Tuesday, October 6, 2020

The Michigan Pedophilic Network - Foster Care & Adoption Trafficking Tiny Humans Through Google & Microsoft - MARE

Are you lonely and broke?

Do you have a penchant for skin to skin contact with tiny humans?

Well, why not become a foster parent and join the global community of Those Who Like To Do Nasty Things To Tiny Humans.

This is what the online pedophilic propaganda is covering up - Foster Care & Adoption.

Besides, you can get paid and never get caught getting your freak on in the name of the tax exempt god.


"Let me hold you in my arms and make you forget about going home to your family."

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is marketing, through the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange, the promotion of hugging and kissing on foster kids in the online free games in exchange for watching the videos for extra play credits to an AI google inspired, targeted population, of older adults who are lonely and in need of a side income.

Think about that.

Now, think about this.
MARE is private, not public, which means it operates behind the iron curtain because there are not FOIA or civil rights.

NOTICE: AUTHORIZED USER ONLY Terms and Conditions WARNING: The Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) website is property of the State of Michigan (SOM), it contains government and confidential information that is restricted to authorized users only. By accessing the information and data on this website, authorized users agree to comply and safeguard the information and data, including, but not limited to all personal identifiable information in compliance with confidentiality and privacy requirements established by program policy, state, and federal law. Furthermore, authorized users agree that storing any sensitive information from MARE’s website on any portable device is strictly prohibited and understand that unauthorized or improper use and/or release may be subject to criminal and civil penalties, including disciplinary and licensing action. This website is subject to routine monitoring. By clicking the OK button, you certify that you agree to comply with these terms and conditions.

MARE is not incorporated and is not part of the State of Michigan, as noted in its .org domain, so I have no idea how it is a public property.

Registrant OrgDomains By Proxy, LLC
Registrant Countryus
RegistrarGoDaddy.com, LLC
IANA ID: 146
URL: http://www.whois.godaddy.com
Whois Server: whois.godaddy.com

Registrar StatusclientDeleteProhibited, clientRenewProhibited, clientTransferProhibited, clientUpdateProhibited
Dates8,722 days old
Created on 1996-11-19
Expires on 2024-11-18
Updated on 2020-01-16
Name ServersNS77.DOMAINCONTROL.COM (has 55,429,230 domains)
NS78.DOMAINCONTROL.COM (has 55,429,230 domains)
Tech Contact
IP Address13.72.17.233 - 11 other sites hosted on this server
IP LocationUnited States Of America - Virginia - Boydton - Microsoft Corporation
ASNUnited States Of America AS8075 MICROSOFT-CORP-MSN-AS-BLOCK, US (registered Mar 31, 1997)
Domain StatusRegistered And Active Website
IP History14 changes on 14 unique IP addresses over 16 years
Hosting History

6 changes on 5 unique name servers over 16 years

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Oh, I almost forgot! MARE bears no seal of the State of Michigan, but it does use the Michigan Department of Human Services logo, which will probably end up being a trademark with a UCC lien, with strong indicators there neither exists any contractual agreement to administer a human asset management database, devoid of any advice and consent by the Senate, filed in the Great Repository of the Great Seal of the State of Michigan.

Since I see the Judson Center engaging in these questionable acts of interstate commerce with a fake ass entity, I am just going to step out there and call this a Catholic Charities trafficking tiny humans ratline, which volleys this into DHS jurisdiction

And U.S. Department of Treasury.

Ok. I feel better now.


Last one...maybe.

I bet there is no FARA registration but we would have to ask the Michigan Catholic Conference, or not, because I asked the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops already, in multiple, creative queries...