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Hoisted By Her Own Petard: How Hillary Clinton Really Lost Michigan

Image result for hoisted by one's own petardGather round, my precious political pundits, for the Celestial Goddess is about to tell the tale of how Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 Presidential General Election in the State of Michigan.

Once upon a time, in a famous land called Detroit, there were lots and lots of Meanies, lurking, like carnivorous vultures, awaiting to pick the political flesh and whatever else they could find a way of making a dollar off a particular man's name and his life's work.

I stood aghast at the lustful greed I saw in the eyes of the Meanies, from far and wide, from D.C. to Lansing, who anxiously awaited an elected leader's demise, while slathering on another layer of campaign finance fraud. fraught with nefarious schemes to sabotage his re-election campaign, in each subsequent cycle.

From behind prison bars, under the guise of contracted campaign managers, in the name of God, holding elected offices on either sides of the aisle, or in the capacity as staff, greed rose its evil head in the form of campaign and election fraud in the form of violations of the Voting Rights Act, strictly for personal inurement.

Since the beginning of this tripartite structural governance and its peculiar institution, eligibility to vote was based upon property ownership.

Well, it seems there was a plan, and it was in the works for quite some time because the Meanies had international intentions for Detroit that did not include the generational residents of the City.

Mortgage schemes were set in motion by setting up unsuspecting local mortgage brokers, under the unscrupulous principals of out of state, paper corporations, lending to the residents, only to sign over interest in the properties to banks.

Even if the borrower paid off the original mortgage, they had no idea there was a secondary or tertiary mortgage, in cue of foreclosure by an out of state lender.

When the mortgage crisis of Detroit kicked in, the banks were held, if you can even call it as such, "accountable" in pittance settlements through the Department of Justice in what is known as the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).

Quintessentially, the banks made restitution to assist the homeowners they had yet to steal their homes by setting up relief programs through privatization schemes, for the purposes of these privatized "authorities" to take out federal mortgages through Neighborhood Stabilization Programs from the Michigan Homeowner Assistance Nonprofit Housing Corporation, and not pay them back through magical disappearances of the defaulted transactions, to make their money back they settled with the TARP.

Michigan, having went through a targeted gerrymandering of the 13th and 14th Congressional Districts, along with the dissolution of the 15th Congressional District, under the authority of the political majority of the Michigan Republicans, gave a visual purview with the methodical stripping of property rights, the privatization of voting rights.

In what I like to call a forced migration, Detroit lost population as there was no place to live, with the homes being abandoned due to fraudulent tax foreclosure schemes, intentionally blighted by the banks in order to tap into the TARP to bring them back to their glory for a substantial profit of lending, the state and congressional district maps were redrawn.

The Detroit, the most concentrated geopolitical concentration voter base for the state, was busted up, diluting voting power through the stripping of voting rights.

If you do not live in Detroit, or cannot afford to live in Detroit, you cannot vote in Detroit.

Now, enters the Detroit Land Bank Authority.

Through flat out fraudulent quiet title filings in the courts, a non-incorporated entity, claiming in political-theoretic nomenclature, only, now, possessed the deeds to over 100,000 properties.

Without lease or title, the residents did not have the legal right to register to vote, or at least they did not know.

So, what had happened was, the Meanies thought they had a rock solid plan to take U.S. Representative John Conyers, Jr. out of office.

Ah, the wet dream of the Meanies was about to come to fruition, after years of being thwarted by my keen and swift, preemptive strikes to preserve the integrity of his re-election.

What had happened was.....

Janice Winfrey, City Clerk of Detroit (and keeper of the record for voter registration and election data) was put up to run against John Conyers, Jr. by the Democratic National Committee because she was quite friendly, along with Mayor Mike Duggan, to the financial fraud schemes of the Detroit Land Bank Authority to fund, not just their political campaigns, but to set up an international money laundering scheme, right here, out of Detroit, with the help of Hillary Clinton winning the Presidential General Election of 2016.

Well, the Meanies, identified by name, above, were not the sharpest knives in the drawer and I had to do something to protect my friend, again.

It began with my journey through the dark forest of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) databases where I found that, Ed Sarpolous, the previous campaign manager for the  Conyers 2014 campaign, who flat out fraudulently billed, along with Isaac Robinson stealing campaign funds to fund his mother's State Representative campaign, had jacked up not just Janice Winfrey's FEC candidate filings, but....


So, what had happened was.....

I bought them.  All of them.  

Then, her "under construction" campaign website was published and I just had to do my SEO thing.

What this meant was that she could not solicit any campaign funds online unless she refiled her FEC candidate filings, which she never did because by the time she found out, it was too late.

Embedded on a page of Winfrey's "under construction" website was an application from the City of Detroit, generated under her official authority as City Clerk, was a downloadable absentee ballot application which contained the official campaign year of 2015.

These same 2015 dated absentee ballots were also mailed out.

The plan was to purge all the absentee votes for Conyers during the 2016 Primary, as Detroit is a majority Democratic geopolitical region and whomever wins the Primary, automatically wins the General Election.

Hillary Clinton was going to ride her white horse into victory on the back of this bait and switch of absentee ballots, but there was on small flaw.

What had happened was, Winfrey could not raise any money, nor could the DNC or any other of Clinton NGOs drop a few million into her campaign, which just totally jacked up the entire money laundering schemes that were being established through the Detroit Land Bank Authority.

So, Conyers won the 2016 Primary.

Unfortunately, it seems Winfrey did not inform Hillary Clinton or the DNC so she could keep her spot as the "successor" to the seat of Conyers.

What had happened was...

Rumor has it, somewhere in the realm of 70,000 votes were purged from the 2016 General Election in Detroit, where Hillary Clinton only needed 10,000 to win the State of Michigan, taking the lead in electoral college, allowing her to win, nefariously, of course, the National Presidential Election of 2016.

So, what had happened was...

I filed a Voting Rights Act violation complaint with the U.S. DOJ.

Rumor has it that the federal grand jury will have pretty pieces of papers with lots and lots of demands to produce next week.

The moral of the story is:

They were hoisted by their own petards and do not be mean to my Sweetie.  Period.



Voting is beautiful, be beautiful ~ vote.©

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