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The Tale Of Why Congress Does Not Want The Citizenship Question On The 2020 Census -

Gather round my dearies, for it is time to tell Congress the reason why the 2020 Census Citizenship question is important, now, to preserve Voting Rights, again.

See, once upon a time, there were foreign corporations and their nefarious individuals who were coming up with clever ways of filing fake ass absentee ballots registered to fake ass Public Private Partnerships, where they bleachbitted county land records and registries of deeds with identities of kids whose parents rights were terminated, and were given new identities through foster care and adoption.
So, if a child is a citizen of Guatemala crosses the Mexican-U.S. Border, to be taken into U.S. custody and placed under a privatized, state contracted child placing agency like Bethany Christian, a Michigan licensed business entity, which is under the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, a foreign corporation, where that child is processed through the policy, not law, like DACA & DAPA, of the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children under the legal aegis of the contracting state Child Placing Agency, qualifying the child for Targeted Case Management billing reimbursement of Medicaid for the purposes of concurrent case planning to fast track Termination of Parental Rights for adoption, which includes a new identity and an issued Social Security Number, what is the citizenship of that child and what happens with the original identity?
Then, because the cities clerk offices and boards of elections were infiltrated electronically and through bribery and blackmail to tally only the votes they wanted to make their chosen candidate win.

Then, with all the fake ass property tax and fraudulent mortgage schemes of the Corporate Shape Shifters, land banks swooped in and snatched up all the properties to force migration of "The Poors" where they could no longer vote, which ended up in redistricting for the purposes of gerrymandering.

Then, through corporate guardianship and its other asset forfeiture schemes, a foreign corporation can vote on behalf of the institutionalized person, any which way they want and fund their re-election campaigns and make them all really, really rich.

They were stealin' the children, the land and the votes.

So, I snitched.

The end.

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Betsy's Team Forgot To Bleachbit Dick DeVos' Financial Disclosures From His 2006 Campaign

Did you ever wonder how Betsy DeVos personally inures herself through a public office of appointment, with confirmation and consent from the Senate?

Well, wonder no more!

Yes, it is absolutely profitable to own the program for our nation's charter schools, and make up whatever educational policies you want, just as long as it generates a profit for your foreign held corporations.

You can do the same thing for U.S. DHHS child welfare policies, too.

EDUCATION: School Re-Segregation - Brown v. Board Of Education - A Residual Of Predictive Modeling Crap Databases Of Property Ownership & Gerrymandering

And do not forget all her child welfare NGOs, along with their foreign children's trust funds.

It seems Betsy's team forgot to bleachbit her husband's campaign material when he first tried to take over Michigan and privatize it.

I was there.

I saw everything.

I even had one of those thick cotton DeVos t-shirts.
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JUDICIARY: H.R. 3239, the “Humanitarian Standards for Individuals in Customs and Border Protection Custody Act” - No One From DHHS Was Invited To Discuss Parental Rights Of Tiny Human Chattel

No one even mentioned that this hearing is about foreign policy, with no one from foreign policy authority there to even discuss this.

Where is Mike Pence?

Where is the State Department?

Where is Sam Brownback?

Where is Hillary Clinton?

She is the one who came up with CAPTA and ASFA in the first place.

Biggs wants to define family with demarcation of consanguinity.

The definition of family has never, ever been codified in the history of this nation, but that is not stopping the "Legal Geniuses" (trademark pending) of the House Judiciary Committee.

No one wants to speak upon parental rights because that is what this is all about.

Who owns the child?

This is why they do not want the 2020 citizenship question because these border babies are placed under the grant of custodianship and guardianship of foreign corporations, under the laws of the States.

No one wants to speak upon the child trafficking, which is foster care and adoption.

No one, including HGB Sheila Jackson Lee will even mention the Center for Missing and Exploited Children and if they are dabbling in border baby identities for profit.

No one is discussing the States children's trusts.

What about Interstate Compact on the Placement of the Child?

What about Child Protective Services?

What about Foster Care and Adoption?

What about guardianship?

What about termination of parental rights?

My goodness the members are "Legal Geniuses" (trademark pending).

How can this committee introduce legislation which addresses the children, from another country, under the auspices of the United States, without inviting anyone from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services or even the U.S. Department of Education?


How can this committee even open discussions on the care of these migrant children without inviting the privately contracted foreign corporations who will significantly flourish in the construction of even more gates of no return, without even inviting them to the hearing.


How can the committee ignore the conflict of interests with these privately contracted foreign corporations, like the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, or even bringing in Betsy DeVos, as an expert witness, to cognitively speak upon the situation of the border crisis?

Oh, wait, that are ongoing criminal investigation where the committee cannot speak upon it.

No one will even discuss what is actually forcing this migration.

So, the solution is to throw more money without even discussing the Immigration and Naturalization Act, or even the Mann Act, and god forbid we bring up the massive false claims and fraudulent billing to fund more re-election campaigns.

Oups , j'ai fait une bêtise!

This is nothing but a federal Child Protective Services expansion of the residuals of the peculiar institution legislative, chattel hustle.

CBP is the new CPS.

If Jolly Jerry is so concerned about the deaths of children in care of the U.S., then, how come is not a mandated reporter and how come he did not file a request for investigation with CPS?

Instead, he pumps an amendment so there are more privatized, foreign contracts, to fraudulently bill in the trafficking of tiny humans.
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Cocktails & Popcorn: They Eat Each Other Alive - More Stealin' In Detroit & Michigan GOP

They eat each other alive.

Now, that Laura Cox has called for Dana Nessel to investigate Detroit and its child welfare issues, because preterm births and infant mortality is more than just a grant, it seems we are also looking into election fraud.

The Michigan GOP has its own grant funding issues, but hey, what do I know?

I know we should ask Mikey!

Everyone loves Mikey.

Mikey is Laura Cox's husband, the former Michigan Attorney General.

Mikey can tell his story and Kwame Kilpatrick can tell his story.

Mikey and Kwame used to be buddies, but hey, what do I know?

I know there used to be chatter on the streets that Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick once said, "It is always good to have an AG in your backpocket."

I heard the rumors about the Manoogian Mansion party that did not happen the next morning and the tales were tall!

Republican Party chair calls on AG's office to probe Detroit grants office

Laura Cox
The state's Republican Party chairwoman is pointing to "serious allegations of impropriety" in her call Tuesday for the Michigan Attorney General's Office to investigate Detroit's grants office and its leader.

Laura Cox, in a released statement, noted allegations revealed in a Thursday lawsuit involving the city's Office of Development and Grants and Ryan Friedrichs, the office's chief development officer, who also is the husband of Democratic Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson.

“The allegations leveled against Ryan Friedrichs and the Detroit Office of Development and Grants are extremely troubling and warrant a full investigation by the Michigan Attorney General’s office,” Cox said in a released statement.

In a whistleblower lawsuit filed Thursday in Wayne County Circuit Court, ex-Detroit employee Kennedy Shannon contends she placed on administrative leave and ultimately terminated after raising concern over the city's Motor City Match program, a federally funded effort designed to aid small businesses.

Image result for Ryan Friedrichs
Jocelyn Benson &  Ryan Friedrichs
Meantime, Democratic Attorney General Dana Nessel's Office said last week that it's reviewing allegations that two city of Detroit employees were directed to delete emails related to Make Your Date, a nonprofit dedicated to premature births. One of the complaints was filed by Shannon.

The state's review comes amid a probe launched in April by Detroit Inspector General Ellen Ha to determine whether Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, also a Democrat, and city officials potentially "abused their authority" by providing preferential treatment to the program run by Wayne State University. The investigation was sparked by a Detroit Free Press report that Make Your Date received $358,000 in city grants and benefited from a fundraising campaign that a city official led at the mayor’s request.

"Emails were deleted and employees were fired. The Attorney General’s office must get to the bottom of the allegations involving the Motor City Match Program, the city’s involvement with Make Your Date, and the attempt by the Detroit Office of Development and Grants to delete emails sought through correct legal recourse," Cox said. "Will the Attorney General’s office do their duty or will Attorney General Nessel’s friendship with Jocelyn Benson allow this potential cover-up to avoid scrutiny?”

In response, Nessel spokeswoman, Kelly Rossman-McKinney, said the office is actively reviewing the complaints it received involving deleted emails.

"Friendship or not, no one is above the law," she said.

Secretary of State spokesman Shawn Starkey also responded to Cox's comments, saying: “This is nothing more than the shamelessly opportunistic ramblings of a political hack.”

Shannon's lawsuit contends that she informed Katerli Bounds, the city's director of grants, and Friedrichs that there were "major compliance and HUD regulation issues" with the match program and that the city "should not make any more payments to this organization."

The lawsuit contends that she was told by Bounds that refusing to sign off on packets for the match program was "insubordination" and could result in termination.

In response, the city provided The Detroit News with a copy of a March email from Friedrichs sent to Bounds and Shannon following the meeting.

The email noted "takeaways" arrived at from the discussion, including that "staff members are supported in their ability to make a final decision on their sign-off on a packet."

Shannon was suspended for 30 days without pay on May 1. She was terminated May 23.

Duggan spokesman John Roach told The News on Tuesday that the city "strongly believes" the allegations in Shannon's lawsuit are false and "we are vigorously contesting that case in court."

"Injecting partisan politics into this matter isn't going to contribute to resolving the legal issues," he said.

Detroit Corporation Counsel Lawrence Garcia has claimed Shannon's dismissal was tied to concerns involving her time cards. Her concerns about the match program, he said, were "welcomed" and used to improve the system.

With respect to the emails, Garcia has said that Friedrichs and Detroit's Chief Financial Officer David Massaron learned of the "possibility of deleted or missing emails" in May and moved quickly to resurrect them and turn them over to the inspector general.

Garcia has declined to provide further details, citing Ha's ongoing investigation.

Shannon, in the filing, said she also flagged Detroit's inspector general about concerns involving Motor City Match and others tied to the Make Your Date.

On Tuesday, Shannon said Friedrichs and other city staff should welcome the review.

"If Ryan and his office haven't done anything wrong and they are of the highest integrity as they claim, then they should welcome this investigation and the result of the OIG investigation as well," she said.

Background on Detroit's grant team.

Detroit's grants team grows, pulls dollars into city

Motor City Match Public Relations Slush Fund
The city of Detroit has built its development and grants compliance muscle to a team of nearly two dozen people, a third of them raising new public and private support for city initiatives.

That's a record fundraising contingent for the city and among the largest dedicated municipal fundraising efforts nationally, said Detroit's Chief Development Officer Ryan Friedrichs.

The goal? Capitalizing on rising interest nationally in the city's comeback. And there's evidence it is succeeding in bringing in outside money rather than just the usual local philanthropic stalwarts in a city that in the past had trouble actually spending the dollars it did get.

Last year, programs and initiatives in Detroit attracted over $202 million in public grants and private investment, according to the city.

Grants and low-interest loans from private foundations and companies totaled $67.4 million, with more than two-thirds of that coming from out-of-state funders.

"The goals are now bigger and bolder," Friedrichs said.

The city is going to pursue funding from even more sources, foundations that have not been in Detroit before, to fund efforts like the $250 million Affordable Housing Leverage Fund.

Ryan Friedrichs: Began as a one-man fundraising team.
"We are lucky we have a lot of foundations here ... but we also have a lot of need," Friedrichs said.

"What we're trying to do is bring that new funding to the city and not just compete locally, to cut the local philanthropic pie more, but to try to grow it."

Because of the revitalization happening in the city, it's become a magnet for investment from outside of Detroit, said Jim Ferris, director of the Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy at the University of Southern California.

Detroit is not the only city pursuing public and private grants and investment, he said. But "Detroit has put a lot of effort into it, and it's been a success."

Detroit has a spotty history on coordinating grant-seeking.

Detroit had an office of the foundation liaison staffed by David Smydra, during Mayor Dennis Archer's 1994-2001 term, but that office didn't operate during the Dave Bing and Kwame Kilpatrick administrations. And city departments were applying for grants independently of one another in the years before the bankruptcy.

To help strengthen and coordinate its fundraising muscle, the Ford, Kresge and Skillman foundations made a $1.1 million grant to the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan in 2014 to support an assessment of what each city department was doing in regards to grants and to create a framework to coordinate it, Friedrichs said.

That led to the creation of grants management and development offices in late 2014 and early 2015. Both city offices were created as part of the city's bankruptcy plan, Friedrichs said. Grants management monitored grant compliance and spending, making sure dollars were spent on time, something the city struggled with before its bankruptcy.

Friedrichs came on board in 2015, serving as a one-man fundraising team for a time until the city began ramping up its development staff the following year.

This January the city merged the grants management and development offices to gain efficiencies from their related focus. The merged office now employs 20 and is in the process of hiring three more development employees: two to seek traditional funding from public and private funders and one specializing in loan and investment capital.

It will operate on a $3.1 million budget in the coming fiscal year, down from a combined budget of $3.8 million for the two offices this year, Friedrichs said, as a result of efficiencies such as shared administrative assistants, elimination of vacant grants management positions and collecting data for grant application and reporting one time and keeping it in a single system.

"We view the city's capacity to raise philanthropic grants and to fully expend and maximize federal dollars as a critical capability to enable Detroit's recovery," said Skillman CEO Tonya Allen.

"We are inspired by the growth in revenues materialized by this office, which we believe will improve living conditions for Detroit residents."

Increasing trust, confidence and credibility in the city "will help leverage additional and much-needed public, private and charitable investments to fuel Detroit's trajectory," she said.

Part of the strategy that Friedrichs' team has helped institute is keeping a reserve of city match money that can leverage private money, he said. It's also looking for opportunities where private investment can leverage federal dollars.

It's only been a couple of years, but the development and grant teams' efforts are paying off.

In 2017, the city and third-party groups like the Detroit Employment Service Corps attracted $202.18 million in public and private funds, up from $155.7 million the year before, Friedrichs said. The city operated on a $1.91 billion budget in 2017.

The total raised includes a mixture of grants and low-interest loans to support projects that are administered by community organizations.

They include: Grow Detroit's Young Talent program, which is run by the Detroit Employment Solutions Corp; Motor City Match and Motor City Re-Store, which are run by the Detroit Economic Growth Corp.; and the Entrepreneurs of Color Fund, run by the Detroit Development Fund.

"The goal of our team is not to just support more funds going into city coffers, but to help Detroit compete nationally for resources that improve the lives of Detroiters," Friedrichs said. "And that can mean partnering departments with community organizations via a memorandum of understanding."

Within the total, public support rose $18.1 million between 2016 and 2017. Private support from foundations and companies rose to $67.4 million last year from $39 million in 2016.

Funding from Michigan foundations and companies was fairly static last year, decreasing to $26.62 million from $26.78 million the year before.

Out-of-state funders provided over 60 percent of the total private support coming to the city last year, up from 31. 5 percent in 2016.

Looking forward
Investment is pouring into Detroit to support its rebound, but how will the city sustain those programs when grant and loan dollars run out?

"Philanthropy has really not pulled out of any programs we asked them to support. ... It's really the other direction. They've kind of come in with more support," Friedrichs said.

The city is budgeting to take on $2 million of the $10.2 million cost of Grow Detroit's Young Talent in the coming fiscal year.

The key to sustaining efforts supported through short- and midterm grants and investments is braided funding that combines federal grants and city funds, Friedrichs said.

"Grant funding from foundations is never going to be long-term."

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The Tale Of HFR Sheila Jackson Lee & Walter Fauntroy Pushing The U.S. Reparations #coloredrevolution Invasion Of Africa

Her Flatulent Boviness, Sheila Jackson Lee is back out there, hitting the ground, pushing for more reparations economic redevelopment fraud schemes because TARP dried up, but this time it is for Africa, just like Walter Fauntroy did, or probably is still working with her.

I actually have the video of Walter speaking upon this in D.C. at the CBC Institute.

Then, I had the opportunity to have my intelligence impugned, in the D.C. Congressional Office, right up in my face, about this new, U.S. colored revolutionary invasion of the continent of Africa, for their natural resources, by taking over the motherland, by Walter.


Those child welfare NGOs are hit-the-ground-running models for the artisanal self-sufficiency, full potential tiny humans slave labor programs, funded through USAID to maximize corporate revenues.

Most people do not realize that Africa is a continent, and not a nation, which makes Jesse Jackson's hyphenation label of African-American a bit oxymoronic and arcane.

This ends the tale of how I am an original source on HFB and her #coloredrevolution.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas says Africa has what it takes to be the breadbasket of the world. She spoke to AlloAfricaNews reporter Ben Bangoura, on sidelines of the 2019 Hunger Leadership Awards in Washington.

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Cocktails & Popcorn: Looks Like ICE Is Doing More Than Just Deportation - Property Tax Fraud & More

ICE falls under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

ICE does more than just "deport".

DHS has been running the Absentee Voter Fraud investigations.

Former DHS Secretary, Jeh Johnson said this:

Former DHS chief warns immigrants not to open doors for ICE without a warrant

But, the next day, ICE made a visit to 13251 W. Warren Avenue, Dearborn, Michigan, where I have yet to find any Wayne County Property Tax Records....just like "those other" properties I found, but, hey, what do I know?

I, also, know we may be dealing with the most notorious "Legal Genius" (trademark pending).

I, also, know that I would love to have a carrot-orange smoothie, with a twist of lime.

ICE visit to Dearborn restaurant has residents on alert

ICE agents allegedly entered Hamido Restaurant, on Dearborn's east side, on Monday requesting to see records of employees.
Dearborn — Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents entered a Middle Eastern restaurant Monday, seeking information from owners, according to ICE and an employee.

Two ICE special agents entered Hamido Restaurant, located at 13251 W. Warren Ave., around 12:30 p.m. Monday and requested that a manager, Kassem Rizk, sign paperwork, he said.

Rizk said the agents wanted all employment records for the restaurant for the last three years. Rizk refused.

“They were very aggressive and wanted me to sign this paper releasing information to them,” he said. “I just told them no.”

There appeared to be no further ICE activity in the area, the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan said.

Rizk said the agent said it was essential he sign the papers so they could conduct their government business. He said the form had generic wording and didn’t have a court order signed by a judge.

“He told me that we were their 10th stop today,” he said. “I don’t know if he was lying to me but I sent them away.”

Rizk said the officer replied, “OK, we’ll be back in a few days.”

Form I-9 Inspection Process
Fake employees, anyone?
ICE spokesman Khaalid Walls said special agents with Homeland Security Investigations served an I-9 audit notice today at a Dearborn business. A notice of inspection, an I-9, informs business owners that ICE is going to audit their hiring records to determine whether they are complying with hiring laws. No arrests were made Monday, he said in a statement.

“HSI routinely conducts work site investigations in order to uphold federal law," Walls said. "HSI’s work site enforcement strategy continues to address both employers who knowingly hire unauthorized workers and the workers themselves. These routine efforts are ongoing and not related to other operational activity,” according to the ICE statement.

“... HSI’s work site enforcement investigations often involve additional criminal activity, such as alien smuggling, human trafficking, money laundering, document fraud, worker exploitation and/or substandard wage and working conditions.”

State Rep. Abdullah Hammoud spoke with Rizk, saying this is what they feared.

“It’s important to emphasize this isn’t something new,” Hammoud said. “ICE has used this tactic of attacking poor communities like east Dearborn with working immigrants, and we have to be prepared without panicking.”

Hammoud said ICE establishes fear in communities like Dearborn by announcing raids and entering businesses without having to launch full-scale raids.

He, other politicians and advocacy groups launched Know Your Rights efforts on social media, with key rules in multiple languages to keep residents informed.

“People need to know what they have to tell government officials and what they don’t,” Hammoud said. “We, as a community, need to stay strong together and push back against this because it’s for no justifiable reason.

“Dearborn is a beautiful diverse city and we’re strong together because of that,” he said.

Many local organizations issued statements during the weekend saying they are alarmed by anticipated raids by ICE and Department of Homeland Security agents.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan was aware of the Dearborn incident. The nonprofit is working with the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center, urging people to know their rights.

“This is the intrusive ICE activity that happens every day,” said Abril Valdes, an ACLU of Michigan Immigrant Rights staff attorney. “Our communities shouldn’t have to live in fear that parents won't come home from work, or kids won't return from school, or a knock at the door could rip a family apart.”

Post by repandylevin.
Elected officials, including U.S. Rep. Andy Levin, shared a know your rights video on  Facebook urging people who may encounter officers to not open the door without a signed judge order, consult an attorney and remain calm.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, the nation's largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, issued a community advisory this weekend for immigrant families, warning they may be targeted by ICE this week.

The American Human Rights Council said it was  alarmed by the anticipated raids and see measures being taken “for political expediency and to score points.”

"We are deeply troubled by raids and rumors of raids," said Imad Hamad, AHRC executive director. "Democratic societies cannot operate normally under constant fear and anxiety of massive and disruptive law enforcement activity not connected to safety or the well-being of communities. It's time to stop using immigration as a political football by finding a real solution consistent with democratic values and human rights.”

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Cocktails & Popcorn: On The Road To The Detroit #Coloredrevolution Articles Of Impeachment

Recently, on Cocktails & Popcorn, Nancy Pelosi said this...

Pelosi: Census citizenship question is effort to 'make America white again'

Then, this happened...

How Trump flipped the script on Pelosi and The Squad

Then, this happened...

Then, this happened...

House votes to condemn Trump for 'racist comments'

Then, this happened...

Al Green to force impeachment vote following incendiary Trump tweets

Image may contain: text

Then, this happened...

Then, this happened...
Now, what should happen next is this...

Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behavior, and, with the Concurrence of two thirds, expel a member. Each House can determine its own Rules (assuming a quorum is present), and may punish any of its members. A two-thirds vote is necessary to expel a member. Section 5, Clause 2 does not provide specific guidance to each House regarding when and how each House may change its rules, leaving details to the respective chambers.

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Cocktails & Popcorn: Can You Feel The Trump - Detroit #coloredrevolution?

So, why, all of a sudden, is this Gang of Four Social Justice Warriors pushing the #MeToo oops, I mean #RacistPresident propaganda model?

I am going with #perkinscoiesucks because they always use the same model, over and over again.

So, since I have conducted an in depth comparative analysis between the #MeToo and #RacistPresident models, finding a significant correlation in its construction and implementation, I decided to do a much more, highly sophisticated stochastic analysis to see if there exists any findings of stealin'.


  • I found fraudulent FEC filings in Affidavit of Identities;
  • I found campaign money laundering through ActBlue, and possibly ActBlue(s);
  • I found absentee ballot voter fraud schemes;
  • I found fake ass TARP Land Banks;
  • I found gerrymandering;
  • I found identify fraud;
  • I found tax fraud;
  • I found *russian/israeli/ukrainian* election interference;
  • I found Medicaid fraud in child welfare funding campaigns;
  • I found election and special election fraud;
  • I found a coup to successfully privatize local governments; and,
  • I found this Gang of Four is poorly educated on U.S. history of Detroit.
You can review my finding here ===> 

Can you feel the Detroit #coloredrevolution, yet?

I know Nancy Pelosi can because it seems her Gang of Four model has been imploded by the Gang of Five - in Detroit.



Trump Renews Attacks Against Democratic Congresswomen: ‘Pro-Terrorist,’ ‘Vile’

Image result for donald trump michael jackson
"I am going to make you proud, Michael."
said Trump, right about the time they were
doing the casino thing in Detroit.
President Donald Trump on Tuesday continued his hate-filled attacks on a group of Democratic congresswomen of color, falsely accusing them of being “pro-terrorist” and “anti-USA.”

Trump, who on Sunday launched his racist tirade, fired off a series of fresh tweets apparently aimed at freshman Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.), Ayanna Pressley (Mass.), Ilhan Omar (Minn.) and Rashida Tlaib (Mich.). Omar and Tlaib last year became the first Muslim women elected to Congress.

″The Democratic Congresswomen have been spewing some of the most vile, hateful, and disgusting things ever said by a politician in the House or Senate,” wrote Trump, who also has falsely accused former President Barack Obama of founding the so-called Islamic State and who propelled the racist birther movement against him.

“Horrible, anti-Israel, anti-USA, pro-terrorist & public ... shouting of the F...word, among many other terrible things,” the president continued. “Why isn’t the House voting to rebuke the filthy and hate laced things they have said?”

Ocasio-Cortez, Pressley, Omar and Tlaib ― known as “the Squad” on Capitol Hill ― have made headlines in recent months for butting heads with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), calling for Trump’s impeachment, and questioning America’s relationship with Israel.

Trump unleashed a racist rant against the lawmakers on Sunday, telling them to “go back” to other countries. Omar, who is black, immigrated to the U.S. from Somalia with her family in 1995. Pressley, who is black; Ocasio-Cortez, who is Latina; and Tlaib, who is Palestinian-American, were born in the U.S.

Despite a storm of condemnation, Trump has stood by his “go back” tweets, repeatedly calling on those who are unhappy in the U.S. to “leave.”

“I don’t have a Racist bone in my body!” he tweeted Tuesday.

“Nancy Pelosi tried to push them away, but now they are forever wedded to the Democrat Party,” he wrote of his targets. “See you in 2020!”

Democrats were quick to deride the tweets as racist and unacceptable. Congressional Republicans have been mostly silent about the president’s bigoted remarks, save for a few exceptions.

Though Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and other Trump loyalists have steadfastly denied that the tweets were racist, some GOP lawmakers have issued a rare rebuke of the president. Asked Monday whether she believes Trump’s “go back” comments were racist, Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) said yes.

“The Squad” held a press conference Monday to address Trump’s remarks, calling his “go back” home tweet “blatantly racist” and “the agenda of white nationalists.”

“We love all people in this country, and that’s why we believe health care is a human right,” Ocasio-Cortez said Monday. “We love all children in this country, and because we do, that’s why we fight for all children through college.”

Trump’s vitriolic tweets on Tuesday feigning outrage over what he claimed were “vile” and “disgusting” comments drew attention to other offensive remarks he has made in recent years.

“Hey Mr. President, remember when you bragged about sexually assaulting women, talking about feeling their breasts and genitals, because ‘when you’re a star they let you do it?’” Ocasio-Cortez fired back on Twitter, referring to the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape that prompted bipartisan backlash against him ahead of the 2016 election.

Trump, who has been accused of sexual assault by multiple women, including most recently author E. Jean Carroll, claimed his remarks bragging about groping women were simply “locker room talk.”

Trump on Tuesday claimed the progressive lawmakers used “filthy” language, referencing a comment made by Tlaib in January in which she called Trump “a motherfucker.” Republicans at the time issued statements condemning Tlaib’s choice of words, and she later apologized for “the distraction” her comment caused.

Yet Republicans have been largely mum when it comes to the president’s use of expletives and threatening language, including his praise for a GOP lawmaker who assaulted a reporter.

At a rally in May, Trump threw out the words “ass” and “bullshit.” Earlier that month, his public remarks included the words, “hell,” “damn” and “crap,” reported The New York Times. Members of his party didn’t appear to care publicly.

“No one has debased the civil discourse in this country more than President Trump, and the president really does set the tone in the country,” Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) told the Times. “We see it reflected in our offices by the hateful, belligerent, obscene and violent calls that we get now that we didn’t used to get.”

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OVERSIGHT: Hearing on Hatch Act Violations Without Kellyanne Conway Without - But She Showed Up For Hannity - A Question Of Ethics

Kellyanne Conway did not show up for her subpoenaed request to attend the U.S. House Oversight Hearing on Hatch Act violations.

But she did show up for her interview on FOX News with Sean Hannity.

What Kellyanne fails to understand is that this hearing was not just about her, but the history of using political campaign resources and the resources of an elected office for personal inurement.

Kellyanne fails to understand that by ignoring congress, she has now opened herself up to being challenged of being stripped of, not just her attorney client privilege immunities, but her license to practice law, itself.

Kellyanne fails to understand that she is held to a higher scrutiny because she is a public figure, beholden to a very special set of laws in ethics.

Speaking of ethics, I believe Trump is still obstructing justice by keeping that DOJ OIG Report, referred by the Ethics Committee, in his backpocket.

Kellyanne has much to be concerned about ethical content of her character because.

Trump, a non-attorney, did not advise her not to attend a congressional hearing, that was Don McGahn, another licensed attorney to falsely advise Trump, who has his own ethical dilemma when it comes to Detroit.


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Meet Melissa Merrick Of Prevent Child Abuse America - The Latest U.S. Foreign Trafficking Tiny Humans Operation To Re-Animate The Re-Engineered Residuals Of The Peculiar Institution

Despite the acknowledgement of a few horrors in the child welfare system, Melissa Merrick is prepared to take on her new roll to oversea the expansion of Public Private Partnerships to Prevent Child Abuse (a registered trademark), operating in Illinois, to a non-qualified foreign corporation, in Nevada.

 Charitable Solicitation Registration Statement
Principal Business Address:  228 S. WABASH AVE
 CHICAGO, IL 60604
Principal Business Phone:  312-663-3520USA Patriot Act Cert. Stmt.:  Yes
Web Address: 
Fed. Tax Exempt Status:  501(C)(3)EIN-Federal TaxID:  23-7235671
Last Day of Fiscal Year:  12/31 (Month/Day)Exemptions: 
 Financial Report pursuant to NRS 82A.100 and NAC 82.210
Total Revenue:  $ 5,365,830.00Total Assets:  $ 6,243,040.00
Total Expenses:  $ 4,368,728.00Total Liabilities:  $ 184,278.00
Revenue less Expenses:  $ 997,102.00Net Assets/Fund Balance:  $ 6,058,762.00
 Additional names under which nonprofit corporation will solicit
 Executive Personnel Title
 Addresses of all offices in Nevada Phone
 228 S. WABASH AVE, CHICAGO, IL 60604 312-663-3520
 Custodian Information
Custodian Name:  KAREN CURRIN - CONTROLLERCustodian Phone:  312-663-3520
Custodian Address:  228 S. WABASH AVE
 CHICAGO, IL 60604

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This foreign, non-profit corporation has a U.S. trademark, for commercial use, of course.

Melissa used to be a senior epidemiologist for the Centers of Disease and Prevention.

Dr. Merrick has over 18 years of experience conducting social science research, particularly related to the health and psychosocial effects of child maltreatment and early adversity. She currently serves as a Behavioral Scientist in the Division of Violence Prevention (DVP) at the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control. In this role, Dr. Merrick provides scientific and subject matter expertise, leadership, and technical assistance to internal and external partners and develops strategies and programs to prevent violence and injury. Her work has led to many exciting opportunities to expand child abuse and neglect prevention efforts to include structural determinants of health and health equity. Overall, Dr. Merrick creatively and effectively communicates and disseminates the importance of preventing early adversity and the intersection among violence, victimization, and health topics to key national, state, and local health agencies, stakeholders, congressional audiences and policymakers, and community members with diverse priorities, backgrounds, and knowledge.

Does Melissa speak upon poverty?


Does Melissa talk about due process?

Of course, not.

Does Melissa open dialogue on the procurement and purveying of tiny humans?

This would definitely command a non-sequitar from Melissa.

Does Melissa discuss why there is a need to expand child abuse operations in the U.S.?

Yes, she does because there is a blue pinwheel.

Melissa is preparing for the re-launch of the residuals of the peculiar institution I keep telling the world about.

Create #GreatChildhoods
July 15, 2019
Dr. Melissa Merrick
President & CEO
Dear Colleagues,

Today, my first day at Prevent Child Abuse America, marks the beginning of a new chapter in my professional life—one that’s accompanied by great excitement, as well as deliberate reflection and anticipation. As the nation’s oldest nonprofit committed to the primary prevention of child abuse and neglect, PCA America enjoys a rich history and is widely recognized for its passionate, dedicated staff and a diverse and influential network of collaborators and partners nationwide. Indeed, I have had the good fortune to visit and witness firsthand the extraordinary work happening at many PCA state chapters and Healthy Families America sites. I look forward to continuing to explore how, together, we can create and sustain the conditions for strong, thriving families and communities and ensure all children grow up in safe, stable, and nurturing relationships and environments.

Is this a daunting task? Yes. Children continue to be separated from their parents at alarming rates in the child welfare system and at our borders, corporal punishment is still allowed in public schools in more than a dozen states, and newspaper headlines persistently remind us of the startling prevalence of child sexual abuse in youth serving organizations, houses of worship, and in homes. 

Is it an insurmountable task? Absolutely not! The good news is we already possess many of the tools and strategies needed to effectively prevent child abuse and neglect from occurring in the first place—and we continue to build the evidence base for innovative and novel solutions every day. Collaboratively, we can meaningfully impact the lives of children, families, and entire communities through comprehensive approaches, including:

  • Expanding home visiting to the millions of families who could benefit from it;
  • Building political will for efforts that strengthen household financial security, thereby reducing parental stress and depression; and
  • Shifting norms from blaming parents to supporting them and equipping them with techniques that engender positive relationships. 

Of course this will require cultivating and nurturing cross-sector partnerships with businesses, philanthropies, the media, and others. It will require integrating the primary prevention of child abuse and neglect into other efforts to address important health issues of the day, such as opioid overdose and suicide. And it will require a public health approach to prevention—one in which we don’t only call for trauma-informed services and responses, but also trauma-informed systems and contexts. In so doing, we can assure brighter futures for our children and their children, too. 

Thank you for the hard and important work you do each day, which both amazes and humbles me. Mostly, though, your efforts inspire me to relentlessly pursue stronger collaborations and partnerships so that even more children can grow up to be healthy, happy, and prosperous for generations to come.

I’m ready, PCA America is ready…let’s get to work! 

With warm regards,
Dr. Melissa Merrick
President & CEO

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