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Day 220.2 Were Trump's First Five Guys Five Eyes Spies?

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Detroit: Become Human - Where Developers Use TARP & AI Robots Have Civil Rights

David Cage 20080927 Festival du jeu video 05.jpg
Commandeer David Cage
What better way to strip a civil rights legacy and commandeer the future of Detroit than with a video game!

The Meanies are rather crafty when being mean to my Sweetie!

Detroit Become Human is game developed by Quantic Dreams SA, out of France, by David Cage, who seems to have taken on the task to co-opt the civil rights history of Detroit by making AI and human rights issues, fungible, through predictive modeling.

Quantic Dreams has a very interesting background in game development that I would deem to be a bit on the socio-psychological in its message, not that all propaganda is bad in nature, but the fact that I just see this game as another activity of amending & editing the annals of history for the purposes of expediting that "authority thang" which seems to be all the rage in Detroit, by being really mean to my Sweetie.

Detroit Become Human is published by SONY, out of Japan and had preview press conference out of New York.

It seems Quantic Dream to be experiencing its own civil rights issues.

It is such a shame Detroit Become Human never came to Detroit to talk to civil rights icons, publish in Detroit, release in Detroit, or contract with anyone in Detroit, but, then again, if they did, it would not be a propaganda campaign to rewrite history.

I only call this "Heavy Rain narrative-focused" throwback propaganda is because I think, kinda sorta, I think I recall, maybe I might be a tad bit mistaken, hold on, let me sit back a moment and collect my thoughts before I go off on this.....allegation, that SONY was dipping in the TARP complex financial fraud scheme out of Detroit.

Never mind, just click the link and the Wikileaks SONY document on TARP I am providing, below.

Quick Question For SEC: Why Is SONY GSN Speculating TARP In Its Valuation?

Learn more: BEVERLY TRAN: Quick Question For SEC: Why Is SONY GSN Speculating TARP In Its Valuation?
Stop Medicaid Fraud in Child Welfare 

Ok, now that you have had time to gather a quick understanding on how SONY was using TARP to speculate its valuation by clicking the link, above,, which I am just going to throw out there that they were using Detroit real estate, and here is why:

One day those "Legal Geniuses" (trademark pending) of the Clinton Foundation, et al, decided to move its predictive modeling, central operations to California and partnered with a bunch of Smarty Pants from Israel, to come up with the concept of using Detroit as its Smart City pilot project.

So, what had happened was... the "Legal Geniuses" (trademark pending) came up with the glorious idea called "Let's use TARP to fund these Smarty Pants operations with SONY to market our complex financial fraud scheme".
"As strategic investors, we believe that continual learning is the core of future AI," said, Corporate Executive in charge of Intellectual Property and Mid-to-Long Term Business Development of Sony Corporation.  "We are deeply aware of how previous claims in AI have failed to pan out, but we believe that Cogitai has assembled the people and tools necessary to make rapid progress toward real, continual learning AI and to harness this technology for the betterment of society through innovative commercial applications."
"Did you really think you could
 cyber-commandeer the legacy of John Conyers, Jr?"
Rocket Mortgage of Quicken Loans is a really great example of capturing the opportunity to control the narrative in the advancement of AI in Detroit considering the fact that my favorite "Legal Geniuses" (trademark pending) of Perkins Coie may have locked down any patent issues when it comes to selling stuff, perhaps like land and mortgages online. *

*NOTE: This was a pro se intellectual property case.

Detroit Developer Quantic Dream Sues French Media Over Articles On Toxic Work Conditions

...Quantic Dream founder and CEO David Cage flew to New York City to show demos of his dramatic new PS4 game, Detroit: Become Human, to press. In his home city of Paris, meanwhile, a different type of drama was unfolding: French journalists were defending themselves against Cage’s legal charges.
Quantic Dream has sued the French newspaper Le Monde and the website Mediapart for reports on the studio’s working conditions, Kotaku has learned. As far as we can tell, this is the first incident of a video game studio taking legal action against the press for negative reporting. Cage and co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière had threatened litigation in January when the reports hit, but some observers assumed that was posturing. It wasn’t, as both Cage and the media outlets have confirmed to Kotaku.

This is a really good Super Best Friends color commentary on Detroit: Become Human.

For some strange reason, this SONY - TARP relationship seems like a John Podesta and Rahm Emanual production, but, hey, what do I know?

On a side note, pay attention to all the firms that also were involved in the Great Bargain of the Detroit Bankruptcy, just it could be a coincidence, but hey, what do I know?

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Friday, May 25, 2018

TRUMP Opens Discussion On Reparations

It seems the Mann Act is one of those residuals of the peculiar institution, of which there has been an eerie silence of the blanketed theories on who is worthy of being procured, in the best interests of the child, but in this instance, the selling of tiny humans who hail from the darker persuasion, to the tune of the imperialistic morality parade.

The Mann Act, along with the Suppression of White Slave Traffic (Traite des Blanches) Agreement was designed to do exactly what it says by establishing a system where alien women and children are registered upon entry of the country for the purposes of prostitution, with regulation of procurement and demand for production of receipts, for tax purposes.
Agreement and proces-verbal of signature signed at Paris May 18, 1904 Ratifications deposited at Paris January 18, 1905 1 Senate advice and consent to adherence March 1, 1905 2 Adherence declared by the President of the United States June 6, 1908 Entered into force July 18, 1905; for the United States June 6,1908 Proclaimed by the President of the United States June 15, 1908 Amended by protocol of May 4, 1949 s 35 Stat. 1979; Treaty Series 496
The Thirteenth Amendment never abolished indentured servitude, nor slavery, because these women and children of "The Poors" (always said with clinched teeth) are considered guilty of the crime of debauchery, moral turpitude.

Think about deportation and immigration of women and children.

Think about the fact that this has been on the book since 1904 and not one person sees a problem with this law.

Now, close your eyes and think about international foster care and adoption, being Legally Kidnapped in the United States where the trafficking of tiny humans is a multi-billion dollar industry operating in the eyes of the tax exempt god.

Procurement of tiny humans is just a fancy way of saying "selling chattel, the oldest form of survival".

Now, open your eyes and think about the moral of this story: "Do not be mean to my Sweetie."

Reparations are not always monetary, nor are they determined on the color of one's skin.

Get ready.  

Trump posthumously pardons heavyweight boxer Jack Johnson

Washington (CNN) - President Donald Trump on Thursday granted a posthumous pardon to boxer Jack Johnson on the advice of actor Sylvester Stallone.

"Today I've issued an executive grant of clemency, a full pardon, posthumously, to John Arthur 'Jack' Johnson ... The first African-American heavyweight champion of the world, a truly great fighter. Had a tough life," Trump said.

Trump was joined in the Oval Office by Stallone, current heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, and Johnson's great-great niece Linda Bell Haywood, among others.
"We have done something today that was very important, because we righted a wrong," Trump said. "Jack Johnson was not treated fairly, and we have corrected that, and I'm very honored to have done it."
    Last month, Trump said he was considering the pardon.
    "Sylvester Stallone called me with the story of heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson. His trials and tribulations were great, his life complex and controversial," Trump tweeted. "Others have looked at this over the years, most thought it would be done, but yes, I am considering a Full Pardon!"

    Trump considering pardon for boxer Jack Johnson
    Johnson, the first African-American world heavyweight boxing champion, was convicted in 1913 under the Mann Act for taking his white girlfriend across state lines for "immoral" purposes. The Mann Act purported to prevent human trafficking for the purpose of prostitution, but critics have argued it was applied inconsistently to criminalize African Americans and those with dissenting political views.

    Johnson was convicted by an all-white jury in less than two hours and was imprisoned for a year. The sentence and imprisonment destroyed the boxing career of the "Galveston Giant." He died in 1946.

    Stallone called Johnson an "inspirational character."

    "It's incredible that you've done this," the "Rocky" star told the President.

    "It's an honor to take a fictional character like Rocky and do something in the world of reality," Stallone said, thanking Johnson's niece.

    In 2016, then-Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nevada, and Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, along with Reps. Peter King, R-New York, and Gregory Meeks, D-New York, petitioned the Obama administration to grant a pardon to Johnson. The bipartisan group of lawmakers sent a letter to the White House asking that the pardon be given in honor of the 70th anniversary of the boxer's death.

    "While it is unfortunate that this unjust conviction was not corrected during the boxer's lifetime, a posthumous pardon today represents the opportunity to reaffirm Jack Johnson's substantial contributions to our society and right this historical wrong," the letter said.

    In March 2017, Sen. Cory Booker, D-New Jersey, joined with McCain, King and Meeks to reintroduce a resolution urging Johnson's pardon.

    "Despite this resolution passing both chambers of Congress several times in recent years, no pardon has been issued to date," McCain said in a statement at the time. "I hope President Trump will seize the opportunity before him to right this historical wrong and restore a great athlete's legacy."

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    JUDICIARY: Opening Statement of Ranking Member Jerrold Nadler for the Forum on Enforcement of the Civil Rights Act in U.S. Schools

    Washington, D.C. – Today, on the anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) joined his colleagues in Democratic leadership to unveil a resolution to affirm support for disparate impact analysis as an enforcement tool of Title VI under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The resolution also calls on the Trump administration to fully enforce federal civil rights law to advance equal opportunity in education. Ranking Member Nadler announced this resolution at a forum he co-hosted with Congressman Bobby Scott (VA-03), Ranking Member of the Committee on Education and the Workforce.

    Below are Ranking Member Nadler’s remarks at the forum, as prepared for delivery:

    “Good afternoon. I am pleased to join my friend, the Ranking Member of the Education and the Workforce Committee, Representative Bobby Scott of Virginia, as we delve into educational equity issues in the wake of No Child Left Behind.  Those of you who are Hill veterans will recall the many years that Representative Scott and I sat beside one another on the Judiciary Committee dais to debate and defend issues on the Constitution, civil rights and civil liberties. 

    “Earlier today, we introduced a resolution to affirm Congress’s intent for the Trump Administration to fully enforce federal civil rights laws that advance equal opportunity in education. I hope this is the first of many efforts together in our roles as Ranking Members on the Education and the Workforce and Judiciary Committees.

    “As we meet today, on the 64th anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education decision, we are reminded of both, historically, the progress in addressing racial inequality in our education system and, more contemporaneously, just how much work still needs to be done.  By one reckoning, the Brown decision was an epic victory in the fight for equality.  By another, it signaled a school-by-school effort to advance educational achievement for minority students, culminating with the enactment of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

    “More than 50 years after the passage of the Civil Rights Act, education issues still generate partisan controversy and have the power to divide communities.  Under the Trump administration, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has begun dismissing hundreds of civil rights complaints under a new protocol that allows investigators to disregard cases that are part of serial filings or that they consider burdensome to the office.  She has also rescinded Obama-era guidelines that have prodded colleges and universities to more aggressively investigate campus sexual assaults.  She has further threatened to rescind other important Obama-era guidelines that have proved critical to protecting students, like the 2014 School Discipline Guidance, that we will discuss later.

    “We are joined today by the Government Accountability Office and other experts to highlight important research around resegregation and school discipline. In 2016, the GAO found that schools were resegregating at alarming rates and, just last month, the GAO found that students of color suffer harsher punishment in school than their peers.  In the face of mounting challenges faced by students of color as the Trump Administration attempts to roll back critical civil rights protections, Congress must remain vigilant to address these problems and to check the Trump Administration’s abuses. Our students deserve no less.”


    The original co-sponsors for the resolution include Ranking Member Bobby Scott (VA-03), Ranking Member Jerrold Nadler (NY-10), House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (CA-12), House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (MD-05), Assistant Democratic Leader James Clyburn (SC-06), Chair of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus Judy Chu (CA-27), Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus Cedric Richmond (LA-02), Chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Michelle Lujan Grisham (NM-01), and additional Democratic Members of Congress.

    On April 4, 2018, Ranking Members Scott and Nadler released a GAO report entitled, “Discipline Disparities for Black Students, Boys, and Students with Disabilities.” This report found that Black students, boys, and students with disabilities are disproportionately disciplined in K-12 public schools. This pattern of disproportionate discipline persists regardless of the type of disciplinary action, level of school poverty, or type of public school students attend. To read more about this report, click here.

    On May 17, 2016, Committees on the Judiciary and Education and the Workforce Democrats unveiled a GAO report entitled, “K-12 EDUCATION: Better Use of Information Could Help Agencies Identify Disparities and Address Racial Discrimination.” This report confirmed that increasing segregation along the lines of race and poverty continue to be a driver for inequities in education. The report identified actions needed to reduce racial and socioeconomic segregation, and addressed disparities in K-12 public schools. To read more about this report, click here.

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    Neil Barofsky And His History Of SIGTARP

    Neil Barofsky tells his story of "they would sell their souls for a few basis points of profit" in the tales of complex banking fraud in TARP.

    He states that Office of Inspector General was denied access to the actual documents to oversee the $700 billion program.

    Ben Bernake, Hank Paulson, and Tim Geitner were the architects of TARP and dismissed Neil on his concerns of bank failure from their questionable assets.

    Those assets were properties they stole through fraudulent mortgage and tax foreclosures.

    Oh, heck.  Just read my stuff and the Wikileaks Podesta emails on how they plotted and schemed to create TARP as their personal slush fund.

    Neil, we need to do lunch.

    John Podesta Wikileaks Email On TARP Bait & Switch For Detroit Land Bank Authority

    Learn more: BEVERLY TRAN: John Podesta Wikileaks Email On TARP Bait & Switch For Detroit Land Bank Authority
    Stop Medicaid Fraud in Child Welfare 


    Fw: Draft Memo to PE


    Rahm Emanuel is an asshole.

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    Thursday, May 24, 2018

    Cocktails & Popcorn: Bill Wild Made The Ballot

    Image result for cocktails and popcornOn this exciting episode of Cocktails & Popcorn, the Wayne County Clerk, Cathy Garrett, has basically deemed, waiting on the official announcement, that Bill Wild is on the ballot.

    Now, let us take a look at the ballot.

    On August 7, 2018 there will be two elections: one special election to finish out the 13th Congressional District for the U.S. House of Representatives, and, one traditional election for the primary.

    So, let us take a look at what the special election candidate will win:
    • According to the calendar of the Clerk of the House, Karen Haas, and my calculations, the winner will have a window of less than 8 days of in House (not in District) Session for the 115th Congress to be sworn in, run downstairs to the basement of the Rayburn Building to the congressional shop and buy up a bunch of lapel pins and other congressional souvenirs to pass out and photo ops for their congressional run in 2020;
    • A swearing in ceremony that will not be very ceremonial, because that is alot of money to spend for an even smaller window opening event of the aforementioned 8 days of reign in D.C.;
    • Bragging rights of being the one who replaced Conyers; and, 
    • Recipient of a federal subpoena. (Oops, je dit une bêtise).
    As for the General Election for the 116th Congressional Seat for the Michigan District, the candidates will be running on the substantive policy platform of "replacing Conyers".

    Oh, and they shall receive a federal subpoena, too.

    I have popcorn.  

    Do you?

    Clerk's staff: Bill Wild should get ballot spot for Congress

    Westland Mayor Bill Wild qualifies for the congressional race to replace former U.S. Rep. John Conyers Jr., according to Wayne County elections staff that conducted a review of Wild's nominating petitions.

    Clerk Cathy Garrett is expected to make a final decision within two days, after her Elections Division staff on Wednesday recommended that Wild get a spot on the Aug. 7 Democratic primary ballot in the 13th District.

    A spokesman for Wild's campaign said they were pleased with the recommendation. 
    "We are going to continue to work hard to get our message out to the people of the 13th Congressional District," Wild spokesman Mario Morrow said.

    "Our goal is to win and bring stability, economic development and jobs home with integrity and hard work."

    The review by the clerk's office was prompted by a formal petition challenge filed by Democratic activist Michael Gilmore, who was previously a candidate in the race but withdrew last month and endorsed Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones.

    I wonder if he was promised a bottomless bucket of fried shrimp, too.

    Gilmore had alleged that certain petition circulators for Wild were not residents of Michigan and that signatories were registered to vote outside of the district, among other technical violations.

    The staff review deemed invalid 113 of the 693 signatures that Gilmore challenged, but still found another 1,251 valid signatures among the 1,671 that Wild submitted.

    Congressional candidates need 1,000 valid signatures to qualify under state law, and so Wild's petition should be deemed “sufficient,” staff said.

    "If that’s what they’ve come out with, then so be it," Gilmore said Wednesday.

    Gilmore said he had heard Wild was paying circulators a higher-than-usual rate per signature, which made him suspect there might be discrepancies in his petitions.

    "I started the process when I was still in the race and have since withdrawn from the race, but decided just for the sake of democracy to continue the challenge of his petitions," he said.
    Gilmore stressed that his challenge of Wild's petitions was not at Jones' request.

    "That was totally of my own volition," he added.

    The 13th District Democratic primary is overflowing with political newcomers and veteran lawmakers vying to succeed Conyers, who held the seat for more than 50 years.

    The district includes parts of Detroit and western Wayne County.

    Other candidates include former state Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Shanelle Jackson, Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones and state Sens. Ian Conyers and Coleman Young III. The winner of the primary takes the seat, as no Republican is on the ballot.

    Garrett on Monday denied Conyers' 27-year-old son a place on the primary ballot after a similar petition review by her staff.

    The former congressman had endorsed John Conyers III to take his old seat when he resigned in December amid allegations of sexual misconduct from former aides.

    A review by Garrett’s staff had invalidated hundreds of petition signatures submitted by Conyers III to qualify as a candidate for a full two-year term that begins in January and, separately, for the special election to complete the current term vacated by his father. 

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    A Parent Has A Dream: The End Of Trafficking Tiny Humans

    One day, the world will stop trafficking tiny humans.

    A parent should always have a dream because dreams do come true.

    What would you do if your child was Legally Kidnapped, because it can happen to you.

    Have a great day!

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    Call For Special Prosecutor To Investigate The Special Prosecutor

    Oh, they spied on more than just Trump, trust me on this one.

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    An Authority Or Child Welfare: Which Fraud Came First In Wayne County?

    Well. If Matt Schneider is going to go after public corruption in Wayne County, I truly hope he applies the same methodology to the other side of the Wayne County Airport Authority, which just so happens to be Child Welfare, which just so happens to be much worse.

    Feds: Detroit airport manager took bribes, ate evidence

    Detroit — A former Detroit Metropolitan Airport official was indicted in federal court Wednesday on charges he pocketed more than $5 million in bribes and tried to cover up the crime by eating evidence.

    Former airport utilities and infrastructure manager James Warner, 51, of Commerce Township, is the third person charged in a widening bribery investigation involving an airport that has been a recurring setting for corruption scandals in recent years. The money Warner received amounts to one of the largest bribery cases prosecuted by the local U.S. Attorney's Office, which has sent ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and dozens of others to prison for corruption in recent years.

    Federal agents have seized $11.4 million during the investigation, including $7.5 million from one contractor and $3.9 million from Warner, who was suspended Wednesday from his job in the West Bloomfield Township water and sewer department.

    "Our citizens are entitled to decisions based on the best interests of the public, not the best interests of corrupt public officials and bribe-paying contractors," U.S. Attorney Matthew Schneider said in a statement Wednesday.

    Warner was charged with conspiracy, theft, bribery, money laundering and obstruction of justice during a seven-year stretch of corruption that spanned work at the airport and as a water and sewer official for West Bloomfield Township. If convicted, Warner could spend more than 20 years in federal prison.

    He was arraigned late Wednesday in federal court and released on $10,000 unsecured bond.His lawyer did not respond to multiple messages seeking comment.

    Warner had the power to approve and extend maintenance projects funded through the Wayne County Airport Authority from 2010 to 2014.

    He ruled with a salty tongue and his hand out, according to federal prosecutors.

    "If it weren't for me, your ass would be out," Warner told one contractor, according to the indictment.
    That contractor, authorities allege, was Gary Tenaglia, 64, of Rochester, who was charged last month and accused of defrauding the Wayne County Airport Authority of $1.5 million.

    During one dinner, Warner and Tenaglia discussed contracts and kickbacks, prosecutors said.

    "During the meal, James Warner wrote '5k,' a proposed kickback amount, on a napkin," prosecutors wrote in the indictment. "He folded it and slid it across the table to Gary Tenaglia. After Gary Tenaglia acknowledged the meaning of the writing on the napkin, James Warner retrieved the napkin and ate it."

    The indictment was filed one day after prosecutors charged airport contractor William Pritula, 69, of Romulus with federal program bribery, a 10-year felony.

    In exchange for offering bribes, Pritula received contracts worth more than $18 million during a four-year period, according to the indictment.

    Tenaglia and Pritula are expected to plead guilty.

    Pritula owned and operated Pritula and Sons, a firm that won contracts to repair and replace pavement at the airport and contracts to repair water mains and install fire hydrants from 2003 to 2014.

    Starting in May 2010, Pritula conspired with Warner and others to steal money from federally funded programs and commit bribery, prosecutors said.

    Warner provided confidential and proprietary information that helped Pritula win airport contracts, according to the indictment.

    Warner created phony invoices on behalf of the contractor’s company that “grossly inflated the cost and scope” of Pritula’s work, the government alleged.

    In return, Pritula paid kickbacks to the airport official, prosecutors said.

    In September 2013, for example, Warner submitted a $938,000 invoice to the airport authority for work that cost $275,000, according to the indictment.

    Days later, Pritula’s firm paid Warner $397,372 and the airport official deposited the money in his bank account.

    In less than a year, Warner received more than $573,000 from Pritula’s company, prosecutors allege.
    Warner also supervised work by Tenaglia’s firm, Envision Electric, which had contracts to maintain airport parking structures from May 2011 to June 2014.

    Warner fabricated reviews of Envision’s work and concealed mistakes made by the company, according to the indictment.

    In exchange, Warner demanded kickbacks, prosecutors said.

    Warner told Tenaglia he needed to pay kickbacks “to be a part of the ‘brotherhood’ at the airport,” prosecutors allege.

    "The allegations against James Warner cheating the citizens of Wayne County are distressing to the many men and women working hard every day with integrity and commitment to protect those public funds provided for infrastructure development,” Timothy Slater, special agent in charge of the FBI's Detroit field division, said in a statement.

    Warner left the airport authority in August 2014. In January 2017, he started working for the West Bloomfield Township water and sewer department as a project manager with a $74,027 salary.
    "Within months, Warner proposed to Tenaglia a continuation of the same scheme the two had at the airport— a demand for 10 percent of each invoice West Bloomfield Township paid Tenaglia," prosecutors alleged.

    The township suspended Warner with pay Wednesday, Supervisor Steven Kaplan told The News.
    Kaplan said he is unaware whether the township was defrauded and that Warner did not have access to money or township checks.

    “I think it’s doubtful,” Kaplan said. “He was low in the chain of employees. We had no reason to know or suspect that he might have been involved in skulduggery during his Wayne County employment. Although we recognize he’s presumed to be innocent, the allegation involving West Bloomfield is very disturbing."

    Warner also was charged with obstructing justice because prosecutors said he altered a document provided to the FBI during the investigation.

    The airport has periodically been embroiled in corruption investigations.

    Airport authority CEO Turkia Mullin, a former Wayne County economic development chief, was fired in 2011 after the FBI served subpoenas demanding information about a nonprofit she ran and deals she engineered for the county.

    Mullin was never charged with a crime.

    The investigation coincided with a probe of then-Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano, who lost re-election in August 2014.

    Ficano was never charged with a crime and said federal investigators wrote him a letter after the three-year investigation declaring that he was "never a target" of the probe.

    In 2004, former top airport official Wilbourne Kelley III and his wife, Barbara, were convicted of accepting cash, home improvements and other gifts from former airport contractor Frank Vallecorsa. They were sentenced to 44 months and 41 months in prison, respectively.

    Kelley was the only official sent to prison as a result of an FBI investigation of Wayne County government under Edward H. McNamara, the late political boss.

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    $10 Million Reasons Why The Stormy Daniels Case Is Going To Get Juicier

    I do believe that Avenatti will become a bit more aggressive in his legal advocacy.

    Judge orders law firm of Stormy Daniels’ lawyer to pay $10M

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — A federal judge in California ordered a law firm linked to Stormy Daniels’ attorney to pay $10 million on Tuesday to a lawyer who claimed that the firm had misstated its profits and that he was owed millions.

    The judgment came after Jason Frank, who used to work at Eagan Avenatti, alleged that that the law firm failed to pay a $4.85 million settlement he had reached in December. He said in court papers that the settlement was personally guaranteed by Michael Avenatti, who has garnered national attention as the attorney for Daniels, the porn actress who is suing President Donald Trump following an alleged 2006 affair.
    Frank had worked at Avenatti’s firm under an independent contractor agreement and was supposed to collect 25 percent of the firm’s annual profits, along with 20 percent of fees his clients paid, according to court documents. He resigned in May 2016 after alleging that the firm didn’t pay him millions of dollars that he was owed, misstated the firm’s profits and wouldn’t provide copies of tax returns and other financial documents.

    After he resigned, Frank brought the case to a panel of arbitrators, who found that the firm “acted with malice, fraud, and oppression by hiding its revenue numbers,” according to a copy of the arbitration report included in court documents.

    In December, Frank settled with Avenatti’s firm for a total of $4.85 million, which was supposed to include an initial $2 million payment and then a second payment for $2.85 million. The $2 million payment was supposed to be made by May 14, but Avenatti and his firm never paid, Frank said in court papers.

    The settlement agreement included a clause that the firm couldn’t oppose a request for a $10 million judgment if the settlement payments weren’t made within three days of the due date. Frank did not immediately return a telephone message seeking comment on Tuesday.

    The judgment is final and cannot be appealed, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Catherine Bauer said in her ruling.

    Court records in the bankruptcy proceeding also show Avenatti had personally agreed to pay about $2.4 million in back taxes and penalties. During Tuesday’s hearing, an assistant U.S. attorney said Avenatti had not made a payment that was due last week for unpaid taxes as part of the agreement that was reached in January.

    Thom Mrozek, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office in Los Angeles, said lawyers from that office represent the government in bankruptcy court when there’s a debt to a government agency, like back taxes or unpaid student loans.

    Avenatti told The Associated Press that he would not discuss “irrelevant nonsense” and wouldn’t answer specific questions about the case.

    Court documents say Avenatti is the “managing member and majority equity holder” of Eagan Avenatti and “solely owns and controls” another firm, Avenatti & Associates, which represents Daniels.

    Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, has said she had an affair with Trump in 2006 and has sued to invalidate the confidentiality agreement she signed days before the 2016 presidential election that prevents her discussing it. She’s also suing Trump and his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, alleging defamation.
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    Wednesday, May 23, 2018

    Patrice Failor & James Comey Do Not See A Problem With The Trafficking Of Tiny Humans

    I guess Patrice and her husband James Comey do not see a problem with the trafficking of tiny humans of "The Poors" (always said with clinched teeth)..
    On Facebook, Patrice Comey, in 2014, wrote: “I am a foster parent, have served as a guardian ad litem for foster kids and work with aging out foster kids in my community.”

      Have a great day!

    Connecticut Advocate Patrice Comey, and Husband FBI Director James Comey Support State CASA Legislation

    FBI Director James B. Coney Jr with wife Patrice, who testified Friday before a legislative committee in favor of a bill that would allow volunteers to counsel kids through the juvenile-justice system. Photo: Ken Dixon / Hearst Connecticut Media / Connecticut Post
    Patrice & Jimmy supporting CASA,
    the cover organization for trafficking tiny humans
    On March 18, 2016, CASA volunteer Patrice Comey was joined by her husband James B. Comey Jr., the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), at the Connecticut Assembly where she testified in support of a state bill that would allow volunteers to support and advocate for kids through juvenile matters. In addition to Patrice serving as a CASA advocate, the couple has also opened their home to foster children. National CASA Association is grateful to the Comeys for their commitment to helping abused and neglected children.

    FBI Director Supports Wife’s Effort in Counseling Juveniles

    James B. Comey Jr., the director of the FBI, added some powerful support for his wife on Friday when she testified in favor of a bill that would allow unpaid volunteers to counsel kids through the juvenile-justice system.

    Comey, his wife Patrice, and an FBI security detail were high-profile VIPs in the Capitol complex for a morning hearing before the legislative Judiciary Committee.

    “Every foster child in this great state gets a lawyer,” said Patrice Comey, a former volunteer at Bridgeport Superior Court. “These lawyers each has up to 100 cases, but once they have a case they’re to express the best interests of the child in court. And if the lawyer or the judge or anyone feels that what the child wants is in conflict with their best...then he can ask for an advocate for the child separate.”

    The bill, modeled after a New Jersey law, would create a program for court-appointed special advocates for juvenile court matters, at the discretion of judges. James Comey sat by, quietly, during her testimony. The former general counsel for the Westport-based hedge fund giant Bridgewater Associates, he became FBI director in 2013.

    “It could include advocacy for the foster child in the judicial system,” said Rep. William Tong, D-Stamford, co-chairman of the committee. “It sends a message that the community cares and we’re willing to pay for it and we’re willing to do this for you,” Patrice Comey said. 

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    Another Detroit Authority Scandal: Detroit Metropolitan Airport Authority

    For more background on the Detroit Metropolitan Airport scandals, click here.

    This public corruption scandal goes all the way back to the King Maker, Ed McNamara and former Wayne County Executive Bob Ficano.

    I wonder if the FBI is going to cover the EB-5 and Wayne County property foreclosure auctions?

    Detroit Metro scandal widens second contractor charged

    Detroit — A corruption investigation involving rigged contracts at Detroit Metropolitan Airport widened Tuesday when a contractor was charged in federal court with bribing an airport official.
    William Pritula, 69, of Romulus was charged with federal program bribery, a 10-year felony, and the nature of the charge indicates he is expected to plead guilty amid the ongoing investigation.

    According to prosecutors, Pritula received $5.47 million after bribing an unnamed official with the Wayne County Airport Authority, which manages and operates Detroit Metro and Willow Run airports.

    The criminal charge was filed more than one month after another contractor, Gary Tenaglia, was charged with participating in a conspiracy that defrauded the Wayne County Airport Authority out of $1.5 million.

    The conspiracy involves Tenaglia’s firm, Envision Engineering & Maintenance, and a $1.5 million contract to remove snow and ice from the Blue Deck parking structure at the airport. According to court records, Tenaglia conspired with at least two other people who are not named in the court filing.
    Tenaglia, 64, a multimillionaire businessman from Rochester, also is expected to plead guilty.

    Pritula, meanwhile, is president and owner of his namesake firm, William A. Pritula & Sons, LLC. The firm has worked as an airport contractor for at least eight years and secured contracts for facility and infrastructure maintenance and water main, storm sewer and sanitary system distribution repairs.

    From May 2010 to October 2014, Pritula gave the unnamed airport official bribes to influence and reward the official for helping secure airport deals, according to court records.

    Prosecutors want a $5.47 million judgment against Pritula. The sum represents gross proceeds obtained by Pritula, according to court records.

    Pritula's lawyer, Ben Gonek, declined comment Tuesday.

    “The Wayne County Airport Authority is aware of the criminal complaint that was filed today against William Pritula," spokeswoman Erica Donerson said in a statement Tuesday. "Since late 2014, the Airport Authority has not had any contracts with Pritula companies or the individual, William Pritula. We cannot comment further at this time given the pending proceedings.”

    The airport authority trumpeted Pritula's firm when it won a $2.6 million maintenance contract in 2010.

    “We have seen repeatedly how spending on transportation infrastructure turns out to be an investment in our future,” then-Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano said. “I congratulate Pritula & Sons for their successful bid.”

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    Tuesday, May 22, 2018

    After Angola, U.S. Still Refuses To Acknowledge U.N. Rights Of The Child, But Why?

    The United States is the only country refusing to sign on to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child but has anyone really inquired, lately, as to why this is so?

    It seems the United States is still using children as human shields and it still seems Israel is exempt from including children of Gaza, for that matter.

    Trafficking tiny humans is really a profitable way of maximizing revenues and financial leveraging.

    It must be noted that the Convention on the Rights of the Child is still geared to remain under international law.

    Image result for selling babies
    Goods to be acquired
    I take issue with this as the sole jurisdiction because it recognizes corporations as corporate parents, with all concepts of parental rights conferred upon them through UCC statutes as individual real persons are not incorporated, which is why the U.S. will never sign on to the U.N. Convention of the Child.

    It is just a revenue maximization thang, in the name of the tax exempt christian god, of course..

    Committee on the Rights of the Child Considers Reports of Angola

    The Committee on the Rights of the Child today concluded its consideration of the combined fifth to seventh periodic report of Angola under the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and its initial reports under the Optional Protocol on the involvement of children in armed conflict, and the Optional Protocol on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography.

    Presenting the report, Ruth Madalena Mixinge, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Social Action, Family and Promotion of Women of Angola, noted that despite a retreat of investments in the oil industry, which had affected the implementation of a number of Angola’s social projects, the Government had maintained its protection of human rights for all citizens with a focus on the most vulnerable, such as children.  A vast package of legal instruments and public policies had been adopted and institutions had been set up with a view to promoting and guaranteeing children’s rights to life, development, participation and protection.  The National Council for Social Action had also been created as a body for social dialogue and to monitor the implementation of public policies for the promotion and protection of the rights of children, elderly and other vulnerable groups.  To enforce the rights and freedoms of children, birth registration had been universalized.  In 2016 the Government had adopted a basic law requiring compulsory, free education from the primary to middle school years in order to extend free national education from six to nine years, eliminate school dropouts and eradicate illiteracy.  “Angola 2025” had also been adopted as a long-term strategy to ameliorate and augment social services and holistic programmes to combat rural poverty.
    In the ensuing discussion, Committee Experts inquired about how the Convention was invoked before courts, data collection, review of the 2012 Children’s Act, social spending and corruption, the role and functioning of the Ombudsman, participation of civil society, harmful practices such as witchcraft accusations against children and female genital mutilation, minimum age of marriage, polygamy, measures to address the situation of children with disabilities, children living with HIV/AIDS, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex children, birth registration, corporal punishment and violence against children, juvenile justice and the age of criminal responsibility, orphaned and abandoned children, adoption, infant health and infant mortality, adolescent health, maternal health and maternity leave, abortion, breastfeeding and child friendly hospitals, fighting malaria and yellow fever, child labour, and trafficking in children.

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    Cocktails & Popcorn: Chad Selweski Did Not Get The Detroit Text, Either

    See the source image
    Well, it seems Chad did not get the Detroit Text nor does he understand that Perkins Coie sucks, but I truly hope he has Cocktails & Popcorn.

    Stay tuned because this is just about to get started.

    Selweski: The Troublesome Conyers Family Should Just Go Away

    The sordid saga of the Conyers family took another turn in recent days as the son of former congressman John Conyers took a cue from his dad and engaged in election irregularities that knocked him off the ballot and ended the brief, bizarre bid by John Conyers III to succeed his father.

    The elder Conyers, who resigned in disgrace last year due to a sex scandal, experienced a similar bouncing from the ballot in 2014 when election officials ruled that the longtime Detroit lawmaker had improperly used people who were not registered voters to collect signatures for his nominating petitions. But a federal court later intervened, placing Conyers back on the ballot, which allowed him to continue his path of a half century in office.

    In recent months, John Conyers III had followed a similar road to ruin by collecting boxes of invalid petition signatures from people who were not registered to vote in the 13th Congressional District where he was running. He did not receive a reprieve.    

    No one is saying this was election fraud but John III, who needed 1,000 valid petition signatures for the upcoming election, saw more than half of his submitted signatures thrown out last week by Wayne County election officials.

    The added twist to this story is that Ian Conyers, the great nephew of John Conyers, who also has is eye on the vacant congressional seat, instigated the son’s removal from the ballot. Ian was the guy who filed a complaint challenging John III’s petitions.

    Conyers Name Was A Big Plus

    Unlike his second cousin, John III, who has no political experience, Ian is a relatively new state senator. After serving in the Obama presidential campaign in 2012 and engaging in Democratic Party involvement locally, Ian was elected to the Senate in 2016 at age 28, making him Michigan’s youngest state senator in history. Obviously, the Conyers surname helped secure his election victory.
    The end result of the nominating petition debacle of recent days is that voters won’t see a Conyers vs. Conyers race to replace the elder Conyers. A nasty campaign was anticipated by all, but the electorate will be spared yet another chapter in the Conyers family political soap opera.

    Still, this turn of events will not sit well with John III’s mother, Monica Conyers. Monica hoped her son would succeed her 88-year-old husband, and she apparently was livid when Ian crashed the party.  
    Perhaps this is a good time to review the Conyers family’s dirty laundry that has been flapping in the political breeze for many years.

    Monica Conyers before she was fired from the station.

    Voters will recall that Monica, former Detroit City Council president, was sentenced to three years in prison on bribery charges in 2009. After her release, she eventually hosted a local radio show until it was divulged that she had pilfered the station, including booking a luxury hotel room for $750 and scooping up a closet full of “swag” -- clothing and accessories used by the station’s corporate ownership for marketing purposes.

    Another complaint from the boss who fired her was that Monica was loud and obnoxious, a trait that was also on display when she served on council. Several years ago, she got into a bar fight with another woman and the victim received a black eye.

    Ian, watch out for that left hook -- it apparently packs quite a punch.
    While on council, Monica was known for putting family members on the city payroll. In Washington, John’s staffers said he used them to run errands and babysit his sons.

    Demanding Sex from Staffers
    But demands didn’t end there. The congressman’s demise came when he was accused last year of pressuring women in his office for sex and punishing some who did not comply.

    He used $25,000 from his congressional budget office to pay a settlement -- critics called it hush money -- to a staffer who said she was repeatedly sexually harassed by the boss. The woman said he once invited her to a hotel room, stood before her in his underwear and asked her to touch his genitals. He was nearly 80 years old at the time.

    With 53 years under his belt, John was the dean of the House, a civil rights icon, but his legacy will forever tag him as the first victim in Congress of the #MeToo movement.

    Meanwhile, John III had a fair amount of baggage before he stepped into the political arena earlier this year at the age of 27. He has described himself alternately as a rapper and the operator of a hedge fund, though evidence of either vocation is in short supply.

    In 2010, he reported to Detroit police that two expensive laptops and $27,000 worth of concert tickets were stolen from the Cadillac Escalade he was driving.  It turned out that the SUV was government-registered for his father’s use. While John denied this was a common occurrence, he reimbursed the U.S. Treasury $5,600 for his son’s unauthorized driving privileges.

    Domestic Violence Case 
    More recently, in February 2017, John III was arrested on a domestic violence charge for allegedly battering his live-in girlfriend and slashing her with a knife. Prosecutors declined to press charges due to a lack of independent witnesses to the altercation, but a personal protection order barred him from interaction with the woman for several months.

    That story did not become public until last December when, in a matter of about 24 hours, things turned ugly for John, John III and Monica as an outright family feud went public on the national stage.

    With both House Speaker Paul Ryan and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi calling on John to quit due to the sex scandal – quite an unintended bipartisan feat for the congressman – he had privately decided to step down. But Ian jumped into the spotlight, telling The New York Times that his great uncle would be vacating his House seat at the end of his term and that John had urged him to run as his successor.

    Monica angrily shot back with a tweet that said claims about her husband’s impending resignation were based on “rumor and innuendo.” That same morning, in a radio interview, John announced that he was, in fact, departing Congress immediately -- and endorsing John III as his successor.

    Ian felt betrayed while John III, smarting over sudden national media coverage about his domestic abuse arrest, told the Times he did not ask for his father’s endorsement and was not sure he wanted to run for public office. Ian followed up by steering the press to several past social media posts by his second cousin that showed John III drinking while he was underage, including a photo of him with a bottle of champagne while sitting behind the wheel of a Cadillac.

    At the time, Ian said the Conyers family must engage in “damage control” while he was trying to clear the way for his impending candidacy.

    So, what Wayne County voters now face is one Conyers candidate -- not two -- trying to fend off a crowded Democratic field for the 13th District seat in the August primary election. In this heavily Democratic territory, which comprises a portion of Detroit and several close-in suburbs, the primary is everything -- the winner should breeze to election in November.

    As for the newfound family standardbearer, Ian Conyers, he seems determined to prove that he is the good apple in the bunch. We will see if his congressional candidacy proves fruitful, or if the Conyers name is now tainted.

    Perhaps his campaign slogan should be: “Ian, the best Conyers Detroit has to offer.”

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