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Melanie Sloan Champions Due Process For Whistleblowers

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Melanie Sloan, champion of due process
for whistleblowers
The Celestial Goddess of the Woodshed has been summoned.

Let us bow our heads in a moment of silence for what is about to happen, in the course of justice by preserving of our institutions, in the spirit of fuchsia...

I accused a powerful man of misconduct. The consequences are daunting....because no one has been allowed due process.

Melanie Sloan is a partner with Summer Strategies, a public affairs firm. She was minority counsel for the House Judiciary Committee from 1995-1998.

Yes, Melanie Sloan worked on the Clinton impeachment hearings in the House Judiciary Committee, under the Chief of Staff, Julian Epstein, who was terminated.  We should definitely subpoena Julian so we can have him set the record straight as to your working conditions during the Whitewater investigation and why he failed to report your concerns to law enforcement, and why he was fired.  Well, you cannot get fired from congress very easily, so I am going to call this a rumor until after Julian's testimony and cross examination.

Speaking of Whitewater, we should also as bring in Bob Fiske so we can find out if these daunting moments had any effect on your work during the Arkansas Finance Development Authority subject matter or if the harassment affected any Committee work on the murder of Vince Foster.

It’s hard to publicly allege misconduct by a powerful man. No woman wants to be known primarily as a victim of harassment or, worse, assault. It’s humiliating. We — women who have gone public — are so much more than accusers or victims. Yet, once the news breaks, we are reduced in the eyes of the world to the role of accuser. The fact that we had a career, too — whether as a college professor, lawyer, actress, journalist, writer or waitress — gets lost.

You have a long history of alleging misconduct by powerful men. That is how you founded CREW. Stay strong.

It is even harder when a child screams for dear life in hopes that one person in Congress will go public to stop the drugging, rape and torture in child welfare, whether as a victim of trafficking tiny humans or in death.  Yet, the fact that these children were born of innocence ~ when the news breaks of what goes on in foster care and adoption ~ gets lost.

Priorities, but I also know your pain of being rejected, losing everything, over and over again, each time I stood up and filed formal grievances.

Christine Blasey Ford had excellent reasons to want to remain anonymous in her allegations against Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh. It could hardly have been lost on her that — forevermore — rather than being known for her academic work, she would become infamous as a woman who alleged attempted rape by a Supreme Court nominee.

We can also call Kavanaugh into the trial to assist Melanie in healing from her daunting consequences of accusing Conyers of such an horrific sexual attack, considering the fact that Brett was the one who argued on behalf of the United States in stripping attorney-client during Whitewater.

The Independent Counsel (Kavanaugh) argues that the attorney-client privilege should not prevent disclosure of confidential communications where the client has died and the information is relevant to a criminal proceeding. 

Learn more: BEVERLY TRAN: Cocktails & Popcorn: Brett Kavanaugh, Medicaid Fraud In Child Welfare & Russia
Stop Medicaid Fraud in Child Welfare 

This would also be a proper opportunity to allow Monica Lewinsky to tell her story and preserve the annals of history by allowing her civil rights to finally be honored.

Monica Lewinsky was never allowed to tell her story in the public record, or even tell the public about her work in Whitewater, but now, with the advocacy of Melanie going public, demanding for a full execution of civil rights for all the women who have been maligned in the reporting of non-violent sexual assaults, even the ones who were fortunate enough to have received financial compensation in Non-Disclosure Agreements.

What glory she shall achieve in the history of civil rights by finally addressing in the proper venue of a congressional hearing, the validity of NDAs in similar light to stripping attorney-client privilege in the execution of such heinous sexual acts, as Melanie has accused Conyers.  Her glory would be even sweeter to suckle in a federal court setting of a Special Prosecutor.

Last fall, when a reporter called me to ask about my employment with then-Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.), the first words out of my mouth were “off the record.” Because I wanted to corroborate what other women had alleged about sexual harassment by Conyers (which he has denied) and bolster their credibility, I agreed to share some of my own experiences with the caveat that the reporter not attribute them to me, but rather to a “former staffer.” I spent a day struggling over whether I, too, should publicly come forward. I knew that it would be much harder to dismiss allegations made by a named person. I knew that only when women come forward publicly will we ever consign the culture of secrecy surrounding male misconduct to the dustbin.

Have no fear, my lady, for I, too, shall be here to encourage you share your tales of collusion with Marion Brown and all the other women who have chosen to remain anonymous, through your leadership of corroboration, by enjoining in your demand for due process for John Conyers in formal hearings, whether congressional or judicial.

In the end, I decided to attach my name to my statements. But the consequences for coming forward are daunting. In at least some quarters, you are ridiculed, dismissed and labeled a liar, a lunatic — or both. Even some friends, family and colleagues are not supportive and instead question why you needed to stick your head out at all.

These ridiculing appellations, which have been detailed in the allegations of the lawsuit, below, questioning the ethics of your leadership at CREW, shall also be elevated to the national agenda, for you have been accused of possible treasonous activities, and, as such, should enjoin this case in the pending congressional and judicial hearings.  No one should be forced to live under a cloak of deception when there exists the powers of subpoena to illuminate lack of support from society when a man, woman or child comes forward as a whistleblower.

How was it that you came to secure a position at CREW?  

I shall demand the presence of Nancy Pelosi and Sheila Jackson Lee.

If the harassment or assault left you emotionally damaged and your career suffered, or caused you to leave your chosen field, you are unstable and not credible. If you overcame the harassment or assault and went on to career success, whatever happened must not have been as bad as you claimed, and you are not credible.

Are you unstable, Melanie?  You should seek out help, and help for all the other victims who have anonymously spoken out against the sexual harassment by Conyers.  I am quite sure it will be legally possible to have the attending physicians and psychiatrists testify, under oath, to the veracity of the medical records entered into the record to support these claims and clear the names of the anonymous whistleblowers.  As a matter of fact, we shall also call forth the work histories of all the former congressional staffers of Conyers.  I am quite sure there are dollies and moving vans to ensure a secure transfer of the boxes upon boxes of documents to support the data transfer to court.

If you work in politics and reveal misconduct by someone on your side of the aisle, some of your compatriots may call you disloyal (at least behind your back); your political opponents will applaud you as a hero — even if some of them demonized you in the past when you took positions with which they disagreed.

The malfeasance within the Democratic and Republican Parties have been well sensationalized for long enough.  The idea of any political institution casting of aspersions upon whistleblowers is to be soon addressed in Senate Judiciary hearings, where your tenure at CREW will embolden your career path as an expert witness, original source, in the generation of online propaganda.

Even while praising your courage, potential employers wonder if you are a troublemaker and may pass you over, preferring a candidate with less obvious baggage.

Even though the statute of limitations has expired on your claim of sexual harassment by Conyers, as a former federal prosecutor, I know you still possess that passionate litigious fire for due process, and therefore, will embrace me in the call for the unredacted release of the DOJ OIG Horowitz report, which is to address all of the Ethics Committee referrals to the Special Prosecutor surrounding the decades of debauchery within Conyers' Congressional Office and all the Members' Offices of the House Judiciary Committee.

Did you file a House Ethics Complaint, too?

Filing grievances makes due process much less a concept of "obvious baggage" as it registers one's work history in the public record, a basic civil right, for all whistleblowers.

And unless you go on to even greater infamy — thanks to our appetite for scandal and the algorithms that feed us — this will be the very first thing discovered about you in any Google search, probably for the rest of your life. Monica Lewinsky’s impressive anti-bullying campaign, for example, still turns up well after her involvement in the Clinton impeachment scandal. Anita Hill has spent decades as a law professor, yet the first thing to pop up is her testimony during Justice Clarence Thomas’s confirmation hearing.

Unfortunately, I have yet to meet with a successful online smear campaign, but I am sure its implementation is eminent after my public support of your demand for due process for Conyers.  My Google search has been manipulated in suppression, shadowbanned on Twitter for over a decade, and taken down and banned from LinkedIn, for the simple fact that I was preemptive in preserving the legacy of Conyers.  

Perform a simple Google search for my name, foster care, adoption, Medicaid fraud, child trafficking, false claims to see what comes up.  

Although you may find Monica Lewinsky's public awareness campaigns for jobs, justice and peace to be impressive, you will be awestruck to know that your name will come up in future Google searches as being the one who set the stage for Monica Lewsinky to have her day of due process when she finally tells of her involvement in the Clinton impeachment scandal, which has never fully been told.  You may even be the force to dismantle the social constructs that being a whistleblower is "obvious baggage" when honoring iconic individuals like Anita Hill because her testimony during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearing is a proud part of civil rights history.  

So the downsides of walking into the klieg lights are substantial. But there also are benefits: On a personal level, the upside may be hope for long-delayed validation that what happened to you was, in fact, wrong and not your fault, and you might even obtain some sort of rough justice. But most importantly — at least for me — was understanding that if I did not come forward, I could not expect anyone else to do so either. And if none of us publicly shares our stories, forcing men — and not just the women they’ve hurt — to suffer real consequences, then how can we expect change?

Dilly, dilly!

We shall subpoena Stormy Daniels, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Lanny Davis and all the other attorneys, too.

I bite my pearls for your moment of revelry on the stand, to tell your story of harassment and of your work on civil rights issues, like the Crime Bill, VAWA, PRWORA & ASFA.  Your illustrious Judiciary Committee work on Detroit, patents, privatization, campaign finance and your time in the Clinton Justice Department will be spectacular, I am quite sure.

I will make it a point to definitely put Mike Cernovich and Lisa Bloom on the attorney-client privilege subpoena guest list to support you and Marion Brown.

Twenty-six years after Hill endured a grueling hearing in which senator after senator attempted to undermine her credibility, another woman is nevertheless courageously considering whether to brave a similar grilling by another group of entirely male Republican senators. Maybe in the wake of the myriad women disclosing their own #MeToo stories, men will come to terms with exactly how unacceptable harassment and assault are. Maybe we won’t have to watch the same narrative unfold yet again.

No two narratives are the same.  That is statistically improbable, unless it is a transposable model, but hey, what do I know?

I know Perkins Coie Sucks.

Thank you, Melanie, for your brilliance in creating the #MeToo movement.  I strongly believe that this shall be your deigning crown which you will proudly parade as we go forth and demand due process for all whistleblowers, even Conyers.

Let the whistleblower due process trials commence!

Qui tam pro domino rege quam pro se ipso in hac parte sequitur.
Voting is beautiful, be beautiful ~ vote.©

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