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Detroit Land Bank Authority Rumor Updates: 8-7-2017

Rumor has it...

Speedy Detroit blight removal was to cover up the fact that the acquisition of the properties was fraudulent.

Allow me to explain.

As rumor has it...

The Detroit Land Bank Authority is not a legal part of the City of Detroit.

As a matter of fact, it was only incorporated June 27, 2016 and it was incorporated by me.

That means, all legal filings (i.e. Court Filings, Mortgages, Real Estate Transactions, Federal Grants, D&B, Banking) are fraudulent.

As a matter of fact, Mike Duggan's name, as a Mayor, was listed as Plaintiff, along side of Detroit Land Bank Authority on the Quiet Title actions filed in the court.

First Quiet Title Action

Then, to make matters even worse, there were no title searches, which means the houses, itself, were served.

So, when the houses did not show up in court, it was an automatic default.

But wait, it gets better.

Then, on many of these Quiet Title actions, after the Certificate of Judgement was issued, the Detroit Land Bank Authority filed a second, or third, or fourth, Quiet Title action, submitting multiple billings to the Hardest Hit Funds.

Second Quiet Title Action

But wait, it gets better.

So, who was representing Mayor Mike Duggan in these thousands of Quiet Title actions, and, if it was not Corporate Counsel, did City Counsel authorize an outside attorney to represent the Mayor of Detroit in these private actions, as, once again, the Detroit Land Bank Authority never demonstrated legal standing by filing any corporate interest disclosure statement.

The Detroit Land Bank Authority is not even licensed to engage in real estate transactions in the State of Michigan.

But wait, it gets better.

The Michigan Homeowner Assistance Nonprofit Housing Corporation issued mortgages through the Neighborhood Stabalization Fund 2 to the Detroit Land Bank Authority.

The, the Detroit Land Bank Authority filed another Quiet Title action, which, wiped out the mortgages of the properties, hence, the speedy Detroit blight removal.

Always remember, once the property is demolished, so is the evidence of false claims.

Just like an adoption.

Now, the question remains...

"Where did all that money go?"

Considering the fact that the Detroit Land Bank Authority cannot open a bank account in its name, how is it they were able to engage in federal grant activities, let alone cash any checks.


A question only my #Superfans may answer...or me, if they take too long because something tells me they are going to be quite busy in the upcoming weeks.

Speedy Detroit blight removal could be endangering residents

Contractors in Detroit were under so much pressure to knock down thousands of abandoned properties that they cut corners, mishandled deadly asbestos at dozens of sites, and, in two cases, appeared to falsify inspection reports, according to documents the Free Press obtained under the state Freedom of Information Act.

One employee of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality blamed city officials, saying that at a meeting they acknowledged putting "production over compliance" with asbestos regulations.
City officials told the Free Press they disputed the DEQ employee's account of the meeting but they admitted mistakes and said Friday they were cooperating with a previously undisclosed criminal investigation of the inspection reports. They also said they're now overseeing more stringent asbestos inspections.

In the Third Judicial Court of Michigan - Wayne County Case# 11-013228-CH, Judge Gershwin Drain, Lis Pendens, Quiet Title issued, which discharged the $23,597.00 NSP2 mortgage, above, for the property of 1207 Longfellow.

But hey, what do I know?

Stay tunes, more rumors to come.

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