Tuesday, May 21, 2019

AEI: How To Pitch The Maura Corrigan Gaming The System Using Medicaid Funding For More Child Welfare Propaganda In Public Policymaking

Oh, those rascals over there at the Maura Corrigan Think Tank called the American Enterprise Institute are at it again!

I busted them doing that pre-emptive money pitch for their next scheme they came up with to run those Social Impact Bond seminars in their Faith Based Funded propaganda network they like to now call "the importance of social capital for public policy making".

Sometimes I call it propaganda.

Sometimes I call it a foreign invasion.

Sometimes I call it the work of the Lord.

Sometimes I call it predictive modeling crap.

Either way, you have got to given them credit for re-engineering the residuals of the peculiar institution for corporate parental rights.


But, sometimes, just sometimes, I believe they are only trying to raise legal defense funds for #warcrimes, but hey, what do I know?

I know these people only care about stealin' children, land and votes.

Testimony: On the importance of social capital for public policymaking

Statement before the Joint Economic Committee

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Please Make MSU Stop Stealin' - Nassar Victims Healing Fund Fraud Investigation

Dear U.S. Department of Justice, 

They just refuse to stop stealin'.

Please make them stop stealin'.

Much love, 

/s/The Celestial Goddess of the Woodshed

Arrest warrants issued in MSU Healing Fund fraud investigation

EAST LANSING, Mich (WLNS) - Arrest warrants have been issued for seven people in connection with the investigation into fraud in the MSU Healing Assistance Fund.

 The initial fund was established for survivors of the Larry Nassar sexual abuses at Michigan State University.

 Today the Ingham County Prosecutor's Office issued the warrants for 22 felony counts for claims of over $527,000 in fraudulent payments from the fund.

The payments were to be used to support the resources needed for survivors’ recovery and healing, specifically counseling and mental health services that are not covered by insurance.

 The Michigan State University Police Department has been investigating alleged fraudulent reimbursements since fall of 2018.

 A second Healing Assistance Fund has been established for survivors in the wake of the fraud investigation.

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Cocktails & Popcorn: Deutsche Bank Busted Trying To Cover Up Stealin' From The U.S. Treasury - The Treasonous Tale of the Missing SARs

Gather round, my dearies, for I shall tell the tale of Deutsche Bank and the missing SARs.

The New York Times published an article with a toll, that said Deutsche Bank employees were so scared of Trump because of Cohen that they never filed mandated by the U.S. Treasury, Financial Crimes Network, Suspicious Activity Reports, so affectionately called SARs.

As we all know, no one is going to subscribe and pay to read an article when they can just watch youtube or your media news source of choice.

The only one who attempted to cover the tale of the missing SARs was Rachel Maddow, of whom continues to be stunning in her abilities to take the besmirching her profession to levels, unprecedented in paid speech.

She cited the tolled New York Times article as her source, a second hand source, without mentioning the missing SARs from the U.S. Treasury Financial Crimes Network, that was put out in a DOJ press release, that I published, pushing the jejune plot of the "Legal Geniuses" (trademark pending) over there at Deutsche Bank of employees being so scared of Trump that they would rather risk being charged with treason than to report treason?

That is treason.

Michael Cohen was that Och Ziff financial management guy over the Children's Trust Funds.

Anyway, that ends the tale of Deutsche Bank trying to implement another one of those schemes concocted by the "Legal Geniuses" (trademark pending) to cover up its money laundering activities, I would most definitely call treason.

Stealin' from the U.S. Treasury is treason.

I wish someone would just #sayhisname so we can get this Cocktails & Popcorn party started!

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Why Is Daniel Levinson Still Around? More Medicaid Fraud In The Residuals Of The Peculiar Institution

Why is Daniel Levinson still here?

They do these OIG reports all the time and guess what happens?


Do you want to know why there is no compliance with the federal Medicaid waivers and state requirements in overseaing adult day care centers and adult foster care homes?

There are three reasons:

  1. The States Medicaid Fraud Control Units do not do crap because they are clueless;
  2. These operations fund political campaigns; and,
  3. These are subcontracted by the states under foreign corporations, as corporate parents, and, therefore, the States have no jurisdicitonal standing to enforce any mandates, funded or unfunded, regulation, law, financial reporting requirements....you get the picture.
All the feds have to do is get that Conjugal Collaboration to terminate parental rights of all these corporations by bearing witness.

These corporate parents only, by law, have to give these individuals $50 a month from their Social Supplemental Income or other Social Security funds.

Daniel Levinson has been watching this crap for years, yet has been silent.

Perhaps, he was silent due to his passionate dedication to taking copious notes of what they do.

If our federal and States governments can allow the continuance in preserving the residuals of the peculiar institution, then, perhaps, it is time to just end the industry of salvaging souls.

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JUDICIARY: Jolly Jerry Gave Don McGahn,"Legal Genius", A Second Chance

Alright, I need someone to work with me, here.

How is it that Trump instructed McGahn to "fire" Mueller when it was Rosenstein who, not only hired the Special Counsel, but was the sole authority to fire the Special Counsel?

I am not finished.

If Rosenstein was the only one with the authority to fire the Special Counsel, Mueller, then how come Trump and Rosenstein were hanging out having fun on Air Force One?

How come Trump put out pressers on how great the relationship was with Rosenstein, with public statements on he was satisfied with the Mueller investigation, long before anything was made public.

So, now, McGahn is in a tough place.

Does he hold to the direction of the president or the subpoena of congress, because we all know he is going to lie.

Don, you are a "Legal Genius" (trademark pending).

I would embed backlinks but if you are not savvy enough to do a term search in my database I have constructed over the last 10 years, or google my name, then you should just keep on parroting the talking points spoon fed to you.



Don McGahn represents clients before government agencies, in enforcement matters, and in court disputes arising from government regulation or action. He handles litigation, crisis management, regulatory compliance, and political issues. Prior to rejoining Jones Day in 2019, Don served as Counsel to the President of the United States, advising Donald J. Trump on all legal issues concerning the President and his administration, including constitutional and statutory authority, executive orders, international agreements, tariffs, trade, administrative law, and national security.  
Don also managed the judicial selection process for the President. During Don's tenure, a historic number of judges were appointed to the federal bench, including two Supreme Court justices. In addition, he spearheaded President Trump's deregulation efforts, which resulted in deregulation at record rates. Following Don's departure from the White House, the President appointed him to the Council of the Administrative Conference of the United States, a nonpartisan, independent agency dedicated to promoting improvement to administrative agency processes. Don's accomplishments have been recognized at the highest levels of government. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stated that Don concluded his tenure "not only as the best White House Counsel I've seen on the job, but more broadly, as one of the most successful and consequential aides to any President in recent memory." Don was nominated by President George W. Bush in 2008, and confirmed in the Senate by unanimous consent, to serve as a member of the Federal Election Commission. He also served as outside Counsel to the Committee on House Administration during the 113th and 114th Congresses and as general counsel to the National Republican Congressional Committee. 

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Monday, May 20, 2019

All Hail The Whistleblowers: Meet Karli The Sesame Street Foster Muppet - Happy Foster Care Propaganda Month

Mr. Rogers could stop it, but perhaps, Sesame Street can by telling the stories from the original sources, the kids Legally Kidnapped by Child Protective Services, put in Foster Care, and perhaps Adoption, if they do not end up AWOL or aging out to a life on the streets of human trafficking.

Karli can be the voice of the those foster kids silenced through cocktails of second generation antipsychotropics as lab rats, to tell their stories of being raped, beaten, and tortured, in the name of the tax exempt god.

Yes, Karli can even transform into children snatched from their parents at the border to be placed under the corporate guardianship of a foreign corporation as a ward of the state, without addressing citizenship once parental rights are terminated.

Let Karli tell the stories of how she witnessed our federal, state and local governments turn a blind eye to the massive levels of public corruption, the defalcation of the world's national treasuries by stealin' the children, the land and the vote.

Let Karli tell the stories of why she was snatched from her original guardians, stripped of identity and legacy through the salvaging of her soul, strictly for revenue maximization of Social Impact Bonds, of course.

Kari can bear witness to what really goes on in foster care, or Sesame Street could just get spoon fed lots of endowment grants to keep cloaking the residuals of the peculiar institution through colorful puppetry.

I watch with baited breath to see if Sesame Street will assist Karli, the Foster Muppet, to bear witness.

Since the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, running close to being a $10,000,000,000 operation, I am sure they can come up with a bit of funding to help this Karli the Foster Muppet Whistleblower Initiative by starting off and telling us what the Joan Ganz Cooney Fund for Vulnerable Children is because all I got was a non-existent Corporate Shape Shifter as their "Fund for Vulnerable Children" does not seem to exist.

How about funding the parents to hire competent attorneys to sue the states and these private, foreign corporate contractors by filing False Claims Act cases, that allow the kids to be sold, raped, drugged, tortured, beaten, and used as lab rats for your tax dollars?

'Sesame Street' introduces Karli, a Muppet in foster care

Elmo shares a moment with Karli, a Muppet in foster care, who was recently introduced to "Sesame Street" to support foster children and foster families .
Elmo shares a moment with Karli, a Muppet in foster care, who was recently introduced to "Sesame Street" to support foster children and foster families .

In an effort to support foster children and families, there’s a new Muppet family living on Sesame Street.

Karli, and her “for-now” parents Dalia and Clem, was introduced Monday by Sesame Workshop to offer support foster children and foster families, the nonprofit educational organization behind the iconic children’s show said.

The effort is part of the Sesame Street in Communities program that helps provide free resources for caregivers and community providers on a number of difficult issues such as homelessness and traumatic experiences.

“Fostering a child takes patience, resilience, and sacrifice, and we know that caring adults hold the power to buffer the effects of traumatic experiences on young children,” Jeanette Betancourt, senior vice president of U.S. Social Impact at Sesame Workshop, said in a news release. “We want foster parents and providers to hear that what they do matters — they have the enormous job of building and rebuilding family structures and children’s sense of safety. By giving the adults in children’s lives the tools they need — with help from the Sesame Street Muppets — we can help both grownups and children feel seen and heard and give them a sense of hope for the future.”

The material, available in English and Spanish, offers digital and printable resources.

Today @SesameCommunity announced a new initiative to support foster children, foster parents, & providers who serve foster families. The new content features Karli, a young Muppet in foster care and her “for now” parents, Dalia & Clem http://sesamestreetincommunities.org/topics/foster-care 

In a series of videos released on YouTube, Karli and her family share stories with Elmo about their love and the emotional struggles they face.

In one segment, titled “You Belong,” Karli shows Elmo all of the place settings at the dinner table for their pizza party, only to discover that her place mat is missing and she doesn’t have a place at the table.

“I don’t have a place,” Karli says.

As Clem, her foster dad, takes Karli aside to talk with her, Elmo asks Dalia, Elmo’s foster mom, what being a “for-now” parent means.

“Well, Elmo, sometimes even mommies and daddies need some help taking care of their children,” Dalia says, explaining that Karli’s birth mom is currently unable to take care of Karli.

“We will keep her safe until her mommy can take care of her again,” Dalia tells Elmo.

"Sesame Street" has introduced a number of Muppets as part of an effort to introduce children to real-life scenarios.

In April, Sesame Workshop launched resources and videos with 4-year-old Muppet, Julia, as part of an autism initiative. She was first introduced in 2015 through digital resources and premiered on a show in 2017.

Last year, Sesame Workshop reintroduced Lily, a 7-year-old Muppet experiencing homelessness. She was first introduced in 2011 when her family experienced food insecurity.

Sesame Workshop Launches New Initiative to Support Children in Foster Care

May 20, 2019

New videos, a storybook, and interactive activities feature Karli, a new Sesame Street Muppet in Foster Care, and her Foster Parents 

(New York, NY) May 20, 2019—Sesame Workshop, the non-profit educational organization behind Sesame Street, announced today a new initiative to offer support to children, foster parents, and providers who serve foster families. The initiative features Karli, a young Sesame StreetMuppet in foster care, and her “for-now” parents, Dalia and Clem. Children in foster care often experience many transitions—from their separation from birth parents, to their placement in foster care, to many moves—and the new resources are designed to help children in crisis cope along the way.

The initiative is part of the Sesame Street in Communities program, which provides free, easy-to-use resources for community providers and caregivers on a range of topics, including tough issues like family homelessness and traumatic experiences. The free, bilingual resources released today help caregivers and providers support children as they navigate the world of foster care, and they provide simple, approachable tools to help reassure children and help them feel safer.

The number of children in foster care in the US has grown for five consecutive years. In 2017, nearly 443,000 children spent time in foster care—6 out of every 1,000 children in the US. Every 47 seconds a child is abused or neglected, and children under age 6 made up nearly half of all child maltreatment cases in 2015. Over 40 percent of all children in foster care in 2016 were under age 6. In response to the growing need for resources to serve children in foster care, Sesame Workshop partnered with national experts on foster care and tested materials with both foster parents and providers.The resources include proven strategies to bolster relationships between caring adults and children and mitigate the effects of traumatic experiences.

“Fostering a child takes patience, resilience, and sacrifice, and we know that caring adults hold the power to buffer the effects of traumatic experiences on young children,” said Dr. Jeanette Betancourt, Senior Vice President of US Social Impact at Sesame Workshop. “We want foster parents and providers to hear that what they do matters—they have the enormous job of building and rebuilding family structures and children’s sense of safety. By giving the adults in children’s lives the tools they need—with help from the Sesame Street Muppets—we can help both grownups and children feel seen and heard and give them a sense of hope for the future.”
The new resources include:

• New videos featuring Karli, her “for-now” parents, and Sesame Street friends,including: On Your Team, in which Elmo’s dad chats with his old friends Dalia and Clem, who are new foster parents to a little girl named Karli; You Belong, in which Karli worries she doesn’t have a “place at the table” at a pizza party with Elmo in her new foster home; and A Heart Can Grow, in which Karli shares with Elmo an art project that demonstrates that while she may feel like her heart is breaking, it can get bigger at the same time when more love is added.

• The Feeling Basket storybook: A storybook about “finding a place” for big feelings. Accompanying activities help children gain perspective on emotions and learn to label and talk about them.

• Digital interactives, including an Artmaker activity to help children express their feelings through drawing and a “Slow It Down” calming activity for children overwhelmed by big feelings. 
• Tips for foster parents to give children coping and calming strategies and provide honest and age-appropriate ways to respond to children’s most difficult questions about foster care. The new materials help promote engagement between foster parents and children and provide ideas for comforting routines that caregivers can do with children anywhere.

Sesame Street in Communitiesis a program to help community providers, parents, and caregivers give children a strong and healthy start. Sesame Street in Communitiespartners with community providers to reach parents and caregivers with resources on topics ranging from healthy eating and school readiness to tougher issues like trauma and grief. The materials, which include videos, storybooks, digital interactives, games, and professional development resources, are available for free—in English and Spanish—at www.sesamestreetincommunities.org.

Sesame Workshop is implementing Sesame Street in Communitiesin Camden, NJ; Kansas City, MO and KS; Los Angeles, CA; Guilford County; NC; Transylvania County, NC; Memphis, TN; and Leland and Indianola, MS.

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Massachusetts Children's Trust Slush Fund Busted - Happy Foster Care Propaganda Month

It seems Massachusetts has been busted for another child welfare fraud scheme.

This time they found the Social Security Survivor Benefits that are intercepted by the State.

The investigators do not know where the money goes.

I know where the money goes.

Image result for massachusetts children's trust fund

All States have children's trust funds.

They are not incorporated or registered as a business in the U.S. because they are UCCs.

It started with the Michigan Children's Trust which set up shop in Kansas under here:

Image result for national alliance children's trust

Then, the money is doled out to other foreign child welfare NGOs===> who then funnel the money to asset management organizations ====>who then invest in U.S. real estate that was subject to other fraud schemes of fake property tax and mortgage foreclosures ====> who then take out fake mortgages through fake LLCs ===>who then get a land bank to fake file quiet titles =====> who then let other fake LLCs to take out federal mortgage loans =====> who then get the land bank to file another quiet title ===> who then get the courts to wipe out the loans ====> then do it over again ====> while bundling the debt to leverage overseas in some artsy fartsy pipeline, drug, weapons project, and more human subject medical research on foster kids ====> by funding predictive modeling crap ====> to hustle their stupid Social Impact Bonds ====> that make people even more poorer ====> to be able to get CPS to snatch more kids to be put into foster care.

For every child that comes in undocumented gets put into a state system, termination of parental rights, and placed under the custody of a private state contractor who is secure foreign corporate parental rights.

Investigates: Foster Children’s Money

Millions of dollars taken from children in Massachusetts. Investigative reporter Hank Phillippi Ryan found some call a secret system. Who is getting their money, and why? 7 Investigates.

Landon’s life was sad as any little life could be. When he was a baby he was put in foster care with his Auntie Kristen. Then when he was two years old he lost his single mother to a drug overdose.
“It breaks my heart,” Kristen told 7 News.

Then Kristen learned something else that would change their lives: Because Landon was in foster care, he’d also lose his survivor benefits: Thousands of dollars he was entitled to because his mom worked and paid into Social Security.

“It makes me so angry,” Kristen said.

The family had hoped to save the money for Landon’s future, but who was actually taking those thousands? The State of Massachusetts.

“And who would get that money,” Investigative reporter Hank Phillippi Ryan asked.

“They would,” Kristen replied.

“Not your nephew,” Hank asked.

“No,” Kristen said.

Foster kids, the ones who’ve lost their parents, and lost their homes, and are sometimes sent to live with strangers. We found the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families is taking millions of dollars from them.

“It just baffles my mind,” Kristen said.

But DCF officials confirmed it. No one would go on camera, but they told us as legal guardians of the foster kids, they can legally take 90 percent of their Social Security Survivor Benefits to reimburse the Commonwealth’s general fund for their care.

That’s even though Mass law requires the state to pay for the care of foster kids. And does not require kids to pay the state back.

Attorneys fighting for change say taking the money hurts those unfortunate kids even more.
“Their sole reason for existing is to serve and protect abused and neglected children is instead using those children as a source of revenue to go after their money and take it from them. And in my mind it’s theft,” Attorney Daniel Hatcher told 7 News.

How much is the state taking from these foster kids? We found in the last three years alone DCF kept 5.6 million. And every time the state takes guardianship of a new child the state can take their benefits, too.

It was only when Kristen was finally named Landon’s legal guardian, two years after his mom died, the benefits started going to him. Now, finally, future checks will go into his savings account.

“There’s got to be another way, not taking from these children as the answer. It’s not the answer,” Kristen said.

Though other states do this too, Maryland recently limited the amount of benefits a child can lose. And in Congress, there’s now a bill in the works requiring all the money be held for the children until they’re adults.

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Trump wants 'lifetime ban' for lobbying for foreign governments

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