Monday, March 30, 2020

Macomb County Prosecutor Trafficker Of Tiny Human Resigns Because He Is Now Coming To Detroit - May The Heavens Fall


Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith resigns amid criminal charges against him

Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith speaks about Michigan State Police taking documents related to his forfeiture fund accounts from his office. Detroit Free Press

Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith, accused of embezzlement and misconduct in office over how drug and alcohol forfeiture funds were spent, resigned from office Monday.

The announcement came less than week after the longtime prosecutor was charged with 10 criminal counts by the Michigan Attorney General's Office in a nearly yearlong probe of how his office spent the funds.

Smith announced his resignation in a news release from his office.

It states, in part: "it is with heavy heart that today I am announcing my immediate resignation from the Office of the Macomb County Prosecutor. After much reflection, I know that for the betterment of my family, my health, and the citizens of Macomb County it is time for me to step aside so that the Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office can continue its great tradition of serving and protecting the county."

Smith said he intended to "whole-heartedly defend" himself against the allegations.

"I have been part of the criminal justice system for close to thirty years. Know that I have absolute confidence that our cherished justice system will bring forth the truth and exonerate me," he said in his release.

Neither Smith nor his criminal attorneys could be immediately reached Monday.

On Friday, Smith and his former chief of operations, Benjamin Liston, were released on $100,000 personal bonds on criminal charges related to the alleged embezzlement of $600,000 from drug and alcohol forfeiture funds since 2012.

They and two others, including Derek Miller, who was Smith's current chief of operations, are charged in the probe by Michigan State Police.

Investigators found that Smith and other defendants used the money to buy flowers and makeup for select secretaries, a security system for Smith’s residence, garden benches for staffers’ homes, country club catering for parties, campaign expenditures and more, according to the Michigan Attorney General's Office.

Smith, 53, is charged with five counts of embezzlement by a public official and one count each of conducting a criminal enterprise, official misconduct in office, tampering with evidence in a civil proceeding, accessory after the fact to embezzlement by a public official and conspiracy to commit forgery, the Attorney General's Office said.

The alleged crimes range from four- to 20-year felonies.

State Police began the investigation at the direction of the Attorney General's Office following a request in March 2019 by Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel. State Police raided Smith's office and home last year.

Smith provided notice to Macomb County Chief Circuit Judge James Biernat Jr. stating his resignation was effective Monday, and Biernat accepted the resignation.

Prior to his resignation, Smith submitted to the county clerk's office a "statement of appointments" identifying all assistant prosecuting attorneys in the order in which they rank in discharging the functions and performing the duties of the prosecutor's office.

Per the document, Chief Trial Lawyer Jean Cloud is designated as the next ranking assistant prosecuting attorney.

"In light of his 'Statement of Appointments,' there is no immediate lack of an 'officer duly authorized to execute the duties' of Prosecuting Attorney," according to a release from the court. "Accordingly, there is no need for an interim appointment by the Chief Judge prior to the entire Circuit Court Bench convening to appoint a Prosecutor to finish the term until the next election."

The circuit court judges will be accepting applications and set a remote meeting to fulfill their role in appointing a new prosecutor. No dates were determined Monday.

The office of prosecuting attorney is up for grabs in this year's election. As of Monday evening, no one had filed to run for prosecutor, including Smith, a Democrat who had been prosecutor since he was first elected in 2004.

In his release, Smith said that since 1993 he served either as an assistant prosecuting attorney or prosecutor, that he "could never see myself in any other profession" and he was "honored to have stood shoulder to shoulder with so many exemplary people in the fight for justice."

He thanked county citizens and said the office "is bigger than any one person. I know that the office will continue to serve the county with distinction"

In a release last week, Smith's attorneys called the allegations "baseless" and said Smith would continue to run the office.

Hackel said "the right thing for (Smith) to do was step down as being prosecutor in light of these criminal charges."

Hackel, who had been friends with Smith, was not surprised to hear of Smith's resignation.

"I felt he would do the right thing in this situation," he said. "Maybe even for his own self interest, whatever that means. It has to be a decision he makes personally and professionally. He made it, and it's the right decision."

The county Board of Commissioners, chaired by Smith's brother, Bob Smith, was to meet this week to discuss the situation with the prosecutor. That meeting was canceled Monday.

Hackel said that he believes there will be many people who want to become prosecutor.

He said the person appointed by the judges and elected by the voters should be someone with no criminal, moral or unethical conduct issues in their background.

"Now is a time for trust. There's been a loss of trust in government," Hackel said, adding the person should have "an unsullied background."

Smith's resignation comes as the federal government not only is investigating him, but continues a long-term corruption probe that has taken down other public officials in various communities, a garbage titan and a towing magnet during the last several years.

It also comes just two years after Karen Spranger was removed from the county clerk's job by a St. Clair County judge, who ruled she was not legally elected as the Macomb County clerk because she lied about her residency in Warren in her election filings in 2016.

Hackel said he gives credit to Attorney General Dana Nessel "for taking on her role after getting the information from the State Police" in regard to the Eric Smith investigation. Smith, Hackel and Nessel are all Democrats.

"It's not about politics. It's about someone doing the wrong thing," Hackel said. "She's charging one of the more popular prosecutors in the state as well. It wasn't about partisan politics or whether she liked Eric or not."

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Talse Of The New Crown: U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers Does Not Mention Detroit

This is a cool cat.

Something is telling me that he knows......because he never once mentioned Detroit.

Much love to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


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Tales Of The New Corona: Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan Got Saddy Face Because Someone Accused Him Of Thousands Of Families Living Without Water Without Evidence

Duggan claims there is false information on families living without water, but he does say the reason why is because people abandoned their homes to live some place that had water, like neighbors and families.

He got the Saddy Face.

I bet Meeko Williams got the Saddy Face, too, because he has been advocating for those thousands of families, for years, to get water in Detroit.

I even remember my Sweetie calling on the United Nations to address the water shutoffs in Detroit.

Duggan bleachbitted my Sweetie's legacy!

That gave me the Saddy Face.

He was mean to my Sweetie, again.

Double Saddy Face.

Where did those abandoned homes go? Detroit Land Bank Authority, where he is running his own ops selling to fake ass LLCs, who got TARP mortgages, then quiet titled, wiped out the debt, and ran it all over again and again.

The City is setting up its districts food banks.

Since the state keeps cutting SNAP benefits, all the stores shuttered, leaving the local party store the only place for groceries, as most people either do not have vehicles, disabled and aged.

Guess what people are going to do with the stimulus checks?

  • Pay the fake ass water bills;

  • Pay the fake ass property taxes;

  • Pay the fake ass DTE bills;

  • Pay the mortgage and ren;

  • Buy a bit of libations to go back waiting for the next round of shutoffs and foreclosures.
This reality gives the people of Detroit the Saddy Face, too, because without water, people die.

I wonder how many people died in Detroit from fake ass water shutoffs?

We should have a counter to measure those rates, too.


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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Tales Of The New Crown: Sandy Baruah & Nolan Finley Advocate Profits Over People

No matter how much they hee and haw, the era of profits over people is over, but, do not tell that to Sandy & Nolan!

They want the people to go back to work during the COVID 19 pandemic.

They promulgated the stealin' of the children, land & votes.

They were mean to my Sweetie.


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Tales Of The New Crown: Fat Ass William Isaac Robinson Is Exiled From Humanity

William Shakespear once wrote:
T'is better to be vile than vile esteem.
Fat Ass is both.

May the heavens continue to fall.


State Rep. Isaac Robinson dies of suspected coronavirus infection

Image may contain: 3 people, possible text that says 'Isaac Robinson, 44, first Michigan legislator to die from COVID-19 2os'
William *Fat Ass* Robinson
Michigan House of Representatives
First-term state Rep. Isaac Robinson, D-Detroit, died Sunday morning at Detroit Receiving Hospital from a suspected coronavirus infection, according to this mother, former Rep. Rose Mary C. Robinson.
State Rep. Isaac Robinson died Sunday morning at Detroit Receiving Hospital from a suspected coronavirus infection, hours after being transported to the hospital for breathing problems, his mother confirmed Sunday night.

Robinson, 44 and a Detroit Democrat, had not been tested for COVID-19 before being transported by ambulance early Sunday morning to the Detroit Medical Center hospital, said his mother, former state Rep. Rose Mary C. Robinson, D-Detroit.

"I called EMS, they took him to Receiving at 6 a.m. and he was dead by 11," Rose Mary Robinson told Crain's.

Rose Mary Robinson said her son had breathing difficulty in recent days, but resisted seeking medical attention.

"He wouldn't go to the hospital. I kept insisting the last three days," she said. "I kept saying, 'You should go to the doctor, go to the hospital.' Of course, he resisted."

"Tough guy," the mother added.

Robinson's death comes three days after state Rep. Tyrone Carter of Detroit tested positive for COVID-19.

A lawyer by trade, Isaac Robinson was elected in 2018 to represent the 4th District in the Michigan House of Representatives, succeeding his mother in office.

Before working in private law practice, Robinson was a political director for a local Teamsters union.

He never married and had no children, according to his mother.

As of Sunday at 10 a.m., the coronavirus had claimed the lives of 35 Detroiters. More than 1,500 Detroit city residents have tested positive for COVID-19, according to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.State Rep. Isaac Robinson dies of suspected coronavirus infection

Michigan House of Representatives
First-term state Rep. Isaac Robinson, D-Detroit, died Sunday morning at Detroit Receiving Hospital from a suspected coronavirus infection, according to this mother, former Rep. Rose Mary C. Robinson.
State Rep. Isaac Robinson died Sunday morning at Detroit Receiving Hospital from a suspected coronavirus infection, hours after being transported to the hospital for breathing problems, his mother confirmed Sunday night.

Robinson, 44 and a Detroit Democrat, had not been tested for COVID-19 before being transported by ambulance early Sunday morning to the Detroit Medical Center hospital, said his mother, former state Rep. Rose Mary C. Robinson, D-Detroit.

"I called EMS, they took him to Receiving at 6 a.m. and he was dead by 11," Rose Mary Robinson told Crain's.

Rose Mary Robinson said her son had breathing difficulty in recent days, but resisted seeking medical attention.

"He wouldn't go to the hospital. I kept insisting the last three days," she said. "I kept saying, 'You should go to the doctor, go to the hospital.' Of course, he resisted."

"Tough guy," the mother added.

Robinson's death comes three days after state Rep. Tyrone Carter of Detroit tested positive for COVID-19.

A lawyer by trade, Isaac Robinson was elected in 2018 to represent the 4th District in the Michigan House of Representatives, succeeding his mother in office.

Before working in private law practice, Robinson was a political director for a local Teamsters union.

He never married and had no children, according to his mother.

As of Sunday at 10 a.m., the coronavirus had claimed the lives of 35 Detroiters. More than 1,500 Detroit city residents have tested positive for COVID-19, according to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

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Tales Of The New Crown: What The New York Kennedy Center Of Performing Arts Did With Its TARP 2.0 Bailout

First, this happened....

Trump appoints Jon Voight, Mike Huckabee to Kennedy Center board

Then, this happened....

Will the opera help combat coronavirus?

Then, this happened...

Trump defends $25 million in Kennedy Center funding in coronavirus stimulus

Then, this happened...

Kennedy Center abruptly lays off entire orchestra hours after receiving $25 million taxpayer bailout

Then, this happened...

A Message from the Kennedy Center Regarding the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act

Like other cultural organizations and performing arts centers around the country, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts has been negatively impacted by the current coronavirus pandemic. Because the Center was created by an Act of Congress and we exist as a living presidential memorial, the Center’s economic model is different than most arts organizations. As we fulfill our congressional mandate, we rely on ticket revenues and contributions to offset nearly every aspect of our business, including presenting live (often free) performances and offering education programs for millions across the country. Additionally, the Center is a job creator, providing employment for nearly 3,000 people and compensation for more than 1,000 guest artists. Our workforce includes artists, programmers, administrative and production staff, ushers, bartenders, food service employees, parking attendants, and many more, all of whom have been impacted or will soon be impacted by the closure of the Kennedy Center. The ability to deliver on our mandated mission is at risk. As a result, federal relief funding is the only way we will be in a position to reopen the nation’s cultural center when our government officials tell us it is safe to do so.

The Kennedy Center is extraordinarily grateful that Congress has recognized our institution’s unique status and has included funding in its economic stimulus legislation to ensure that we can reopen our doors and stages as soon as we are able. We will continue to work for and seek the support of our patrons to ensure the programming continues.

In the meantime, as our concert halls and arts venues are closed across the country, the Kennedy Center’s programmers and its family of artists have come together to produce and offer free “at-home programming” at

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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Tales Of The New Crown: Rashida Tlaib Asked Who Was In Charge & Where Do We Hold Them In Detroit - Meet U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers

I wonder if  the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers can answer Rashida's concerns.

Rachel Maddow interviews Todd Semonite, Lieutenant General, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.



Corps assessing 15 sites for 'alternate care facilities' to house Michigan hospital overflow

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers staff assess a Detroit Pistons practice location as a possible site for an alternate facility to host overflow of coronavirus patients from Michigan hospitals.
"We should put Fat Ass over in the corner."
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is assessing at least 15 sites — including athletic centers, dormitories, convention centers and hotels — to serve as backups to Michigan hospitals that might hit capacity due to an influx of coronavirus patients.

The Detroit District is working under FEMA but at the direction of the state to assess a list of potential alternate care facilities that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s office has prepared, said Lynn Rose, a spokeswoman for the Corps’ Detroit District.

“We’re working with the state and the local communities and whoever owns or operates the facilities as well,” Rose said. “We know that this is a dire need for the community and we are here to make sure that something gets done quickly.”

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers staff assess a Detroit Pistons practice location as a possible site for an alternate facility to host overflow of coronavirus patients from Michigan hospitals.
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers staff assess a Detroit Pistons practice location as a possible site for an alternate facility to host overflow of coronavirus patients from Michigan hospitals. (Photo: U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Detroit District Facebook page)

The corps had assessed seven sites so far, Rose said, and had planned to assess another eight on Friday.

The corps posted photos on its Facebook page of the various areas they’re assessing, including the TCF Center, the Henry Ford Detroit Pistons Performance Center and two Wayne State University dormitories in Detroit.

Lt. Gen. Todd Semonite, Chief of Engineers and the Commanding General of the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, poses for a command portrait in the Army portrait studio at the Pentagon in Arlington, VA, May 17, 2016.  (U.S. Army photo by Monica King/Released)
Todd Semonite
This comes as confirmed cases rose to 1,075 among Detroiters on Friday, among the hardest-hit areas of the state.

The corps effort is part of two FEMA Mission Assignments totaling $5.6 million to “provide initial planning and engineering support nationwide to address possible medical facility shortages," according to information posted to the district's website.

Once the corps has assessed the various sites, Whitmer will decide on which ones meet the state’s needs, Rose said. It's not yet clear whether the Corps would be used to retrofit the facilities or whether the state would utilize its own resources to do so.

The state on Wednesday informed hospitals that it would take action to shift patients from overburdened southeast Michigan hospitals to out-state facilities and explore the possibility of alternate sites for patients, such as convention centers and hotels.

Health system leaders in southeast Michigan in recent days have expressed concerns about the surge in coronavirus cases and the stress it's put on resources. But they have also said it will be difficult to shift lab resources, medical equipment and personnel to any sort of field hospital.

Whitmer on Wednesday said she was informed the construction of an alternate facility could take three weeks to complete but she hoped to expedite the process.

Rose expressed a similar hope but said there is no timeline for when construction would start.

“We’re going as quickly as we possibly can,” she said. “We’ve got a lot of people who are pushed out there to do these things.”

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Friday, March 27, 2020

Tales Of The New Crown: Detroit Police Chief James "Hollywood "Craig Got The Cooties Extraction Touch

James "Hollywood" Craig got the Cooties Extraction Touch.

What is the Cooties Extraction Touch?

It is that moment, directly after you get the Stinky Touch.


Detroit Police Chief James Craig says he's 'a little feverish' after testing positive for COVID-19

Detroit — In the latest blow to the Detroit Police Department, already reeling with nearly 500 officers quarantined, Chief James Craig announced Friday he tested positive for COVID-19 after feeling "feverish."

Craig designated Detroit Assistant Chief James White, the longest-tenured assistant chief, in his place while he seeks treatment.

Mayor Mike Duggan announced during his daily COVID-19 update that Craig had contracted the virus. The chief confirmed the news during a brief telephone conversation.

"I feel alright," Craig told The Detroit News. "A little feverish, but I'm hanging in there."

Detroit Police Chief James Craig
Hollywood James Craig
The chief tested positive Friday morning but was not hospitalized, Duggan said.

"It's something that we knew was a possibility," the mayor said. "He is very fit and mild in symptoms and is very much in charge of running this department. But he's not going to be back on site until he fully recovers."

According to Duggan, Craig chose White to take his place because White had been on quarantine and tested negative. White has a “deep understanding of the risks officers are facing each day,” the mayor said.

White said he is assuming the day-to-day operations, but Craig is still "locked-in," checking in hourly and driving the department.

"The chief is very fit, focused on nutrition and exercise, and we hope that will help his recovery," White said.

Duggan said as the department deals with the latest news, there's still work to be done.

“We’re going to continue to ramp up the care for our police and fire departments,” he said. “This is a major focus of our work right now.”

As of Friday, 39 Detroit police officers tested positive for COVID-19, 468 officers are on quarantine, 35 results are in the process of returning, 119 are awaiting testing, Duggan said.

A strict return-to-work plan is being implemented for the police department and the city’s fire department. With the new process, workers will be tested for fever before starting every shift, no more than two members in an elevator at any time, hugging is prohibited, and officials will distribute masks in an effort to keep members safe.

Many of the quarantined workers are anxious to get back to work, White said. 

“We’ve already taken steps to redeploy personnel,” White said. “I, myself, recently returned to work from being quarantined. The process worked for me. After my test results returned, I was able to return to work, and I’m committed to ensuring that every member of this department is safe."

Duggan, meanwhile, said he has not been tested because he doesn’t have symptoms and said he has tried to stay 6 feet from everyone, including Craig.

Duggan said vulnerable police departments are not just happening in Detroit.

"In the New York Police Department, they've got well over 300 officers who have tested positive for COVID-19, and three of their highest police officials have also tested positive," Duggan said.

"This is the world that we live in now. The focus of medical directors with first responders is to protect them from being infected from the citizens they interact with."

Detroit police commissioner Willie Burton said the police department has been hit hard by the virus.

“Right now, I’m asking the community to pray for this department, and pray for Chief Craig’s speedy recovery,” he said.

Burton said the department is in capable hands with White, who has been directing the department’s COVID-19 response strategy.

“DPD has many highly-trained assistant chiefs and deputy chiefs who are capable of getting the job done,” Burton said. “AC White has many years of experience and will be able to step in for the chief in this crisis."

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Tales Of The New Crown: Trump Signs TARP 2.0

We are in Detroit.


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Macomb County Trafficker Of Tiny Humans Prosecutor Eric Smith, et al, Finally Indicted

What has yet to be unsealed is the trafficking of tiny humans in Michigan.

Yes, Eric Smith, Prosecutor for Macomb County, Michigan runs Termination of Parental Rights cases.

These are cases where his team of tiny human traffickers run some fake ass cases to cover up their activities of Child Protective Services legally kidnapping children of "The Poors" (always said with clinched teeth) in an act of acquisition of goods, for a foreign nation, to process through some fake ass Foster Care billing for services phantom services, kiddy kickbacks, double, and treble billing to Targeted Case Management of Medicaid, to run through some fake ass Child Welfare NGOs, as they use kids as lab rats in some seriously nefarious phamaceutical and epigenetic experiments, just so they can fund their campaigns, to stay in office, to procure more dumb ass, fake family services, so they can go to the strip club to do lines off the ass of a kid who aged out foster care.

Yes, I said that.

I spied with mine eyes, the lies, of what they do to tiny humans.


Macomb County also has been running Child Support fraud schemes under Title IV-D, putting fathers in jail, solely for the reasons of hailing from the population of "The Poors" (always said with clinched teeth).

Heck, I remember working on the case when Macomb County was running an auto theft ring, driving up with tow trucks, towing SUVs out of hotel parking lots in the middle of the night, selling them in Ohio.

The case is out there, look it up.

I did not get into the money laundering through those god forsaken Foster Care and Adoption dens of atrocious inequities.

I have seen these people double bill in Wayne and Macomb Counties.....because they like to borrow the revenue maximizations fraud schemes.

Praise the lord.

Mirs News (Subscription service. The article should be out later.)

Macomb Prosecutor, 3 Others Charged With Felonies

Eric Smith
Macomb County Prosecutor Eric SMITH, assistant prosecutor Derek MILLER and two other individuals have been charged with a litany of felony crimes, including embezzlement, misconduct in office and conducting a criminal enterprise.

Michigan Attorney General Dana NESSEL announced today that Smith faces 10 charges, including official misconduct in office and tampering with evidence in a civil proceeding as well as five counts of embezzlement by a public official. He faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted as charged.

Benjamin LISTON, retired Macomb County assistant prosecutor and former chief of operations, and Miller, a former state representative, each face official misconduct in office charge while Liston also is charged with embezzlement. Liston faces up to 20 years in prison and Miller up to five years if they are convicted as charged.

Business executive William WEBER is charged with forgery, larceny by conversion, aiding and abetting Smith's embezzlement and receiving and concealing stolen property. He faces up to 14 years in prison if convicted as charged.

Nessel’s office today sought arrest warrants for the four men following a year-long public integrity investigation involving the Attorney General's Public Integrity Unit, the Michigan State Police and other agencies.

"It is my conclusion today, that the following individuals not only violated the bare minimum standards of integrity, they corrupted the justice system and trampled upon the public trust while doing so," Nessel said.

Southfield's 46th District Court Judge Cynthia ARYANT was appointed by the State Court Administrator to sign the warrants after Macomb County 41B District Court judges recused themselves.

Due to the public health emergency and the state’s stay-at-home order, Nessel issued a video today discussing the situation.

Listen to Dana present her transposable model in the Termination of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms for breaching oath of office to protect the children's trust, called posterity.


Macomb County, Michigan Traffickers of Tiny Humans

Child Abuse and Neglect Proceedings - Macomb County Prosecuting Attorney

The Michigan Department of Human Services (formerly the Family Independence Agency) is the agency charged with the responsibility for investigating allegations of child abuse or neglect. The Juvenile Division of the Macomb County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office is the legal consultant to the DHS. This means that an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney will represent the DHS at all stages of a child protective proceeding.

A child abuse/neglect proceeding begins with the filing of a petition with the Circuit Court Family Division in the County where the abused or neglected child “is found”. A petition is a complaint or other written allegation that a parent, guardian, non-parent adult, or legal custodian has harmed or failed to properly care for a child. The purposes of a petition are to frame the issues for the court and to provide notice of the allegations to a respondent (usually a parent). Typically, a DHS Children’s Protective Services worker prepares and files a petition with the court. However, prosecutors, school officials, the Children’s Ombudsman of Michigan, guardians, custodians, and foster parents may file petitions.

If a petition is filed and requests placement of the child outside the parental/custodial home, the court must hold a preliminary hearing to decide whether to authorize the filing of the petition and continue the child’s placement outside of the home. The preliminary hearing must commence no later than 24 hours after the child has been taken into protective custody. In cases in which the child has been severely physically injured or sexually abused, the preliminary hearing must commence no later than 24 hours after the DHS submits a petition.

If the court authorizes the petition at the preliminary hearing, the matter will be scheduled for a pretrial before a judge or referee. At that pretrial the respondent will have the opportunity to admit to the allegations, or a portion of the allegations in the petition, or deny the validity of the allegations contained in the petition. If a respondent admits to the allegations contained in the petition, the child will be made a temporary court ward. If the respondent or respondents deny the allegations contained in the petition the matter will be scheduled for a bench trial before a judge or referee, or a jury trial before a judge.

If a respondent admits to the petition, or if a referee, judge or jury found after trial that the petitioner proved at least one of the allegations by a preponderance of the evidence, the child is made a temporary court ward. The matter must then proceed to an initial dispositional hearing. The purpose of the hearing is to determine what measures the court will take with respect to a child properly within its jurisdiction and, when applicable against any adult. Generally the court orders regarding a plan for reunification is based upon the recommendations of a DHS Foster Care Specialist. Prior to the dispositional hearing the Foster Care Specialist will have met with the respondents, conducted a family history, and drafted a parent agency agreement which lists all the services the DHS believes will assist the family in reunification.

Following the initial disposition the court will schedule periodic dispositional review hearings. The purpose of these review hearings is to monitor a respondent’s progress in complying with and completing the court ordered remedial measures. The respondent, respondent’s attorney, the Foster Care Specialist, an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Foster Parents, and any professional involved in the treatment plan may participate in a review hearing. Dispositional review hearings must be conducted every 90 days. The court may order additional reviews sooner than every 90 days if the court deems it necessary.

Permanency planning hearings are conducted to review the progress being made toward returning home a child in foster care, or to show why the child should not be made a permanent court ward. A court must hold a permanency planning hearing no later than one year after an original petition was filed. The permanency planning hearing is conducted in the same manner as the review hearing described above. However, at the conclusion of the permanency planning hearing the court must order the child returned home unless it determines that the return would cause a substantial risk of harm to the life, physical health, or the mental well-being of the child. If returned home, the child may be dismissed as a court ward, or may continue as a court ward to monitor the adjustment to the home environment. If the court determines at a permanency planning hearing that the child should not be returned home, it must order the DHS to initiate proceedings to terminate parental rights.

Upon the filing of a supplemental petition, the court will schedule a termination trial. If the child is already a court ward the respondent has no right to a jury trial. In certain cases of severe physical abuse, or sexual abuse the DHS may request termination of parental rights in an initial petition. Once a court finds by clear and convincing evidence after trial that a legal basis for termination exists, the court must terminate parental rights unless termination is clearly not in the best interest of the child. Parental rights to a child include the rights to custody, control, services, earnings, and inheritance. If all parental rights to a child are terminated, the child will be placed in the permanent custody of the court for purposes of placement and where appropriate, adoption. Termination of parental rights does not extinguish an obligation to pay child support.

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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Tales Of The New Crown: Horace Sheffield III Is Infected

Horace Sheffield was infected in New York when he met with Al Sharpton.

Then he came back to Detroit to met with family and friends.

I wonder if his daughter, City Councilwoman Mary Sheffield is positive for the virus.

I am keeping my fingers crossed Fat Ass got it.

Horace is a player in the 2012, 2014, 2016 & 2018 election interference.

Horace was mean to my Sweetie.


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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Tales Of The New Crown: TARP 2.0 To Roll Out In Detroit

I truly hope you take great pride in knowing I did this in one breath, and did not pass out in constructing my response to TARP 2.0, by which these people taunt me, calling it Families First Coronavirus Recovery Act.

The ukrainians did not waste any time setting up their fraud schemes, oops, I mean lending. See, those loans to the bank from the Treasury are going to be forgiven, but the loans from the bank to the small businesses will not, so they can foreclose on them after the businesses do renovation, new stock, new marketing campaigns, you know, turnkey shops, so they can turn around and sell them to other foreign corporations through fake ass LLCs, so they can take out small business loans, where the federal government will forgive the loans to the bank, but the bank will not forgive for the small business, then foreclose on them, wiping out the debt, so they can sell it to another fake ass LLC...... and the cycle becomes eternal because they will go through the Detroit Land Bank Authority by and through the Archdiocese of Detroit, to run the money through lots of trafficking tiny human NGOs like Catholic Charities, and other foster care and adoption agencies, who are the ones who will be buying up these foreclosed small businesses with their fake ass LLCs to fund political campaigns, to pass more asset forfeiture laws, so they can come up with more fake ass LLCs to .....

These people taunt me.

These people think they are funny.

This is JonesDay & Perkins Coie Sucks in full spectacle.

This is TARP 2.0 and they went full force in letting the world know that they are claiming their foreign corporate Parental Rights.

This is gerrymandering on steroids and you know what that is...stealin' the children, land & vote.

This is what happens when you get a federal emergency manager.

Emperor Pence is just an magnus of Kevyn Orr.

Listen to him tell you exactly what he was planning to do to the nation, starting @12:15

Emperor Pence campaigning at the Detroit Economic Club on his path to claim the crown as Emergency Manager to launch TARP 2.0.

Hey, they got away with TARP, so why not do it again.

This is about Parental Rights.

Where is Tony Perkins?


Wayne Co, TCF Bank roll out small business relief loan fund amid coronavirus

WAYNE COUNTY, Mich. (FOX 2) - Wayne County and TCF have partnered to quickly provide thousands of dollars to small businesses in the county who now find themselves struggling amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The $10 million partnership is targeted to help small businesses in low income census tracts that have been hardest hit. Loans up to $50,000 with interest rates between 0 - 2% will be made to eligible to Wayne County businesses in need.

The Wayne County program is designed to help these small businesses get immediate financial help during the pandemic.

While recent federal government programs have thankfully been enacted to help small businesses, Wayne County and TCF realized such funds may not be dispersed quick enough to provide needed relief and ensure small businesses are able to pay wages, rent, utilities and stay operational.

Loan amounts will be available between $5,000 and $50,000 with interest rates ranging between 0 - 2%.

All loans will have a 12-month term with interest-only payments for the first six months and regular payments afterward. At the end of 12 months, the loan will be paid in a single balloon payment.

In order to qualify for the loan, your business must:

Employ less than 100 employees
Have annual revenue under $1 million
Reside in a low income census tract in Wayne County

For more information, contact one of the 15 Wayne County TCF Bank & Chemical Bank banking centers.

Loan application and a list of banking centers located in Wayne County can be found at and

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Tales Of The New Crown: Michigan DHHS BRIDGES Falling Down - Detroit Food Banks Closing

MI Bridges
It seems Michigan Bridges is about to collapse, again.

Ah, the memories.

I remember when Michigan DHHS previously shut down because it was never designed to handle high traffic of individuals in need.

Michigan likes to kick people off from receiving benefits, like parents who have to spend the rest of their living days caring for children who were drugged, raped, beaten and tortured in Foster Care and its lab rat tiny human experimental institutions that bill Medicaid, and get federal, state and private, foreign NGO grants..... to allow the drugging, raping, beating and torture of children in Foster Care who survived being tiny human lab rats for years.


Michigan wants parents to who have saved their children from the hell of its Child Welfare System to be put back into the Child Welfare System.

It is just a chattel issue of Parental Rights, because the parents can not provide for the necessary needs of the child, which is child abuse, and grounds to legally transfer custody and/or guardianship to a foreign, private contracted Child Welfare NGO, like an institution, so the parent can go work a slave wage midnight job, so they can take the bus to visit their child during the day.


But, visitation of residential institutions may be suspended, due to the coronavirus, but I digress.

SACWIS sucks, too, which is how these people "maximize revenue" because not for profits can not generate revenue when it comes to Medicaid Fraud in Child Welfare.

No photo description available.
Detroit Food Banks closing
due to the cooties
Just a nomenclature thang, you know.

MiLogin Slowness
The MiLogin system is experiencing extremely heavy traffic. If your MI Bridges session ends or you are having difficulty accessing your account, please attempt logging in later. The MI Bridges Support phone line cannot assist with the slowness being experienced or MiWAM (unemployment) site access. MiWAM for resident access here.

We have food banks, now, but if you have no car, you have to take the bus, where you have to carry your food box back on the bus, but the food banks are closing due to the coronavirus, and it becomes musical locations for times and places of pick up, now.

But, I digress, again.

I am waiting for the system to crash and people be denied assistance.

Michigan likes to keep the SNAP funding for their "other" private contracted projects.

They like to use predictive modeling crap to see how much they can maximize for those Social Impact Bonds, you know.

I encourage everyone to apply for assistance, just to crash the system, skew data and demonstrate that Michigan needs to go into federal receivership for what they did to the people, particularly the children of the state.


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Tales Of The New Crown: Putin Prepares For His Detroit Grande Entrance With Voting Rights

Voting Rights is more than just standing in line casting a ballot.

Voting Rights addresses Parental Rights, which addresses the Right to Keep and Bear Arms of a nation state, where, the nation state, in this instance, is Russia, where, I bet he got it from Detroit.

The legislative body of a nation state has Voting Rights, if they have not been stripped by a court of law.

Putin has the companion backpocket obstruction of justice to Trump's backpocket obstruction of justice.

Perhaps, they shall both stop obstructing justice and pull those legal mechanisms from their backpockets, simultaneously, but hey, what do I know?

I know Maria Butina is still free and Paul Whelan is not.

Putin delays constitutional vote allowing him to keep power

Russian President Vladimir Putin, center, and the hospital's chief Denis Protsenko, right, walk in to the hospital for coronavirus patients in Kommunarka settlement, outside Moscow, Russia, Tuesday, March 24, 2020.
Puti Poo rocking that athletic suit.
Moscow – Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday postponed a nationwide vote on proposed constitutional amendments that include a change that would allow him to seek another term in power.

Putin didn’t set a new date for the plebiscite originally set for April 22, saying that it would depend on how the new coronavirus pandemic develops.

He also announced during a televised address to the nation that the government doesn’t want Russians except those working in essential sectors to come to work next week. He said that stores, pharmacies and banks will stay open.

“Health, life and safety of the people is an absolute priority for us,” Putin said.

Under current law, Putin wouldn’t be able to run for president again in 2024 because of term limits. A new measure would reset his term count, allowing him to run for two more six-year terms if he chooses.

The 67-year Russian leader has been in power since 2000, longer than any other country ruler since Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.

Russian authorities reported 163 more virus cases in the country Wednesday since the day before, bringing the national total to 658. That marked a significantly bigger daily increase from previous days, when the number of new infections grew only by several dozens.

Russia’s comparatively low caseload given its size and shared border with China has raised questions and in some quarters, doubts. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin told Putin on Tuesday that the low number of cases in Russia could reflect insufficient screening rather than the actual scale of the epidemic and said the situation was “serious.”

Denis Protsenko, chief doctor of the top Moscow hospital treating COVID-19 patients, echoed the mayor’s sentiment and later told Putin that Russia needed to “prepare for the Italian scenario.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin, center, wearing a protective suit enters a hall during his visit to the hospital for coronavirus patients in Kommunarka settlement, outside Moscow, Russia, Tuesday, March 24, 2020. (Photo: Alexei Druzhinin, AP)

Putin last week ordered the vote on amending the Russian Constitution to be held but kept the door open for a delay if the coronavirus situation worsened. He donned a yellow protective suit during a visit to a Moscow hospital treating people with COVID-19 and conferred with officials on strategies to contain the outbreak.

Other constitutional changes further strengthen the presidency and emphasize the priority of Russian law over international norms – a provision reflecting the Kremlin’s irritation with the European Court of Human Rights and other international bodies that have often issued verdicts against Russia.

There are also proposed amendments to outlaw same-sex marriage and to mention “a belief in God” as one of Russia’s traditional values.

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Tales Of The New Crown: U.S. Can No Longer Traffic Tiny Humans From China

It seems the coronavirus is sticking its invisible hand in the U.S. industry of trafficking tiny humans out of China.
是 是!

'Devastated': Adoptions for U.S. families disrupted by coronavirus

Lian Driver was adopted in 2016 from Fuzhou in Fujian Province of China. His parents, Cady and Chris, had plans to travel to China to adopt a little girl in February, but their plans were put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. (Courtesy of Katelyn McKay Photography)
"Yes, yes! Nobody in the U.S. can buy and sell me anymore!"
Tea sets, bows, a doll house, a pink duvet covering the bottom bunk bed and a photo tacked onto the fridge — these are just some of the Driver family’s reminders of a little girl in a Chinese orphanage waiting to be adopted.

Cady and Chris Driver of Garner, North Carolina, anticipated adopting 2-year-old Ella earlier this year. But instead of flying to China in February, they had to delay their plans because of travel restrictions associated with the coronavirus outbreak.

“It makes me feel very sad and frustrated. We’ve been waiting so long to meet her and make her a part of our family, but we are resigned to waiting it out for the good of everyone,” Mrs. Driver said. “Within the adoption community on social media, parents are just devastated that they can’t go get their children, but I mean, obviously, we want to be safe.”

As the outbreak appears to be subsiding in China, American families whose adoption plans have been delayed express hope that they will be able to travel to the country in late spring.

China on Saturday reported no new coronavirus infections in Hubei province, where the outbreak originated. Residents in Hubei province have resumed a more normal routine, with some businesses and factories reopening and many domestic travel restrictions being lifted.

“As soon as we possibly can, we would like to go get Ella and bring her to her forever home here. As soon as it’s safe for everyone involved and we will, of course, take every precaution,” Mrs. Driver said.

Despite some good news out of China, the increase in infections elsewhere, including in the U.S., creates uncertainty for families trying to adopt internationally. The State Department on Thursday issued an advisory urging citizens to avoid all travel abroad because of the global impact of COVID-19.

The Drivers started the adoption process for Ella through the International Adoption Net in January 2019. They have set up a bedroom for her to share with their 6-year-old son, Lian, who was adopted from China in 2016. Like Lian, Ella was born with Down syndrome.

“We just felt really drawn toward China because the orphanages have a lot of children who have special needs, and they have a hard time finding homes for those children,” Mrs. Driver said.

“You love that child already, and you’ve been working a whole year. And they are a whole world away and you can’t get to them,” she said. “It’s been really hard just waiting.”

In 2018, there were 4,059 intercountry adoptions to the U.S., according to the latest annual report from the State Department. Of those, 1,475 adoptions were from China. Many children in Chinese orphanages have some type of special needs.

Toni and Dayton Puckett, who live in Farmville, Virginia, booked a two-week trip to China to pick up their daughter, with plans to leave at the end of January and arrive back in the States in mid-February.

But travel restrictions as a result of the coronavirus outbreak put a wrench in their plans.

The Pucketts discovered the 3-year-old girl via an email sent by America World Adoption at the end of July. The Pucketts decided to name her Riese, a combination of the names of Toni’s mother and grandmother.

“I think we knew deep down that she was our daughter the very first night that my husband, Dayton, and I saw her picture and read a short description about her,” Mrs. Puckett said.

The family began the adoption process in August and received a letter of acceptance from China a few weeks later.

America World Adoption logo
Anna Graham, chief operating officer of America World Adoption, said the coronavirus outbreak directly impacted about 15 families working with the agency in various stages of the adoption process. A handful of families were set to travel in February, plane tickets in hand, but had to cancel their arrangements.

These adoptive families opened their hearts and homes to a child and already are waiting for several months to obtain government approval to finalize adoptions, only for plans to unexpectedly come to a halt, Ms. Graham said.

“It’s a lot to get to that final stage, and then here at the eleventh hour, you have to wait. It’s just so heartbreaking, and much of the adoption process involves painful waiting and a lot of processes that are out of your control as an adoptive parent,” Ms. Graham said.

“But I think this is a whole new level of a situation that was outside of expectation or control,” she added. “Obviously, it’s now more difficult in that we don’t have an answer for families for when we anticipate they will be able to travel.”

Since the outbreak began, America World Adoption and adoptive families have donated masks, medical supplies and thousands of dollars to support health care needs to orphanages in China.

Ryan Hanlon, vice president of research, education and constituent services for the National Council for Adoption, urged adoptive parents to continue to be patient and to follow the guidance of the State Department and adoption authorities.

“My experience has been that as eager as adoptive parents are to travel, they understand this is an issue that’s much larger than adoption,” he said. “They’re not blaming anyone. They just feel distraught for the child and want to complete the adoption.”

He said it is encouraging that families were able to resume adoptions after outbreaks such as the 2002-2003 epidemic of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

“Pointing families toward historical reminders can be helpful when we’re in the middle of a situation that’s very disappointing like this,” Mr. Hanlon said. “Every family that’s delayed and every child that’s delayed in joining a family, that is a tragedy. … This is something that will pass, and we have every reason to believe that adoptions will resume again when it’s a safer time to travel.”

Aside from travel restrictions, there is concern about bringing adoptive children to the U.S. as the country reports more cases.

Mrs. Puckett said her family is worried about bringing Riese to the States anytime soon, especially since her immune system is likely underdeveloped from living in an orphanage for almost her entire life.

She said her family has no idea when they will travel to China to meet Riese and bring her home.

“If we have learned anything at all in this very lengthy adoption process, full of so many ups and downs, it is that God is in control and that we will meet our daughter in his perfect timing,” Mrs. Puckett said. “Faith has led us this far, and it will keep us going.”

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Tales Of The New Crown: Marlowe Stoudamire, Mentor To Ian Conyers, The Jet Setting Co-Conspirator, Dies

I wonder if Ian Conyers is going to pick up the torch, since he works so well with the Detroit Land Bank Authority during a SIGTARP investigation, but, hey, what do I know?

Detroit consultant with no known health issues or recent travel dies after COVID-19 diagnosis

I know it is a harrowing experience when the death of someone close to you is announced in the media, and no one reaches out to you because they were co-conspirators. 

Detroit champion, father, husband, dies after coronavirus diagnosis

Marlowe Stoudamire was larger than life, a vibrant man with a huge smile, known for his tireless dedication to Detroit, his kindness, and his honesty. He truly saw others, and dedicated his life to building Detroit community, and creating opportunity for Detroit and Detroiters.

Marlowe Stoudamire stands by his award-winning Detroit 67 project in 2017.
Marlowe Stoudamire, where tanks are used
as a butterfly effect in Detroit
He died Tuesday, a victim of the spreading coronavirus outbreak. He was 43; and is survived by his wife, Valencia, and two young children.

Michigan has now reported 24 coronavirus deaths, and nearly 1,800 cases.

"Today this became deeply personal for me," said Bob Riney, COO of Henry Ford Health System, and a personal friend of Stoudamire's. "Marlowe was a light to the city, a light to the region, a light to the time he spent with Henry Ford Health System, just a great, great dad and husband."

"We are mourning his loss," Riney said. "This is a very, very sad day."

Stoudamire, who was project director of international business strategy at Henry Ford Health System before leaving to found consultancy Butterfly Effect Detroit, brought excellence and enthusiasm to his work, Riney said.

"To say he was an idea generator is an understatement," Riney said. "It was very common for him to call me at any hour to say, 'I just drove by this building and I had this idea ...' ... I would have a point of view about something in the community, and he would challenge me on it. We gave each other permission to be brutally honest with each other, because we knew we could trust each other."

Stoudamire had also worked at the Skillman Foundation, and led the Detroit Historical Museum's award-winning Detroit 67 project, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the 67 uprising. He was a graduate of Cass Technical High school; Stoudamire held a bachelor’s degree from Wayne State University, a master’s from Central Michigan University and attended Harvard Business School’s Young American Leaders program.

One of Stoudamire's last projects was a partnership with the NHL and the Detroit Red Wings called "Learn, Play, Score," an initiative to bring hockey to more than 30,000 Detroit youth through street hockey at 79 schools, and 12 parks and rec centers, hockey as a classroom tool, e-sports, scholarships for hockey programs, open skate sessions at Little Caesars arena and more.

Those who knew Stoudamire said he was committed to restoring Detroit’s glory through his various projects and relationships. He was a man of action, they said.

“He was one of those shining examples of what you can do when you’re committed to making Detroit a better place,” former state Sen. Ian Conyers said. “Marlowe made Detroit a better place. He was doing it.”

Conyers said he was working out of an art shop on Livernois Avenue in high school when he met Stoudamire. Stoudamire, who was about 10 years older, became a mentor to Conyers and other younger people in the neighborhood.

“I never thought of Marlowe as anything but a straight-up Detroit guy,” Conyers said.

As committed as he was to Detroit, Stoudamire was eager to expand his outlook. He received a fellowship through the German Marshall Fund of the United States and was involved with the Harvard Business School Young American Leaders Program.

“His trajectory was limitless,” said Ken Harris, president and CEO of the National Business League, Inc.

When Stoudamire was in his 20s, Harris said they gravitated toward each other. They shared interests in entrepreneurship, economics and lifting up the city’s black professionals, said Harris, who sponsored Stoudamire into the Omega Psi Phi fraternity.

“Marlowe had no bounds and no borders. He was truly a transformational figure,” Harris said. “His spirit will be felt not just in Detroit but internationally.”

One of Stoudamire’s most enduring efforts may be Roster Detroit, an initiative to recognize and showcase the talent of black Detroiters, and push back against the narrative that talent has been leaving Detroit and the state. Roster Detroit began as a series of Facebook posts in which Stoudamire would profile friends in his vast network, showing broad audience Detroiters’ talents and accomplishments.

Stoudamire’s death shows how unprepared the country was for the pandemic, Harris said.

“To see someone that you love so close to you be taken away from us by this particular virus is nothing we all expect, but at the same time it sends a strong message that the community has to take this pandemic seriously.”

Riney echoed those sentiments: "The social distancing some find a nuisance, they should consider their obligation. It is an obligation for us to take this seriously and break the ability for the virus to spread."

But there's hope, he said.

"We have a choice in bringing out the best in each other, or the worst in each other. I'm seeing the vast majority of people bringing out the best in each other. Marlowe's death makes me do an even better job of messaging the distancing we talk about to everybody. Even in this terrible time, there can be amazing lessons we learn as we grow stronger as a community. I can't think of a better gift to Marlowe than that."

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Tales Of The New Crown: Detroit Finally Reaches Out To People Living Without Water While Still Shutting Off Water

Detroit Water and Sewage Department is reaching out to people who have been living without water for up to a year, but what about the those whose water is about to be shutoff at any moment?

I assume the rate of infection will increase.

What do you think?

I think Gary Brown will soon have to answer to the infections and deaths of those who did not have water.

When your water is shutoff, people tend to find other places to live, abandoning the properties for the Detroit Land Bank Authority to quiet title.

I wonder if Gary checked with the Detroit Land Bank Authority, first, considering the fact that this fake ass working group levies taxes and collects past due water bills that do not exist.

Detroit reaching out to 5K households that might not have water amid virus outbreak

DWSD Director Gary Brown
"Just because GLWA is stealin' your water bill money
does not mean we will keep your water on."
Detroit — The city's water department is reaching out to thousands more households that could be occupied and without water as coronavirus cases continue to climb.

Beginning Tuesday, Detroit's Water and Sewerage Department is taking steps "out of abundance of caution" to contact 5,000 households as it works to restore service to all accounts previously cutoff for nonpayment amid the virus outbreak, DWSD spokesman Bryan Peckinpaugh said in an email.

The water department on March 9 identified about 3,600 accounts that had been without water for more than a year and initiated a broad outreach effort after Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan unveiled an interim policy to restore water service to customers at a discounted rate.

Of the first properties identified, Peckinpaugh said the department found that close to 800 of the homes already had service re-established under a different account. The remaining 2,800 addresses "were the priority as the households were most likely occupied and without water service," he said.

The water department hired the Detroit-based community outreach firm Human Fliers to knock on doors at each of the households and distribute door hangers with information on how to get service restored. The team verified some that were vacant and about 2,000 others didn't answer, weren't home or were unoccupied, officials have said.

On Tuesday, Human Fliers began visiting the 5,000 additional properties, passing out door hangers and attempting to contact any occupants. They plan to visit 750 to 1,000 per day, Peckinpaugh said.

"The second wave of door hangers is going to 5,000 addresses of older accounts that show no water usage," Peckinpaugh said. "We are already finding most of these houses had water restored in another name or are now vacant."

Under the restoration program, eligible residents will pay $25 a month for water service for as long as the coronavirus remains a threat. The first month's payment of $25 will be covered by the state.

To sign up for, residents can call the Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency at (313) 386-9727 to set up an appointment.

During Detroit City Council's formal session on Tuesday, DWSD Director Gary Brown said 700 water accounts have been restored, 300 others have pending work orders and 300 more slated to be turned off over nonpayment won't be. Additionally, plumbing fixes are being made at 150 Detroit homes to get water flowing again, he said.

Brown told council members that 100 water department workers are out on the city's streets right now, "turning on water exclusively."

The People's Water Board Coalition has put out a call to the state, asking that emergency water stations be installed and sanitizing products distributed in Detroit and Flint. The group also has warned it is "deeply concerned" that Detroit's water department will be unable to carry out the restoration plan for homes with burst pipes, lead contamination or plumbing worries after been shut off over nonpayment for weeks to years.

On Tuesday, Denise Fair, Detroit's chief public health officer, said cases of COVID-19 in the city have soared to 551 and there have been eight deaths. That's up from just 14 cases initially reported in the city last week, she said.

Peckinpaugh said beyond ensuring every home in Detroit that provides access to restore water has it back on, the process also is helping DWSD update existing data with occupancy information.

Brown reiterated Tuesday that the water department has an open line of communication with activists and encourages them and community members to be in contact with DWSD if they know of households without water that haven't received a response.

“Help us find these people so that we can give them the information and get their water on,” he said. “I want to know where they all are.”

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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Vatican Prepares For War Crimes Prosecution For Trafficking Tiny Humans

Now, why would Pope Francis update the nation's judicial system?

Well, considering the fact that the Vatican is a foreign nation, whereby its GDP is based upon its thousand years global industry of trafficking tiny humans, I am going with "war crimes" as my final answer.

The pope updates Vatican judicial system

New law assures judiciary independence and brings Vatican into line with international legal treaties, while maintaining the paramount place of canon law

This new judicial organization proposed by Pope Francis is 'in many ways very modern,' assures the president of the Vatican tribunal Giuseppe Pignatone.

As small as it is — no more than 44 hectares — Vatican City State is nonetheless independent and therefore governed by its own judicial system.

On Monday, March 16, Pope Francis revised this system by promulgating Law 35.

It replaces previous legislation that John Paul II decreed in 1987.

In the preamble to the 31 articles of this new law, Francis says changes were required to reflect "a significantly different historical and institutional context."

He notes that it is in line with recent "normative reforms in economic-financial and penal matters, as well as a consequence of adherence to important international conventions.

"The pope says it is also a question of improving the "efficiency" of the Vatican's justice system.

The Holy See Press Office said the new law aims in particular to "guarantee the independence of judicial bodies and magistrates."

Magistrates "exercise their powers with impartiality," the law states.

They have the faculty to directly call on the judicial police, which is exercised by the Vatican Gendarmerie.

The text also states that magistrates depend only on the pope.

He appoints them and grants them Vatican citizenship for the duration of their term of service.

Qualification requirements for judges

The new law says the virtue of justice must be the basis of the small state's judicial system.

"The cardinal virtue of justice, in fact, enlightens and synthesizes the very purpose of the judicial power proper to each state in order to cultivate the personal, generous and responsible commitment of those invested with the jurisdictional function which is, above all, essential," the pope says.

Magistrates will be "chosen preferably from among tenured or retired university professors, and in any case from among renowned jurists who have acquired proven experience in the judicial or forensic, civil, criminal or administrative fields."

In addition, specialized magistrates may be recruited in response to "specific requirements."

This increase in requirements is also reflected in the composition of the Court of First Instance, which is now composed of the president and four other magistrates, one more than under the law in force until now.Of these judges, at least one exercises this task "on a full-time basis, without having subordinate working relationships or carrying out independent activities of a continuous nature."

A 'very modern' lawPope Francis notes another important point of this new law in his preamble.

Namely, that it "preserves and ensures the specificity of Vatican law, which recognizes the canonical system as the first source of legislation and the first criterion of reference for interpretation."

It is thus required that one of the magistrates of the Vatican Tribunal be an expert in canon law.

Likewise, one must have "proven knowledge of canon law" to be a lawyer.

This new judicial organization is "in many ways very modern," assures Giuseppe Pignatone, the President of the Vatican Tribunal.

Writing in L'Osservatore Romano, he said it aims to "guarantee the conditions of independence and efficiency" of magistrates.

There are other provisions, such as the possibility of the addition of judges to judge in collegial form a cassation case — this law is due to come into force in one month.

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DOJ: FBI Takes Down a Russian-Based Hacker Platform; Arrests Suspected Russian Site Administrator

You can access, virtually, the same information human databases from the Secretaries of State for voting and real properties grifting purposes.

San Diego – A Russian-based cyber platform known as DEER.IO was shut down by the FBI today, and its suspected administrator – alleged Russian hacker Kirill Victorovich Firsov - was arrested and charged with crimes related to the hacking of U.S. companies for customers’ personal information.
DEER.IO was a Russian-based cyber platform that allowed criminals to purchase access to cyber storefronts on the platform and sell their criminal products or services.  DEER.IO started operations as of at least October 2013, and claimed to have over 24,000 active shops with sales exceeding $17 million. The platform was shut down pursuant to a seizure order issued by the Southern District of California Court.
FBI agents arrested Firsov, a Russian cyber hacker, on March 7 in New York City. Firsov not only managed the DEER.IO platform, he also advertised it on other cyber forums, which catered to hackers. Firsov is next scheduled to appear on April 16, 2020, before U.S. Magistrate Judge Allison H. Goddard.
According to a federal complaint, DEER.IO virtual stores offered for sale a variety of hacked and/or compromised U.S. and international financial and corporate data, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and compromised user accounts from many U.S. companies. Individuals could also buy computer files, financial information, PII, and usernames and passwords taken from computers infected with malicious software (malware) located both in the U.S. and abroad. Law enforcement found no legitimate business advertising its services and/or products through a DEER.IO storefront. Store operators and customers accessed the storefront via the Internet.  Specifically, in this case, the FBI made purchases from DEER.IO storefronts hosted on Russian servers.
The DEER.IO platform offered a turnkey online storefront design and hosting platform, from which cybercriminals could advertise and sell their products (such as harvested credentials and hacked servers) and services (such as assistance performing a panoply of cyber hacking activities). The DEER.IO online stores were maintained on Russian-controlled infrastructure. The DEER.IO platform provided shop owners with an easy-to-use interface that allowed for the automated purchase and delivery of criminal goods and services.
Once shop access was purchased via the DEER.IO platform, the site then guided the newly-minted shop owner through an automated set-up to upload the products and services offered through the shop and configure crypto-currency wallets to collect payments for the purchased products and/or services.
As of 2019, a cybercriminal who wanted to sell contraband or offer criminal services through DEER.IO could purchase a storefront directly from the DEER.IO website for 800 Rubles (approximately $12.50) per month. The monthly fee was payable by Bitcoin or a variety of online payment methods such as WebMoney, a Russian based money transfer system similar to PayPal.
A cybercriminal who wanted to purchase from storefronts on the DEER.IO platform could use a web browser to navigate to the DEER.IO domain, which resolved to DEER.IO storefronts. DEER.IO contained a search function, so individuals could search for hacked accounts from specific companies or PII from specific countries, or the user could navigate through the platform, scanning stores advertising a wide array of hacked accounts or cyber criminal services for sale. Purchases were also conducted using cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, or through the Russian-based money transfer systems.
On or about March 4, 2020, the FBI purchased approximately 1,100 gamer accounts from the DEER.IO store ACCOUNTS-MARKET.DEER.IS for under $20 in Bitcoin. Once payment was complete, the FBI obtained the gamer accounts, including the user name and password for each account. Out of the 1,100 gamer accounts, 249 accounts were hacked Company A accounts. Company A confirmed that if a hacker gained access to the user name and password of a user account, that hacker could use that account. A gamer account provides access to the user’s entire media library. The accounts often have linked payment methods, so the hacker could use the linked payment method to make additional purchases on the account. Some users also have subscription-based services attached to their gamer accounts.
On or about March 5, 2020, the FBI purchased approximately 999 individual PII accounts from the DEER.IO store SHIKISHOP.DEER.IS for approximately $170 in Bitcoin.  On that same date, the FBI purchased approximately 2,650 individual PII accounts from the DEER.IO store SHIKISHOP.DEER.IS for approximately $522 in Bitcoin. From those identities, the FBI identified names, dates of birth and U.S. Social Security numbers for multiple individuals who reside in San Diego County, including G.V. and L.Y.
“There is a robust underground market for hacked stolen information, and this was a novel way to try to market it to criminals hoping not to get caught,” said U.S. Attorney Robert Brewer. “Hackers are a threat to our economy, and our privacy and national security, and cannot be tolerated.”
FBI Special Agent in Charge Omer Meisel stated, “ was the largest centralized platform, which promoted and facilitated the sale of compromised social media and financial accounts, personally identifiable information (PII) and hacked computers on the internet. The seizure of this criminal website represents a significant step in reducing stolen data used to victimize individuals and businesses in the United States and abroad.  The FBI will continue to be at the forefront of protecting Americans from foreign and domestic cyber criminals.”
The office extends its appreciation to the New York Division of U.S. Customs and Border Protection operating at John F. Kennedy International Airport and to private sector cyber-security company Black Echo LLC, which provided assistance throughout the investigation.
Report cyber crimes by filing a complaint with the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center, by calling your local FBI office or 1800 CALL FBI.
DEFENDANT                                    Case Number20MJ1029
Kirill Victorovich Firsov                    Age: 28
Unauthorized Solicitation of Access Devices, 18 USC Sec. 1029(a)(6)(A)
Maximum Penalty: Ten years in prison, $250,000 fine, restitution.
Federal Bureau of Investigation

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