Thursday, March 21, 2019

DOJ OIG: Audit of Efforts to Safeguard Minors in Department of Justice Youth-Centered Programs

Department of Justice Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz announces the release of an Audit of Efforts to Safeguard Minors in Department of Justice Youth-Centered Programs.

JUDICIARY: Strzok Interview - A Closed Session With A Legal Genius

August 8, 2017

I am utterly speechless.

Strok just does not get it, another sign of a "Legal Genius" (trademark pending).

Gowdy gets it.

FBI Strzok & Page Did Not Get The Detroit Text Message

Image may contain: text

What city could possible fit in that redacted rectangle?

Jolly Jerry was trying to confirm rumors that he is under the watchful eyes of the gentleman who is always looking over his right shoulder.

Her Flatulent Boviness made sure she belted her praise of Hillary and Strzok into the record, her typical M.O. so she can cry the defensive #coloredrevolution battle cry of discrimination, racism, or senility when her dirt comes out.

Image may contain: text

This clownfest was painful which is why it took me so long to do.

Document: Transcript of Peter Strzok House Judiciary Committee Interview

House Judiciary Committee ranking member Doug Collins (R-Ga.) released the transcript of former Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI Counterintelligence Division Peter Strzok's interview with the House Judiciary Committee. The interview took place on June 27, 2018. The transcript is available in full here and below.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Michigan Foster Care Cover Up Death Squad Busted Again: From Ricky Holland To Omarion Humphrey - Not A Got Damn Thing Has Changed - Just Ask Nancy Edmunds

Ricky Holland
Word in the chatterverse has it that the autopsy says that he did not drown.

Michigan has always had a clean up squad in child welfare.

He should never have been there.

Ricky Holland should never have died, either.

Go get that piece of shit Steve Yager, now.

Go get Orlene Hawks.

Go get that entire Office of Children's Ombudsman.

Go get that Michigan Children's Institute.

Go get The Madame Maura Corrigan (said in a high British accent).

I command thee.

Foster agency connected to autistic boy who drowned agrees to close

Omarion Humphrey
 The foster care agency connected to the disappearance and drowning of a severely autistic boy has closed under an agreement with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Alternatives Services for Children and Families voluntarily surrendered its license and closed on Monday, July 1, 2016, according to an agreement with MDHHS Executive Director Steve Yager.

A state investigation into 9-year-old Omarion Humphrey's death recommended the license surrender. Investigators found that Alternative Services for Children and Families' license should be revoked because of licensing violations at multiple foster homes, MDHHS Spokesman Bob Wheaton said.

Humphrey was visiting Lake Callis in Davison Township with his foster family on July 4, 2015, when he disappeared. Six days later, following a massive search, his body was found in the lake. He apparently drowned.

Body in lake believed to be missing autistic boy, police said.

DAVISON TWP, MI - A body found today in Lake Callis is believed to be that of missing 9-year-old boy with autism, Omarion Humphrey, police said. Rescue crews have found a child's body in the water in Lake Callis in Davison Township....

Last year, the state verified that the 95 children under Alternative Services for Children and Families were safe and began transferring those cases to other private agencies and to MDHHS foster care workers.

Alternative Services for Children and Families still had about 40 children under its care as of June, but all cases were transferred by July 1, Wheaton said.

"Protecting vulnerable children is our top priority," Yager said. "We kept that in mind in recommending revocation of the license and in handling the closing. We took numerous steps to make sure that all children and foster families received appropriate services during this transition."

Revocation of a foster care agency license is rare and occurs when there are serious licensing violations that make closure necessary to protect children, the state said. Alternatives worked collaboratively with the department in reaching an agreement to surrender its license, according to a statement.

The Flint could not reach a representative for Alternatives for Children and Families for comment.

An August report from the MDHHS initially recommended the license revocation saying Alternatives for Children and Families had placed a child, presumably Omarion, in a foster home that had several previous infractions, many for lack of supervision.

Agency that placed autistic boy who drowned should lose license, state says
The state says the foster agency that placed 9-year-old Omarion Humphrey, the severely autistic boy who went missing and drowned in a Davison Township park, should lose its license.

The special investigation report, carried out in response to Omarion's disappearance and death, didn't identify Omarion's foster home or refer to Omarion by name. It refers to a "Foster Child A" who went missing.

The report also refers to a Foster Parent A who did not receive training on autism. The same Foster Parent A, according to the report, took in a child on the same day court documents show Omarion was removed from his biological home in Oakland County.

Missing autistic boy pulled from home squalor just months ago, court says
Investigators said Omarion was sleeping on the floor in a trash-ridden home without adult supervision, wore dirty clothes that didn't fit and had poor hygiene, the court documents say.

"Per the rule, Foster Parent A should have been provided training that related to Foster Child A's needs," the August report said. "At the very least, Foster Parent A should have been trained on how to handle issues dealing with Foster Child A's communication skills, physical safety and self-care."

In an Oakland County court hearing last July, a representative of Alternatives testified that Omarion's foster mother was licensed to foster special needs children, but did not have formal training for managing children with autism.

The foster mother used Internet research to educate herself on caring for autistic children, the Alternatives representative said.

Omarion and 10 of his siblings were removed from their biological parents' home and placed in foster care in 2015. Investigators said Omarion was sleeping on the floor in a trash-ridden home without adult supervision, wore dirty clothes that didn't fit and had poor hygiene, the court documents say.

A lawsuit that Omarion's estate has filed against Alternatives and foster mother Lulu Richardson is pending in Genesee Circuit Court.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Pretty Preet Warns Trump Of Impeachment If He Interferes In SDNY Investigations - What Ever Shall Rashida Tlaib Do?

Ok, so you mean to tell me that if Trump meddles with the SDNY investigations, the one on Ivanka, it will trigger the Democrats in Congress to start impeachment?

Oh, my!

Rashida Tlaib has made it quite clear that she is prepared to initiate impeachment proceedings in bringing resolution to the floor, upon this "Lawless President" even though Nancy Pelosi said it was not worth her time.

That would mean the U.S. House Judiciary Committee would have to prepare, unless Jolly Jerry is already preparing for impeachment.
Image result for preet bharara book
Doing Justice
So, if Jolly Jerry is triggered to start impeachment, well, that would mean that Trump would have to keep to his word and pull out that IG Report from his backpocket.

But, that would also mean that SDNY would be looking into things like Trump Tower Philippines and its Public Private Partnership which looks almost like the Detroit Land Bank Authority, except that the Century City Development Corporation was, at one point, an active incorporation.

Nancy Pelosi has Land Bank operations in the Philippines, too!

I guess you could say that this is a situation where we should encourage the initiation of the impeachment process so Trump can drop that IG Report, because we all want to know what is in it, but hey, what do I know?

I know Pretty Preet has a new book out!

Ex-U.S. Attorney Bharara to Trump: don't mess with Manhattan probes

(Reuters) - Preet Bharara, the ex-U.S. Attorney in Manhattan, has a piece of unsolicited advice for President Donald Trump: don't meddle with investigations being pursued by his former office, especially one involving the Trump business or a family member.

Any such attempt, Bharara predicted, would likely prompt Democrats in Congress to start the impeachment process.

Bharara, who was fired as head of the office soon after Trump became president, wrote a book, "Doing Justice: A Prosecutor's Thoughts on Crime, Punishment and the Rule of Law," that goes on sale Tuesday.
Former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara speaks during an interview with Reuters ahead of the release of his book "Doing Justice: A Prosecutors Thoughts on Crime, Punishment and the Rule of Law" in New York City, New York, U.S. March 13, 2019. Picture taken March 13, 2019. REUTERS/Mike Segar

Former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara speaks

A recurring theme in the book is the reputation of the Manhattan U.S. Attorney's office – formally known as the Southern District of New York – for political neutrality and independence.
The office's willingness to pursue high-profile cases was confirmed with its prosecution of Michael Cohen, Trump's former lawyer, who pleaded guilty in August to campaign finance crimes which prosecutors say he carried out at the direction of Trump.

The office's work is considered by many legal experts to be a bigger threat to Trump than Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe of Russia's interference in the 2016 election, which is believed to be nearing its conclusion.

Reuters asked Bharara what would happen if Trump ordered the Southern District to halt a probe, a prospect that may not be far-fetched given that Trump last year asked then-acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker if Geoffrey Berman, Bharara's Trump-appointed successor, could be tapped to oversee the Cohen investigation, according to the New York Times.

Berman is recused from the matter for undisclosed reasons.

Bharara said if he were still U.S. attorney and received such an order he would resign and buy "a one-way ticket for the shuttle to D.C." to testify before a congressional committee.

"And then, I think you set the timer on impeachment," he said. "So I don't think it would be a wise thing to do."

Trump has repeatedly criticized Mueller's probe as a "witch hunt" pushed by Democrats who want to impeach him. He has called Cohen a "rat," accusing him of lying to prosecutors to try and reduce his sentence of three years in prison due to start in May.

Rudy Giuliani, a lawyer for Trump, did not respond to requests for comment.

Unlike the special counsel, the Southern District has wide latitude to pursue cases with some connection to New York. In addition to Cohen, it is looking at Trump's inaugural committee and the business practices at Trump's real estate firm.

Bharara's book is not about Trump but he acknowledges the president "infuses the book like he infuses everyone's life at the moment" even if he is not cited frequently by name.

The book instead centers on a variety of both high-profile and lesser known cases to illustrate his views on how the justice system should work and when it falls short.

He addressed a frequent criticism of his tenure - that his and other agencies failed to prosecute bankers for the financial crisis. He wrote that holding people accountable was difficult because "much of what happened in 2008 was not the product of a few people with clear, provable intent."

He pushed back at the notion that politics, bias or other considerations blunted his response to the crisis, noting that the Southern District prosecuted hedge fund executives and New York politicians from both major parties during his time there.

"I'm more than willing to accept credible criticism on behalf of the law enforcement community, but the idea that self-interest or politics or fear was a factor is a silly criticism, at least at SDNY," he wrote.

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Alan Krueger, Father Of Predictive Modeling Crap On Modern Human Trafficking, Self-Extracts Himself From Society - Detroit Land Bank Authority, FARA, TARP & Princeton University

Image result for 1950s serious woman sipping whiskey
"Who's next?"
It is with the greatest joy that I announce the next self-extraction from society, the one, the only, Alan Krueger, the creator of predictive modeling crap of modern human trafficking, the father of privatization public policy in those crappy socioeconomic transposable models, my archnemisis.

He is the one who came up with maximization of revenues in child welfare, for which all his crap is used in all the universities because he wrote the foreign textbooks and foreign theories being taught throughout the United States as some really great crap.

He promulgated the same crap to destroy the lives of the people of Russia.

He was scheduled to speak April 11, 2019.

Harris and Krueger will give their takes on “An Equitable and Sustainable Future of Work” at Lehigh on April 11 after the university and South Bethlehem were selected to be the primary host in the United States .

He was employed and funded through foreign corporations of the University of Princeton, McArthur Foundation, and Gallup, not registered under FARA.

No photo description available.
Evidence of treason

This man is the progenitor of the theoretical base of the privatization of Michigan because it started in child welfare.

Michigan was the state that transposed the his predictive modeling crap from child welfare privatization to the cities, starting with Detroit, which is why he was pushing TARP.

He is Public Private Partnerships.

He is the Michigan Emergency Manager Law.

He is Detroit Bankruptcy.

He is the Grand Bargain.

He is the Detroit Land Bank Authority.

He is forced migration.

He is the stripper of voting rights.

He is the destructor, not instructor, of the legacies for a civil society.

I want his true legacy of stealin' the children, the land and the votes to be heralded through out the ages.

Welcome to the Quantum Renaissance for the Celestial Goddess cometh, but only after her Errant Knight releases her from the Woodshed.

Alan Krueger, the newly apointed Chief Economist at the Treasury Department, described what he believed was the best form of policy making. According to Krueger policy making under crisis was most effective. His chief example of good crisis policy making? TARP.

Alan Krueger, economic advisor to Obama and Clinton, dies at 58

Alan Krueger, a Princeton University economics professor who advised U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, died over the weekend at the age of 58, the university said on Monday. “It is with tremendous sadness we share that Professor Alan B. Krueger, beloved husband, father, son, brother, and Princeton professor of economics took his own life over the weekend. The family requests the time and space to grieve and remember him. In lieu of flowers, we encourage those wishing to honor Alan to make a contribution to the charity of their choice,” the Krueger family said in a statement. “Alan was recognized as a true leader in his field, known and admired for both his research and teaching,” Princeton University said in a statement.

Krueger served as chief economist for the U.S. Department of Labor during the Clinton administration and chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisers during Obama’s time in office. He had taught economics at Princeton since 1987. Last week, Krueger gave a lecture at Stanford University on income distribution and labor market regulation called “Why is Basic Universal Income So Controversial?”

An avid music fan, Krueger posted about rock legends including Bruce Springsteen on Twitter and wove David Bowie into his lectures. He made this passion the subject of his latest research in his forthcoming book on economics and the music industry, due for release in June.

Krueger received numerous awards, including the Kershaw Prize by the Association for Public Policy and Management in 1997 for distinguished contributions to public policy analysis by someone under the age of 40.

He is survived by his wife, Lisa, and two children.

Once again, the moral of the story is, "Do not be mean to my Sweetie. Period."

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All Hail The Whistleblowers: George Webb March 2019 Summary - Part Two - Mueller Marries Brennan - More Transposable Models

Still no mention of the child welfare industry transposable models but you can follow the attempts to get media to pick up the story before the legal tsunami unleashes because they will have no place else to turn for original source material.

This is how you stop propaganda.

All hail the whistleblowers.

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All Hail The Whistleblowers: George Webb March 2019 Summary - Part One, Braverman Blows Whistle On DOGS - Transposable Models

Honing down, cleaning it up for final presentation.

Notice how he does not mention child welfare.

All hail the whistleblowers!

Stay tuned, the original sources are about to come forth.

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Monday, March 18, 2019

Pike County Injustice Files: Matt Bevin Defaults, Amy Mischler Wants To Know If Kelly Craft Will Continue To Ignore Trafficking Tiny Humans In United Nations

The Howard Kieth Hall in the article is the same bad guy who arrested me and denied services. That info about him is confidential so why is he admitting it? And what does it have to do with social workers in Jeff Co. five hours away taking kids without warrants. My congressman have done nothing for me. And since craft is involved, I would guess they wouldn't touch it. Honestly, I think this needs to come up at Crafts hearing for nomination to the UN.
From small-town Kentucky to the UN: Can Trump nominee Kelly Craft surprise the skeptics?

Click here to learn just about everything you every wanted to never know about the trafficking of tiny humans in the State of Kentucky under its child welfare system through the family court.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Kentucky social workers are failing to have courts properly scrutinize and approve the drastic step of taking some children from their homes, relying instead on blank removal orders with pre-signed judges' signatures, which is illegal according to several attorneys and judges.

The allegations, which involve cases of purported parental abuse or neglect, have prompted numerous complaints to judges and state officials.
They revolve specifically around the state Cabinet for Health and Family Services workers using pre-signed emergency custody court orders to remove children on weekends and after the courthouse has closed for the day.
They revolve specifically around the state Cabinet for Health and Family Services workers using pre-signed emergency custody court orders to remove children on weekends and after the courthouse has closed for the day.
While there is debate over whether the actions violate Kentucky law, state and local officials acknowledged to WDRB News that the practices aren’t ideal – and, on Friday, the cabinet abolished them. Workers now must send an order to the judge to see and electronically sign.
Previously, copies of the blank orders with signatures from Jefferson District Court judges were left at the Home of the Innocents on Market Street and filled in by cabinet workers – giving them the power to remove children without a judge reviewing the allegations written on the order or filling out other necessary documentation.
"The system that is currently set up allows for the social workers to call an on-call judge on the phone and then fill out the order themselves, a blank order with a judge’s signature on it," attorney Karen Faulkner said in an interview before the March 15 policy change. "Children are being illegally taken from their home without judges’ proper authority."
In some cases, attorneys and some judges claim cabinet workers have used blank copies of the pre-signed child removal orders to take kids from their parents, only later filling in the allegations and other items on the order. The judges and attorneys for the parents don't see the orders until a hearing three days after the child has been removed.
At least one local district judge, Julie Kaelin, said she has refused to follow the practice, saying it is violating the law.
According to state law: "In no event shall a child be removed pursuant to KRS 620.060 only on a verbal order."
Another district judge questioned the legality of the pre-signed orders and confirmed that "blank orders" with only a photocopied signature have been used to remove children.
"That is a gross miscarriage of justice that should not happen," said the judge, who asked to remain anonymous because she was not authorized to speak about the issue. "That’s on the cabinet."
In addition, cabinet workers have allegedly called judges after hours and told them about the need to remove one child from a home, but then used multiple copies of pre-signed emergency custody orders to take more than one juvenile.
Chief Jefferson District Court Judge Anne Haynie acknowledged that she believed this has occurred at least once, saying "a cabinet worker did something they shouldn’t have."
However, she denied that cabinet workers or judges are violating the law by using the pre-signed orders and phoning on-call judges to get authorization to remove a child.

"Jefferson County judges are in full compliance with the law and full compliance with the rules," Haynie said. She argues that when the law says no child shall be removed on a "verbal order," it doesn’t mean a social worker has to talk with a judge in person.
"It just means they have to have some form of an order," she said. "That’s all verbal means. I know there are some lawyers that believe that means in person, but that does not mean in person."
High-profile defense attorney Thomas Clay said he is currently consulting with a family that had three children removed from a home – including a 6-year-old and 3-year-old -- even though a cabinet worker only mentioned to a judge the need to remove one child.
The cabinet worker allegedly filled out three pre-signed forms to remove all of the children.
"It certainly raises issues of whether the rights of parents are being violated," Clay said. "One of the most important decisions the system makes is whether to remove children from a parent."
Cabinet spokesman Doug Hogan said his agency has been following the procedures requested by Jefferson District Court judges, in part to "avoid the necessity of social workers going to judges' homes to secure their signatures."

In an email, Hogan said it has been "suggested" that stamps or photocopies of judges' signatures may be "inadequate" for the emergency custody orders and the system is being changed.
As of March 15, Hogan said, the judges, cabinet and state implemented a new method to allow workers to send an order to the judge to see and electronically sign.
Asked if the cabinet has been breaking the law the way the process has been working, Hogan said "NO" in an email.
Hogan did not respond to a follow-up question about allegations of workers using blank pre-signed orders or taking multiple children without judicial authorization.
Haynie said there are multiple safeguards in place to ensure the process of removing a child after court hours is done correctly.
She said a Home of the Innocents employee is "present with the law enforcement officer and/or cabinet worker" when the call is made to an on-call judge "and most importantly we tape record everything" so attorneys for the parents can go back and listen to what was said and whether there were any issues with what information was presented to the judge.

As for the pre-signed orders themselves, Haynie said while it is not illegal, "it's probably not the best procedure and we are looking at it."
'Signatures should be sacred'
Some judges and attorneys have compared the practice to a police officer filling out a search warrant that had been pre-signed by a judge.
"Police officers can't sign their own search warrants; they can't create their own search warrants," said attorney Sarah Clay, who is appointed to represent parents in abuse and neglect cases. Clay is Thomas’s Clay's niece. "A judge has to approve it. And a judge reads the affidavit and reads the search warrant before they sign it."
Clay said judges are required to review the cabinet worker's affidavit and make several specific findings and check boxes on the form before signing an order to remove a child, including finding there is an immediate danger, that reasonable efforts have been made to not remove the child, and there is no less restrictive alternative, given how traumatic removal is.
But the on-call district judges are often only hearing a brief synopsis of the issue before approving the order.

"The judge whose signature is on the order has never seen the order," said Sarah Clay. "Our concern, which we have reason to believe has occurred, is that workers can take the blank signed orders … and just fill it out to say whatever they want."
Former judge and current Pike County Attorney Howard Keith Hall agrees with the comparison of a police officer using a pre-signed search warrant.
In 1994, when Hall was a Pike County District Court judge, he was publicly reprimanded by the state Judicial Retirement and Removal Commission for pre-signing a warrant for a sheriff's deputy.
Hall had talked to the deputy on the phone while driving to Lexington and approved the warrant, leaving behind a pre-signed order.
The commission ruled that even though Hall knew the details of the search warrant, allowing the use of a pre-signed order violated state Supreme Court rules. Hall was charged with judicial misconduct and the commission would have suspended him for 30 days had he not retired, according to the order.
The order said Hall violated a "grave judicial duty under the (Constitution) requiring the intervention of a neutral judge to protect individuals and to prevent law enforcement officers from conducting unlawful searches."

When told of the situation with the cabinet and judges in Louisville, Hall said it was the same sort of issue.
"You don't sign your damn name until something is completely filled out," he said. "Those signatures should be sacred. I learned that the hard way."
Haynie, however, said the comparison with law enforcement search warrants is flawed. She again pointed out that the calls between social workers and the on-call judges are recorded.
"We built in a safeguard," she said of the recordings. "You can pull the tape, listen to exactly what the judge was told, listen to which children were involved, how many, where, etc."
Attorney Faulkner said that recording phone calls is a good practice, but appointed attorneys for parents in family court don't get to see the orders until there is a hearing three days later, and by then children already may have suffered traumatic damage.
"There are rules, and there are rules for a reason," she said. "My belief is the rules require a social worker go talk to a judge in person."

Family Court issue
Another concern is that district court judges are not familiar with the process of removing kids and don’t have the necessary expertise, as it is a family court issue.
To remove a child during the day, a cabinet appears in front of a family court judge and swears to tell the truth. The judge then reviews the written affidavit of the worker that spells out the alleged abuse and reason for removal of a child or multiple kids and signs the orders if the request for removal is granted.
If removal is ordered, the judge checks through a series of boxes indicating reasonable efforts were made to prevent the child's removal, the child is in imminent danger and other necessary questions.
But after the court closes at 4:30 and on weekends, the responsibility to approve the emergency orders to remove children falls to an on-call district court judge. Social workers call judges from the Home of the Innocents and, depending on which judge is on call, picks a pre-signed form with that judge's signature and fills it in.
Asked why family court judges aren’t hearing the cases after hours, Haynie said, "I think that's a good question. I don’t have an answer for that. That is the question."

She said district judges don’t typically interact with the cabinet or know the workers like a family court judge.
"We don’t have jurisdiction over these cases, so why are we doing this?" she asked. "They are not issues we ultimately hear. So they are not players or issues or families that we are familiar with."
Chief Family Court Judge Tara Haggerty did not return a phone message seeking comment.
Charles Gardner Geyh, who teaches judicial conduct at Indiana University’s Maurer School of Law said in an interview that while he is unsure of the legality of what has occurred in Louisville, there is certainly a "perception problem" with pre-signed orders.
"There is a perception problem with judges signing off on things and then later confirming them after the fact," he said. "The concern I have is multiplied if there are aspects to the forms that are supposed to be completed by the judge.
"I think it is a little troubling when the rights of the parents of child are being essentially short circuited."



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