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Ring Around The False Claims Act With The Detroit Land Bank Authority

On July 1, 2016, I had about just enough with "Becky" (said like a 1980s Valley Girl) Camargo being a "Meanie" that I lodged a formal grievance with the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission on her, and her cohorts.

"Becky" Camargo,
former DLBA attorney
The following, in the spirit fuchsia, is an excerpt of that grievance.
I spoke to Ms. Jackson, who refused to give her first name, of the Deed Fraud Unit, whose miserable deportment instructed me that she “works directly with Rebecca Camargo on a daily basis” and informed me that she was going to share my information with her. 
Rebecca Camargo, according to Craig Fahle, a public representative of the DLBCDC, is the Principle Attorney of the DLBCDC, has threatened to file for reconveyance of my property while, in the same breath, telling me that “You have no right to complain. You have no civil rights.” 
Rebecca Camargo is a former Wayne County Prosecutor and it is believed she is the individual who is circumventing the recordkeeping process of the chain of command for properties. Simply put, she is acquiring properties from the Deed Fraud Unit to be sold through the DLBCDC without documenting. 
It is believed that this pattern of practice in fraudulent cost-reimbursements may also be applied to  properties slated for demolition. Once demolished, there is no evidence. 
The State Attorney Grievance Commission responded as such:

Michigan Attorney General's Office busted covering up:

"What are you talking about?  We had nothing to do with this."

TRANSLATION: "What are you talking about?  The State of Michigan Office of Attorney General would never condone any such fraudulent behavior.  We know nothing!  This is an ongoing federal investigation, and you should know that"

I respect that, but I had to find a way around the stupid False Claims Act's arcane financial barrier, (pun intended) of not being able to afford an attorney to engage in reporting federal fraud.

See, the FCA, does not allow an individual to report fraud.

Well, I believe I found the loophole.

If one reports federal fraud through an extensive, exhaustive series of constituency request for referrals, filing of grievances, and a bevy of other administrative means of reporting fraud, where, each and every missive, as I am an elected official, is overtly dismissed, well, that looks like one of those default of duty things.

"You have abused your powers and neglected the duties to protect the national treasury as children are our most precious treasures; ergo,  parens patriea is now conferred upon me, by default."

Call me, the de facto parent.

"Ring around the statute, 
A pocket full of attributes,
Ashes, to ashes,
It all gets shut down".

Oh, by the way, rumor has it last week City of Detroit Corporation Counsel convened a super secret special procurement task force. 

Very interesting results.

Director of demolitions resigns from Detroit 

Land Bank amid federal probe

For your viewing pleasure, I have included, below, a video of Rebecca Camargo's handy work, or at least that is what the name was on the post on my door.  Enjoy!

The director of demolition for the Detroit Land Bank has resigned just a few months after taking the job.

 Rebecca Camargo’s resignation comes amid a federal grand jury investigation targeting demolition contractors and Mayor Duggan’s administration. Camargo, an attorney from Rochester Hills, was promoted to demolition director following the resignation of Pura Bascos in January.

Camargo previously served as principal attorney for the Land Bank. It’s unclear why Camargo resigned.

 “We thank Rebecca Camargo for her more than three years of exceptional service to the Detroit Land Bank, and wish her well in her future endeavors,” Land Bank spokesman Craig Fahle said in a statement.

 Turnover has been high at the Land Bank and Building Authority, both of which oversee Duggan’s beleaguered demolition program. Demolitions have plummeted from more than 200 a week to 35 a week so far this year. In the meantime, the Land Bank’s payroll has nearly doubled.

 Earlier this year, federal prosecutors investigating the city’s demolition program issued grand jury subpoenas for records that contractors have received from Duggan’s office and city and state agencies.

 Three sources close to the investigation said federal authorities are probing allegations of a bid-rigging scheme to steer tens of millions of dollars in taxes to select companies. Investigators also are probing allegations of wire fraud after some contractors received money for work they didn’t perform.

 The grand jury subpoenas, which indicate federal authorities are serious about pursuing criminal charges, were issued by Assistant U.S. Attorney Karen Reynolds of the Eastern District of Michigan. 

Detroit is one of the few cities nationwide using Hardest Hit Funds for demolitions.

The money was originally intended to helping struggling residents save their homes from foreclosure.

Yes, I filed multiple, formal complaints on this woman, who seems to need a bit of personal intervention, with the Detroit Land Bank Authority, and other city and state agencies, but of course, nothing happened.

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