Wednesday, July 19, 2017

U.S. v. Israel: Which Is Worse In Child Welfare?

Children are commodities, always have been, but the question is who monetizes child trafficking better?

U.S. or Israel?

I am going to say the both because in the U.S., we use corporations of the tax exempt God which are funded through your federal tax dollars.

Catholic Charities

The League of Jewish Women

How far are you willing to go to save your children?

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

CONYERS, CUMMINGS, THOMPSON & BRADY to VP Pence: Remove Kobach from Election Commission and Rescind Request for Sensitive Voter Information

Washington, DC (July 18, 2017)—Today, Reps. John Conyers, Jr., Elijah E. Cummings, Bennie G. Thompson, and Robert A. Brady, Ranking Members of the House Committees on Oversight and Government Reform, Judiciary, Homeland Security, and House Administration, sent a letter, below, to Vice President Michael Pence requesting that he ask for the resignation of Kris Kobach from his position as the Vice Chair of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, and that he rescind Mr. Kobach’s unprecedented request for sensitive voter information.

“Mr. Kobach has repeatedly claimed, falsely, that widespread voter fraud exists and advertises his work on the Commission to promote his own campaign for governor of Kansas,” the Members wrote. “These actions undermine the integrity of the Commission and raise significant concerns that the Commission will be used as a tool for voter suppression.”

Conyers, Cummings, Thompson, and Brady stated that Mr. Kobach appeared to violate the Hatch Act by using his official role on the Commission to further his 2018 gubernatorial campaign and solicit campaign contributions  campaign website that tout his work on the Commission.

“Mr. Kobach’s partisan activity and his recent sanctions for dishonesty before a court of law cast a shadow over the Commission and undermine its integrity,” the Members wrote. “Mr. Kobach should step down as Vice-Chair and be replaced with an individual who can be trusted to ensure that the Commission operates in a bipartisan manner to protect voter information and to protect the right of Americans to vote.”

Conyers, Cummings,Thompson, and Brady expressed grave concerns with Mr. Kobach’s unprecedented request on behalf of the Commission for sensitive voter data, its failure to specify how that information would be used, its failure to provide clear or sufficient safeguards to protect sensitive voter information, and the Commission’s initial secret phone call that appears to violate the Federal Advisory Committee Act.

“These actions openly flout federal privacy and transparency laws,” the Members wrote.  “The Commission has not offered any plan to protect its proposed nation-wide voter database, even after federal officials have confirmed that voter databases in at least 21 states were hacked in last year’s election by Russia.”

The Members explained that Mr. Kobach’s request has deeply alarmed voters, who are reportedly contacting election officials with fears about the Administration’s intent and requesting to cancel their voter registrations to protect private data.

“We have serious concerns that Mr. Kobach’s purpose in gathering state voter rolls is to conduct a data-matching project that matches each state voter list with other federal databases, in an attempt to discover and then potentially purge purported ‘fraudulent registrations,’” The Members wrote.  “The Commission should explore increasing access to voting, not perpetuating the false and damaging notion that massive voter fraud exists in our nation’s elections.  We will fiercely oppose any attempt by this Administration to suppress the vote and undermine the protections guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, the National Voter Registration Act, the Voting Rights Act, and other important voter protection laws.”

The Members requested that Pence address several questions about the Commission at its upcoming meeting on July 19, including how it will ensure future compliance with privacy and transparency laws. They also requested documents relating to the purpose of the Commission and how it plans to use state voter information.

Recent reports show that Kris Kobach has proposed making voter registration requirements much stricter – potentially limiting access to the ballot box. In addition to today’s letter, the Congressional Black Caucus and House Judiciary Committee Democrats will host a forum today at 3 p.m. to examine concerns related to Kobach’s requests and proposal. 
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Member of International Child Exploitation Conspiracy Sentenced to 210 Months in Prison

I would like everyone to understand that this is another collaborate conjugation, except for this time, it is international.

I anticipate another announcement regarding the financial conspirators associated with these operations.

Much love to my #Superfans.

A Chicopee, Massachusetts man was sentenced to 210 months in prison and 10 years of supervised release for production of child pornography based on his participation in a website that was operated for the purpose of coercing and enticing minors as young as eight years old to engage in sexually explicit conduct on web camera. 

Acting Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Blanco of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division; U.S. Attorney Dana J. Boente of the Eastern District of Virginia; and Section Chief John J. Brosnan of the FBI’s Violent Crimes Against Children Section (VCACS) made the announcement.
Edward Parson, 46, was charged on April 4, 2016, and pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III of the Eastern District of Virginia on April 14. 
According to admissions made in connection with the plea agreement, members of the conspiracy created false profiles on social networking sites popular with children, posing as young teenagers to lure children to two websites they controlled. Once on the conspirators’ websites, Parson admitted that members of the conspiracy showed the children pre-recorded videos of prior minor victims, often engaging in sexually explicit conduct, to make the new victims think that they were chatting with another minor. Parson further admitted that conspirators used these videos to coerce and entice children to engage in sexually explicit activity on their own web cameras, which could be viewed live by other members without the victim’s knowledge and which the website automatically recorded and made available for download later. Parson admitted that he chatted with minors in furtherance of the conspiracy. The defendant also admitted that one of the websites ranked the efforts of the members to successfully coerce and entice children to engage in sexually explicit conduct on live web camera. Both websites have been disabled.
This case was investigated as part of Operation Subterfuge, a multinational investigation coordinated by members of the FBI’s Violent Crimes Against Children (VCAC) International Task Force. VCAC special agents led the investigation with the assistance of the FBI’s Operation Rescue Me and the FBI’s Digital Analysis and Research Center and the Office of Victim Assistance. The South Africa Police Service, Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offenses, Gauteng; Royal Canadian Mounted Police, National Child Exploitation Coordination Centre; the Dutch Police Service Agency, KLPD; and the Australian Federal Police, Child Protection Operations, Sydney were active partners in Operation Subterfuge.  To date, over 320 minor victims have been identified as part of this operation.
Trial Attorney Lauren Britsch of the Criminal Division’s Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section (CEOS) and Assistant U.S. Attorney Whitney Russell of the Eastern District of Virginia prosecuted the case. 
This case was brought as part of Project Safe Childhood, a nationwide initiative to combat the growing epidemic of child sexual exploitation and abuse launched in May 2006 by the Department of Justice. Led by U.S. Attorneys’ Offices and CEOS, Project Safe Childhood marshals federal, state and local resources to better locate, apprehend and prosecute individuals who exploit children via the Internet, as well as to identify and rescue victims. For more information about Project Safe Childhood, please visit OFFICE OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS AT 202-514-2007.

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Federal Reserve Published TARP Propaganda To Cover Up Fraud

Have you ever had one of those moments when your wildest dream came true?

Well, this fell in my lap.

For the longest time I have been claiming that Kansas and Michigan are running socio-economic policy experiments, but I am working on a future post because it is all related to Medicaid fraud in child welfare.

For the longest time I have dreamt about doing my own peer review on a professional publication such as this using my econometric background.

In the spirit of fuchsia...

To begin, we have what is called researcher bias.

You see, you have the principals of this research working paper who have ties to the University of Southern California, the same USC that has a school of Public Policy named Price, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, that is and guess who they are working with?

Oh, come on....

Fine.  I will tell you.

These researchers are tied to the Detroit Land Bank Authority and the Clinton Foundation, organizations that were recipients of TARP funding that came through the State of Michigan Housing Development Authority, that handing the oversight of the Hardest Hit Funds, part of TARP, to the Michigan Homeowners Assistance Nonprofit Housing Corporation through....drumroll please...

I shall bring in Kevyn Orr, Emergency Manager appointed by Governor Rick Snyder, who both have ties to the Clinton Foundation, in a future post I am working on.

Now, on to the methodology.

It sucks.

How the hell are these so-called researchers going to use qualitative methods in a research design that so desperately calls for quantitative methodologies?

They used Dummy variables.


I would have constructed a Spline model because I could have easily extrapolated data from databases, like, um, how many homes were actually saved from the HHF program.

This working research paper is nothing more than glorified propaganda because the people who even took the time to read the report rely upon this jacked up propaganda, which manipulates the public record and destroys the Library of Congress.

This is crap, but let us attempt to disprove their crappy Null.

Did bank borrowers benefit from the TARP Program?  

Hell yes, they did.

TARP is called the Troubled Asset Relief Program where the feds bailed out the banks, then fined them, where these fines funded TARP.

Taken directly from the federal TARP website:

Treasury is now winding down its remaining TARP investments and is also continuing to implement TARP initiatives to help struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure.
Did you see that?  It says, "to help struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure".  

The question I would have presented to be disproven would have been, "Did the people benefit from the TARP Program?"

Hell no, they did not, but the banks did and that is why the Federal Reserve published this propaganda.

As for the child welfare fraud, well, there is much more to the story coming, so stay right here...or just go through my archives.
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Monday, July 17, 2017

CONYERS: Medicare For All

The Senate GOP and House Republicans so-called healthcare bill still imposes the same barbaric cuts to Medicaid that will end the program as we know it.

It’s no exaggeration to say that if this bill passes, poor and working people will suffer and many will die.

Their bill still ends protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

It allows insurance companies to offer barebones plans that hardly count as “insurance” and don’t provide meaningful care.

Meanwhile, for people with pre-existing conditions who need real medical care, insurers will offer plans with sky high prices most cannot afford.

Most importantly, their bill still does nothing to make access to quality healthcare more affordable for you and your family.

Fortunately, Democrats have a better plan: Medicare for All.

When every American can enroll in Medicare for All, you won’t have to shop and compare between 50 different plans with terms and rules nobody can understand.

No more getting nickel-and-dimed with premiums, copays and deductibles.

No more fighting with insurance companies over denied claims, or surprise bills for things you were never asked about.

No more holding your care hostage for executive salaries, advertising costs, and profit margins.

Instead, just like the fire department, schools, roads, and bridges, we’re going to treat healthcare as an essential serviced provided equally to all people.

My Medicare for All bill is the Democratic alternative to Trumpcare.

After we’ve defeated this awful Trumpcare bill, we will fight tirelessly until we make Medicare for All a reality.


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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Lalanea Little-Tobeler Called CPS & Was Threatened By Police

Lala is mad.

According to Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Child Protection Policy, if you suspect child abuse, you are supposed to report it.

Lala reported.

Lala reported to the Presque Isle Police that there was a former DHHS Child Protection worker posting on Facebook her relationship with her boyfriend.

The DHHS CPS worker's boyfriend is listed on OTIS.

Lala commented on the CPS worker's Facebook wall to this effect.

The former CPS worker's boyfriend told Presque Isle Police that Lala was harassing her.

The Presque Isle Police told Lala to take down the post or she would be charged with harassment.

Lala took down the posts.

The Police told her she did not have the right of free speech or due process.

Presque Isle County, Michigan Police Deputy James Budnik BUSTED RED HANDED covering for MDDHS workers allowing their kids to be around registered sex offenders!!!!

You can take our children, you can take our property, you can take our civil rights, but you will never be able to take our spirit or intelligence.

When your children are legally kidnapped, how far are you willing to go to get them back?
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EXCLUSIVE Former CA Superior Court Judge "Deann Salcido" Blows Whistle On Corrupt Family Law System

The former Judge Deann Salcido is a retired California Superior Court Judge and founder and CEO of Judicial Action Watch Society (JAWS). She is still practicing law at her law firm called Honorable Legal Services with one partner.

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

What Would You Do: Child abused by foster care

A mother is at a restaurant with her two children: one is her biological child, and the other is her foster child. How will people react when overhearing the interaction?

Now, I have been quite vociferous about child welfare institutions using impoverished children who are legally kidnapped and placed in foster care for revenue maximization schemes for quite some time, yet when I publish these facts, cited with audits, legal opinions, policy & legal analysis. with criminal & civil prosecutions, much of the world remains silent, just like the majority of witnesses in the video.

Foster parenting was designed under the Adoption and Safe Families Act, promoted by President Clinton, to create jobs.

Whether you like it or not, foster care and adoption is nothing but the residuals of the peculiar institution, except this time it is tax exempt.

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Making Healthy Choices: HHS Pumps Foster Kids With Medicaid Drugs

Making healthy choices on psychotropic drugs in foster care can be fun!

A foster youth, as clearly demonstrated in the lovely brochure, below, does not have the option of refusing medication.

One choice could be to sell the drugs for something that makes the foster youth feel better like food, clothes, or a secret android to get on Facebook and make plans of when the age out comes, or just stay in touch with the parents, which is not allowed by the States court of law.

Yes, chemical restraints in child welfare is the most humane and compassionate form of treatment, other than electro-shock treatment, physical restraints, or solitary confinement, because beatings are not really acceptable, now-a-days.

So, if you know you are going to be stuck in foster care for a few years, you might as well get addicted to some form of emotional altering substances, besides, it is all billable to Medicaid.

Dependency starts young for a loyal future drug customer.
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Trafficking Tiny Humans

Infographic_ChildrenCount7.pngIn 2007, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services launched newly, disjointed incremental, privatized initiatives to train the States on how to "achieve adoptions through public-private contracting".

This was the beginning of what is known as social investing, but instead of using all those fancy words to legitimize what is truly going on here, I have adopted my own term:

Trafficking Tiny Humans

Or, for the more traditionalists, you can still use the terms from the slave trade.

Either way it is described, it is a revenue maximization, tax exempt Medicaid fraud scheme.

Always remember, we do not sell humans, we purchase service to charge a fee.

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Child Welfare Administrators Pitch Privatization To Investors, But Not Medicaid Fraud Or Human Trafficking

It breaks my heart how absolutely clueless our leadership is at the U.S. Department of Health and
Human Services in child welfare, but hey, gotta fund those political campaigns through those NGOs!
Taken from the HHS lecture, she could not figure out
Medicaid fraud in child welfare increased costs

The U.S. Department of Human Services just made history busting human trafficking in foster care, but this video, even though it is from 2016, focuses on maximizing revenue from Medicaid, and makes no mention of Medicaid fraud in child welfare.

God forbid there is any mention of civil rights, human trafficking, rape, torture, drugging, etc.

Lawsuits against the States child welfare systems, specifically Children's Rights, was glossed over by stating that they could all work together as a "blended funding", or rather privatization.

There was no mention of the horrors these children and their parents endure.

This is nothing but a pitch for social impact bonds.

Why are foster kids depressed?

Because they want to go home.

Why do foster kids have an average of 13 months in care?

Because they run away to have a better chance on the streets.

Upon age out of foster care, there is no more revenue maximization through Medicaid.

For a quick synopsis of the above HHS presentation video, enjoy.

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Administration for Children & Families, Office of Planning, Research & Evaluation is having a Research and Evaluation conference on Self-Sufficiency and even gave it a code (RECS).

How quaint.

The RECS provides a valuable opportunity to gather in Washington, D.C. and hear the latest findings from evaluations of social welfare programs and policies, discuss ways to incorporate findings into the design and implementation of programs, and develop strategies for future evaluations.

The conference focuses on programs, policies and services that support low-income and vulnerable families on the path to economic self-sufficiency and well-being. Past conferences have featured presentations on topics including:
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • Education, Training, and Success in the Labor Market
  • Child and Youth Well-Being
  • Fatherhood, Relationships, and Strengthening Families
  • Evaluating Social Programs: Building and Using Evidence
  • Approaches to Alleviate Poverty and Strengthen the Safety Net
The conference will definitely not focus on programs, policies and services that support low-income and vulnerable families to report:
  • Fraud, waste and abuse in its child welfare programs;
  • Human trafficking;
  • Generation of fraudulent documentation used to file cost-reimbursed Medicaid billing;
  • Rape, torture and drugging of children who are wards of the courts and the States.
The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Administration for Children & Families, Children's Bureau, Child Welfare Information Gateway held a conference.

Guess what the focus is on?

Human trafficking!  

Yes, It seems U.S. DHHS is slowly, very slowly, coming to understand, with bouts of denial, of course, that what they do is human trafficking when you take a tiny human, without permission of the parent, and physically move the tiny human to another location in exchange for money, then pay someone else to watch over the booty of your human pilfering for maximizing revenues.

Child Welfare Virtual Expo 2017
Strengthening Assessment and Decision-Making for Improved Outcomes

Thursday, July 13, 2017, 10 a.m.–5 p.m. EDT

The Capacity Building Center for States, a service of the Children’s Bureau, hosted the Child Welfare Virtual Expo 2017 on July 13. All sessions have been recorded and will be posted along with related resources in CapLEARN, the Collaborative’s Learning Center. Registration is free.

2017 Theme: Strengthening Assessment and Decision-Making for Improved Outcomes

This year’s Virtual Expo highlights the critical importance of assessment and decision-making to enhancing outcomes for children and families. Sessions cover strategies for assessing safety, conducting comprehensive assessment of parents, collaborating across systems for families with co-occurring issues, and using data effectively.

Engaging presentations will feature insights from national subject matter experts, child welfare professionals and partners, parents, and youth.

Two sessions are tailored for managers and administrators, and two are designed for frontline workers. Each session includes presentations and a virtual reflection activity to help you apply presentation concepts to your daily work. To promote group learning and interaction, you are encouraged to gather with colleagues to watch, discuss, and begin planning for implementation of new ideas.

Want to access sessions from last year's Virtual Expo? Archived sessions from the Child Welfare Virtual Expo 2016 are available on CapLEARN.

I am downloading and analyzing the training material from CapLearn and will provide an overview of how there are developments to maximize revenues in social impact bonds.

Questions? Contact

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See Marilyn Jacobson Lobby Kansas Child Welfare Trust Fund For Social Impact Bonds Dividends

Privatized Kansas Lobbyist Marilyn Jacobson
Marilyn Jacobson is also a registered lobbyist for the State of Kansas for the privatized KVC Health Systems.

See Marilyn lobby for Medicaid funding.

Lobby, Marilyn, lobby.

Marilyn used to be an administrator for Kansas Department of Children and Families.

Lobby, Marilyn, lobby.

Marilyn Jacobson is the Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel for KVC, the privatized Kansas tax exempt organization that runs the show in dealing with children going through the state's child welfare system.

Lobby, Marilyn, lobby.

Marilyn Jacobson, J.D., Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel, has been with KVC for 3 years. She was most recently Special Assistant and General Counsel, working on financial, legislative and related projects. Jacobson worked for the Kansas Department of Administration from 2003-2013, retiring as Director of Office of General Services, a role that included responsibility for the state’s payroll and central accounting services, and serving as legislative liaison and public information officer. She also worked for the Kansas Department for Children and Families from 1992-2003 (at that time, it was known as the Department for Social and Rehabilitation Services), ending as the Assistant Secretary for Children and Family Policy. Jacobson received her law degree from Washburn University and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Washington in Seattle. She also served in the United States Army for 11 years.

Is it just me or is there an inherent conflict of interests going on, here?

See, lobbyists are paid substantial fees to do their thing and bring in more money for the organization.

Marilyn lobbies the State of Kansas on behalf of its privately contracted child welfare services to bring in more money, I shall assume, to pay her and dividends on the social impact bonds.

Kansas child welfare system sucks, but Marilyn still lobbies because the Kansas Children’s Cabinet & Trust Fund must pay dividends to its investors.

I would have published the 990s but it seems they are, well, privatized.

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Friday, July 14, 2017

DOJ Busts Medicaid Fraud In Child Welfare

Two Austin Psychologists, Owners of Psychological A.R.T.S., P.C., and a Patient Recruiter Indicted for Federal Health Care Crimes

Since the DOJ will not say it, I will..

This is a Medicaid Fraud in Child Welfare bust!!!!

In the spirit of fuchsia, I will prove it.

As part of the largest coordinated Health Care Fraud enforcement action to date, Federal and state authorities arrested two Austin psychologists who own and operate Psychological A.R.T.S., P.C., announced United States Attorney Richard L. Durbin, Jr., FBI Special Agent in Charge Christopher Combs, San Antonio Division, and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

An indictment returned by a federal grand jury in Austin charges 72-year-old Dr. William Joseph Dubin and his son, 32-year-old Dr. David Fox Dubin, with one count of conspiracy to violate the federal anti-kickback law; five counts of paying illegal kickbacks; one count of conspiracy to commit health care fraud; seven counts of health care fraud and aiding and abetting health care fraud; and, six counts of aggravated identity theft, and aiding and abetting aggravated identity theft. A third defendant in this indictment, 67-year-old patient recruiter Glen Elwood McKenzie, Jr., of Cedar Park, TX, is charged with one count of conspiracy to violate the federal anti-kickback law and five counts of receiving illegal kickbacks.

According to the indictment, Dr. William Dubin, and Dr. David Dubin, are licensed psychologists who operated Psychological A.R.T.S. in Austin. McKenzie was the President of the Board of Directors of an emergency shelter house located approximately eighty miles from Austin that provided temporary shelter for crisis intervention and mental health services to children and youth ages 5 to 17 who had been removed from their homes by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. The indictment alleges that, in exchange for kiddie kickbacks paid to him, McKenzie used his position at the emergency shelter and his contacts with other similar shelters to refer children and youth to Psychological A.R.T.S., for comprehensive mental health assessments. 

Referring kids for psych services is how Child Protective Services legally validates the removal and provides the grounds for judicial determination to keep the kid in foster care for more fraudulent Medicaid billing. (Yes, judicial determination opens the federal funding spigot to other grants and cost-reimbursements).

From January 2011 to June 2015, Dr. William Dubin and Dr. David Dubin allegedly caused fraudulent billings totaling approximately $300,000 to be submitted to the Texas Medicaid program and the Texas Vocational Rehabilitation Services program for various psychological services. Upon receipt of payment for their services, the doctors paid McKenzie a 10-percent kiddie kickback from the money paid to Psychological A.R.T.S.

According to the allegations of the indictment, Dr. William Dubin, and Dr. David Dubin directed students and interns, who were unlicensed and unsupervised, to conduct psychiatric diagnostic evaluations of the children and youth referred to them by McKenzie.  

Hey, this student/intern direction is called training.  I am just surprised the DOJ did not find any high school or GED graduates writing up psychiatric diagnostic evaluations.  They should come hang out at Lincoln Hall of Justice.  Some of the child welfare workers can barely speak English, which is their first and only language.

The students and interns then prepared psychological evaluation reports, which included the student’s diagnoses of the psychological condition of each child and youth, the student’s impressions of the risk of each child and youth for future obstructive and disruptive behaviors, and the student’s recommendations for future treatment. 

Yes, many, many parents have had their parental rights terminated because these students/interns are trained to predict the future harm of a child.  This is what is going on in predictive modeling and databases.  

The indictment alleges that Dr. William Dubin, and Dr. David Dubin, then billed or caused others to send bills to Medicaid that falsely claimed that Dr. William Dubin had done the work that was actually done by the unlicensed students and interns. The Medicaid rules expressly prohibited psychologists from billing for services performed by students and interns. The Medicaid rules allow a psychologist to bill, at a reduced fee, for services provided by a supervised licensed psychological associate. The reduced fee is seventy percent of the fee paid for work performed by the licensed psychologist.

What about the children who were unnecessarily drugged and groomed in therapy that they will never see their families again?  Will they be rescued and made whole again?

The indictment alleges that Dr. William Dubin, and Dr. David Dubin also directed unsupervised licensed psychological associates to prepare psychiatric diagnostic evaluations of the children and youth referred to them by McKenzie. Dr. William Dubin and Dr. David Dubin then billed, or caused others to send bills, Medicaid falsely claiming that Dr. William Dubin had done work that was actually done by the associates. This resulted in a larger payment from Medicaid and a larger percentage of profit for Psychological A.R.T.S., Dr. William Dubin and Dr. David Dubin.

Predictive behavioral modeling of children for not good things is what the Clinton Foundation is doing.

Upon conviction, each count related to illegal kickbacks calls for up to five years in federal prison; each count related to Health Care Fraud calls for up to ten years in federal prison; and, each count related to aggravated identity theft calls for up to two years in federal prison.

What about all the kids who were trafficked in foster care & adoption, and the parents who had their children legally kidnapped?

Will these children and parents be compensated and records amended?

This indictment resulted from an investigation conducted by special agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation together with investigators from the Texas Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. Special Assistant United States Attorney Rex Beasley is prosecuting this case on behalf of the Government.

Will the kids and parents have reunification?

An indictment is merely a charge and should not be considered as evidence of guilt. The defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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Michigan Real Estate Businessman Sentenced to Prison for Obstructing the Internal Revenue Laws and Bank Fraud

I smell the stench of the Detroit Land Bank Authority, well, actually, I just pulled the records.

A Michigan business owner was sentenced to serve a year and a day in prison today for obstructing and impeding the internal revenue laws and committing bank fraud, announced Acting Deputy Assistant Attorney General Stuart M. Goldberg of the Justice Department’s Tax Division.

According to documents filed with the court, Richard Pierce filed fraudulent 2004 through 2013 individual income tax returns. Those returns failed to report more than $9 million in gross business receipts that several of his real estate businesses earned, including Phoenix Real Estate Company, Phoenix Preferred Properties LLC, Detroit Matrix, First Metro Properties LLC, First Metro Real Estate Services LLC, Phoenix Office Plaza-II LLC, Rosedale/Grandmont Properties LLC, and RFP Ventures LLC. As a result of those fraudulent filings, Pierce caused a tax loss of more than $400,000.
In 2007, Pierce also committed bank fraud by submitting a fraudulent loan application to a mortgage lender on which he failed to disclose that the buyer of a residential property was receiving a kickback from the seller.
In addition to the term of prison imposed, Pierce was ordered to serve two years of supervised release and to pay restitution to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the amount of which will be determined at a later date. Pierce pleaded guilty in February 2015.
Acting Deputy Assistant Attorney General Goldberg commended special agents of IRS Criminal Investigation, who conducted the investigation, and Trial Attorneys Mark McDonald and Christopher O’Donnell of the Tax Division, who prosecuted the case. Acting Deputy Assistant Attorney General Goldberg also thanked the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Michigan for their substantial assistance.
Additional information about the Tax Division’s enforcement efforts can be found on the division’s website.

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Clinical Psychologist and Owner of Psychological Services Centers Sentenced to 264 Months for Roles in $25 Million Psychological Testing Scheme Carried out Through Eight Companies in Four States

Two owners of psychological services companies, one of whom was a clinical psychologist, were sentenced yesterday for their involvement in a $25.2 million Medicare fraud scheme carried out through eight companies at nursing homes in four states in the Southeastern U.S.

The announcement was made by Acting Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Blanco of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, Acting U.S. Attorney Duane A. Evans of the Eastern District of Louisiana, Special Agent in Charge Jeffrey S. Sallet of the FBI’s New Orleans Field Office and Special Agent in Charge C.J. Porter of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General’s (HHS-OIG) Dallas Regional Office.
Rodney Hesson, 47, of Slidell, Louisiana, and Gertrude Parker, 63 of Slidell, Louisiana, were sentenced on July 13, to 180 months’ imprisonment and 84 months’ imprisonment by U.S. District Court Judge Carl J. Barbier of the Eastern District of Louisiana. Judge Barbier also ordered Hesson to pay $13,800,553.57 in restitution, and ordered Parker to pay $7,313,379.75 in restitution. The defendants were each convicted of one count of conspiracy to commit health care fraud and one count of conspiracy to make false statements related to health care matters on January 24.
According to evidence presented at trial, Hesson and Parker’s companies, Nursing Home Psychological Services (NHPS) and Psychological Care Services (PCS), respectively, contracted with nursing homes in Alabama, Florida, Lousiana and Mississippi to allow NHPS and PCS clinical psychologists to provide psychological services to nursing home residents. Hesson and Parker caused these companies to bill Medicare for psychological testing services that these nursing home residents did not need or in some instances did not receive, the trial evidence showed. During trial, evidence was entered showing that between 2009 and 2015, NHPS and PCS submitted over $25.2 million in claims to Medicare, the vast majority of which were fraudulent, while Medicare paid more than $13.5 million on the fraudulent claims. The jury verdict included a money judgment of $8,956,278, as well as forfeiture of Hesson’s home and at least $525,629 in seized currency.
The case was investigated by the FBI and HHS-OIG, and brought by the Medicare Fraud Strike Force, under the supervision of the Criminal Division’s Fraud Section and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Louisiana. The case is being prosecuted by Senior Litigiation Counsel John Michelich and Trial Attorneys Katherine Raut and Katherine Payerle of the Fraud Section.
The Fraud Section leads the Medicare Fraud Strike Force. Since its inception in March 2007, the Medicare Fraud Strike Force, now operating in nine cities across the country, has charged over 3,000 defendants who collectively have billed the Medicare program for over $11 billion. In addition, the HHS Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, working in conjunction with the HHS-OIG, are taking steps to increase accountability and decrease the presence of fraudulent providers.
To learn more about the Health Care Fraud Prevention and Enforcement Action Team (HEAT), go to
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Jayapal, Cicilline Introduce Resolution of Inquiry to Force Trump Administration Release Documents Pertaining to Possible Obstruction of Justice

The resolution, if passed, would require the Department of Justice to release any and all information pertaining to collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – After the Department of Justice released a heavily redacted,single-page document, below, confirming that Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied to the FBI about his contacts with the Russian government, House Judiciary Committee members, Representatives Pramila Jayapal (WA-07) and David Cicilline (RI-01) introduced a resolution of inquiry requesting the Trump administration release any and all information pertaining to Attorney General Sessions’ involvement in the firing of FBI director James Comey in violation of his recusal and related matters.

“For six months, we have watched the Trump administration make a mockery of our laws and the highest office in our land while our Republican colleagues refuse to allow hearings on obstruction of justice and collusion with Russia,” said Rep. Jayapal. “Our resolution of inquiry will force the House Committee on the Judiciary to consider allegations of obstruction of justice involving the Justice Department. The Senate Judiciary Committee is taking action on the matter. We need the Republicans on our committee to wake up and take these issues seriously. We have a duty as members of Congress and the Judiciary Committee to exercise oversight over the administration and the Justice Department.”

"We’ve known for a while now that Paul Ryan and the Republicans don’t want to work with us on just about anything. That's true for jobs, tax fairness, infrastructure, workforce training, and health care," said Rep. Cicilline. "But what's most outrageous is that they don’t even want to work with us to make sure the American people know the truth about allegations of obstruction of justice involving the Justice Department. There is no more serious responsibility than protecting our democracy and the American people deserve members of Congress who take this responsibility seriously."

A copy of the Jayapal-Cicilline resolution of inquiry can be found, below.

The two representatives demanded that House Republicans wake up and conduct oversight of the Trump administration. Attorney General Sessions has failed to disclose his meetings with the Russian government, largely ignored his recusal from the Russia investigation and helped to fire the FBI Director under false pretext. Just yesterday, the Department of Justice released a document, below, that suggests the Attorney General failed to disclose any contacts with foreign governments on his security clearance application.

The Jayapal-Cicilline Resolution is designed to obtain information about these and other systemic problems at the highest levels of the Trump administration. The Majority has refused to conduct even basic oversight of the Department of Justice. This resolution will force the issue, and leave each member to choose whether the House Judiciary Committee will begin to address these urgent problems or continue to be complicit in the administration’s undermining of justice.

Jayapal and Cicilline will closely follow ongoing developments specifically pertaining to the role of Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner in potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. If the administration fails to be more forthcoming about these troubling developments, Jayapal and Cicilline plan to amend the resolution to demand more transparency and accountability to the American people.

Background: a resolution of inquiry is a legislative tool that has privileged parliamentary status, meaning it can be brought to the floor if the relevant committee hasn’t reported it within 14 legislative days, even if the Majority leadership has not scheduled it for a vote. Once introduced, the committee must schedule a markup in that set time, which means there has to be debate and the committee must vote on the resolution. The committee can report the resolution “unfavorably” after markup to prevent it from going to the floor, otherwise it can be raised for a vote before the full House of Representatives.

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

CONYERS & SENSENBRENNER Reintroduce Bipartisan Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member John Conyers, Jr. (D-Mich.) and House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations  Chairman Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) reintroduced the bipartisan Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2017 (VRAA), which would fully restore and modernize the original Voting Rights Act (VRA) of 1965 to reflect today’s societal needs and challenges.

One of the VRA’s core protections is its preclearance system, which previously required states with a documented history of discrimination to allow the federal government to review changes to voting laws and practices before they were implemented. This provision was struck down in 2013 by the Supreme Court in Shelby v. Holder, where the court held that while preclearance is constitutional; it is unconstitutional to apply it to states based on the 1965 formula.

Congressmen Sensenbrenner and Conyers introduced the Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2017 in response to this ruling. The VRAA would make all states and jurisdictions eligible for coverage formula based on voting violations in the last 15 years. Key elements of the legislation include:

·         Applies equally to every state in the country and only applies if a state has a documented history of discrimination.

·         States would only be subject to preclearance if they have committed five voting violations in the last 15 years.

  • Provides greater transparency in elections so that voters are made aware of any changes to polling times, dates, locations, and protocols. The additional sunlight will deter discrimination from occurring and protect voters from discrimination.

  • Allows for preliminary relief to be obtained more readily, given that voting rights cannot often be vindicated after an election is already over.

Dean of the U.S. House
of Representatives
John Conyers, Jr.
Congressman Conyers: “As a founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus who cosponsored the original Voting Rights Act in 1965, I have witnessed firsthand the stain that discrimination has placed on our democracy.   The right to vote is the foundation of all other rights and the Voting Rights Act was critical to ensuring equal access to the ballot box for all Americans. In the wake of the 2013 Supreme Court decision, some states immediately worked to roll back the progress that has been made.  Congress has a long history of protecting and expanding access to the ballot box and it should continue to build on that legacy by fully restoring and enhancing the Voting Rights Act.”

Congressman Sensenbrenner: “Every American – no matter the color of their skin – needs to know that we understand their right to vote is sacred. That is why reauthorizing the Voting Rights Act is so important. I’m confident that congressional leaders of both parties can come together in support of this modernized legislation and show their unfailing commitment to protecting that right.”

President Lyndon Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act into law in August of 1965, and it has been reauthorized four times since.  President George W. Bush signed the most recent reauthorization into law in 2006, after the House voted 390-33 and the Senate 98-0 in favor of the legislation.

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National Health Care Fraud Takedown Results in Charges Against Over 412 Individuals Responsible for $1.3 Billion in Fraud Losses

But what about the children?

Largest Health Care Fraud Enforcement Action in Department of Justice History...forgot about Medicaid fraud in child welfare

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Tom Price, M.D., announced today the largest ever health care fraud enforcement action by the Medicare Fraud Strike Force, involving 412 charged defendants across 41 federal districts, including 115 doctors, nurses and other licensed medical professionals, for their alleged participation in health care fraud schemes involving approximately $1.3 billion in false billings. Of those charged, over 120 defendants, including doctors, were charged for their roles in prescribing and distributing opioids and other dangerous narcotics. Thirty state Medicaid Fraud Control Units also participated in today’s arrests. In addition, HHS has initiated suspension actions against 295 providers, including doctors, nurses and pharmacists. 

How about child placing agencies, residential institutions, child development centers, foster care &
adoption workers, managers and directors, judges, NGOs, heck, the list of suspension actions taken against any child welfare entity engaging in Medicaid fraud does not even exist.

Where is the exclusionary database for Medicaid in child welfare fraud?
Attorney General Sessions and Secretary Price were joined in the announcement by Acting Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Blanco of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, Acting Director Andrew McCabe of the FBI, Acting Administrator Chuck Rosenberg of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Inspector General Daniel Levinson of the HHS Office of Inspector General (OIG), Chief Don Fort of IRS Criminal Investigation, Administrator Seema Verma of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and Deputy Director Kelly P. Mayo of the Defense Criminal Investigative Service (DCIS).

Hey Danny!  You still suck but can redeem yourself and make a public statement on Medicaid fraud in child welfare and its history in human trafficking through foster care and adoption.
Today’s enforcement actions were led and coordinated by the Criminal Division, Fraud Section’s Health Care Fraud Unit in conjunction with its Medicare Fraud Strike Force (MFSF) partners, a partnership between the Criminal Division, U.S. Attorney’s Offices, the FBI and HHS-OIG.  In addition, the operation includes the participation of the DEA, DCIS, and State Medicaid Fraud Control Units. 
The charges announced today aggressively target schemes billing Medicare, Medicaid, and TRICARE (a health insurance program for members and veterans of the armed forces and their families) for medically unnecessary prescription drugs and compounded medications that often were never even purchased and/or distributed to beneficiaries. The charges also involve individuals contributing to the opioid epidemic, with a particular focus on medical professionals involved in the unlawful distribution of opioids and other prescription narcotics, a particular focus for the Department. According to the CDC, approximately 91 Americans die every day of an opioid related overdose.   
“Too many trusted medical professionals like doctors, nurses, and pharmacists have chosen to violate their oaths and put greed ahead of their patients,” said Attorney General Sessions. “Amazingly, some have made their practices into multimillion dollar criminal enterprises. They seem oblivious to the disastrous consequences of their greed. Their actions not only enrich themselves often at the expense of taxpayers but also feed addictions and cause addictions to start. The consequences are real: emergency rooms, jail cells, futures lost, and graveyards.  While today is a historic day, the Department's work is not finished. In fact, it is just beginning. We will continue to find, arrest, prosecute, convict, and incarcerate fraudsters and drug dealers wherever they are.”
“Healthcare fraud is not only a criminal act that costs billions of taxpayer dollars - it is an affront to all Americans who rely on our national healthcare programs for access to critical healthcare services and a violation of trust,” said Secretary Price. “The United States is home to the world’s best medical professionals, but their ability to provide affordable, high-quality care to their patients is jeopardized every time a criminal commits healthcare fraud. That is why this Administration is committed to bringing these criminals to justice, as President Trump demonstrated in his 2017 budget request calling for a new $70 million investment in the Health Care Fraud and Abuse Control Program. The historic results of this year’s national takedown represent significant progress toward protecting the integrity and sustainability of Medicare and Medicaid, which we will continue to build upon in the years to come.”
According to court documents, the defendants allegedly participated in schemes to submit claims to Medicare, Medicaid and TRICARE for treatments that were medically unnecessary and often never provided. In many cases, patient recruiters, beneficiaries and other co-conspirators were allegedly paid cash kickbacks in return for supplying beneficiary information to providers, so that the providers could then submit fraudulent bills to Medicare for services that were medically unnecessary or never performed. The number of medical professionals charged is particularly significant, because virtually every health care fraud scheme requires a corrupt medical professional to be involved in order for Medicare or Medicaid to pay the fraudulent claims.  Aggressively pursuing corrupt medical professionals not only has a deterrent effect on other medical professionals, but also ensures that their licenses can no longer be used to bilk the system.
“This week, thanks to the work of dedicated investigators and analysts, we arrested once-trusted doctors, pharmacists and other medical professionals who were corrupted by greed,” said Acting Director McCabe. “The FBI is committed to working with our partners on the front lines of the fight against heath care fraud to stop those who steal from the government and deceive the American public.”
“Health care fraud is a reprehensible crime.  It not only represents a theft from taxpayers who fund these vital programs, but impacts the millions of Americans who rely on Medicare and Medicaid,” said Inspector General Levinson. “In the worst fraud cases, greed overpowers care, putting patients’ health at risk. OIG will continue to play a vital leadership role in the Medicare Fraud Strike Force to track down those who abuse important federal health care programs.”
“Our enforcement actions underscore the commitment of the Defense Criminal Investigative Service and our partners to vigorously investigate fraud perpetrated against the DoD's TRICARE Program. We will continue to relentlessly investigate health care fraud, ensure the taxpayers' health care dollars are properly spent, and endeavor to guarantee our service members, military retirees, and their dependents receive the high standard of care they deserve,” advised Deputy Director Mayo.
“Last year, an estimated 59,000 Americans died from a drug overdose, many linked to the misuse of prescription drugs. This is, quite simply, an epidemic,” said Acting Administrator Rosenberg. “There is a great responsibility that goes along with handling controlled prescription drugs, and DEA and its partners remain absolutely committed to fighting the opioid epidemic using all the tools at our disposal.”
“Every defendant in today’s announcement shares one common trait - greed,” said Chief Fort. “The desire for money and material items drove these individuals to perpetrate crimes against our healthcare system and prey upon many of the vulnerable in our society.  Thanks to the financial expertise and diligence of IRS-CI special agents, who worked side-by-side with other federal, state and local law enforcement officers to uncover these schemes, these criminals are off the street and will now face the consequences of their actions.”
The Medicare Fraud Strike Force operations are part of a joint initiative between the Department of Justice and HHS to focus their efforts to prevent and deter fraud and enforce current anti-fraud laws around the country. The Medicare Fraud Strike Force operates in nine locations nationwide. Since its inception in March 2007, the Medicare Fraud Strike Force has charged over 3500 defendants who collectively have falsely billed the Medicare program for over $12.5 billion.
For the Strike Force locations, in the Southern District of Florida, a total of 77 defendants were charged with offenses relating to their participation in various fraud schemes involving over $141 million in false billings for services including home health care, mental health services and pharmacy fraud.  In one case, the owner and operator of a purported addiction treatment center and home for recovering addicts and one other individual were charged in a scheme involving the submission of over $58 million in fraudulent medical insurance claims for purported drug treatment services. The allegations include actively recruiting addicted patients to move to South Florida so that the co-conspirators could bill insurance companies for fraudulent treatment and testing, in return for which, the co-conspirators offered kickbacks to patients in the form of gift cards, free airline travel, trips to casinos and strip clubs, and drugs.
In the Eastern District of Michigan, 32 defendants face charges for their alleged roles in fraud, kickback, money laundering and drug diversion schemes involving approximately $218 million in false claims for services that were medically unnecessary or never rendered. In one case, nine defendants, including six physicians, were charged with prescribing medically unnecessary controlled substances, some of which were sold on the street, and billing Medicare for $164 million in facet joint injections, drug testing, and other procedures that were medically unnecessary and/or not provided.
In the Southern District of Texas, 26 individuals were charged in cases involving over $66 million in alleged fraud. Among these defendants are a physician and a clinic owner who were indicted on one count of conspiracy to distribute and dispense controlled substances and three substantive counts of distribution of controlled substances in connection with a purported pain management clinic that is alleged to have been the highest prescribing hydrocodone clinic in Houston, where approximately 60-70 people were seen daily, and were issued medically unnecessary prescriptions for hydrocodone in exchange for approximately $300 cash per visit. 
In the Central District of California, 17 defendants were charged for their roles in schemes to defraud Medicare out of approximately $147 million. Two of these defendants were indicted for their alleged involvement in a $41.5 million scheme to defraud Medicare and a private insurer. This was purportedly done by submitting fraudulent claims, and receiving payments for, prescription drugs that were not filled by the pharmacy nor given to patients. 
In the Northern District of Illinois, 15 individuals were charged in cases related to six different schemes concerning home health care services and physical therapy fraud, kickbacks, and mail and wire fraud.  These schemes involved allegedly over $12.7 million in fraudulent billing. One case allegedly involved $7 million in fraudulent billing to Medicare for home health services that were not necessary nor rendered.
In the Middle District of Florida, 10 individuals were charged with participating in a variety of schemes involving almost $14 million in fraudulent billing.  In one case, three defendants were charged in a $4 million scheme to defraud the TRICARE program.  In that case, it is alleged that a defendant falsely represented himself to be a retired Lieutenant Commander of the United States Navy Submarine Service. It is alleged that he did so in order to gain the trust and personal identifying information from TRICARE beneficiaries, many of whom were members and veterans of the armed forces, for use in the scheme.
In the Eastern District of New York, ten individuals were charged with participating in a variety of schemes including kickbacks, services not rendered, and money laundering involving over $151 million in fraudulent billings to Medicare and Medicaid. Approximately $100 million of those fraudulent billings were allegedly part of a scheme in which five health care professionals paid illegal kickbacks in exchange for patient referrals to their own clinics.
In the Southern Louisiana Strike Force, operating in the Middle and Eastern Districts of Louisiana as well as the Southern District of Mississippi, seven defendants were charged in connection with health care fraud, wire fraud, and kickback schemes involving more than $207 million in fraudulent billing. One case involved a pharmacist who was charged with submitting and causing the submission of $192 million in false and fraudulent claims to TRICARE and other health care benefit programs for dispensing compounded medications that were not medically necessary and often based on prescriptions induced by illegal kickback payments.
In addition to the Strike Force locations, today’s enforcement actions include cases and investigations brought by an additional 31 U.S. Attorney’s Offices, including the execution of search warrants in investigations conducted by the Eastern District of California and the Northern District of Ohio.
In the Northern and Southern Districts of Alabama, three defendants were charged for their roles in two health care fraud schemes involving pharmacy fraud and drug diversion.
In the Eastern District of Arkansas, 24 defendants were charged for their roles in three drug diversion schemes that were all investigated by the DEA.
In the Northern and Southern Districts of California, four defendants, including a physician, were charged for their roles in a drug diversion scheme and a health care fraud scheme involving kickbacks.
In the District of Connecticut, three defendants were charged in two health care fraud schemes, including a scheme involving two physicians who fraudulently billed Medicaid for services that were not rendered and for the provision of oxycodone with knowledge that the prescriptions were not medically necessary. 
In the Northern and Southern Districts of Georgia, three defendants were charged in two health care fraud schemes involving nearly $1.5 million in fraudulent billing.
In the Southern District of Illinois, five defendants were charged in five separate schemes to defraud the Medicaid program.
In the Northern and Southern Districts of Indiana, at least five defendants were charged in various health care fraud schemes related to the unlawful distribution and dispensing of controlled substances, kickbacks, and services not rendered.
In the Southern District of Iowa, five defendants were charged in two schemes involving the distribution of opioids. 
In the Western District of Kentucky, 11 defendants were charged with defrauding the Medicaid program.  In one case, four defendants, including three medical professionals, were charged with distributing controlled substances and fraudulently billing the Medicaid program.
In the District of Maine, an office manager was charged with embezzling funds from a medical office.
In the Eastern and Western Districts of Missouri, 16 defendants were charged in schemes involving over $16 million in claims, including 10 defendants charged as part of a scheme involving fraudulent lab testing.
In the District of Nebraska, a dentist was charged with defrauding the Medicaid program. 
In the District of Nevada, two defendants, including a physician, were charged in a scheme involving false hospice claims. 
In the Northern, Southern, and Western Districts of New York, five defendants, including two physicians and two pharmacists, were charged in schemes involving drug diversion and pharmacy fraud.
In the Southern District of Ohio, five defendants, including four physicians, were charged in connection with schemes involving $12 million in claims to the Medicaid program.
In the District of Puerto Rico, 13 defendants, including three physicians and two pharmacists, were charged in four schemes involving drug diversion, Medicaid fraud, and the theft of funds from a health care program.
In the Eastern District of Tennessee, three defendants were charged in a scheme involving fraudulent billings and the distribution of opioids.
In the Eastern, Northern, and Western Districts of Texas, nine defendants were charged in schemes involving over $42 million in fraudulent billing, including a scheme involving false claims for compounded medications. 
In the District of Utah, a nurse practitioner was charged in connection with fraudulently obtaining a controlled substance, tampering with a consumer product, and infecting over seven individuals with Hepatitis C.  
In the Eastern District of Virginia, a defendant was charged in connection with a scheme involving identify theft and fraudulent billings to the Medicaid program.
In addition, in the states of Arizona, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont and Washington, 96 defendants have been charged in criminal and civil actions with defrauding the Medicaid program out of over $31 million. These cases were investigated by each state’s respective Medicaid Fraud Control Units. In addition, the Medicaid Fraud Control Units of the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, and Utah participated in the investigation of many of the federal cases discussed above.
The cases announced today are being prosecuted and investigated by U.S. Attorney’s Offices nationwide, along with Medicare Fraud Strike Force teams from the Criminal Division’s Fraud Section and from the U.S. Attorney’s Offices of the Southern District of Florida, Eastern District of Michigan, Eastern District of New York, Southern District of Texas, Central District of California, Eastern District of Louisiana, Northern District of Texas, Northern District of Illinois and the Middle District of Florida; and agents from the FBI, HHS-OIG, Drug Enforcement Administration, DCIS and state Medicaid Fraud Control Units.
A complaint, information, or indictment is merely an allegation, and all defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.
Additional documents related to this announcement will shortly be available here:
This operation also highlights the great work being done by the Department of Justice’s Civil Division.  In the past fiscal year, the Department of Justice, including the Civil Division, has collectively won or negotiated over $2.5 billion in judgements and settlements related to matters alleging health care fraud. 

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