Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Duggan & Detroit Land Bank Authority Are "WE"s

Dear Mayor Mike Duggan,

Allow me to congratulate you on your successful 2017 Re-election Primary.

Ok, now, riddle me this:

Who is "We"?

In the FOX 2, WJBK Detroit article, dated August, 9, 2017, you state into the public record, "We don't want to own your houses."

Shall I take this to mean you are in a private, business relationship with the Detroit Land Bank Authority?

See, I ask only about your "we" relationship because "we" (yes, I also have a "we") already know, from public record, that the City of Detroit has no legal relationship with the private organization of the Detroit Land Bank Authority, which is not incorporated in the State of Michigan to do business, let alone, engage in any real estate transactions.

I only ask this question because your name, just your personal name, without any official public title, is on as co-plaintiff with the Detroit Land Bank Authority, filed in multiple quiet title actions, which, of course you know, wiped any previous liens on the properties, including the mortgages and taxes.

Of course, there are also multiple filings into the public record of you as Mayor, the co-plaintiff with the Detroit Land Bank Authority, on these thousands of quiet title actions.

See, I have previously experienced this "we" when it comes to the Detroit Land Bank Authority and I think it might be a "royal we" in a relationship, nefarious as I claim, with the Clinton Foundation.

So, how is it that you are touting, in the public record, that the City of Detroit levied taxes on properties that had no delinquent taxes.

Where did this tax money go?

Please, enlighten the U.S. Department of Justice and me, because I do not like it when "we"  have to do all that tree killing stuff to make you tell us what your "we" means.

Families buy foreclosed homes back from Detroit land bank

DETROIT (WJBK) - The first group to successfully buy their homes back after losing them to foreclosure is being celebrated Wednesday.

The Detroit Land Bank Authority's Buy Back Program allows participants to purchase their homes back from DLBA as they are connected to resources and public benefits.

First piloted in February 2016, the first group with more than 80 participants has successfully completed the program.

"I finally paid my taxes off and got my home and purchased the lot next door too. Oh, I'm so excited. Thank you, thank you, thank you," she said.

Mayor Mike Duggan was on hand for the festivities as happy homeowners were given their deeds.
"We don't want to own the houses. We want you to own the houses, and today we're celebrating your success so congratulations," he said.

The mayor, fresh off a big win in Tuesday's primary, touted the success of this land bank program while acknowledging the city's troubled demolition program that's still under federal investigation.
"People think of the land bank as only demolition but we've sold 8,000 side lots. We've now sold 140 houses. We've sold 2,000 houses on our auction site where people moved in, so it's got a lot of different pieces and this is a good day. We've had some rougher days but this is a good day for the land bank," he said.

It was a great day for the Detroiters who get to continue to call the houses their homes. Many of them were renters whose landlords failed to pay taxes.

People in the program pay a flat fee of $1,000 and put property taxes in escrow, as well as pay their bills and complete financial workshops for a year. As long as they stay current on their taxes, they can live in their homes.

"It's a chance for a poor man to have his own crib," said Anthony Townsend, who is buying back his home. "I'm living large. Now my daughter and granddaughter have a place to stay the rest of their life."

Latashia Collins says this is the best thing that ever happened to Detroit.
"For them to let people buy back their houses for little to nothing this was great. Now I've got my house," she said.

To learn more about the program, CLICK HERE.

To learn more about the Detroit Land Bank Authority Leaks, CLICK HERE.

In order to respect the time of those who read this post, here are the concerns about that "we" thing set out in a Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission Petition.

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