsibility to ensure a safe, healthy future for our children and families, and that’s exactly what we’re working toward in Michigan."

But Republicans hit Whitmer's record as lackluster.

"She’s had ample time to make a difference for our state, but her past year in office has been nothing more than photo-op's and sound bites," said Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman Laura Cox. "Ultimately, Gretchen Whitmer's decision to side with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi makes it that much easier to give our state a new governor in 2022."

Whitmer rode to a 2018 victory in Michigan on a promise to “fix the damn roads,” but making good on the vow has proven difficult with divided government.

The first-term governor's proposal last year to increase the 26.3-cents-a-gallon gas tax by 45 cents was opposed by GOP leaders and effectively died in late August when House Minority Leader Christine Greig, D-Farmington Hills, declared Whitmer's tax plan an “extreme” that likely wouldn't happen.

The debate over road funding options eventually led to a breakdown in negotiations with GOP legislative leaders.

When the Republican-controlled Legislature sent the governor a budget that shifted existing funds from other departments for a one-time $375 million payment toward roads, the governor made 147 line item vetoes, slashing $947 million from the state budget and transferring another $625 million within departments.

"Caught in the middle of Whitmer's political budget retribution were at-risk students, people with autism, public safety, and healthcare services," said Tori Sachs, executive director of the Michigan Rising Action political action committee. "Our state and nation deserve better."

The Democratic governor did slash funding for charter schools, an autism alliance, rural health care and county road patrols, but most of it was restored after negotiations with Republican lawmakers.

Whitmer made Michigan the first state in the nation to declare a ban on flavored vaping products out of concern for youth usage and an uptick in lung injuries, but the ban was halted by the courts amid a challenge from vape shop owners.

But her first year in office included victories, including the signing of bipartisan legislation that reformed Michigan's no-fault auto insurance, changes that had eluded consensus for about 40 years. Some Democrats criticized her for signing the Republican-inspired legislation.

Whitmer has “rolled up her sleeves” during her more time in public service, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wrote in a Friday statement with Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer announcing Whitmer’s selection.

“Her decades of hard work on behalf of the people should serve as a model for our nation,” Pelosi said. “She’s a forward-looking leader who is laser-focused on solving problems for everyday Michiganders and is uniquely qualified to deliver Democrats’ message of progress for all Americans.”

Whitmer’s efforts in Michigan are a “model for public servants everywhere,” Schumer said.

"Whether it's pledging to 'Fix the Damn Roads' or investing in climate solutions, Governor Whitmer's vision for the future is exactly what this country needs, and I'm thrilled she is giving the Democratic response,” he said.

As a "fierce leader" for Michigan's families, Whitmer will highlight how Trump's "broken promises have devastated our state," said Lavora Barnes, chairwoman for the Michigan Democratic Party.

"Gov. Whitmer was critical to our party’s success up and down the ballot in 2018, and I look forward to working with her this year as we fight to beat Donald Trump, re-elect Gary Peters to the Senate and turn every corner of Michigan blue," Barnes said.

Democratic former U.S. Sen. Carl Levin of Detroit appears to be the last Michigan politician to have given a State of the Union response, according to U.S. Senate records. In 1984, Levin was one of several members of Congress on a panel who responded to then-President Ronald Reagan's address in a partly taped and partly live program.

Then-House Minority Leader Gerald Ford of Grand Rapids, a Michigan native, gave the first televised response to a State of the Union address in a 30-minute rebuttal alongside Senate Minority Leader Everett Dirksen to President Lyndon Johnson's 1966 and 1967 addresses, according to U.S. Senate records.

"Today, thanks to the efforts of Dirksen and Ford, the opposition response is anticipated and discussed almost as much as the president’s speech," according to the Senate Historical Office.

The last sitting governor to give an official response to a State of the Union speech was then-South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, a Republican who responded to then-President Barack Obama’s speech in 2016. Haley was Trump's United Nations ambassador until deciding to step down at the end of 2018.

Democrat Stacey Abrams, a former minority leader in the Georgia House of Representatives, gave the response to Trump’s speech in 2019.

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IMPEACHMENT: Senate Trial - Day Five - Meet The Legal Geniuses Behind The Original Coup - Detroit

This happened...

Typically, when individuals are plotting and scheming a coup to take out a sitting officeholder, they do not confer with the officeholder they are plotting and scheming to take out of office, which is why the Democratic witnesses never directly conferred with Trump, just like they did with my Sweetie.



And, so does JonesDay.

"Legal Geniuses" (trademark pending)

Then, this happened...

Then, this happened...

Cindy McCain
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IMPEACHMENT: Senate Trial - Day Four - The Legal Geniuses Cometh

First, this happened....

Then, this happened....

Then, this happened...

Then, this happened...


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TRUMP Initiates The Dismantling Of The Peculiar Institution Of Trafficking Tiny Humans At Pro Life Propaganda Rally - Parental Rights, Trust Funds & Medicaid Fraud In Child Welfare

It all started in Detroit.

This is about Parental Rights.

This is about dismantling the Residuals Peculiar Institution which is child welfare.

Praise the lord.

Pence meets with Pope Francis at the Vatican



The Catholic charity set up by Mother Teresa in India is being investigated over allegations that it was involved in selling children in its care.

The Indian government has ordered an inspection of all child care centers run by the Missionaries of Charity after two of its employees were arrested over the sale of several children earlier this month, NPR has reported.

The investigation stems from a Missionaries of Charity shelter for pregnant, unmarried women in the city of Ranchi, in the eastern state of Jharkhand. A nun, Sister Koncilia, and a social worker, Anima Indwar, were arrested after four children were found to have been sold, including a 6-month-old boy, for as little as $730. Indwar has confessed to her involvement, and all four children have been tracked down.

Police stand outside a home which provides shelter for pregnant unmarried women run by the Missionaries of Charity in Ranchi, India, on July 4, 2018. A nun and a worker at the facility are accused of selling children from the center.

According to the Catholic News Agency, police were tipped off to the trafficking by a couple who had paid about $1,760 for a child from the shelter. The couple went to the authorities when Indwar later took the child back without returning the money.

Ads by
As police continued to follow up on leads and build a case, India's Women and Child Development Minister, Maneka Gandhi, ordered an immediate inspection of the child care facilities run by the charity across the country.

The charity arranged adoptions from its centers until 2015, when it discontinued the program because it opposed new government legislation that made it easier for single, divorced and separated people to adopt children, the BBC reported.

A spokeswoman for the order said that because it no longer arranged adoptions, the allegations of trafficking were baseless. "There was no question of selling any child, as the Missionaries of Charity had stopped giving children for adoption three years ago," Samita Kumar told Catholic News Agency. Kumar added that even when the charity did organize adoptions, it never charged prospective parents.

A tapestry depicting Mother Teresa at Saint Peter's Basilica during a mass for her canonization in Saint Peter's Square at the Vatican on September 4, 2016. Her Missionaries of Charity is under investigation for selling babies for adoption at one of its shelters.

Mother Teresa Charity Employees Allegedly Sold Babies
India's adoption network is loosely regulated, contributing to high rates of child trafficking in the country. Gandhi said that as many as 1,400 institutions were failing to comply with India's Juvenile Justice Act in which all shelters involved in adoptions must register with the central state adoption body.

The Missionaries of Charity was founded by Mother Teresa—an Albanian nun named Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu—in the eastern city of Kolkata in 1950. It grew to become one of the most visible charity organizations in the country, particularly caring for the sick and dying. The Vatican declared Mother Teresa, who died in 1997, a saint in 2016.

The nun faced a range of criticisms—notably from writer Christopher Hitchens—over the conduct of her organizations. It is alleged that her order used deathbed baptisms to forcibly convert their patients, and Mother Teresa was accused of glorifying the sick's suffering rather than relieving it. Friendship with controversial figures, including Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier, and questions over her management of the charity's funds drew further criticism.

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Thursday, January 23, 2020

If James Warner Gets 25 Years For Swallowing A Napkin, Then It Is Time To Free Kwame Kilpatrick

Now, we wait to see when the feds are going to go after what I call "the other side" of the McNamara Wayne County Kingmaker Airport Audit.

Can you say Clintons?

I can.

I can also say child welfare.

If James Warner gets 25 years for what he did, then, I believe this may be another legal ground, along with the Brady Rule violation, to let Kwame tell his tale and I am pretty darn sure his tale will not fit on a napkin.


Feds: Give corrupt Detroit Metro boss 25 years in prison

Defendant James Warner, a former field inspector at Detroit Metro Airport who is charged with taking bribes, leaves the Theodore Levin Federal Courthouse in downtown Detroit on May 21, 2019.
James Warner
"I swallowed the napkin but I
never thought they would find
my crap"
A former Detroit Metropolitan Airport supervisor convicted of receiving more than $6 million in bribes — and eating the evidence — should spend 25 years in federal prison, prosecutors said Wednesday.

The requested sentence for James Warner falls three years short of the longest public corruption sentence in U.S. history, one imposed on former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick seven years ago.

Warner deserves a near-record long sentence because he violated the public’s trust and lied at every step of the investigation, prosecution and trial, according to the government.

The 53-year-old Commerce Township resident was convicted of 10 crimes in June, including bribery, theft and money laundering conspiracies, and obstruction of justice. Prosecutors say he steered $43.7 million worth of airport contracts to three co-conspirators in return for more than $6 million in kickbacks — the highest total in the history of public corruption cases in Metro Detroit.

By comparison, Kilpatrick was convicted of 24 crimes, including racketeering conspiracy, though the amount of illegal benefits he received was approximately $1 million.

Warner’s crimes belied his reputation as a hardworking airport supervisor, prosecutors said.

“But behind this hardworking façade lay a deceitful and dishonest man,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Eaton Brown wrote in a sentencing memorandum Wednesday. “One who abused not just the trust that the airport placed in him to maintain the water system and much of the airport’s infrastructure, but the public’s trust. Rather than serve the public, Warner corruptly served himself by lining his pockets with money that was not his to take.”

Warner will be sentenced Feb. 5 by U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts.

Warner is among more than 108 public officials, bureaucrats and union leaders charged with public corruption in Metro Detroit in the past decade.

“Specific deterrence is an important consideration in this case, given Warner’s refusal to acknowledge any wrongdoing, let alone show remorse for his long-running crimes,” Brown wrote. “Consequently, a significant custodial sentence would hopefully deter others who, like Warner, are tempted to fraudulently enrich themselves at the expense of the public’s right to honest public services.”

Jurors deliberated for about four hours last summer before reaching the verdict following a trial that lasted parts of three weeks. In a rare move, Warner testified in his own defense.

Warner, an airport manager and field inspector who also worked for West Bloomfield Township, is the rare indicted public official to stand trial on corruption charges and risk a decades-long federal prison sentence.

Two of the most recent politicians to stand trial in federal court —Kilpatrick and Clinton Township Trustee Dean Reynolds — were convicted and sentenced to double-digit prison sentences.

The bribery conspiracy outlined by prosecutors started in May 2010 when Warner was working as a field inspector at the airport approving maintenance and repair contracts. He headed several related schemes involving Metro Detroit contractors, including Romulus businessman William Pritula, whose company William Pritula & Sons held facilities and maintenance contracts at the airport, prosecutors said.

Warner drafted and submitted inflated invoices for work Pritula was hired to perform at the airport, according to the government. The payments totaled more than $18 million.

In return, Warner received approximately half of the profits from the contracts, or more than $5 million, according to the indictment.

Pritula pleaded guilty to bribery and was sentenced to probation. He agreed to forfeit $5.4 million to the government.

Driven by greed: A database of corruption in Detroit

Federal court records describe Warner as a greedy, potty-mouthed felon.

"If it weren't for me, your ass would be out," Warner told one airport contractor, according to the indictment.

That contractor, authorities allege, was Gary Tenaglia of Rochester, who was accused of defrauding the Wayne County Airport Authority of $1.5 million. He was sentenced to 14 months in prison.

Warner allegedly gave Tenaglia inside information so the contractor's company, Envision Electric, could win contracts. In return, Warner received 10% of each invoice, prosecutors said.

During one dinner, Warner and Tenaglia discussed contracts and kickbacks, prosecutors said.

"During the meal, James Warner wrote '5k,' a proposed kickback amount, on a napkin," prosecutors wrote in the indictment. "He folded it and slid it across the table to Gary Tenaglia. After Gary Tenaglia acknowledged the meaning of the writing on the napkin, James Warner retrieved the napkin and ate it."

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IMPEACHMENT: Senate Trial - Day Three - Yamiche Alcindor The Co-Conspirator

First, this happened....

’21 Empty Seats’: More Than One-Third of GOP Senators Reportedly Left Room During Schiff’s Speech

That is why Trump is retwatting those GOP Senators. As a jurist, you cannot just up and walk out during a trial. I do not care what anyone thinks. That is not due process.

That is criminal.

There are reports of 28 who walked out. They disqualified themselves from voting because they were biased.

Why are these GOP Senators ripping on the impeachment trial on twat?

That is biased as a jurist and a blatant violations of orders of the arbitrator, SCOTUS Chief Justice. "Pain of imprisonent".

That is why Trump is retwatting like crazy.

Sergeant at Arms can imprison and stop the impeachment because there will not be a quorum.

Where is the Sergeant at Arms?

Then, this happened...

Then, this happened...

Then, this happened...

I am listening to Hakeem Jeffries.

He was falsely advised.

He has a different subject matter than the rest of those Legal Geniuses.

I say this because he has not been around that long.

I do not believe he knows what Nancy and "The Other Epstein" are doing. Remember, 

Sondland, Vindman and that Hill lie, lie, lie about the 2016 election.

Hakeem is entering the evidence into the record of their lying and Emperor Pence is probably not a happy camper.

The impeachment is not about Trump, but the networks.

He has said nothing about Trump.

He is entering Rudy's phone record with Zelinsky and the White Houses.

This is legally hot.

I smell my Sweetie.....

Oh!!!!!! Volker ond Sondland consulted with Rudy on the draft.

He is entering Rudy's texts.

Rudy never talked to Trump.

There is no record.

It was Zelinsky's aide. Oooooo......

He just dropped Burisma.

You do know no one ever asked Trump if he contacted the FBI, which he did because there is a superseding investigation so we have all the calls, texts, emails.

Hakeem in setting up Trump's defense. This is so hot.


Zelinsky never got his meeting.

 "The Trump Ukraine Scandal is about weapons". 


Nancy and Schiff hate his Hakeem's guts right now, including Romney, and a whole bunch of others, on both sides of the aisle.

They were meeting in the White House to discuss the investigation they were plotting and scheming to set up Trump.

Image may contain: 1 person, text
Yamiche Alcindor
She announced on twat on the death of my Sweetie, and is in constant phone contact with Rudy.

She just dropped that Rudy is the godfather of Lev Parnes' kid.

She said that Rudy has been on the phone all day with her saying that Lev is now lying.

Trump twatted her.

Welcome to Detroit.


Then this happened....

"Is Sean Hannity a scientologist?" Asks Alec Baldwin.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

IMPEACHMENT: Senate Trial - Day Two

This happened...

This happened...

The origins of the Detroit Land Bank Authority.

Then, this happened...
Then, this happened...

Ken Starr faces renewed scrutiny over Baylor sexual assault scandal 

Then, this happened...

Supreme Court turns away case that could have helped Dems get unredacted Mueller report

A court ruling in an obscure case that threw a roadblock before House Democrats' efforts to obtain secret grand jury information from Robert Mueller's report on the Russia investigation will remain in place, as the Supreme Cot announced Tuesday it will not hear the case.

The case, McKeever v. Barr, has nothing at all to do with Mueller, Russia or President Trump, but rather it involves one man's quest for records related to the 1956 disappearance of Columbia University professor Jesus de Galindez and the secrecy surrounding grand jury testimony.

The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a court cannot order the release of grand jury information -- which is typically kept secret -- except in specific situations outlined in Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure 6(e). Other circuits have ruled differently, stating that courts have an inherent authority to release secret grand jury material.

Justice Stephen Breyer said in a statement Tuesday that an advisory committee for these rules is best-positioned to bring clarity to the issue -- not the court. The committee has in the past appeared to side with those other circuits, he noted.

"Whether district courts retain authority to release grand jury material outside those situations specifically enumerated in the Rules, or in situations like this, is an important question," he wrote. "It is one I think the Rules Committee both can and should revisit."

The ruling means that McKeever will not be able to access the grand jury information related to the Galindez case, which he was after as part of his effort to publish his book, “The Galindez Case,” which was released way back in 2013.

“My book is done. But I wasn’t going to let this part of my efforts go, without finishing the pursuit of my journey,” McKeever said in a 2018 phone interview with Fox News. McKeever says the FBI has tried all along to keep a lid on the details. For decades, he has reviewed records related to the case.

He recalled one “striking moment” from his search in the early '80s: “When I went to the court archives to examine trial records, the clerk asked, ‘why do you want to see these records?’ I said, ‘why are you asking me that?’ The answer was ‘to let the CIA know you want to see these records.’”

“That said to me, keep on going,” McKeever said. Now, however, he appears to be out of options.

The case popped on the radar of those following the Russia probe because of House Democrats' efforts to see the grand jury testimony from Mueller's investigation.

Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee have claimed that the court should release the information because their impeachment inquiry fell under the category of "judicial proceedings." A district court ruling agreed and said the secret material should be released, but the Justice Department is currently challenging the case before the D.C. Circuit.

The DOJ is arguing that the House's impeachment inquiry does not qualify as a judicial proceeding. They also claim that because the House's impeachment inquiry already yielded two articles of impeachment that had nothing to do with Mueller's report, they should not be able to access the grand jury information.

The House Democrats claimed that their investigation remains ongoing and that additional articles of impeachment remain a possibility.

The Supreme Court's decision not to take up McKeever's case does not by itself negatively impact the Democrats' efforts, but if the court had agreed to hear the case and then ruled in McKeever's favor, it would have made their claim for the grand jury material stronger by eliminating the controversy over whether the impeachment inquiry qualifies as a judicial proceeding.

A three-judge panel that included a Trump appointee heard oral arguments in the House Judiciary Committee's case on Jan. 3. The panel appeared divided and did not immediately issue a ruling.


Then, this happened...

Exclusive: Giuliani told U.S. his client deserves leniency for financing Venezuela's opposition - Parnas

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DOJ: Attorney General William P. Barr Delivers Remarks at the Presidential Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice Opening Ceremony

Wednesday, January 22, 2020
Remarks as Prepared for Delivery
Good morning, everyone. Thank you for being here today. It is a privilege to announce the establishment of the President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice.
I want to start by recognizing the hard work and vision of many here today in the law enforcement community, including Pat Yoes and Jim Pasco (FOP) as well as Chief Casstevens, Chief Cell, Vince Talucci, and Terry Cunningham (IACP). I particularly want to recognize the work of the IACP, which for over 20 years has made the establishment of a Commission a national priority. Without its commitment, we would not be here today. We look forward to working with the IACP and, indeed, all law enforcement organizations to make this effort a success. Thank you also to Ben Tucker, First Deputy Commissioner of the NYPD, and Kathy O’Toole, retired Commissioner of the Boston Police Department, for being here with us today.
President Trump is an unwavering supporter of our men and women in blue, and he recognized that this Commission is much needed to support law enforcement. It is, to be sure, long overdue. The last time there was a National Commission on law enforcement was in 1965.
Much about our world has changed in the decades since President Johnson’s Commission. The incredible pace of technological change has meant the rapid evolution of new ways to commit and conceal crimes. All of you, because you’re on the front lines, see this everyday – from the proliferation of synthetic opioids to the use of warrant-proof encryption and the dark web to sexually exploit the most vulnerable members of society.
This Commission is critical, not only because it is timely, but also because few callings are more essential to the strength and prosperity of our nation than that of law enforcement. It is the rule of law that is fundamental to ensuring both freedom and security, and it is our more than 900,000 women and men on the beat who, every single day, uphold the rule of law. I have said it before: There is no calling in America more noble than serving as a police officer.
At the same time, law enforcement faces more and greater challenges than ever before. If the new obstacles presented by technology weren’t enough, in many communities, our officers must confront a wave of social problems, such as homelessness, drug addiction, and mental illness – problems that demand solutions beyond their authority and expertise. 
Further, there has been, especially as of late, a disturbing pattern of cynicism and disrespect shown toward law enforcement. All Americans should agree that nobody wins when trust breaks down between the police and the community they serve. We need to address the divide.
As a result of the significant challenges faced by law enforcement officials today, many departments are reporting declines in hiring and morale. It’s particularly alarming that, last year, more officers died by suicide than any year previously recorded. In fact, more officers died by suicide than in the line of duty last year.
These are just a few of the reasons why President Trump directed me to establish this Commission. We must not only study crime to forge strategies for reducing it, but examine ways for promoting the profession of law enforcement in order to uplift those who answer the call to public service and to help them earn the trust of the communities they protect.
Accordingly, the Commission will comprehensively assess the most pressing issues confronting law enforcement today. It will seek to provide substantive and actionable answers to, among other questions, the following:
  • How do certain social ills, such as mental illness, substance abuse, and homelessness affect the ability of law enforcement to carry out its duties?
  • How can we improve the relationship between the police and the communities they serve?
  • How can officer recruitment, training, and retention be improved?
  • What are the major issues affecting the physical safety and mental health of officers?
  • What unique issues and criminal threats have resulted from new technologies?
  • What is the cause of the apparent diminished respect for police officials and the laws they enforce, and how is public safety affected?
  • How can we integrate education, employment, social services, and public-health services to reduce crime and ease the burden on law enforcement?
The Commission will principally conduct its study through hearings, panel presentations, field visits, and other public meetings. At these engagements, the Commission will receive valuable insights, counsel, and recommendations from a diverse range of voices: subject matter experts, public officials, private citizens, academia, community organizations, civil-liberties groups, civic leadership, bar associations, and victims’ rights organizations.
While I am proud to announce the formation of this Commission, I’m also pleased by the distinguished individuals who will serve as Commissioners. The Department of Justice was required to assemble a small group from a large pool of highly-qualified candidates who expressed interest in participating.
We appointed these Commissioners based on a variety of criteria, seeking a range of different perspectives. We specifically sought out candidates who have had significant experience formulating law-enforcement policy and leading police departments and other law enforcement organizations. 
As you see here today, these Commissioners come from across the country, with diverse backgrounds, from all levels of government, and they have directly confronted, in many contexts, the issues that will be studied. 
The Commissioners are police chiefs from big cities and smaller ones, state prosecutors, county sheriffs, members of rural and tribal law enforcement, state public safety officials, federal agents, U.S. Attorneys, and a state attorney general. They have traveled from all over the country to participate in this historic moment.
I say to each of you serving as a Commissioner: You have the mandate to examine the entirety of how we carry out law enforcement in our country. 
My charge to you is this:
        Think creatively and boldly.         
        Test new ideas.
        Plan for our future.
        Consider diverse opinions and approaches.
        Challenge each other and the Department of Justice.
Your work is important to our success.
Our nation is ready for you to begin this critical enterprise. Your efforts may well influence generations. 
On behalf of the President and the entire Department of Justice, thank you in advance for your service to the country.
Now, I will ask the Commissioners-designate to come to the stage to take the Oath of Office.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

IMPEACHMENT: Senate Trial - Day One


The Tale Of Pat Cipollone, Laura Ingraham & The Industry Of Trafficking Tiny Humans As Lab Rats - Magnitsky Propaganda

Then, there is that pesky issue with unsealing grand jury material without a court order, but, hey, what do I know?

I know we should subpoena the "Legal Geniuses" (trademark pending) over there at JonesDay, who are running Trump's campaign....and providing legal advice in the White House to Trump.

Justice Department backed Trump strong-arm of House impeachment probe

The DOJ concluded that Trump was justified in categorically rejecting the House’s demands for information.

The Justice Department secretly blessed President Donald Trump’s decision to stonewall the Democratic-led House over impeachment last year, the president’s legal team disclosed Monday.

The legal brief submitted to the Senate as part of Trump’s defense includes an opinion from the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel concluding that Trump was justified in categorically rejecting the House’s demands for information before lawmakers passed a formal impeachment resolution on Oct. 31.

“We conclude that the House must expressly authorize a committee to conduct an impeachment investigation and to use compulsory process in that investigation before the committee may compel the production of documents or testimony in support of the House’s sole power of impeachment,” Assistant Attorney General Steven Engel wrote in the detailed legal rationale.

The opinion was officially dated Sunday and released by the Justice Department on its website Monday, timing that appeared to dovetail with a Senate-set noon, holiday deadline for Trump’s first substantive brief in the impeachment trial.

Trump’s lawyers argue that one reason he is not guilty of obstructing congressional inquiries — the thrust of one of the articles of impeachment he faces — is because his instructions to his appointees to defy lawmakers’ subpoenas followed legal advice from DOJ.

“Contrary to the mistaken charge that the President lacked ‘lawful cause or excuse’ to resist House Democrats’ subpoenas, the President acted only after securing advice from the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) and based on established legal principles or immunities,” White House counsel Pat Cipollone, outside lawyer Jay Sekulow and other attorneys wrote.

The Justice Department’s position paper acknowledges that the White House approached OLC for advice soon after Speaker Nancy Pelosi publicly confirmed a Ukraine-related impeachment inquiry on Sept. 23 and House committees began subpoenaing witnesses and documents in late September and October.

The newly disclosed opinion is vague about precisely when OLC was first approached to give its advice on the topic, when the response was rendered or what form that early advice took.

However, the new disclosures about the consultations with Justice could prompt some to reassess the confrontational letter Cipollone sent to the House on Oct. 8. That eight-page missive was roundly denounced by many legal experts, who said it sounded more like a political diatribe from the president than a reasoned legal argument against the House’s impeachment efforts.

“It’s hard to count the number of ways that this letter is, constitutionally and legally, garbage,” conservative attorney and Trump critic George Conway wrote on Twitter at the time. “This letter, in and of itself, is an impeachable offense.”

The historic impeachment trial of President Trump begins in earnest with a contentious vote on the rules that will govern the trial.

“The letter’s constitutional and ‘legal’ arguments are baseless,” former Obama White House counsel Bob Bauer wrote. “It misrepresents the constitutional law and precedent that it is pleading on the president’s behalf. On the merits, it is an exceptionally weak performance.”

In the letter, Cipollone contended the House’s procedure was fatally flawed because it had not been approved by a floor vote. “Your contrived process is unprecedented in the history of the nation, and lacks the necessary authorization for a valid impeachment proceeding,” the White House counsel wrote.

Despite the intense criticism, even ridicule that Cipollone’s letter received, Engel’s memo — which runs to 37 pages in the version the White House released and 54 in the format issued by DOJ — reaches the same conclusion.

Some of those who skewered Cipollone over the Oct. 8 letter said they would view it as less objectionable if he actually had some opinion from the Justice Department at the time supporting the aggressive positions he staked out.

“The OLC opinion is certainly better argued than the earlier Cipollone letter. It is more sober in tone, and more serious in its analysis,” said Keith Whittington, a Princeton University politics professor who joined in the earlier criticism.

“It is a pity the White House did not produce a document of this sort when it was first responding to the House inquiries. If it had done so, the president might have avoided the second article of impeachment and created a meaningful framework within which the House and White House could have negotiated some level of cooperation — or at least clarified the reasonable obstacles to cooperation,” Whittington added.

Other critics said it was still not clear whether Cipollone knew about Justice’s position before he fired off his combative message to the Hill. The Justice Department did not immediately respond to questions about the timing or form of the advice DOJ lawyers rendered last October.

“It is not apparent there was anything in writing or even that it had been provided as of the time of the Oct. 8 letter,” said former House attorney Michael L. Stern.

However, Whittington and Stern also noted that while Cipollone’s letter included the straightforward claim that the House needed to vote on impeachment before subpoenaing people or demanding documents, the White House counsel also made a variety of other arguments that the House’s process was unconstitutional.

Stern said it appeared Cipollone was actually soft-pedaling the point about the House needing to vote, because it was so “easily cured.” Indeed, the House did just that about three weeks later as it voted almost entirely along party lines, 232-196, to formalize the impeachment inquiry.

Some lawyers said the memo vindicated or at least buttressed Cipollone's position.

"Cipollone’s letter, and the underlying OLC opinion, are entirely correct," said David Rivkin, a Justice Department official during the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administration's. “While the House eventually complied with its obligations, its initial effort to commence the impeachment inquiry without taking a vote underscores its disregard of the constitutionally-required procedures."

If Cipollone had the Justice Department’s advice before he wrote the Oct. 8 letter, it’s not clear why he didn’t mention that. One possibility is doing so might have caused a clamor for an immediate, formal DOJ opinion in a very fluid situation.

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Another is that announcing that DOJ was staking out such an arguably extreme position on that point might have undercut the arguments Justice Department lawyers were presenting in various court fights related to demands for Trump’s financial records, grand jury records from the Mueller probe and testimony from former administration officials on various topics.

For instance, on Oct. 1, Justice Department lawyers filed a brief saying the courts should hold off ruling on a House suit to enforce a subpoena against former White House counsel Don McGahn because efforts at accommodation should be given time to work. However, that position seemed to be undercut by Cipollone’s letter a week later signaling a stiff-arming of Congress. By the end of the month, DOJ gave up on the argument that more time was needed for “accommodation” between the branches.

Just three days after the White House counsel’s caustic letter, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in a case about a subpoena for Trump’s financial records. That ruling did not center on impeachment, but the dissenting judge on the three-judge panel, Trump appointee Neomi Rao, said she believed the Constitution requires a full vote of the House before going after records directly related to the president.

The Justice Department opinion released Monday includes at least nine citations to Rao’s dissent, although it was not issued by the time of Cipollone’s letter and may not have been available to OLC when it was first approached.

It is not unusual for OLC, whose legal advice is typically the last word within the Executive Branch, to issue informal opinions by phone or email and to follow up weeks or months later with a formal opinion.

“There are a lot of different ways in which OLC gives advice. A very small piece of that is writing formal opinions,” acting OLC chief Karl Thompson said in remarks reported by POLITICO in 2015. “The vast majority of our advice is provided informally — is delivered orally or in emails. That is still authoritative. It is still binding by custom and practice in the executive branch. It’s the official view of the office. People are supposed to and do follow it.”

Some officials said at the time that requests for formal opinions were on the decline because of concerns release of such opinions might be forced under the Freedom of Information Act. However, courts have been less friendly to such efforts in recent years.

Metadata attached to the Justice Department’s version of the opinion appears to link the document to Nate Forrester, an OLC attorney who also worked in that office during the George W. Bush and Obama administrations. Forrester also served as a law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy and as Alabama solicitor general. A Justice official said Forrester is a career lawyer in charge of preparing OLC’s opinions for formal publication and handled that aspect of the release.

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Monday, January 20, 2020

TRUMP: Proclamation on Martin Luther King, Jr., Federal Holiday, 2020


 January 17, 2020

On August 28, 1963, nearly a quarter of a million people gathered in the August heat on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., to hear the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., speak.  People traveled to our Nation’s Capital from places as far away as Atlanta and Los Angeles to witness one of the defining moments in American history.  On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, Dr. King articulated the founding dream of America, the vision of our Founders for all Americans to live as “an heir of the legacy of dignity and worth.”  Today, we pause to honor the incredible life and accomplishments of Dr. King, who helped shape the Civil Rights Movement, gave hope to millions experiencing discrimination, and whose enduring memory inspires us to pursue a more just and equal society.
Dr. King dedicated his life’s work to fighting for the right of every American to achieve the American Dream.  Born the son of a Baptist minister on Auburn Street in Atlanta, Dr. King became an American icon and hero to millions of freedom-loving peoples everywhere, propelled by his powerful and inspiring message of peaceful protest and nonviolent resistance.  From the steps of the Lincoln Memorial before thousands to the quiet solitude of a jail cell in Birmingham, Dr. King evinced an unshakable commitment to create a better future, never relenting in his quest for justice.
Since its inception, our Nation has served as a beacon of hope and opportunity around the world.  America’s promise of freedom and justice has guided our people through adversity to prosperity.  Dr. King’s life and legacy stands as a testament to that promise, one rooted in the inalienable rights of mankind and a commitment to freedom from persecution.  Throughout his battle against segregation and discrimination, Dr. King praised his fellow demonstrators for returning “back to the deep wells of democracy” that trace their roots to our founding.  We honor Dr. King’s legacy and our Nation’s heritage when we act to protect and expand freedom and opportunity.
As President, I remain committed to safeguarding the promise of our Nation and the values we share, the values that Dr. King so ardently worked to achieve.  My Administration works each day to ensure that all Americans have every opportunity to realize a better life for themselves and their families regardless of race, class, gender, or any other barriers that have arbitrarily stood in their way.  We have seen historic economic growth, with more than 7 million new jobs since my election and record highs in African-American, Hispanic‑American, and Asian-American employment.  Through a focused effort of deregulation and growth-oriented policies, we have unleashed the potential of the American economy and bolstered the strength of the greatest workforce in the world, the American workforce.  We recognize that economic opportunity is the greatest engine for empowering individuals and families to overcome adversity, and we will continue to fight for opportunity for all Americans.
On this day, we are reminded of what Dr. King described as “our noble capacity for justice and love and brotherhood.”  As we pay tribute to Dr. King, I urge all Americans to heed his call to action so that we may build the “Beloved Community” that he envisioned, living up to the sacred promise for a better future woven into the fabric of our American identity.
NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim January 20, 2020, as the Martin Luther King, Jr., Federal Holiday.  On this day, I encourage all Americans to recommit themselves to Dr. King’s dream by engaging in acts of service to others, to their community, and to our Nation.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this seventeenth day of January, in the year of our Lord two thousand twenty, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and forty-fourth.

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Saturday, January 18, 2020

An International Day Of Peace 2020 - May The Heavens Fall

I will make the world say your name, with such a delight.


"The Celestial Goddess of the Woodshed is ready for the heavens to fall. I bet she has cocktails & popcorn."

Sometimes, I derive joy from the smallest things in life.

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

Happy Anniversary, Sweetie!

A Day of Peace

In honor of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday and in honor of the gentle spirit who authored John Conyers, Jr., I present this piece, again, to pray for all to recognize that we, as humans, are many in body, but may only become united under the universal care for the peaceful health of society.
this legislation,

The issues surrounding unruly town hall meetings and angry mobs were addressed over 200 years ago in the Federalist Papers, specifically #9, Hamilton and #10 Madison.

Hamilton #9The utility of a Confederacy, as well to suppress faction and to guard the internal tranquillity of States, as to increase their external force and security, is in reality not a new idea. It has been practiced upon in different countries and ages, and has received the sanction of the most approved writers on the subject of politics.

What Hamilton basically says is that an insurgent faction disrupts consolidation and consensus of groups, better known as a republic. This idea was expounded and refined in Madison #10.

Madison identified the "inner tranquility" of the consolidation and consensus of groups as the "majority".  He further spoke of the futility of non-peaceful protests as they disregarded established legislative processes, having elected government representatives.

"Men of factious tempers, of local prejudices, or of sinister designs, may, by intrigue, by corruption, or by other means, first obtain the suffrages, and then betray the interests, of the people."

Historically, civil disobedience only works when functioning under the policy of peace. These protests are not peaceful in language or activities, an early presentation of failure of the insurgence.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise therof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.The Bill of Rights: First Amendment

The key word is "peace". Once this tenet of the First Amendment is violated, peace, the government is empowered to protect the people, pursuant to the General Welfare Clause in the U.S. Constitution. The following is an excerpt of Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution of the United States, called the General Welfare Clause:

The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;

To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;

To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;

Violence, be it verbal, emotional, physical, or economic, becomes grounds for government intervention, or rather the calling of the police to maintain the peace. When this happens you have an insurrection, pursuant to the General Welfare Clause. Under this light, health care as commerce, or rather Universal Health Care, is seen as a "provision for the common defense social disease, meaning maintainability of individual and social health, becoming interchangeable with the temporal terminology of General Welfare.

Quintessentially, Universal Health Care is one in the same with the Common Defense and General Welfare of the people of the United States of America. Here is a visual model for greater understanding:

There is a lack of organization and understanding, as the insurrections constantly demonstrate a significant failure in mastering a rudimentary education of the social mobilization.

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Friday, January 17, 2020

The Monkey Wrench Of Parental Rights - Vatican Has A Female Within Its Ranks Of Heirarchy

This is appointment is like throwing a monkey wrench into the Curia and its caldron of chattel law.

Rumor has it Emperor Pence is supposed to be hanging out with Pope BestofUs next week, but hey, what do I know?

I know we are dealing with Parental Rights.

Pope appoints woman under-secretary in Vatican Secretariat of State

Pope Francis appoints Dr Francesca Di Giovanni as under-secretary in the Section for Relations with States. She will be coordinating the multilateral sector.

2020.01.15 Francesca Di Giovanni, nuova sotto-segretario della Sezione per i Rapporti con gli Stati  ONU
 Francesca Di Giovanni
"You go, girl."
Pope Francis has appointed Dr Francesca Di Giovanni, currently an official of the Secretariat of State, as under-secretary for the Section for Relations with States. She will be responsible for the multilateral sector. Born in Palermo in 1953, Dr Di Giovanni has worked in the Secretariat for 27 years and holds a law degree. After completing practicum as a notary, she worked in the juridical-administrative area at the International Centre of the Work of Mary (Focolare Movement). On 15 September 1993 she began work as an official in the Section for Relations with States of the Secretariat of State. Di Giovanni has served in the multilateral sector, especially in the areas of migrants and refugees, international humanitarian law, communications, private international law, the status of women, intellectual property, and tourism.

With the appointment of Dr Di Giovanni, the Section for Relations with States has two under-secretaries: Di Giovanni will work alongside Monsignor Mirosław Wachowski, who will continue to work primarily in the area of bilateral diplomacy.

Vatican News and L’Osservatore Romano interviewed Dr Di Giovanni:

Were you surprised by the appointment as under-secretary?
Yes, absolutely! For several years now we have been thinking about the need for an under-secretary for the multilateral sector: a delicate and demanding sector that needs special attention, because it has its own procedures, in some ways different from those of the bilateral sphere. But I sincerely never would have thought the Holy Father would have entrusted this role to me.

It is a new role and I will try to do my best to live up to the Holy Father's trust, but I hope not to do it alone: I would like to count on the harmony that has characterized our working group so far.

What exactly is the "multilateral sector"?
Simply speaking, you can say that it deals with relations between inter-governmental organisations at the international level and includes the network of multilateral treaties, which are important because they embody the political will of States with regard to the various issues concerning the international common good: this includes development, the environment, the protection of victims of conflicts, the situation of women, and so on.

What does your work consist of?
I will continue to deal with what I have been following up to now in the Section for Relations with States, although in this new role, I shall be responsible for coordinating the work in this area.

You are the first woman to hold a position at this level in the Secretariat of State...
Yes, actually, it's the first time a woman has had a managerial position in the Secretariat of State. The Holy Father has made an unprecedented decision, certainly, which, beyond myself personally, represents an indication of an attention towards women. But the responsibility is connected to the job, rather than to the fact of being a woman.

In your opinion, what can the specific contribution be of a woman in this field?
I cannot fail to recall the words of the Holy Father in his homily on 1 January, in which he presented — we could say — a “tribute” to the role of women, saying that “women are givers and mediators of peace and should be fully included in decision-making processes. Because when women can share their gifts, the world finds itself more united, more peaceful”.

I would like to be able to contribute to the realization of the Holy Father’s vision, with my other colleagues who work in this area of the Secretariat of State, but also with other women — and there are many of them — who are working to build fraternity in this international dimension too. It is important to emphasize the Pope's attention to the multilateral sector, questioned today by some, but which has a fundamental function in the international community.

A woman may have certain aptitudes for finding commonalities, healing relationships with unity at heart. I hope that my being a woman might reflect itself positively in this task, even if they are gifts that I certainly find in my male colleagues as well.

In his recent address to the Diplomatic Corps, the Pope spoke about the multilateral system, calling for its reform…
In the international community, the Holy See also has the mission of ensuring that the interdependence between people and nations be developed in a moral and ethical dimension, as well as in the other dimensions and various aspects that relations are acquiring in today's world. One must never tire of encouraging dialogue at all levels, always seeking diplomatic solutions.

For example, in his recent speech to the Diplomatic Corps, the Pope recalled, among other things, the many positive results of the United Nations, which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. We want to continue seeing the UN as a necessary means for achieving the common good, even if this does not exempt us from asking for changes or reforms where deemed necessary.

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DOJ: Former Senior Fincen Employee Pleads Guilty To Conspiring To Unlawfully Disclose Suspicious Activity Reports

For the history of the case, click here.

And here.

Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards Illegally Repeatedly Transmitted SARs and Other Sensitive Government Information To A Reporter Resulting In Approximately 12 News Articles Over 1-Year Period
Geoffrey S. Berman, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced that NATALIE MAYFLOWER SOURS EDWARDS, a/k/a “Natalie Sours,” a/k/a “Natalie May Edwards,” a/k/a “May Edwards,” a former senior adviser at the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (“FinCEN”), pled guilty today to conspiring to unlawfully disclose Suspicious Activity Reports (“SARs”).  EDWARDS pled guilty before United States District Judge Gregory H. Woods.
U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman said:  “As she has now admitted, Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards, a former senior-level FinCEN employee, abused her position of trust by agreeing to repeatedly disclose highly sensitive information contained in Suspicious Activity Reports.  Maintaining the confidentiality of SARs, which are filed by banks and other financial institutions to alert law enforcement to potentially illegal transactions, is essential to permit them to serve their statutory function, and the defendant’s conduct violated the integrity of that critical system and the law.”
According to the allegations contained in the Complaint, Information, publicly available information, court filings, and statements made during the plea proceeding:
The mission of FinCEN is to “safeguard the financial system from illicit use and combat money laundering and promote national security through the collection, analysis, and dissemination of financial intelligence and strategic use of financial authorities.”[1]  Among other things, FinCEN manages the collection and maintenance of SARs regarding potentially suspicious financial transactions, which, under the Bank Secrecy Act (“BSA”), U.S. financial institutions and other parties are required by law to generate and deliver to FinCEN.  Under the BSA and its implementing regulations, willful disclosure of a SAR or its contents by government employees or agents is a felony unless necessary to fulfill official duties.
Beginning in approximately October 2017, and lasting until her arrest in October 2018, EDWARDS agreed to and did unlawfully disclose numerous SARs to a reporter (“Reporter-1”), the substance of which were published over the course of approximately 12 articles by a news organization for which Reporter-1 worked (“News Organization-1”).  The illegally disclosed SARs pertained to, among other things, Paul Manafort, Richard Gates, the Russian Embassy, Mariia Butina, and Prevezon Alexander.  EDWARDS had access to each of the pertinent SARs and saved them – along with thousands of other files containing sensitive government information – to a flash drive provided to her by FinCEN.  She transmitted the SARs to Reporter-1 by means that included taking photographs or images of them and texting the photographs or images to Reporter-1 over an encrypted application.  In addition to disseminating SARs to Reporter-1, EDWARDS sent or described to Reporter-1 internal FinCEN emails or correspondence appearing to relate to SARs or other information protected by the BSA, and FinCEN nonpublic memoranda, including Investigative Memos and Intelligence Assessments published by the FinCEN Intelligence Division, which contained confidential personal information, business information, and/or security threat assessments.
At the time of EDWARDS’s arrest, she was in possession of a flash drive on which she saved the unlawfully disclosed SARs, and a cellphone containing numerous communications over an encrypted application in which she transmitted SARs and other sensitive government information to Reporter-1.
*                *                *
EDWARDS, 41, of Quinton, Virginia, pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to make unauthorized disclosures of SARs, which carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison.  EDWARDS is scheduled to be sentenced by Judge Woods on Tuesday, June 9, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.  The maximum potential sentence is prescribed by Congress and is provided here for informational purposes only, as the sentence of the defendant will be determined by the judge.
Mr. Berman praised the investigative work of the Treasury Department’s Office of Inspector General and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
This case is being prosecuted by the Office’s Public Corruption Unit.  Assistant U.S. Attorneys Kimberly J. Ravener, Daniel C. Richenthal, and Maurene R. Comey are in charge of the prosecution.

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