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Cocktails & Popcorn: Cernovich Has A #Thernogate Moment To Cover Up Modern Day Industry Of Trafficking Tiny Humans

SYNOPSIS: Mike Cernovich obtained classified congressional documents, that may or may not be real, was paid to "leak" on social media, which resulted in a sitting member of congress being forced to resign for a sexual harassment scandal without any due process, after it was denied in the public record through an attorney hired in the personal capacity of the member.

There is also speculation this was done to intentionally take out the civil rights icon to continue to cover up the real situation going on behind the scenes of Watergate and Whitewater because that member of congress was the one who called for the current investigation of the FBI and DOJ.

What was being covered up was child welfare fraud because Watergate was the cover to launch CAPTA.

Whitewater was the cover for ASFA.

Now, we deal with the covers of DACA and DAPA.

Cerno, my name of endurement for him, may want to contact Alan Dershowitz.

Perhaps, Lisa Bloom could represent Cerno.

I hope he finds excellent legal counsel to defend his honor.

Here is a link to all the background to the Cerno, but make sure to have a few shots of tequila with freshly fried tortilla chips and salsa before you start.


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Vatican Update On Theodore McCarrick & the Industry of Trafficking Tiny Humans

Theodore McCarrick will continue to be a Catholic priest

....but the original article link has been removed.

Vatican’s four-day meeting to explore how to protect children from sex abuse by clergy

....and there is no mention of the trafficking of tiny humans...

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Cocktails & Popcorn: Wayne County Treasurer Eric Sabree, Rick Sollars. Shady Awad & Public Corruption - More Stealin'

Is this Detroit Land Bank Authority, because you know they were creeping outside Detroit.

We could be looking at Wayne County Treasurer and Register of Deeds

Taylor corruption probe leads FBI to real estate mogul

Shady Awad, left, and Taylor Mayor Rick Sollars discuss a
partnership to rehabilitate foreclosed homes
in the downriver community.
Federal agents investigating Taylor City Hall corruption raided the home and office of a city contractor Tuesday to determine if politicians pocketed bribes and kickbacks, The Detroit News has learned.

Kickbacks? Nooooooo......

The searches at the home and office of Realty Transition owner Shady Awad in Allen Park provide a fuller picture of an FBI public corruption investigation that emerged Tuesday during a series of daylight raids. The raids included searches at Taylor City Hall and the home and vacation chalet of Mayor Rick Sollars.

Summary for:  REALTY TRANSITIONS, LLC              

Identification Number: 801617317Old ID Number: D6187H
Date of Organization in Michigan:   07/19/2011

Purpose: All Purpose Clause

Date of In Existence But Not In Good Standing: 02/15/2017Term: Perpetual
The name and address of the Resident Agent:
Resident Agent Name:ROBERT D SHIMMIN
Street Address:40006 CROSSWINDS
City:NOVIState:MIZip Code:48375
Registered Office Mailing address:
Apt/Suite/Other:40006 CROSSWINDS
City:NOVIState:MIZip Code:48375

EarlierTaylor mayor focuses on 'people's work' after raid

There have been no arrests during the ongoing investigation, the latest public corruption probe to emerge in Metro Detroit in recent years. It is unclear what, if anything, was seized from Awad's home or office in the 14000 block of Southfield Road because the search warrant affidavits listing probable cause to search the locations have not been unsealed.

FBI agents raided the offices of Realty Transition on
Southfield Road on Tuesday as part of a corruption
investigation involving Taylor City Hall.
FBI spokesman Mara Schneider confirmed the searches at Awad's home and Realty Transition but declined comment about the investigation.

The searches targeted a firm that works with Taylor and other municipalities to rehabilitate hundreds of foreclosed and distressed properties. Realty Transition is active in at least 15 local communities, including Detroit, Canton Township, Dearborn, Ecorse, Melvindale, Romulus, Southgate, Westland and Wyandotte.

FBI agents raided the home of Allen Park
businessman Shady Awad on Tuesday.
Sollars touted the city's partnership with Realty Transition in 2015 as a way to revitalize 95 tax-foreclosed properties. The city purchases properties and transfers the homes to developers, including Realty Transition, which restores the properties before renting or selling them.

“This is a program to help protect the residents and the neighborhoods of the city of Taylor,” Sollars said in 2015.

Awad, 38, who has contributed to the Taylor mayor's election campaign, could not be reached for comment early Wednesday. Daniel Stockrahm, the firm's project administrator, declined comment.

“I’m sorry I can’t give you a comment. We’ve been advised not to comment,” he said.

Since 2015, Awad has contributed $6,550 to the election campaigns of Taylor politicians, according to Wayne County campaign finance statements. Sollars received $2,250, the most of any Taylor politician.

In all, Awad has contributed $14,900 to political campaigns since 2015, including politicians in Romulus, Westland and Dearborn. He gave $1,000 to Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan in 2017.The city of Taylor started buying foreclosed homes in 2015 to sell them to developers who pledged to fix them up and sell to owner occupants, one of about a dozen other inner-ring suburbs who have operated similar programs.

By state law, the county treasurer has to offer the foreclosed  properties to the municipalities for the price of the taxes owed before the treasurer auctions them off to the general public.
Developers were able to buy from the city for the tax debt or even a lower amount and then sell them for market rate once rehabbed.

The programs garnered criticism in some communities, such as Garden City, because some of the foreclosed properties still had owners or renters living in them.

Records show Taylor has bought more than 200 properties through this process since 2015, called the Right of First Refusal.

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Cocktails & Popcorn: Why, But Not How, Money Is Wired Overseas From Detroit - Hamtramck

The theme song for Friday night on Joseph Campau in Hamtramck.

They did not lie.

It was for "Family".

3 Michigan men wired $88M overseas. They swear it was for family

The federal government called it a scam. Three men wired $88 million overseas, prosecutors say, and tried to keep it a secret.

But a defense lawyer says they weren't doing anything bad with the money: They were just sending it home to relatives, and the government knew it.

"They are just creating an opportunity for their loved ones to receive money. ... In the olden days, they used to just pass it off by hand. Here, they are doing it through a wiring service," said Detroit attorney Nabih Ayad, who believes the government is being overzealous in the case.

Ayad stressed the case is not about terrorism, and that the government has never suggested that the money wound up in the wrong hands.

"I think it's a little bit too aggressive to bring federal charges against them," Ayad said. "In my client's case, the government had already visited his business in 2013 and never told him to stop doing it."

Ayad is representing Omar Alhalmi, 38, who is charged with funneling $22.3 million to Yemen and other countries by creating phony businesses whose only purpose was to move cash overseas.

Feds: 3 Michigan men funneled $88M to Yemen

The government said Alhalmi never disclosed where the money came from or where it was going, and created numerous bank accounts just to access the banking industry's wiring service. Prosecutors allege that Alhalmi used 13 phony business bank accounts between 2011-16. He had to create many businesses, they said, because the banks continued to shut down the accounts associated with his large cash money transfers.

But Ayad said there was nothing illicit about where the money came from or where it was going. Rather, he said, Alhalmi and others collected money from people in the Yemeni community who wanted to send cash to loved ones back home. Users were charged a fee to have their money wired back to Yemen where, he said, civil war has placed the whole country in disarray.

"Not everyone has a bank account in the old country," Ayad said. "You're talking about a large Yemeni community (in metro Detroit). That's how they get money back home."

Ayad said while his client may have operated without the proper license, as the government alleged, he is facing the same penalty as someone who stole $10 million from a bank.

"It's a heavy, heavy charge. It doesn't fit the crime," Ayad said. "He didn't steal from people. There's not a victim here who's been out of pocket."

The government doesn't see it that way.

According to two separate indictments filed Jan. 22, Alhalmi and two others engaged in secretive banking behavior for years that broke the law. The other defendants are: Fahd Samaha, 45, and Maged Alsabahi, 29, who are accused of running an illegal cash delivery operation from 2013 through 2015. They created multiple fake businesses by using the addresses of vacant buildings, storefronts or residences and used "straw business owners" or "fronts" to help send $63 million to various countries, including Yemen and China.

Prosecutors allege the men essentially ran an unlicensed business and charged users of the business a fee for their services.

Alsabahi, Samaha and Alhalmi are charged with causing the filing of a false currency transaction report and operating an unlicensed money transmitting businesses. Both crimes are punishable by a maximum punishment of five years in prison.

The men are free on bond.

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Cocktails & Popcorn: February 20th, 2019. Strzok Connection To Whelan Russian Weapons/Browder/Calvey/Avetisyan - We Are In Detroit

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Cocktails & Popcorn: MIED FBI Taylor Public Corruption Photo Art Exhibit On Election, Campaign, Real Estate, Mortgage, Property Tax & Other Public Corruption Frauds

Image result for drinking wine at art gallery
"Let justice be served,
though the heavens fall.
Praise the Lord."
On this exciting episode of Cocktails & Popcorn, MIED FBI are once again featured in this traveling photo journalism art exhibit of public corruption with the Mayor of the City of Taylor, and more than likely campaign finance fraud, mortgage fraud, property tax fraud, and handing out the spoils to friends and family.

As I shall be bold and consider this a traveling, live art exhibit on stealin' the children, the land and the votes.

I hope to see Christine Ferretti and George Hunter, along with their other photo journalist cohorts get together with other keepers of the photographic record of Detroit like Dale Rich, actually do a conjugal collaborative, similar to federal law enforcement, and actually make this a cyber interactive for learning.

This is pure, unadulterated art, but hey, what do I know.

I know that you had better have stocked up to share a few flukes of Ghettoblaster and popcorn.

Taylor mayor focuses on 'people's work' after feds raid home, City Hall

An FBI agent enters the Department of Development
office at Taylor City Hall on Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019.
Taylor — Hours after FBI agents searched Taylor City Hall and Mayor Rick Sollars' properties on Tuesday, Sollars said he remained focused on the "people's work" and would cooperate with a public corruption investigation.

In politics, he said, “you make a few enemies.”
“Taylor has always been somewhat of a political hot bed," Sollars said outside his home Tuesday during a news conference. "There’s always been detractors. If you look at what we’ve accomplished, that’s my focus.”

FBI agents searched multiple locations Tuesday during the public corruption investigation, including the home and vacation property of Sollars, The Detroit News has learned.
The exact nature of the investigation was unclear, but the searches come amid questions about Taylor police officers pocketing vehicle inspection fees and allegations that Sollars and a city councilman received kickbacks from a towing contractor.

The raids are the latest crackdown on public corruption in Metro Detroit in recent years, a crackdown that has produced 17 convictions and led to federal charges against 22 contractors and public officials, including Detroit Councilman Gabe Leland.

A team of FBI agents arrived at City Hall around 10:30 a.m., FBI Special Agent Mara Schneider told The News. Agents were searching multiple locations, including Sollars' home and his vacation chalet in Cement City, about 80 miles west of Detroit and near Michigan International Speedway.
The FBI declined to reveal the focus of the investigation.

"And while I recognize the public’s right to know what the FBI is doing on its behalf, we have a responsibility to protect the integrity of our investigation and, as importantly, we have a responsibility to protect the rights of individuals who have not been charged with any crimes," Timothy Slater, the FBI special agent in charge of the Detroit office, said in a statement.

There have been no arrests, Schneider said.

Outside Sollars' house on Hunter Circle, Schneider confirmed federal authorities were executing a warrant.

FBI agents were spotted leaving Mayor Rick Sollars'
home after 2 p.m. carrying boxes and folders and a backpack. 
“We’re just executing a search warrant here," she said. "We have a number of them to do today, all related to the same investigation."

Schneider declined to specify other locations being searched by federal agents. Around 2 p.m. Tuesday, the search of the mayor’s home wrapped up.

Shortly before 2:45 p.m., attorney Todd Flood arrived at the home. He told a reporter he was not representing Sollars, then went inside.

Sollars told reporters gathered outside his home that he is cooperating with the investigation. He’ll also remained focused, he said, on the work of the city.

“I will continue to work hard on behalf of the residents of city of Taylor to make sure the people’s work gets done,” he said. “I ask that you please respect my family’s privacy and the integrity of this investigation.”

Sollars said he “did not see anything coming” and didn’t want to say more because “I don’t want to jeopardize the investigation.” 
He said he does not have an attorney because at this time he doesn’t need one.
Rick Sollars speaks to reporters
outside his home after FBI agents
carried out a search warrant there.

Solars again addressed the probe at a City Council meeting Tuesday night, repeating that he would "cooperate and assist in any way that I can."

City Council chairman Tim Woolley said: “We’re still not aware of everything that’s going on. We’re waiting on information as well.”

After the meeting, Sollars told reporters that he did not get a chance to read the search warrant and doesn’t know what federal officers are searching for.

Sollars, 45, was elected mayor of the Downriver community 17 miles west of Detroit in November 2013 following two terms on the City Council and a career in private business as a partner of three Romulus-based manufacturing companies.

Janet Nicholson has lived two doors down from Sollars for 13 years and said he’s been a good neighbor and city leader.

“I can’t believe it. He’s such a good family guy,” said Nicholson, 73, who said she chats with Sollars at homeowner association meetings. “He’s a very nice guy; so is his wife. He has done for Taylor like nobody’s business. He’s the best mayor we’ve ever had.”
Federal agents remove what appears to be a filing
cabinet from the office of Taylor Mayor Rick Sollars.

Nicholson, who has lived in the city since 1968, said the FBI’s presence in her neighborhood was “very unexpected.”

“I just hope it’s not true,” she said. “It’s such a shame.”

Neighbor Dorina Igna said she was in “disbelief” Tuesday that federal agents had raided the home of Sollars.
“They are very family oriented, a great family,” she said while driving past the house Tuesday afternoon.

Igna said she’s known the family for at least 16 years.

“They are very open. They are not guarded or closed off,” she said.

An unidentified man who arrived at the home Tuesday after authorities left declined to speak to media, saying, “it's private property.”

At City Hall, FBI agents were spotted inside the second-floor mayor's office and blocked access to the area. One agent in the office wore rubber gloves and was taking pictures with a camera.
While agents busied themselves in the mayor’s office, grim-faced city employees and police officers wandered through the corridors of City Hall, declining to comment. 

Some employees hung around the lobby, craning their necks to try to peer into the mayor’s office, as men in suits darted in and out.

Yellow caution tape, accompanied by a sign bearing the message “under construction,” prevented curious onlookers and reporters from going onto the second floor.
FBI agents carry boxes into Taylor Mayor Rick Sollars'
office at City Hall on Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019.

Taylor Police Chief John Blair declined to comment, saying only "they’re cooperating with the FBI investigation.”

Agents also concentrated their search in the city's Development Services office, which handles the sale of city properties, Community Development Block Grants and other services.
City Treasurer Edward Bourassa was unsure why FBI agents were searching City Hall and the mayor's office. Bourassa, who was home sick Tuesday and who filed a federal employment lawsuit against the city last month, does not know if the search was prompted by anything related to city finances.

“I haven’t heard anything except for what’s in the media and on Facebook,” he said. “I don’t know anything that’s going on.”

The searches came amid questions about alleged fraud involving Taylor police officersaccused of pocketing money generated by vehicle inspections, allegations that sparked a federal lawsuit last month.
The vacation home of Taylor Mayor Rick Sollars
in Cement City raided by FBI agents Tuesday.

In April 2018, two Taylor police officers were placed on paid administrative leave amid a state investigation into the alleged fraud.

Councilman Herman “Butch” Ramik, a former Taylor police officer, said he blew the whistle on the alleged fraud when he discovered two officers weren’t turning in $100 fees paid to inspect salvaged vehicles.

One suspended officer, Patrick Raboczkay, sued the mayor, Ramik and the city last month in federal court. Raboczkay alleges he was investigated by the state as retaliation for speaking out about a company the mayor and Ramik wanted to award an exclusive towing contract.

"Upon information and belief, defendants Ramik and Sollars are receiving financial kickbacks from" the towing contractor, Raboczkay's lawyer Andrew Paterson wrote in the lawsuit.

On Tuesday, Paterson said he hoped the FBI searches "lead to much needed changes within Taylor's city government."

"The FBI's raid of the Taylor City Hall and Mayor Sollars' residence is of no surprise to those who have been unfairly subjected to the unethical and unlawful tactics of certain Taylor city officials, Paterson said in a statement.

Ramik defended his actions Tuesday.

“I’m still trying to figure out how I defamed them, since I never mentioned their names," he said. "I contacted the AG’s office because I knew the city salvage inspectors hadn’t been turning in money; I could find no record of them turning any money in. We’re up to almost $300,000 in missing money.” 
Neighbor Kary Watson lives across the street from Sollars’ vacation home overlooking Silver Lake.

He saw six FBI agents leave the home around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, some carrying folders. Sollars, who bought the home three years ago for $300,000, was an infrequent visitor to the lakefront home.

“I’ve never talked to him — he kept to himself,” Watson told The News. “I only saw him two or three times last summer. He shows up in a high-dollar (Chevrolet) Suburban, all tinted out, stays a half hour and leaves.”

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Cocktails & Popcorn: Taylor Mayor Rick Sollars Enters Stage Left With Gabe Leland While Detroit FBI Creates More Art With Colorful Yellow Caution Tape

On this exciting adventure on Cocktails & Popcorn, MIED FBI are raiding Taylor City Hall Office of the Mayor.

The reason I use the present tense in doing my colored commentary is because I know the art in the perfection of law when I see it.


You have what I deem to be an android phone pic of the FBI exiting the building by The Detroit News photo credit of George Hunter.

So, that would mean, since the story is still less than an hour old, that George was notified of the raid, strategically positioned on the second floor, to capture this Baroquean media res image of another milestone in the construction of the path to the Quantum Renaissance.

That sounds like one of those transposable models, like the Roger Stone arrest. denoument


How exactly did The Detroit News get footage?

Perhaps, it was just serendipity, but for me, this is like being in at a live art cyber gallery event, sipping on Chardonnay eating a handful of popcorn in a napkin.

More than a dozen FBI agents searched Taylor City Hall early Tuesday in an apparent public corruption investigation, The Detroit News has learned.

The exact nature of the investigation was not immediately clear but the search comes amid a broader crackdown on corruption in Metro Detroit that has produced 17 convictions and led to federal charges against 22 contractors and public officials, including Detroit Councilman Gabe Leland.

Taylor City Hall

A team of agents arrived at city hall around 10:30 a.m., FBI Special Agent Mara Schneider told The News.

“We will be releasing a statement a little later on today,” she said.

FBI agents were spotted inside the second-floor office of Mayor Rick Sollars and blocked access to the area.

While agents busied themselves in the mayor’s office, grim-faced city employees and police officers wandered through the corridors of city hall, declining to comment.

Rick Sollars
Some employees hung around the lobby, craning their necks to try to peer into the mayor’s office, as men in suits darted in and out.

Yellow caution tape, accompanied by a sign bearing the message “under construction,” prevented curious onlookers and reporters from going onto the second floor.

City Treasurer Edward Bourassa was unsure why FBI agents were searching city hall and the mayor's office. Bourassa, who was home sick Tuesday, does not know if the search was prompted by anything related to city finances.

“I haven’t heard anything except for what’s in the media and on Facebook,” he said. “I don’t know anything that’s going on.”
Come back to for more on this developing story.

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Monday, February 18, 2019

Did Detroit Public Schools Exclude John Conyers In Its New Curriculum?

Detroit Public Schools is focusing on teaching Detroit history for Black History Month.


Having not seen the curriculum, I am going to say that anything dealing with John Conyers, Jr. was wiped.

How can I come to this speculative conclusion?

Well, in the local CVS by the pharmacy counter, you have a series of these primers and they are rewriting civil rights history by excluding Detroit.

There was not one mention of Coretta Scott King's work with John Conyers, Jr. in one of their most historic endeavors as the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday, and what went on behind the scenes. is parked to which is part of Penquin Random House which brings me to its foundation.

Yes, it seems is a child welfare NGO that does not seem to have any IRS filings, which comes across as a Delaware, foreign corporation, not in good standing, File #2416321 but quite active being what I like to term as a Corporate Shape Shifter.

I just thought I would raise a few issues in likely omissions considering the fact that we are about to enter an unprecedented legal history that would just have to make all these lovely crafters of Detroit history to have to go back to the drawing board and pull all these books off the shelves.

The wiping out of legacies is why I do what I do.

Like I always say, propaganda always starts with the children because no one cares and trafficking tiny humans is a multi-quadrillion dollar industry, or rather the residual of the peculiar institution.

You only know what you are told so someone needs to answer about the ethical component of being selective with Detroit's history.

I do not know if Penguin Random House is part of this Detroit Public Schools contract, but I know how to spot those transposable models because there is a strong possibility there are Social Impact Bonds and this is a foreign educational model that has failed to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Black history amplified in updated Detroit schools curriculum

DETROIT (FOX 2) - A new history curriculum is being rolled out at the Detroit Public Schools Community Districts for grades K through 5 focused on the City of Detroit. 

"It relates to who they are," said Dana Thomas. Golightly Education Center teacher. "It is a part of their identity. Some of the students have seen these buildings before, they have been to these places.

And it is just that much more meaningful.

This new Detroit history curriculum is being rolled out at Detroit Public Schools Community District - first in grades k through 5. But it signals a continuing shift in what is taught in DPSCD.

"This isn't really about being supplemental," Vitti said. "It is about trying to change the way we teach and the materials that we use."

For kindergarteners analyzing a street car on Congress being pulled by horses transports them to the past. For older kids, the people of the city and the untold stories of early Detroit, might be the focus instead.

The curriculum will be different for students in each grade. For example, children in the fifth grade will learn about free and enslaved Africans in early Detroit.  

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