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What Do Children, Organ Transplants, Land Banks & Voting Have In Common?

Q:  What do Children, Organ Transplants, Land Banks & Voting Have In Common?

A:  They are all synced databases, unregulated, privatized, and were set up by Donna Shalala for the Clinton Foundation.

Did you know the Clinton Foundation, in conjunction with Cornell University, set up a medical
school, with a location in Qatar, where Chelsea Clinton sits on the board, which deals with disease containment strategies and child welfare research, particularly in psych drugs and heart transplants?

There is not much information and I am quite sure no one is keeping track of the rumored, emerging pediatric organ transplant industry, particularly in foster care because all those operations, whether needed or not, are big ticket Medicaid fraud cost-reimbursements.

The foster care organ transplant scheme kicks in by providing, I guess you could say that it is marketed as "top quality" respite care to recuperate after surgery which is more than likely nothing but a false claim submitted for Medicaid cost-reimbursement.

Sidra Cardiologist Pioneers Four Heart Surgeries

"Every year more than 1.6 million babies are born globally with congenital heart defects (CHDs) – with figures indicating that mild types of CHDs are on the rise. There are over 130 types of CHDs, which include abnormalities in the heart’s structure including valves, electrical system and other abnormalities that affect the function of the heart."

So, where exactly did I get this information and why did it stimulate me to dig into it?

Why, of course, it was Medicaid fraud in child welfare and its money laundering operations into NGOs for political campaigns!


See, as I do everyday, I check my databases.

Well, today, I found an interesting item that continued to pop its cute lil head up in quite a reoccurring fashion which originated out of Bel Air (a.k.a. money laundering land).

Pharmacist Patrick Alcindor stole $1.8M from taxpayers in Medicaid fraud scheme, lawyers argue

Naturally, I did execute a quick and dirty search, when, lo and behold, on the first try, I found the Manhattan Society list of events ranging from 2010 to 2014 and what do you know, guess whose named popped up as a past honoree and major donor to some of their galas?

Patrick Alcindor who is about to come up for parole in 2018.

His name was right beside Chelsea Clinton's, who was being honored at fundraisers with all these medical doctors who were doing such "wonderful work" in pediatric medicine, psychiatry and a bunch of other "research institute foundations" which would eventually develop policies, programs and services, all to bill Medicaid in child welfare.

So, now, there is a trend when it comes to organ donations and foster care because, of course, digging down just a tad bit further, I find out there are even more elected officials who get money dumped into their political campaigns from Medicaid fraud in child welfare.

As I have stated from day one, there is a purpose of stripping voting rights and that purpose is for human asset tracking and forfeiture through the databases.

Now, all age eligible voters are now synced through the state voter information bases of New York for organ donations.

And to think, it all started in child welfare because:

"Before you are a man, you are a child."

All fraud scheme models originate in child welfare and then are easily transposed upon whatever targeted population of choice because no one cares about children.

These voter databases, like NGP VAN, also are being used to log property to be snatched through the various fraud schemes which are going on across the country under the privatization model called land banks, absolutely and completely unregulated to fund political campaigns.

And always remember, children are still on the books as property.

Thank the Clinton Foundation.

I am quite sure there are those who are questioning my allegations in the linkage between Medicaid fraud in child welfare and land banks.

Donna Shalala, former U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Director, who set up the Adoption and Safe Families Act system of Medicaid fraud in child welfare and organ donor registry programs, also, came here, to Detroit and helped set up the Detroit Land Bank Authority.

Do not believe me?  Listen to Bill thank Donna.

The following links support my premise that these are all human asset databases for which purposes I have and shall continue to illuminate the relationship with voting rights through privatization, are manipulating the public record for personal inurement, artificially through public office.

Lennar Appoints Donna Shalala to the Board of Directors

Bill even thanked Donna way back in 1997 for setting up the most lucrative ratline of Medicaid fraud in child welfare.

This is how the Clinton Foundation began.

I know what I am talking about and I am about to tell the tale of how Hillary Clinton really lost the State of Michigan.

Stay tuned.

Voting is beautiful, be beautiful ~ vote.©

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