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Day 217 - Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen: NGP VAN & Bernie Sanders

Why Guccifer 2.0 Was Created To Pre-empt WikiLeaks DNC Leaks AND Democratic Caucus Leaks. 

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The FEC Is Alive!

Not only is the Federal Election Commission finally bringing its campaign database search engine up to date, but it is actually looking like it is a real organ of law enforcement within the Executive Branch!
via GIPHY                               Proof of Life Announcement for the FEC

FEC Approves Amended Audit Division Recommendation Memorandum, Approves Advisory Opinion, and Agrees to Commence Work on Party Rulemaking

May 25, 2017

WASHINGTON – At its open meeting today, the Federal Election Commission approved an Amended Audit Division Recommendation Memorandum and an advisory opinion, and reached consensus to begin drafting a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on political party rules.

At the start of the meeting today, Chairman Steven T. Walther noted that, in view of external events, questions have been raised with respect to the role of the Federal Election Commission concerning allegations of foreign influence in the American political process. The Chairman asked the Staff Director and other members of the staff to develop a web portal that will assemble all campaign finance information, advisory opinions, enforcement matters, and existing educational materials in this area in order to facilitate a better understanding by members of the public. He also noted that the Commissioners unanimously agreed last September to direct the Office of General Counsel “to prioritize cases involving allegations of foreign influence.” He also called upon the Office of General Counsel and other Commission staff to apply their resources, including providing adequate staffing, to continue to fulfill that priority and to further the agency’s regulatory, educational, and enforcement work in this area.

Audit Division Recommendation Memorandum on Ted Cruz for Senate. Prior to the meeting, the Commission approved on tally an Audit Division Recommendation Memorandum on Ted Cruz for Senate, covering financial activity between January 18, 2011, and December 31, 2012. The memorandum disclosed a finding and recommendation related to the reporting and disclosure of candidate loans.

Resubmission: Audit Division Recommendation Memorandum on the Colorado Republican Committee. The Commission approved the resubmitted Audit Division Recommendation Memorandum on the Colorado Republican Committee, covering financial activity between January 1, 2011, and December 31, 2012, as amended at the table. The memorandum disclosed findings and recommendations related to the misstatement of financial activity, rephorting of apparent independent expenditures, recordkeeping for communications, and failure to itemize debts and obligations.

For those who do not remember or know about my stunning revelation of War Chest seeking FEC approval to use campaign contributions to invest in the markets, well, here is your friendly reminder because, below, is the ruling.

War Chest Seeks FEC Approval To Engage In Campaign & Tax Fraud

Considering the current IRS structural status of campaign committees and all sorts of Political Action Committees (PAC), the ruling to allow War Chest to utilize 

REG 2014-10, Implementing the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2015, and REG 2016-03, Political Party Rules. The Commission directed the Office of General Counsel to commence drafting a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking with respect to political parties, in response to two petitions for rulemaking and a resolution introduced by Commissioner Lee E. Goodman.

On a side note.  I have a sneaky suspicion that this War Chest, LLC was set up by someone who works in D.C. who has had their hands in the campaign cookie jar for quite some time and is seeking a new route to skim campaign money since their side income has been substantially cut.  

That is all I am saying for now.

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Day 217 - Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen: Seth Rich & The Hospital

Was Seth Rich Declared Brain Dead at Howard University Hospital?

Two Hush Meetings at Two Hospitals Mean Seth Rich Went to Both Hospitals 

 No Reward For Jason and I, All For Hush Meeting Attendees Who Come Forward 

Is Dr. Sava at the Top of the Hill at MedStar Dr Ateljevich at the Bottom of the Hill at Howard University Hospital?

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Just Because: Why Texas CPS Is Going To See SCOTUS

Here we go again.

Another group of individuals are crying the blues that child protection workers targeted their children and removed them, just because they were poor and how they looked!

Just because a targeted population of individuals experienced unparalleled jurisprudence, being stripped of any opportunity to the right of due process in a court of law does not mean they have the right to file a federal case under 42 U.S.C. 1983.

I mean, these child protection workers generate false claims to be submitted for federal cost reimbursements to Medicaid every single day when dealing with this targeted population.

Even though the 9th Circuit has ruled that CPS does not have a right to lie, who the hell is going to enforce such a state intervening of a federal ruling?

Certainly not the States Medicaid Fraud Control Units!

Wait!  Who the hell is going to generate policy, enforce and pay to enforce the opinion of the court that CPS does not have the right to lie?

ANSWER:  No one because no one cares.

Just because human trafficking is a multi-billion dollar industry which is too big to fail does not mean it was never intentionally designed to segregate and target populations.

Gather up your amici curiae, just because I smell a SCOTUS challenge coming up.

Federal lawsuit accuses CPS of discriminating against black children, families
Attorney Pamela Williams announces a federal lawsuit Tuesday by a family alleging Child Protective Services discriminates against black children, who are four times more likely than white children to be placed in foster care, according to the state. Photo: Karen Warren, Staff Photographer / 2017 Houston ChronicleCase accuses Texas foster care, adoption agency of bias against African-Americans
A federal civil rights suit in Houston accuses Child Protective Services of discriminating against African-American children, saying they are likelier to be separated from their parents and extended families than white children.

The suit was filed earlier this year by an Arizona woman who was denied custody of a young nephew, who instead was approved for adoption by a white foster family in Houston.

The suit brought a group of community activists Tuesday to the federal courthouse in Houston, where they decried generations of "robbed and stolen opportunities for kinship families" through what they contend is a pattern of discrimination by CPS.

The paternal aunt, Maravi Moore, was granted custody of one nephew, now 4, who was removed from his family. But CPS denied her custody of the boy's little brother, now 3, and instead facilitated his adoption to the foster family.

Neither Moore nor the boys were at the courthouse Tuesday, but the children's birth mother, Tisha Hunter, stood along the sidelines with a 2-year-old daughter watching. She said she had not been invited to the event.

But the emphasis was on the bigger picture - that black children living in poverty are over-represented in the child welfare system and are denied placements with other family members more frequently than other children in the system.

Minister Robert S. Muhammad, of the Muhammad Mosque No. 45, said the agencies are destroying black communities.

"The bellwether of what's going on in the black community is how our children are being traded in foster care for money," he said, apologizing for his strong language. "Modern-day slavery is going on down at the family courthouse. Just peel this onion back and you'll find ... this uneasy nexus with CPS, that is not the independent arbiter of where a child should be. You'll find that they're a lapdog and a rubber stamp for the family court judges."

Among the other groups that came together Tuesday to draw attention to the issue were A Second Chance, which focuses on kinship care; Black Administrators in Child Welfare; the National Association of Blacks in Social Work; and Black Lives Matter.

Pamela Williams, Moore's attorney in the federal suit, said she believes race influences decisions around the country, not just in the case involving her client.

"When the child's relatives stepped forward to actually bring the child home into the loving environment, she was refused and instead the child was given to a white family," she said. "You would never see CPS take a white child from a white family and place them with an unrelated black family when there was a suitable relative."
Studies confirm the numbers have been skewed toward greater separation of black families. A 2013 study by the state's own Center for the Elimination of Disproportionality and Disparities cites a 2013 finding that African-American children in Texas are twice as likely to be removed from their families and four times as likely to be placed in foster care than white and Hispanic children.

The lawsuit was filed against several state officials, including Hank Whitman of the Department of Family and Protective Services and Gov. Greg Abbott; Harris County and several Harris County employees; ad litem attorneys, who are named by judges to represent children; and service agencies.
It names one contract worker, who is accused of aiding in the adoption by way of "fabrications, defamations, concealment of evidence, delay and abandonment of the relative placement process" and wrongfully placing the child with a non-relative family seeking adoption.

State officials did not comment on the case other than to provide a copy of a motion filed in which the state asked the judge to dismiss Moore's case, saying she doesn't have a claim and the state is protected by immunity. Harris County officials referred requests for comment to the state.

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The Black Market Of International Manufactured Orphans

This is an investigative report on what is called "manufactured orphans".

Watch here: Manufactured Orphans
Havoscope Global Black Market Information

We typically call it "legally kidnapped".

The child welfare industry will typically use the name of "paper orphans".

The story tells the history of human trafficking in child welfare, specifically the international adoption market.

The same model is domestically in existent in the United States through Child Protective Services.

A child is made an paper orphan through Termination of Parental Rights through the courts, where an original parent is considered guilty until proven innocent, without right to face one's accuser, based upon fraudulent generation of evidence, for the crime of "failure to provide for the necessary needs of the child" (a.k.a. poverty).

No opportunity exists to reverse a termination of parental rights, which transfers, or rather, reverts, legal ownership of the child back to the state as a ward of the court for federal billing purposes.

Once the child is adopted, all files, particularly the billing files, are sealed from the annals of history, devoid of any mechanism of external forensic audits as these are tax exempt, mostly christian non profits.

What struck me most with this expose was that it went back to 1994 and looked into the billions of dollars funneled through this black market.

Havoscope has engaged in research regarding the intelligence data of human trafficking in the international adoption black market.

The video focuses on Sweden and India, but touches on Netherlands and Romania, which sheds light on the modern slave trade, which has never, ever ended.

It just transformed.

The Clintons, Haiti, Children and The Peculiar Institution

Very little has been spoken upon the U.S. about the adoption industry or the U.S. State Department's role in international adoptions and the billions of dollars being funneled through NGOs.

One may just look at Haiti or Syria to understand the financial motivation to promote the international adoption industry, or rather the black market of child trafficking.

This is not just the black market of child trafficking, this is the dark industry of forced migration, because selling chattel is the oldest form of survival.

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Hillary's Hackers: Is Guccifer 2.0 Jevgeni Bogatsjov?

A trusted source points us in the direction of the possible identity of Guccifer 2.0 

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Day 217 - Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen: Rod Wheeler

Going to Interview Rod Wheeler at National Harbor Voting is beautiful, be beautiful ~ vote.©

Day 217 - Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen: NGP VAN & MWW

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Day 217 - Hillary'Hillarys , Hackers, and Henchmen: FBI & DC Conflict of Interests

Podesta's Moving Money Now as Conspiracy Dissolves, Gold, Diamonds and Art 

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Day 217 - Hillary's Leakers and Hackers: Bernie Sanders, NGP VAN & DNC

Josh Uretsky May Be Key To Seth Rich Murder 

Mike Kempner, Myth Maker Extraordinaire, Created the PR Bubble For The DNC With Hillary, Wasserman, and Weiner

Nate Pearlman, NGPVAN CEO, CTO For Hillary 2008 - Bernie Never Had a Chance

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Day 217 -. Hillary's Leakers and Hackers: Why FBI Seth Rich Memo is a Fake

Why FBI Seth Rich Memo is a Fake, MWW Op Signature 

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Day 217 - Hillary's Leakers and Hackers: Bob Creamer, SEIU, & NGP VAN

Was Bob Creamer in the White House July 7th, 2016? SEIU 722? What Did the VAN Voter System Move To CF and Boston on July 7th? 

Seth Rich's Metadata For NGPVAN Are Going To Be Important Eighteen Days Before the Democratic Convention

DNC CEO, Amy Dacey, Explains NGPVAN Glitch, Lockout of Bernie Supporters, and "Patch"

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Day 216 - Hillary's Leakers and Hackers: CrowdStrike and DNC on Russian Hack

Stranahan speaks about crowdstrike and the Coming Star Witnesses of guccifer and guccifer 2

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Day 216 - Hillary's Hackers and Leakers: Origin of Pakistan 111th of the Awan Brothers - MUSA 1981

Origin of Pakistan 111th of the Awan Brothers - MUSA 1981 i

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Day 216 - One VA Transplant Center Per U.S. Region

Donor Hospital at Bottom of Hill, Recipient Hospital on the Top With a Big Fence, Doctors Coming From VA, Add a Children's Hospital to Double the Harvest Voting is beautiful, be beautiful ~ vote.©

216 - Is Assistant US Attorney for the District of Columbia Steven Wasserman DWS' Brother?

We're not saying Assistant US Attorney for the District of Columbia Steven Wasserman is Debbie Wasserman Shultz's brother, but if he is, would it be a conflict of interest with regard to the Seth Rich murder investigation or the Awan brothers? 

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Day 216 -. Hillary's Leakers and Hackers: Developmental Alternatives Inc., DAI

Did Anthony Weiner Import His Trusted Staff Through USAID Cutout Democracy Alternatives Inc? 

 Imran Awan's Twitter Account? 

 Imran Awan's Twitter Seems To Be Focused on BISE (Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Lahore, Pakistan) UAE Soccer, and Cars, Cars, Cars 

 Collecting Metadata For the Four Leaks - DCC, DNC, CF, and Podesta 

 Development Alternatives Inc is a CIA Cutout According To Venezuela America Lawyer 

 DAI, USAID, Alan Gross Conviction, Phillip Agee, ex-CIA, Says DAI Is Obvious CIA Front. DAI Ratlines in Pakistan 

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Saturday, May 27, 2017

George Webb Continues the Deep Dive Into Pakistanti ISI - NATO Rat Line

George layers independent Pakistani special forces onto yesterday's East West Lahore to Mons rat line breakdown. Pakistani 111?

For  more information: 

Crowdsource The Truth

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Day 216 Hillary's Leakers and Hackers: Democratic Alternatives, Inc & USAID

Did Anthony Weiner Import His Trusted Staff Through USAID Cutout Democracy Alternatives Inc? 

 Imran Awan's Twitter Account? 

 Imran Awan's Twitter Seems To Be Focused on BISE (Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Lahore, Pakistan) UAE Soccer, and Cars, Cars, Cars 

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Day 215 - Hillary's Leakers and Hackers: FBI Immunity & EB5

McCabe Pee Pee Dossier Maybe Partially True \

EB5 Visa's Require You To Launder Only $1M To Get a Visa and Even Passport  

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Friday, May 26, 2017

George Webb and Jason Goodman Speak With Jared Beck On DNC Lawsuit And Sean Lucas Death

DNC Lawsuit Lawyer Jared Beck Chats With Us, Part 1  

 Jared Beck Chats With Us Part 2 


Streamed live on May 2, 2017 The Democratic National Committee is defending itself against a lawsuit brought by Bernie Sanders supporters over the Democratic presidential primary process. Attorney, Jared Beck explains the DNC arguments, the Bernie Sanders Supporters, Bernie donors, Democratic Party Members grievances and the evidence presented thus far in Wilding et al. v. DNC Services Corp. class action, Case No. 16-cv-61511-WJZ (S.D. Fla). The DNC Lawsuit is a fight for justice following the biased DNC Primary Election process and activities.

Get up to speed on the DNC Fraud Lawsuit:


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Will Besty DeVos Be Impeached On Violating The Emolument Clause?

U.S. Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos has a substantial financial investments in privatized education, which is a clear violation of the Emolument Clause.

Neither is an elected nor appointed official able to enforce their personal beliefs upon a democratic society.

The last time I checked, the aforementioned actions were considered federal crimes.

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Breaking Down the #HRCratline for Crowdsource the Truth

This video was originally posted on Crowdsource the Truth

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Day 215 - Hillary's Leakers and Hackers

Guccifer/McCabe Hacks Amy Pascal of Sony, Podesta-Nides Can't Get "Donation", Obama Jokes Go Public

 Anthony Weiner's Startup Provide H1Bs for Awans? 

 Hina Alvi SUPRACOR Indicted 2010 

 Drudge Releases FBI Report That Says FBI Illegally Shared Electronic Communications With Third Parties and Govt Contractors 

 FBI Gives Surveillance Data to Third Parties and Govt Contractors 

 Liz Crokin Steps Away From Inveatigation, We Are Not 

Fedex Now Flying Ratline After September 1, 2011?

Was Seth Rich About to Testify in the Sean Lucas DNC Case? Pagliano?

Was the Chair Throw in Vegas the Beginning of the DNC Lawsuit?

 Did Las Vegas Chair Throw Drive the DNC Lawsuit? 

 Honest Capitol Police Jurisdiction Ends at Avenue at Avenue H. Seth Rich Killed at Avenue W 

 I Had Jared Beck all Wrong - He Did File After Goose 2 on June 15th

 DNC Lawsuit and Witness List  

Jason Emails Jared Beck Beckon Star Witnesses

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

CONYERS Statement On Circuit Court Ruling To Block Trump's Muslim/Refugee Ban

Washington, D.C. – House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI) released the following statement after the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a block on President Donald Trump's revised Muslim and refugee ban executive order:

Dean of the U.S. House
of Representatives
John Conyers, Jr.
“Today, yet another court has struck down Trump's un-American Muslim and refugee ban.  Even in its so-called revised form, the courts have not closed their eyes to the undeniable truth--that the ban was intended to harm Muslims and thus is in conflict with the First Amendment's prohibition on the establishment of religion.

“The second travel ban executive order, like the first, undoubtedly targets Muslims and is unconstitutional. I’m pleased that the judicial branch has been steadfast in their commitment to upholding the constitution.”

In April 2017, Ranking Member Conyers helped lead 165 Democratic Members of Congress in filing a brief as amici curiae in the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in the case of International Refugee Assistance Project v. Trumpto highlight the unlawfulness of Trump’s second travel ban executive order.

In their amicus brief, the Members wrote, “…despite the Second Order’s self-serving claims to the contrary, it delivers on President Trump’s repeated promises as a candidate to limit the entry of Muslims into the country.  In so doing, it flies in the face of one of our most deeply rooted constitutional values: that the government must not favor (or disfavor) any particular religion. As the Constitution’s text and history make clear, the Religion Clauses—both Article VI’s prohibition on the use of religious tests, and the First Amendment’s promise of “free exercise of religion” and prohibition on “laws respecting an establishment of religion”—prohibit a religious test that singles out a religion for discriminatory treatment under our immigration laws. . . . The best way to protect the security of the nation and to uphold foundational American values is to respect the Constitution’s fundamental protections and the laws passed by Congress.”

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