Thursday, September 28, 2017

Bill Schuette, Detroit Land Bank Authority, U.S. Department of Defense & Fraud: Part I

Today, I had to go to court.

It was the Michigan Court of Claims in Mason, MI, about an hour and a half drive from Detroit, a bit south of the state capitol, Lansing.

Why, you may ask?

Well, it seems Bill Schuette is suing me for reporting fraud.

See, the Detroit Land Bank Authority continues to do some really, seriously nefarious financial real estate transactions, I mean, out cold blooded, which I shall expound upon once my escalated requests have been fulfilled.

The Detroit Land Bank Authority is not incorporated, so, I incorporated.

Yes, Michigan Licensing and Regulatory Affairs granted my Limited Liability Corporation certificate as the Detroit Land Bank Authority, with the approved assumed name of DLBA.

As of 9-28-2017 the Detroit Land Bank Community Development Corporation has been taken down 

That was almost 2 years ago.

Upon the initial filings, I received a letter from an Assistant Attorney General D. J. Pascoe, that I immediately reported to the Michigan Attorney General's Office and federal authorities, which I shall not identify at this time.

The letter requested for me to dissolve the corporation as the Division made an error, claiming I had violated law with the use of the term "authority".

Well, the term bank had to do with banking, and, as I had declared my corporation purpose as consulting, and was subsequently approved, the only other reason for requesting dissolution is because the Detroit Land Bank Authority never incorporated, which means it is doing some really shady shit.

Forward to today's hearing.

Keeping my word that I entered into the record,
to tell everyone that Judge William Collette is nice, but I
am quite sure he will instill fear in the hearts of those
who try to run game on him.
The case conference was in front of Judge William Collette.

He was adorable, and seemed to have a bit of that old school legal in him shine through because I represented myself pro se.

He was quite honest in saying he did not have a clue of what was going on and ordered 14 day responses.

He brought back memories of when I was little being with my favorite uncle because I forgot I had gum in my mouth and he scolded me.

So, why is Bill Schuette, the Michigan Attorney General suing me, particularly when he is a gubernatorial candidate and knows personally, quite well, that I have a big mouth.

It is my belief that Bill Schuette is but in name only.

It is my belief there are a few rouge Assistant Attorney Generals in the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Corporations Division.

Just a few.

See, it is like this:

I am also in federal court, arguing out that this Detroit Land Bank Authority is not incorporated, therefore, cannot engage in business.  Period.

To prove my point, I filed a Motion to Compel for its Corporate Disclosure Statements of the Court.
Image result for checkbox yes
Is the Detroit Land Bank Authority
a corporation?

Simple.  They check a box if they are a corporation.

If they cannot check the box on the document and give it back to the Court, they have to tell the Court why.

In this instance, this Detroit Land Bank Authority decided that it was now a "Quasi-Governmental Organization", a body public corporate, providing, what I call its Agreement of Creation.

This Agreement of Creation, below, was entered between by Kevyn Orr, the Michigan appointed Emergency Manager for the City of Detroit and Kim Homan, Executive Director of the Michigan Land Bank Fast Track Authority for the creation of the Detroit Land Bank Authority, as a corporation.

Unfortunately, the "Legal Geniuses" (trademark pending) over at that Detroit Land Bank Authority, thought they would be slick and not incorporate, claiming to be a body public corporate, whatever that  means, but I bet if you ask the creator of the term, Jennifer Granholm, she could provide more information, because it is not defined by statute.

So, just to provide a sprinkle of foreshadowing, consider this:

If, in fact, this Detroit Land Bank Authority claims to be part of the City of Detroit, then how come you cannot write a check to the City of Detroit when doing real estate business, of which this Detroit Land Bank Authority is not licensed to engage in real estate by the Licensing and Regulatory Agency, the same agency trying to dissolve my corporation?

So, how come you have to write a check to Title Source, Inc. when you buy property from this Detroit Land Bank Authority?

How come when you do the online transaction and provide your credit card information for deposit, it comes up as, and not Detroit Land Bank Authority?

Hmmmmm.......can you say 'cover up'?

Better yet, if this Detroit Land Bank Authority claims to be a quasi-governmental entity, of the City of Detroit, then riddle me this....

Why is there a registration with the U.S. Department of Defense which documents that this Detroit Land Bank Authority is a corporation, incorporated in the State of Michigan?

Redirect back to why Bill Schuette is suing me, oh, and I forgot to mention that the suit for dissolution was done by a defective filing of quo warranto, which I do have a backgrounder in this type of extraordinary writ because it deals with the exact same, fungible goods: real estate and children.

The Assistant Attorney General, Pascoe, filed the suit against me, with lots of fraudulent documents contained within, just about 10 days after the seal was lifted from my federal qui tam, False Claims Act writ.

Last time I checked, that was retaliation.

He even stated into the record that the Detroit Land Bank Authority was a quasi-governmental organization, but, since he is representing them in court, I shall assume that it is now, whenever the moment feels right, part of the State of Michigan, and not the City of Detroit.

I guess being able to claim whatever governmental jurisdiction an unincorporated entity wants is what a public body corporate is, but it sounds like political prostitution, if you ask me, which is illegal.

I reported the aforementioned frauds to the Michigan Attorney General's Office, received at times with much fanfare, but now, this Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, seems to take issue with me reporting fraud, calling my actions, "mischievous".

I look at it like this:  Michigan made us poor, stole our children, uses the same, exact model to steal our property, and I am on a mission, but I prefer my mischievous activities to stop fraud to be respected for its creativity.

Well, if Bill Schuette cannot run his own Attorney General's Office and protect the residents of Michigan, particularly when they report fraud, then, how can he be a governor?

End of Part One.

Hey, a mischievous gal, such as myself , cannot show all the cards in her hands.  <== (the 's' was intentional).

Besides, these people were mean to my Sweetie, and, as we should all know by now, the moral of the story is..."Do not be mean to my Sweetie.  Period."

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I filed an LLC, and did not incorporate. I apologize for the technical error but I suffer from uncontrollable bouts of Post Traumatic Fraud Syndrome.


UPDATE: It seems the Michigan Court of Claims removed the case from the record. I shall assume it had to do with my federal transfer and the fact that I never received a certified judgement of the court, which means I still legally own the Detroit Land Bank Authority.

It would have been a bit awkward to issue a ruling to shutdown an entity that was operating some seriously scandalous fraud schemes when they did not register to do business...because Schuette sued to shut it down...but had federal DoD contracts...

I still own it.



Oh, and I still have the valid FEIN. They do not.