Monday, June 5, 2017

Pick And Choose Residents: How Building Detroit Steals Houses For Detroit Land Bank Authority

Yes, this is correct.

Building Detroit, a dissolved corporation going back to 2015, is now snatching houses from the historic district, which is not supposed to be in under the terms and conditions of the Hardest Hit Fund.

This is the Russell Woods-Sullivan Historic District.

Here is how the scheme goes, as my heart has broken far too many times witnessing people lose their homes, and the last of their life possessions, just because these nefarious individuals of the so-called non-corporate Building Detroit/Detroit Land Bank Authority/Detroit Land Bank Community Development Corporation, likes to snatch houses.

The is an online auction called

You register to be eligible to bid on properties, but here is the kicker.  Many of those properties do not have clear titles as the were no title searches executed, even though, under the guise of the Detroit Land Bank Authority, they went before City Council to seek approval for cost reimbursements of title searches, in the amount of $750 a pop, then, filed quiet title actions in the Third Judicial Circuit Court, where they served the house.

See, if the house does not show up in the court, well, it is an automatic default because they never effectuated service to the owner recorded in the Wayne County Register of Deeds or its Land Records.

These houses, if you look them up on the Wayne County Treasurer's website for delinquent property taxes, show that the properties are subject to foreclosure for non-payment of taxes.

But, the Wayne County Treasurer only functions as a tax collector for delinquent City of Detroit property taxes.

So, somewhere in the bowels of the City of Detroit Treasurer Division, someone is wiping the delinquent tax records of the properties, even though the Wayne County Treasurer shows, eventually, that the house has gone through tax foreclosure proceedings.

This is when the property is supposed to go through the legal process of a tax foreclosure, where the homeowner gets this thing called due process and shows up in front of a judge to explain or work out a situation to keep the house.


These folks over at Building Detroit, Detroit Land Bank, or whatever the hell name they come up with to file in the courts and with City Council, tack on these so-called Wayne County delinquent taxes on the back end when you go to the closing after you win the online auction.

People show up thinking they have won the bid for a home for $1,000 or perhaps more, when, lo and behold, they are told to get a cashier's check in the name of Title Source, Inc., in a jacked up increase in the cost by adding on the delinquent property taxes, many a times which are just arbitrary and capricious numbers, devoid of any tax assessment.

Well, even though a quiet title action of the court wipes out all liens and taxes on the property, these greedy, and quiet niggardly folks, will just keep your bid money if you do not come up with all the money they want in the back door tax add-ons.

Ok, let us just say you are able to scrap up the money to pay the made up delinquent taxes.  The question now is begged, "Where the hell is this tax money going?"

Considering the fact that there is no where written in any legal or governmental record, authorizing these, how shall I now describe these nasty and nefarious folks, (oops, I believe I just did) to levy taxes, let alone pretend taxes, Title Source, Inc. cuts a check to the City of Detroit to pay the delinquent taxes.

Then, if you go to the City of Detroit and request a record of the transaction, they will tell you that they issued a refund.

Do not dare ask to whom the refund was issued as there is no record of the transaction. Hmmmm...

So, here is how the scam continues.

If you are able to make it this far, those people, turn around and generate bogus enforcement clauses, not even reflected in City Ordinance, to let you know that you have 6 months to bring the house up to code.

Well, these are historic homes and take a bit more time, lots more time than 6 months, another made up number.

Since, you were never issued a clean and proper quit claim deed, because most of them have jacked up plot numbers and wrong addresses, with a so-called, I guess you can say "lien" because whatever you call it, it is akin to basic plundering, you cannot secure a mortgage, a loan, or even a licensed contractor.

So, as the plot to take over Detroit historic districts continue, they come and duct tape crap like this, below, to your front door, even if you are living in the house for almost 3 years, and file, without notification as stated in the notice, below, another quiet title action, billed to through federal funds, again.

Then, as soon as the court issues default, you know, because the house did not show up in court for its court date it never received, these, I guess they are humans, turn around and auction the house, again!

I would be so remiss if I failed to mention that, um, well, these professional masses of protoplasm, let their buddies register to vote in these vacant houses, or as I like to call it, "vote-packing", and eventually, get the homes for free, or for very little costs, because it is a pick and choose kind of world over here in the historic districts.

And yes, they posted this crap on my house, far too many times.

Titled as "Building Detroit", the Detroit Land Bank Authority submits its quarterly report to Detroit City Council, fraudulently publishing into the public record, accounting and legal practices in dealing with the federal Hardest Hit Funds and covering up blatant civil rights and voting rights violations of the residents of the City of Detroit.
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