Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The Tale Of Ian "Co-conspirator" Conyers & The Text He Sent To Me

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Ian Conyers at MDP 2016 Presidential Election Night
Gather round, my Dearies, for I shall tell the tale of Ian Conyers, one of the "Co-conspirator" of the 2016 election interference coup.

How serendipitous!

First, there is a "blurb", for lack of a better term, about my City Councilman, Gabe Leland.

Then, Rashida Tlaib, my U.S. Representative, has a "blurb" for lack of a better term.

Then, Fox2Detroit puts out a "teaser" for lack of a better term, about Fat Ass (a.k.a. William Isaac Robinson) and his own "radioactive issues" for lack of a better term.

Then, on the cusp of the House Judiciary ready to present to the Floor for the vote on Articles of Impeachment, I get a text message...

Ian Conyers here please respond to my request to release my name http//ianconyers.com

How considerate since he is a co-conspirator in the coup against his great-grand uncle and never even called me when my Sweetie's death was announced.

Ian did not even offer to buy the domain, he just demanded that I respond to his request.

Ian sponsored Detroit Land Bank Authority bills, during the pendency of my Detroit Land Bank Authority case, in his State Senate District, registered, at the time, with Michigan LARA.

That is called a cover up, or just really dumb.

Either way, Ian has demonstrated grounds of incompetency, presenting him to be unfit to remain in office.

Ian campaigned with Mike Duggan, the Detroit Mayor under SIGTARP and a conjugal collaborative of investigations.

Ian went to American University, junior spy grooming school, international.

Lest I fail to mention that Ian announced my Sweetie's retirement before he did, which meant he knew about the forged docs, the leak, and that #MeToo psyoptic.

Yeah, I said that because I am still in mourning, so I can do and say whatever I want.

And, he works for Biden's campaign.

Ian never once asked me my children, child welfare or anything on voting rights, or my public claims of election interference, considering the fact that I have an expansive history on the state and federal court dockets.

Ian never championed due process for my Sweetie, which is an issue within itself, because Ian knows these are false claims to remove an elected official, yet never disavowed the accusations, which makes him a co-conspirator of a coup.

I am not even going to mention the Detroit grand juries because that would take all the steam out of my grande entrance into society.

Unfortunately, I am unable to make any technical changes to my blog because I have dedicated the entirety of my work to the U.S. Attorney & Inspector Generals, and all the other policy & law enforcement entities around the globe.

My blog is also entered into the federal record, so, to bleachbit history would be treasonous, on my part.

So, as we sit in limeny, awaiting to find out about those Ethics Investigation referrals to the DOJ, whereby, Trump has been obstructing justice by keeping the reports in his backpocket, let us watch, with cocktails & popcorn in hand, to see what the next bold action shall be from the co-conspirators of the coup.

I wonder if Perkins Coie Sucks is consulting him, yet.


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