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CONYERS on Medicare for All

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CONYERS: Committee Democrats To Chairman Goodlatte: House Judiciary Must Do Its Job

Washington, D.C. – Today, sixteen Democratic members of the House Committee on the Judiciary sent a letter, below, to Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) to request that he schedule hearings immediately “to examine events that now extend well beyond any investigation into Russian influence—including the firing of FBI Director James Comey, allegations of obstruction of justice, and the inconsistent application of the Attorney General’s recusal from these and related matters.”

Today’s letter, led by Ranking Member John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI) and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), addressed each of Chairman Goodlatte and the Majority’s usual explanations for not conducting oversight of the Department of Justice.  “With our Committee on the sidelines, the situation [at the Department] grows more perilous by the day,” the Members wrote.

The letter makes reference to a CRS report, below, that documents nearly a century of precedent where congressional investigations have overlapped with ongoing investigations at the Department of Justice.

On March 10th, every Democrat on the Committee called on Chairman Goodlatte to “get moving on Trump oversight” by holding formal committee hearings on Russia’s interference with the election and related matters. 

On May 11th, Democrats on the House Committee on the Judiciary sent a letter to Chairman Bob Goodlatte, urging him to conduct immediate hearings into the firing of James Comey. 

On May 16th, all 33 Democratic Members of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and the House Committee on the Judiciary, sent a detailed letter to their respective Republican Chairmen outlining their demand for an immediate investigation into the actions of President Donald Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and top White House aides.

The House Judiciary Committee has jurisdiction over the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It also has jurisdiction over the Foreign Agents Registration Act and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Human Trafficking in Foster Care: Haiti v. United States

Now, where do you think these U.S. faith based, tax exempt, privatized, non-profits got the idea to
launder money through child welfare for human trafficking?

Why, of course, it was none other than the glorious Clinton Foundation!

If the Lumos foundation can engage in such extensive research in monitoring child trafficking through child welfare in Haiti, well, I guess they could do the same thing, right here in the United States....or just ask me.

Or, perhaps, they already did.

For those of you who are in that realm of cognitive dissonance when it comes to how "holier than thou" it is to do the work of God and save these poor, wretched souls of the innocent from a life of poverty, how about making money off it through the imperialistic morality parade.

In the U.S., we call these orphanages "foster care".

So, without further adieu, in my fuchsia spirit,  I shall provide my 2 cents for those people who have been duped to believe that moving a small human from a family, because they were made to be poor, is justified because they are doing the work of God, for a substantial amount of financial benefit, to prove that the peculiar institution of slavery has never, ever, gone away.

Today, slavery is coined in modern terminologies, called human trafficking under the guise of child welfare.

BOGOTA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Children living in hundreds of orphanages in Haiti suffer sexual and physical abuse and some are trafficked into orphanages for profit, according to a charity founded by "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling.

Children living in thousands of foster homes and residential institutions in the U.S. suffer sexual and physical abuse and some are trafficked into other foster homes and re-homed through adoption for profit, according to Beverly Tran, the first person, ever to talk about privatization and its Medicaid fraud schemes in child welfare to fund political campaigns.

 Many of Haiti's orphanages use deception to recruit children from unknowing and impoverished parents - a form of trafficking - and use those children to attract donations, said the report released on Thursday by the London-based charity Lumos. 

All U.S. Child Protective Services and Child Placing Agencies are immune from prosecution, given the Right To Lie in a court of law and in the filing of fraudulent cost reimbursements to Medicaid.  A state child welfare system does not need to use deception in the acquisition of goods (the future foster child), as it is a multi-billion dollar industry, used to launder false claims of fraudulent Medicaid billing to fund this industry of child trafficking, I have been reporting on for more than 15 years.

Donors, mostly from the United States and faith-based organizations, give $70 million a year to one-third of Haiti's 750 orphanages, it said.

Donors, mostly from the United States and faith-based organizations, give billions in tax write offs a year to anyone who come up with the best child abuse propaganda to launder the ill-gotten gain from trafficking children of the poor.

The Children's Defense Fund has over $35 million in assets to print out propaganda to market the latest programs to acquire and traffic tiny humans for profit.

 About 30,000 children live in orphanages in Haiti, even though four in five of those children have at least one living parent, Lumos said.

There are millions of children who have been trafficked through child welfare in the U.S., with the majority of them having at least one living parent whose parental rights were terminated by a court of law, where that parent was prosecuted as "guilty until prove innocent" by people who were only doing the work of the tax exempt God.

Most orphanages are privately funded. Impoverished families are frequently duped into giving up their children by orphanage directors who hire so-called child-finders and local pastors who also seek out children, it said.

Most child welfare state contractors are privatized and the child welfare system researchers and policymakers are privately funded to solicit federal grants to generate more revenue maximization schemes from the trafficking of tiny humans and their use as human test subjects for the biomedical and pharmaceutical industries, where they filed for Medicaid cost reimbursements to conduct the experiments and publish for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  States hire so-called child finders into positions called Child Protective Services.  Local pastors help encourage their congregations to report "abuse and neglect" through financial incentives in numerous forms and appointments to child welfare boards.

 In some cases, families had been paid $75 to give their children away, the report said.

In some cases, families have their assets seized in court judgments to pay child support to the States, where the States collect Title IV-D while billing for Title IV-E and Medicaid, contemporaneously.

 "Many parents are deceived into giving up their children, purely so that unscrupulous individuals can make a profit," said Lumos Chief Executive Georgette Mulheir in a statement.

Many parents are told to give up their children to foster care because they have no other choice, just to ensure a Child Placing Agency can meet its monthly quota to keep its doors open and paychecks flowing.

 "Well-intended donors give vast sums to orphanages.

Well-intended donors give vast sums of money to foster care and adoption programs in the U.S. for tax write offs and money laundering.

But 80 percent of children living there are not orphans," she said.

But over 80 percent of children in U.S. foster care and adoption are not orphans.

 Taking children from their parents through deception, coercion or purchase is a form of human trafficking going largely unchecked, said the report released at Haiti's first anti-trafficking conference this week in Port-au-Prince.

Taking children from their parents through false claims, deception, coercion, threats or just being poor is human trafficking as it is exempt and excluded from any form of external scrutiny.

 In a country where one in four people lives on $1.23 a day, extreme poverty drives families to sell or give their children to orphanages on false promises they will receive an education, food or care, Lumos said. Lumos interviewed 44 children who had been raised in orphanages as well as former orphanage volunteers, health care workers and government officials.

In the United States, where child poverty is the highest for developed nations and continues to increase with each passing day, extreme poverty drives Child Protective Services to remove children and place them in foster care on promises they will receive an education, food or care.  I have listened to the blood curdling screams of hundreds of children in foster care, where some did not live to make it out the child welfare system, as well as the cries of parents, grandparents, and anyone else of a degree of sangunitity or affinity to these trafficked tiny humans, as well as current and former employees, volunteers and government officials affiliated with the U.S. Child Welfare System.

 Some children reported beatings and cold water being dumped on toddlers who were forced to sleep on an orphanage floor.

There is a multitude of reports, public testimonies in governmental hearings, and court filings, documenting children being beaten, raped, drugged, tortured, murdered, attempted & successful suicide, who were forced to live in the most inhumane conditions of foster care.

 One 19-year-old man with a physical disability told Lumos he was regularly beaten at an orphanage that he left in 2015."

One 23-year old man can testify, in a court of law, or in a congressional hearing, on the bloody beatings, torture, medical experimentation, rapes in a child welfare institution in the name of God.

They would use a stick or an electric cord to hit you, wherever on your body," he said.

They would use prone restraints then put you in a 3 feet by 5 feet ceramic room, with an hole in the floor, for days, with the lights on, taunting over the intercom if you complained about being raped and beaten.

"Sometimes they would hit you and you'd bleed."

Sometimes they would hit him until he died, which happened multiple times.

 Lumos said it found evidence in the past two years that sexual abuse in orphanages occurs, saying such cases "rarely come to light."

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services does not maintain records on sexual abuse in foster care.

Even if such cases are reported and investigated, they rarely result in justice for victims, it said.

Even if such cases are reported and investigated, the U.S. Department of Justice nor the States Attorney General will lift a damn finger to take down these nefarious people in authority who have nefariously promulgated the reanimation of the peculiar institution.

(Ok, I am going to give my #Superfans a pass because I know you know, that I know you know, that I know.)

 The charity urged donors to redirect funds away from Haiti's orphanages.

I am flat out saying to shut the entire thing down by snatching the federal grants, putting the States child welfare systems in federal receivership, and prosecuting each and ever human who has intentionally benefitted from personal inurement of public office advocating for the U.S. system of human trafficking under the guise of child welfare.

 It suggested spending money instead on improving foster care and local adoption programs and helping families look after their children by funding schooling and housing projects.

I am stating that the people be made whole, compensated for the theft of their property and children.

 Lumos founder Rowling is author of the hugely popular Harry Potter fantasy book series.

Beverly Tran is on a mission...

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Shared Parenting Bill: They Forgot To Include The State Of Michigan

If you are going to promulgate a piece of legislation which promotes a presumptive joint custody doctrine in dealing with child custody and guardianship between parents, you must include the State of Michigan.

What about the State of Michigan's parental rights?
Michigan House Representative
Jim Runestad, Chairman of
House Judiciary Committee

What about Michigan Children's Institute?

What about Title IV-D funding, double-dipping fraud schemes?

What about legally defining and codifying the term "parent"?

What about termination of parental rights?

What about reinstatement of parental rights?

What about defining parental rights?

What about parents with disabilities?

What about incarcerated parents?

What about staggering sentences?

What about deportation of parents?

What about previously being charged with abuse and neglect cases, where many, many of these cases are based, waist deep, in the claim of moral turpitude for "failing to provide for the best interests of the child", otherwise known as having exclusive BRIDGE card carrying membership as "The Poors"?

If a parent is dependent upon the State of Michigan to provide for the necessary needs of the child, then the state is the de facto parent, and, as such, qualified to jump into any custody/guardianship case.

Image result for giggling girlOne cannot just allow legislation to cut into the State's privatization child welfare schemes.


Notice there is no fiscal analysis as of yet because they know, and they know well, that I am going to rip it apart.

Jim Runestad has been rolling in the mud of Michigan Child Welfare for as long as I have been, so all I can do is honor him for listening to the people, which is more than that thief, Michigan State Representative Rosemary Robinson, and her nefarious son have done.

Rose Mary Robinson voted in the Michigan House Judiciary Committee in opposition to this Bill, just to let you know.

Oops, did I just say all that? (snicker)

Required joint custody bill passes Michigan House panel

LANSING — Absent reports of domestic violence, judges would be required to award joint legal custody of children to divorcing parents under a bill that passed the House Judiciary Committee today.

With the standard of parenting changing dramatically over the past 40 years — from including same-sex marriage to an increasing number of people having children out of wedlock — reform is needed to remove discretion from judges in child custody cases, said state Rep. Jim Runestad, R-White Lake, who sponsored the legislation.

“We looked at county by county statistics on what happens in custody situations and what we found out is that the custody arrangements are not determined by the kind of parent that you are, but the judge in the county,” he said. “We have study after study of the benefits of shared parenting. It’s a tremendous benefit for the children.”

Linda Wright, of the National Parent's Organization in Michigan, earlier this month said she saw the ill effects of a single parent family when her husband died in 1998.

"While we can't protect our children from the loss of a parent resulting from death, we certainly have the ability and responsibility to do everything possible to prevent the loss of a parent that occurs through divorce," she said. "The children are innocenvictims here."

But the bill aroused a flood of opposition from judges, advocates against domestic violence, family court employees and the family law section of the State Bar of Michigan.

“This bill presumes that one form of custody is best for all families and that’s equal time,” said Rebecca Shiemke, of the Michigan Poverty Law program. “And that’s not necessarily true.”

Logistically, shared parenting time would make it difficult for some parents to find jobs, children could feel lost between two households and child support awards could become a bargaining chip for a parent who doesn’t want to pay a higher amount, she said.

“Some studies report that children complain that they don’t feel they have their own home in shared custody situations," Shiemke said. "We’re a much more mobile society now and with a focus on parents needing to work and have to split time with their children, it’s going to make it harder for parents to find work.”

And child support is based on the number of overnights the parent has with the child. The bill would require that no parent receive more than 200 overnights with their children in a year.

“That would reduce the child support burden that one parent would have to pay to the other,” Shiemke said.  “So a parent could get a lower child support obligation and then just not exercise their equal time.”

In testimony prepared for the committee, judges Kathleen Feeney and Brian Kirkham of the Michigan Judges Association said the bill puts the best interest of the child behind the interest of the parents.

"This presumption (of shared custody) disregards the actual facts as to which parent provides day-to-day support, maintenance and nurturing of the child and instead substitutes the mere presence of a parent," they wrote.

The provision that a judge must give substantial weight to the preference of the child also will force the child to publicly choose sides, they added, "and thrust the child into the middle of a contentious battle between their parents. The ensuing animosity and hurt feelings will linger well after the custody battle is over."

The bill would:
  • Require a judge to grant joint legal custody and substantially equal parenting time, unless there’s a preponderance of evidence of domestic violence in the family.
  • Prohibit a parent from moving more than 80 miles away from the other parent.
  • If a child is 16 or older, the child's preference on custody has to be given substantial weight by the judge.
After only two days of testimony earlier this month, the bill — HB 4691 — passed the committee Tuesday on a 6-3 party line vote with Republicans voting for it and Democrats opposing.  Runestad said a vote on the bill is not expected in the full House of Representatives before they adjourn for the summer later this week.

"I want to continue the dialogue with all the stakeholders so that nobody feels left out," he said.

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Styxhexenhammer666 : How I View Time: The Mayans Meet the Vedic, And Why I Must Shun Hindu and Buddhist Teachings

I honor this man for being able to capture and transpose models as a brilliant analyst.

This is what I do.

I honor any individual who has the bravery of spirit to speak in the powers and beauty of peace.

I have no choice but to reject the overarching goals of Hindu and Buddhist teachings on the basis that their insights into the spiritual ascension or descent of man and other sentient beings lacks a critical component apparently understood by ancient Mesoamericans. This is akin to helter skelter, or discord; for there is no goal or true end to such oscillating time. Twitter: Voting is beautiful, be beautiful ~ vote.©

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Steve Scalise Was Shot By A Human Trafficker Foster Parent

That is correct.

U.S. Representative Steve Scalise was shot by a foster parent, and from the looks of the unsealed records by the FBI shows the probability that his shooter was part of human trafficking, which has been a rumor circulating on the child welfare fraud circuit.

There are three curious items that have surfaced from this tragic event:

  1. The FBI possesses powers to unseal and investigate a state child welfare case, in this situation, two cases of death of foster children;
  2. A foster child died by immolation and Illinois child welfare allowed the Hodgkins to continue to be licensed as foster parents to take in another female foster child;
  3. A second foster child died, alleged suicide, again, and there was no action taken by the Illinois child welfare officials, state attorney general, nor any other  state law enforcement agency.
If the FBI possesses the powers to open sealed state child welfare cases, then how come there has never, ever, ever been a complete federal investigation into Medicaid fraud in child welfare?

In all instances, the blame should be on the State of Illinois and the entire federal child welfare system as foster care and adoption was intentionally designed for human trafficking, an issue that was being championed by U.S. Representative Steve Scalise.

But, per the norm, no one cares about children, particularly children of the poor.

Carry on with the political ideological blame game because more kids will be put in foster care trafficked and billed to Medicaid.

Congressional shooter was abusive alcoholic, foster daughter told judge before overdose death

Cathy Rainbolt was abused almost from birth to her death,
including physical abuse from James “Tom” Hodgkinson,
the congressional shooter killed by police on Wednesday.
Cathy lived in the Hodgkinson house
near Belleville, IL, as a foster child. 

Teenager Cathy Rainbolt told a judge her foster father hit her in the face when she failed to mow the lawn correctly. She got hit in the face when she argued. She got hit and dragged by the hair when she tried to get away.

Her foster father was James “Tom” Hodgkinson, who is now infamous after shooting U.S. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, two U.S. Capitol Police officers and a staffer on a Virginia ballfield Wednesday. Rainbolt told the judge that Hodgkinson drank every day.

“I didn’t mark a time when (Hodgkinson) started hitting me,” Rainbolt told St. Clair County Circuit Judge James Radcliffe during a hearing Nov. 21, 2006. “It’s been hard to live with (an alcoholic) and how (he) treated me,” Rainbolt said.

The transcript of the hearing was unsealed, along with the rest of Rainbolt’s juvenile file, after a request by the Belleville News-Democrat was granted by Circuit Judge Jan Fiss on Friday afternoon. Rainbolt died in 2015 of a drug overdose after a life “mixed with human suffering and laughter,” her obit read.

Hodgkinson was killed Wednesday by police to halt his shooting spree. Sue Hodgkinson has been under police protection and could not be reached Friday. She granted an interview Thursday and then asked the media to leave her alone.

Rainbolt was asked at the hearing whether she had been abused in any other way.

“There was no sexual abuse or anything like that. It was emotional and verbal abuse,” she answered.
Illinois Department of Childen and Family Services spokeswoman Veronica Resa confirmed the Hodgkinsons were foster parents from 1990 to 2003. She declined to answer further questions, citing privacy laws.

Rachele Putnam, Rainbolt’s biological mother, lost custody of her and her two sisters in 1995 when Cathy was 6. The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services placed Cathy in Don Bosco Children’s Home in Belleville after determining her mother’s boyfriend sexually abused her 9- and 8-year-old sisters.

DCFS also found that Cathy’s biological father, Michael Putnam, sexually abused the girls, as well as their paternal grandfather.

Cathy was placed in a foster home, attended counseling and made monthly visits to her father in prison.

Around 2002, the 13-year-old went to live with the Hodgkinsons. She took their last name and became Cathy Hodgkinson. The Hodgkinsons opted not to adopt Cathy, but instead chose a “subsidized guardianship” for their grand-niece.

Every year they would file annual reports to the court, noting expenses made for Cathy such as $112.65 for her surprise 16th birthday party or $105 for the Apple iPod she received as a birthday present or the $104 for a backpack and school supplies.

Cathy found a friend, who lived next door to the Hodgkinsons — Janae Rainbolt. At Janae’s home Cathy found a refuge and a family.

“Well, I went to the Hodgkinsons’ as soon as they were my foster family. (Janae Rainbolt) and I became best friends, inseparable, we did everything together, homework and everything and I grew up with her. I spent every single day at her house in the summer. We camped outside. And (went) out to eat and shopping,” Rainbolt told the judge.

On April 1, 2006, James Hodgkinson forced his way into his neighbor’s home, according to a police report.

“Once inside the residence, James started screaming for (Cathy),” the report stated.

He told her it was time to come home, but Cathy wanted to stay. She went upstairs and locked herself in a bedroom. Hodgkinson followed her up, cursing and shouting, the report stated. Cathy hid next to the bed on the floor.

Hodgkinson again demanded Cathy return home. She said no.

“James grabbed (Cathy) by the hair and pulled her off the floor. After Cathy was off the floor, she attempted to run away. James would not release his grip and threw Cathy to the floor,” the report stated.

One of the girls’ friends, Aimee Moreland, 19, heard screaming and saw Hodgkinson throwing Cathy around the bedroom. She told police he was hitting Cathy, pulling her hair and grabbing her.

The two girls fled to Moreland’s car and tried to leave, but Hodgkinson pulled open the passenger side door and tried to pull Cathy out, the report said. He reached over and pulled the keys out of the ignition, pulled out a knife and cut the seat belt.

Sue Hodgkinson came to the car and began fighting with Cathy, hitting her and pulling her hair and trying to pull her out of Moreland’s car. She finally gave up and said, “I’ll just call the police and put you back into foster care,” the report stated.

It was then that James Hodgkinson began grabbing Cathy again, choking her, tearing her Belleville West sweatshirt. Moreland tried to intervene and was hit in the face.

Joel Fernandez, Moreland’s 19-year-old boyfriend, went to confront the Hodgkinsons and told police he was met by James Hodgkinson pointing a 12-gauge shotgun in his face. He told police a shot was fired as he ran away. Police investigating the case found a spent shotgun shell near Hodgkinson’s front porch.

Hodgkinson was charged with battery, but the case was dropped when witnesses did not appear.
That was the last day Cathy stayed with the Hodgkinsons.

Cathy’s adopted sister, Julie Simpson, picked her up from the sheriff’s department that night. She went to a foster home in Cahokia soon after.

Julie Simpson and the Hodgkinsons were featured in a foster family newsletter in 2004.

Julie Simpson described the Hodgkinsons as a loving family that calmed a nervous 13-year-old who broke dishes and how James Hodgkinson left the hospital to attend her wedding and then adopted her when she was 24, so she’d always have a family.

But Cathy’s placement in Cahokia didn’t work out. Cathy was only allowed to eat after the family was finished. There were cockroaches in the cereal. Her foster father “tickled” her and commented on her figure.

And soon, Cathy was back at Janae Rainbolt’s house with her mother, Nicki Stieren, agreeing to be Cathy’s guardian, according to the court records.

Cathy asked Judge Radcliffe to change her name from Hodgkinson to Rainbolt.
“You guys want to be sisters, in other words. You guys want to have the same last name,” Radcliffe asked.

Cathy said “yes” and became Cathy Rainbolt.

Tension remained between the neighbors. Nicki Stieren called the police to report Hodgkinson ran over her dog, which was sleeping in the driveway six weeks after Hodgkinson tried to pull Cathy out of her house.

James Hodgkins
Less than four weeks later, the Hodgkinsons filed their final report as Cathy’s guardians. It was the day after Christmas 2006 and the day before Cathy’s 17th birthday.

In that report, they detailed the expenses incurred on her behalf, including legal fees, intermediate foster care, damage done to the front lawn and $300 to repair a hole kicked in her bedroom wall.
“ ... in addition to the lost work time we incurred for counseling, court dates, incarcerations and medical expenses for the stress the rest of the family was put through while (the girl) manipulated her way through the system,” James and Suzanne Hodgkinson wrote.

Stieren taught Cathy to drive, bought her a car, but Stieren said in Cathy’s obit that the two never formed a mother-daughter bond. Cathy Rainbolt was emancipated when she was 18. She didn’t want to follow the rules and keep up with chores at the Stieren house.

“All I can say is that I have tried and will keep being a source of moral support for this daughter of mine. It feels like failure but maybe someday she will understand,” Nicki Stieren wrote in a letter to the judge.

As an adult, Cathy Rainbolt developed a drug problem, according to her obituary. She had a son. In 2011, she once again fell prey to a sexual attack at the hands of her biological father, who was sentenced to five years on criminal sexual abuse charges.

On July 26, 2015, Cathy Rainbolt died of a heroin overdose. She was 25.

“Foster care is supposed to be foster parenting,” Nicki Stieren wrote in Cathy’s obituary. “Parenting is supporting the physical, emotional, social, financial and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood. Foster care is not supposed to be belittling. The child is not supposed to be your free worker bee.”

Cathy was the first of two Hodgkinson foster children to die young. In 1996, 17-year-old Wanda Ashley Stock, who had been living with the Hodgkinsons in Belleville for just three months, drove to a lonely rural road, doused herself with gasoline and set herself on fire.

St. Clair County Deputy Coroner Danny Haskenhoff said he will never never forget seeing smoke on the horizon over Mine Haul Road not far from Smithton.

Stock immolated herself in 1996 after her boyfriend broke up with her. She was in the foster care of congressional shooter James “Tom” Hodgkinson and his wife
Haskenhoff said that when he arrived, the car Stock drove was surrounded by firefighters and county deputies. Told there was a body in the car, he said at first he didn’t believe it.

“I said, ‘Oh, bullshit,’” and then I realized. “Ah, there’s a body in the car.”

“It was determined to be a suicide, and we typically don’t autopsy suicide,” Haskenhoff said. A police report could not be located Friday.

At the time, Suzanne Hodgkinson said the teenager’s death was a complete surprise. Hodgkinson passed her foster daughter in the car and was quoted by a News-Democrat reporter as saying, “She didn’t pull out of the driveway in a frenzy.

She drove at a normal pace.

There was no indication that there was anything wrong.”

Haskenhoff said one odd detail he recalled is that two gas cans were found some distance back from the section of road where the flaming car was found.

According to the BND article, Stock left a note with instructions to leave whatever valuables she had to a friend. Her license place was “Jeff Ashe,” a reference to her boyfriend, which police used to identify her and discover her home.

It was a break-up with that boyfriend that prompted the suicide, Sue Hodgkinson said in a News-Democrat story about suicide prevention. She encouraged other parents to keep a close eye on emotional children, who take things hard.

Nicki Stieren wrote an emotional ode in Cathy’s obituary that was also a plea for other foster children.

“To all you children in foster care, seek out those good teachers and counselors at your school, find friends to encourage you and please find your passion. Don’t waste your life and don’t let Cathy’s death be in vain. Chances are most everyone needs help. Go and get yours.”

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CONYERS & BLUMENTHAL Lay Out The Constitutional Case For Compelling President Trump To Obey Anti-Corruption Foreign Emoluments Clause

In the week since nearly 200 Members of Congress filed a lawsuit to compel President Trump to comply with the Constitution, public reporting has revealed new evidence of foreign benefits

No automatic alt text available.
[WASHINGTON, DC] – House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI) and U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) held a press conference at 12:30 PM in the Capitol Visitors Center (SVC-215) to outline the Constitutional case for compelling President Trump to obtain the consent of Congress before accepting payments, benefits, or gifts from foreign states. 

Last week, nearly 200 Members of Congress filed a complaint, below, in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia against President Trump, whose ongoing failure to disclose his foreign business dealings violates one of the Constitution’s critical anti-corruption provisions: the Foreign Emoluments Clause.

In the week since the lawsuit was filed, public reporting has revealed that President Trump has received additional foreign benefits – including new trademarks in China– and is brokering business deals in Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf while regional tensions escalate.

“We are joining in this action to prevent Donald Trump from thumbing his nose at the Constitution and the American people. The Constitution clearly states that no elected official - including the President - may receive gifts, payments, or benefits from foreign governments without disclosing them to Congress and seeking our consent,” Senator Blumenthal said. “The immense magnitude of President Trump's vast business empire is no excuse for his disregard of the Constitution and disrespect for the American people.”

“For generations,” Representative Conyers said, “presidents of both parties have complied with the Foreign Emoluments Clause by either divesting their business and financial holdings, or coming to Congress to seek approval prior to receiving any foreign government payment or other benefits. Our current President has done neither. This course of conduct is keeping Americans in the dark – leaving us to speculate if he’s acting on behalf of the American people or for his own financial benefit. Today’s legal action is designed to help lift our Nation out of this morass of conflicts and restore faith in our government, just as the founders intended.”

Because President Trump has refused to disclose his business dealings abroad, the full scope of his potential Constitutional violations is unknown. Independent reporting has shown that President Trump has received the following foreign emoluments during his presidency among others:

  • Payments from foreign governments housing their officials in rooms or hosting events at Trump’s Washington, D.C. hotel after Inauguration Day;
  • Entities owned by foreign states paying rent at Trump World Tower in New York City; and
  • The Chinese government granting thirty-nine trademarks to the Trump Organization.

U.S. Senators Patrick Leahy (D-VT), Tom Udall (D-NM), and Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) and U.S. Representatives Jerry Nadler (D-NY), Katherine Clark (D-MA) and Steve Cohen (D-TN) will also attend Tuesday’s press conference. They will be joined by Elizabeth Wydra, President of the Constitutional Accountability Center, the public interest organization whose attorneys are representing Members of Congress.

U.S. Congressman John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI)
U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal, (D-CT)
U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT)
U.S. Senator Tom Udall (D-NM)
U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL)
U.S. Representative Jerry Nadler (D-NY)
U.S. Representative Katherine Clark (D-MA)
U.S. Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN)
Elizabeth Wydra, President, Constitutional Accountability Center

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Time To Audit God: Detroit World Outreach, Child Welfare Fraud & Detroit Land Bank Authority

To begin, I would like to honor the Redford Police Department for executing an extremely delicate, social arrest, with a professional grace.

Now, on to why this is an issue of child welfare fraud.

This is the quote from the article that made me take pause:
"The church has more than $15 million worth of assets, including its main campus in Redford Township, the parsonage, additional real estate and a “sizable discretionary fund” for the senior pastor, according to Harmon."
Additional real estate?

Why and how does a church, a non-profit, tax exempt organization hold more that $15 million worth of assets?

1945 Webb, Detroit, Michigan
So, what I did was a take a simple visit to its website and, voila, I found a questionable relationship of a real estate transaction in conjunction with the glorious Detroit Land Bank Authority.

Detroit World Outreach is in partnership with Life Remodeled, another non-profit with a plan to take over Detroit Public Schools.

In the particular case of 1945 Webb, below, Wayne County had previously transferred the property to
Andre McCoullough of Quality Solutions, with payment arrangements and payments of past due taxes, where the legitimacy of these so-called past due taxes may be even called into question.

Without any notification, the property of 1945 Webb, I guess the best superlative would be, was "miraculously" transferred with lease to Life Remodeled, a tax exempt, non-profit, without any notification to the...current owner (?), signed between Steven Rhodes and Chris Lambert.

In allegation only, at this particular point in time, this is the agenda of Betsy DeVos, U.S. Department of Education Secretary of Privatization (my lil mismomer), in charter schools to religious, tax exempt, corporations for purposes of private investments through questionable billing to child welfare programs, like, um.....Medicaid.

Of course, I provide my disclaimer that I have not fully vetted this transaction, but the purpose of this publication is for my #Superfans.


Redford Township — Local religious leaders are warring with a bishop’s widow over a $3 million mansion and control of the soul and mega bank accounts of one of Metro Detroit’s megachurches.

The war is 4 months old, triggered by the death of Bishop Benjamin Gibert, the charismatic, leather-clad leader of Detroit World Outreach in Redford Township, a megachurch whose leaders believe wealth is God’s reward.

Within days of the bishop’s death, church leaders fired his widow, Charisse Gibert, from her church post and announced plans to sell her home, an 11,000-square-foot parsonage in Northville Township that was controversially removed from the tax rolls 10 years ago.

 Church leaders also are trying to block Charisse Gibert from collecting on her late husband’s $2 million life-insurance policy.

 State and federal court records and interviews chronicle a power struggle over who should succeed Benjamin Gibert, a legal battle filled with palace intrigue, police and claims that the church has financial problems, an ironic twist that could end up benefiting Wayne County taxpayers.

 “The dispute is about control and the future of the church, though money and power is always in the background,” church vice president and treasurer Marvin Wilder said. The power struggle is not unusual.

 “Megachurches that are built around the personalities of their leaders most of the time do suffer when there is an unexpected death or loss of that pastor, as do smaller churches,” said Scott Thumma of the Connecticut-based Hartford Seminary, who studies megachurches.

 It is somewhat rare for a clergy’s spouse to become the new leader of a church, but that typically happens when the spouse is viewed as an equal, Thumma said.

 “This does not sound like it was the case at (Detroit World Outreach),” Thumma said. Charisse Gibert’s lawyer did not respond to a message seeking comment.

 After Benjamin Gibert, 54, died of a heart attack Feb. 28, his widow tried to take control of the church from Detroit World Outreach’s board of elders, leaders allege.

 Charisse Gibert tried firing church elders and stocking the board with family and friends, church lawyer Henri Harmon wrote in a Wayne County Circuit Court filing. Gibert’s handpicked board includes her 23-year-old daughter and a brother-in-law. Gibert claimed her late husband, before he died, named her first vice president.

The move was an attempt to leapfrog her past Wilder and put her first in line to become the church’s new senior pastor, the lawyer alleges.

 “The ‘first vice president’ position does not exist, and never existed,” Harmon wrote in the court filing.

 The move was designed to grab control of church finances and assets, including the $3 million mansion in Northville Township, the lawyer alleges.

The church has more than $15 million worth of assets, including its main campus in Redford Township, the parsonage, additional real estate and a “sizable discretionary fund” for the senior pastor, according to Harmon.

The dispute turned ugly at the church’s main campus March 19, according to court records.

 Charisse Gibert and others arrived at the facility and seized control of the church’s live web feed, according to Harmon.

 A week later, during Sunday services, Gibert returned and insisted she be allowed to speak to parishioners. Someone called law enforcement and Gibert agreed not to take the pulpit, according to Harmon.

 “Gibert did not keep her word,” the lawyer alleged.

 The church says Gibert twice interrupted Sunday services before law enforcement intervened, handcuffed her and led her off the stage.

 Video of the incident was posted on YouTube. On March 21, Charisse Gibert unsuccessfully tried to have the church bank accounts put in her name, according to a court filing.

 The next day, the church sued her in Wayne County Circuit Court.

 The church wanted an order declaring Charisse Gibert is not senior pastor and has no right to control the church’s assets. The church also wanted an order preventing her from entering the church and kicking her out of the mansion.

 Charisse Gibert countersued, arguing she and her late husband were both senior pastors.

 Gibert asked the Wayne County judge to declare her senior pastor, temporarily block Wilder and others from interrupting church finances and remove him from bank and credit card accounts.

 Wayne County Circuit Judge Annette Berry refused to decide who is the church’s rightful leader.

 “The question of who should perform as a pastor is an ecclesiastical question, which the court is not authorized to decide,” Berry ruled.

 Berry also refused Charisse Gibert’s request to have a representative attend church services to collect and count money given to the church.

 The case is pending and the judge has ordered both sides to participate in mediation June 29.

 Apostle Ellis Smith is handling senior pastor duties while a church search committee hunts for a new leader. Charisse Gibert, meanwhile, is holding her own church services at Metro Detroit hotels.

 While the court case lingers, the church is struggling financially.

 The church had 4,000 members a decade ago.

In January, there were half as many members, which Wilder attributes to changing church demographics and a natural decline as members move from church to church.

 The Sunday after Gibert died, the church lost 900 members, Wilder said.

 “When a pastor dies, some people in a congregation don’t know how a church is going to go on, so they find a new spiritual home or go looking at other churches,” Wilder said.

 The drop in membership has turned the mansion from a symbol of prosperity into a millstone.

 The church spends $380,000 a year on mortgage and maintenance costs.

Detroit World Outreach can no longer afford the expense because church revenue has fallen by approximately $2 million since 2010 “and our weekly attendance has dropped significantly,” Wilder wrote in a court filing.

 “Selling the property would cut the debt of the church by close to 50 percent,” Wilder wrote.

 Selling the property could benefit Wayne County and Northville Township by putting the home back on the tax rolls.

 The county, township, schools and others would split more than $54,000 a year, township assessor Holly Cozza said. For now, Charisse Gibert continues to live in the mansion, Wilder said.

 “I suspect she will leave and we’ll be able to sell the property,” he said.

 The fight between Gibert and the church intensified June 6.

 That’s when American General Life Insurance Co. sued Charisse Gibert and the church in federal court in Detroit.

 American General insured Benjamin Gibert’s life and wants a judge to decide who collects on the insurance policy.

 Benjamin Gibert set up the policy so that the church and his wife would split the money. On March 28, a month after her husband died, Charisse Gibert tried to collect her $950,000 share.

 She also demanded that the insurance company pay no benefits to the church, citing the ongoing lawsuit.

 “I am quite concerned about possible fraud and mismanagement of church properties and funds,” Charisse Gibert wrote in a letter to American General.

 On May 25, the church told American General not to pay any benefits to Charisse Gibert, according to the federal court lawsuit.

 American General wants to deposit the $1.9 million in an interest-bearing account until a federal judge can determine the proper beneficiary.

 Wilder, the church vice president and treasurer, laments the ongoing disputes and effects on the congregation of a church that is 82 years old.

 “It’s unfortunate that this has happened and that the congregation did not get to properly mourn Bishop Gibert,” he said.

“It’s a shame that this has marred his legacy.

 “He made significant contributions — I don’t want to belittle them — but they pale in comparison to 82 years,” Wilder said.

“The church doesn’t belong to you.”

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Hoisted By Her Own Petard: How Hillary Clinton Really Lost Michigan

Image result for hoisted by one's own petardGather round, my precious political pundits, for the Celestial Goddess is about to tell the tale of how Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 Presidential General Election in the State of Michigan.

Once upon a time, in a famous land called Detroit, there were lots and lots of Meanies, lurking, like carnivorous vultures, awaiting to pick the political flesh and whatever else they could find a way of making a dollar off a particular man's name and his life's work.

I stood aghast at the lustful greed I saw in the eyes of the Meanies, from far and wide, from D.C. to Lansing, who anxiously awaited an elected leader's demise, while slathering on another layer of campaign finance fraud. fraught with nefarious schemes to sabotage his re-election campaign, in each subsequent cycle.

From behind prison bars, under the guise of contracted campaign managers, in the name of God, holding elected offices on either sides of the aisle, or in the capacity as staff, greed rose its evil head in the form of campaign and election fraud in the form of violations of the Voting Rights Act, strictly for personal inurement.

Since the beginning of this tripartite structural governance and its peculiar institution, eligibility to vote was based upon property ownership.

Well, it seems there was a plan, and it was in the works for quite some time because the Meanies had international intentions for Detroit that did not include the generational residents of the City.

Mortgage schemes were set in motion by setting up unsuspecting local mortgage brokers, under the unscrupulous principals of out of state, paper corporations, lending to the residents, only to sign over interest in the properties to banks.

Even if the borrower paid off the original mortgage, they had no idea there was a secondary or tertiary mortgage, in cue of foreclosure by an out of state lender.

When the mortgage crisis of Detroit kicked in, the banks were held, if you can even call it as such, "accountable" in pittance settlements through the Department of Justice in what is known as the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).

Quintessentially, the banks made restitution to assist the homeowners they had yet to steal their homes by setting up relief programs through privatization schemes, for the purposes of these privatized "authorities" to take out federal mortgages through Neighborhood Stabilization Programs from the Michigan Homeowner Assistance Nonprofit Housing Corporation, and not pay them back through magical disappearances of the defaulted transactions, to make their money back they settled with the TARP.

Michigan, having went through a targeted gerrymandering of the 13th and 14th Congressional Districts, along with the dissolution of the 15th Congressional District, under the authority of the political majority of the Michigan Republicans, gave a visual purview with the methodical stripping of property rights, the privatization of voting rights.

In what I like to call a forced migration, Detroit lost population as there was no place to live, with the homes being abandoned due to fraudulent tax foreclosure schemes, intentionally blighted by the banks in order to tap into the TARP to bring them back to their glory for a substantial profit of lending, the state and congressional district maps were redrawn.

The Detroit, the most concentrated geopolitical concentration voter base for the state, was busted up, diluting voting power through the stripping of voting rights.

If you do not live in Detroit, or cannot afford to live in Detroit, you cannot vote in Detroit.

Now, enters the Detroit Land Bank Authority.

Through flat out fraudulent quiet title filings in the courts, a non-incorporated entity, claiming in political-theoretic nomenclature, only, now, possessed the deeds to over 100,000 properties.

Without lease or title, the residents did not have the legal right to register to vote, or at least they did not know.

So, what had happened was, the Meanies thought they had a rock solid plan to take U.S. Representative John Conyers, Jr. out of office.

Ah, the wet dream of the Meanies was about to come to fruition, after years of being thwarted by my keen and swift, preemptive strikes to preserve the integrity of his re-election.

What had happened was.....

Janice Winfrey, City Clerk of Detroit (and keeper of the record for voter registration and election data) was put up to run against John Conyers, Jr. by the Democratic National Committee because she was quite friendly, along with Mayor Mike Duggan, to the financial fraud schemes of the Detroit Land Bank Authority to fund, not just their political campaigns, but to set up an international money laundering scheme, right here, out of Detroit, with the help of Hillary Clinton winning the Presidential General Election of 2016.

Well, the Meanies, identified by name, above, were not the sharpest knives in the drawer and I had to do something to protect my friend, again.

It began with my journey through the dark forest of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) databases where I found that, Ed Sarpolous, the previous campaign manager for the  Conyers 2014 campaign, who flat out fraudulently billed, along with Isaac Robinson stealing campaign funds to fund his mother's State Representative campaign, had jacked up not just Janice Winfrey's FEC candidate filings, but....


So, what had happened was.....

I bought them.  All of them.  

Then, her "under construction" campaign website was published and I just had to do my SEO thing.

What this meant was that she could not solicit any campaign funds online unless she refiled her FEC candidate filings, which she never did because by the time she found out, it was too late.

Embedded on a page of Winfrey's "under construction" website was an application from the City of Detroit, generated under her official authority as City Clerk, was a downloadable absentee ballot application which contained the official campaign year of 2015.

These same 2015 dated absentee ballots were also mailed out.

The plan was to purge all the absentee votes for Conyers during the 2016 Primary, as Detroit is a majority Democratic geopolitical region and whomever wins the Primary, automatically wins the General Election.

Hillary Clinton was going to ride her white horse into victory on the back of this bait and switch of absentee ballots, but there was on small flaw.

What had happened was, Winfrey could not raise any money, nor could the DNC or any other of Clinton NGOs drop a few million into her campaign, which just totally jacked up the entire money laundering schemes that were being established through the Detroit Land Bank Authority.

So, Conyers won the 2016 Primary.

Unfortunately, it seems Winfrey did not inform Hillary Clinton or the DNC so she could keep her spot as the "successor" to the seat of Conyers.

What had happened was...

Rumor has it, somewhere in the realm of 70,000 votes were purged from the 2016 General Election in Detroit, where Hillary Clinton only needed 10,000 to win the State of Michigan, taking the lead in electoral college, allowing her to win, nefariously, of course, the National Presidential Election of 2016.

So, what had happened was...

I filed a Voting Rights Act violation complaint with the U.S. DOJ.

Rumor has it that the federal grand jury will have pretty pieces of papers with lots and lots of demands to produce next week.

The moral of the story is:

They were hoisted by their own petards and do not be mean to my Sweetie.  Period.



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