Monday, June 5, 2017

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette Did Not File To Dissolve My Detroit Land Bank Authority Corporation

Here is a enigma wrapped in a conundrum:

Q: How did I have the LLC?

A: Because the corporation never existed.
How can Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, who is running for the Office of Michigan Governor, file an action of quo warranto, to dissolve my LLC of the Detroit Land Bank Authority, 6 days after the modified Order of the federal court to lift the seal on my action of qui tam , under the False Claims Act when, the defendants claim to be operating through federal grants and contracts as a legitimate corporation, which has no affiliation, whatsoever, with the City of Detroit?
ANSWER:  Bill Schuette knows nothing about this.  This was filed by the rogue Michigan Assistant Attorney General D.J. Pascoe, who is covering the arses of the people who are running that criminal operation of the non-corporate Detroit Land Bank Authority, under the guise of the now, defunct, Detroit Land Bank Community Development Corporation.
As you peruse through the fillings, you shall witness fraudulent deeds, and other fraudulent quiet title actions of which you may cross check with the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission filings, below.

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