Monday, June 5, 2017

No Money, No Justice: Beverly Tran v. Detroit Land Bank Authority

Well, for the first time in history, we shall respect the reduction of paperwork and make litigious filing economical.

In this instance, I am publishing my unsealed federal action, pursuant to the False Claims Act, on how a group of nefariously, black hearted individuals who allowed, blatantly fraudulent filings from bogus ass out of state corporations to set up mortgages, then go behind the Detroit homeowner borrowers back and leverage the property, 4, 5, 10 times, through more bogus out of state corporations, where, even when the Detroit homeowner paid off the original mortgage, still lost the house.

Then, the Clinton Global Initiative, now shuttered and under federal, criminal investigation, promoted banking fraud to steal the houses from the people they made poor from their decades of perniciously pervasive domestic polices of snatching kids and privatizing the last unraveled threads of the social safety net, for these non-profits, NGOs to take the money and fund their own investment fraud schemes, which included political campaigns.

Now, the reason why my complaint is unsealed is because the attorney of record, Crystal Hopkins, P70792, who agreed to represent me, even though I did all the work and research, decided to break the seal of the complaint and start flipping properties for the non-corporation of this so-called work group of the Detroit Land Bank Authority, got a house in the Detroit Boston-Edison Area, 1207 Longfellow, where these historic homes were not to be auctioned under the federal grant of the Hardest Hit Fund, signed over to her from the head attorney of this so called Detroit Land Bank Authority, then, filed jack-legged paperwork on the home to secure a $125,000.00 mortgage.

Since Crystal Hopkins P70792, never lifted a finger to file an amended complaint to just tell the court that she was representing me in the matter, as I am disallowed to represent the United States, under the statute, I thought it best to preserve the public record in this matter and publish, here, on my blog, and make her famous as to why the Court ordered the seal to be lifted.

Hopkins & Associates PC

Now, back to the story of how the Clinton Foundation used Detroit as a pilot test city for its operations of forced migration, because, we all know....

It takes a village...then pillages the resources.

Where did this, more than $800 million dollars for Detroit go?

Ask Dan Gilbert, Mike Duggan and Hillary Clinton, the latter two had political campaigns to fund.  The former needed to leverage for more projects.

So, without further adieu, I present to you, one of my greatest masterpieces, well, every revolution deserves an epic romance, so this is really a love story, why people lost their homes and voting rights.

As you read this unsealed action and the Orders, below, my plan is to force the United States Department of Justice to intervene on my behalf because Crystal Hopkins, if anyone can find her, is probably doing something she is not supposed to be doing, under color of law, of course.

Besides, I cannot afford an attorney nor have I been able to find an attorney, with hutzpah, from the date the Order to lift the seal was issued, April 18, 2017, well, I found out May 1, 2017.

Stay tuned.  More filings to come.

I will get into the bogus property tax schemes of the so-called Detroit Land Bank Authority levying magically conjured taxes upon the desperately homeless, funneling the proceeds through Title Source, Inc., volleying back to the City of Detroit Treasurer's Office, then sliding it over to the so-called Detroit Land Bank Authority, through the back door of the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office, Property Deed Fraud Unit.

And you wonder why Detroit has the highest concentration of child poverty and child mortality for a major city in North America.

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Anonymous said...

Please note UNITED STATES OF AMERICA seen in court and banking documents is a very different entity to the United States.

One is listed on Dunn & Bradstreet and is a corporate entity. The other represents the constitution.

If a legal (judge?) or the banking fraternity refer it will be the UPPERCASE one.
If you (mistakenly) use the lowercase one you will be seen as litigating against a very different entity and orders may be turned down or against. It also means you don't know. If others use them interchangeably they are fooling you.

Ref The Chicago Manual of styles 17th edition, and look up Dunn & Bradstreet.
THE STATE OF MICHIGAN is different from the State of Michigan.

R WILSON said...
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