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Michigan Ivory Tower Smarty Pants Profess Their Crap On Privatizing Gerrymandering By Failing To Address Election Fraud Or Detroit Land Bank Authority

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Privatized Professoress Dunce,
Lisa Neidert
This is the part where I sit back and watch all the so-called academic experts come up with crap as to why Michigan will lose another seat in Congress, and yes, it will absolutely come from Detroit.

All the big fancy universities are going to have all their political-socio-economic pundits come crawling out the woodwork to publish their crappy reasons as to why 2020 Census is going to prove them right.

The reason why Michigan will lose another seat is Congress is because of stealin'.


The foreign privateers, sailed across the seas, to take over our government, our institutions of learning by stealin' the children, the land and the votes.

Yes, Michigan was made poor because by crappy policies coming out of these universities, like:

Michigan will lose a seat in Congress next census. Officials think it could come from Detroit

Lisa J. Neidert
Lisa Neidert
 - Michigan's population has grown since 2010, but it won't be enough to salvage congressional representation.

For the third census in a row, Michigan is expected to lose a seat in the House of Representatives. University of Michigan sociology professor Lisa Neidert explains the growth of Michigan is relative to other states.

Lisa needs to be quiet.  She has not yet been subpoenaed.

“...lots of states are growing faster than Michigan,” Neidert said. “Just because you're not losing population doesn't mean you don't lose out.”

Think of it by imagining you're running a race. Michigan might be improving its time, but because other states are improving by more the state hasn't done enough - therefore it's losing its seats.
Congressional representation in the House is a zero-sum game and there must always be 435 house seats. Which means the states that gain and lose congressional seats depend on how their populations have changed over the decade. And Michigan's slight growth is tied to its lack of migration from other states.

“We don't do well with inter-state migration,” said Neidert. “Our migration growth is due to foreign born people coming into Michigan.”

Not one mention of fraud.  Not one mention of foreclosures.  When you foreclose on properties, people are forced to migrate.  When you fraudulently foreclose on properties, that is called #warcrimes because that is theft of the children's legacies.

Since 2010, Michigan's population has grown by 112,000. That increase has largely been buoyed by foreign-born migration, since the state and country are experiencing 30-year-low fertility rates. Even though that increase puts Michigan in a better position than states like West Virginia and Illinois, which are expected to lose population, the 1.1 percent increase still won't be enough.

The question that officials are now asking is, where will that seat be taken?

“The last time we lost a seat, it was going to get taken away from the youngest rep, the one with the least tenure,” said Neidert.

Not really, it was planned, including the rigging of the election.

That's what happened to Lynn Rivers, a Democrat from Michigan's 13th District who was elected in 1995. Her territory was then absorbed by long-time incumbent John Dingell in 2003. As the boundaries from Dingell's district changed, so did the number of his district, moving from 16th to 15th to the 12th, which is now held by Debbie Dingell, his wife.

A similar instance happened after the 2010 census when Hansen Clarke's 14th district was drawn into the 13th district, which was held by Democrat John Conyers at the time.

That was intentional. I know. I was there.

This time, Neidert suspects the seat will come from somewhere in southeast Michigan.

“My guess is the Detroit area will be the area that loses because the slowest growth is in Detroit, Flint, and Southfield districts,” wrote Neidert in an email.

Tag, Neidert, you are on blast because you know too much and it did not come from a textbook.  It will be Detroit due to transportation lines, international borders, and property. It was planned and I shared your crap, below.

This time however, the seat selected won't just be the newest member of Congress - the burden is on the 13 members of the independent redistricting commission, a new initiative put in place by the Voters Not Politician's campaign, which was approved by Michigan voters during the 2018 midterm.

Voters Not Politician's entire anti-gerrymandering operation is nothing but another privatization scheme of authority, just like the Detroit Land Bank Authority, that was part of the formation of the group.

The redistricting commission will use a seven-step rubric. The rules span from maintaining a single, unbroken shape to ensuring maps must not give disproportionate advantage to a political party. While the instructions weren't originally laid out for deciding how Michigan gains or loses a seat, the group's founder Katie Fahey said the same rules will be used following congressional house seat shifts.

You people just hate borders.

Learning from past mistakes, (a.k.a. "fraud") Michigan has already ramped up its census count duties more than a year before the census can be filled out. After Detroit residents returned a 64 percent response rate in 2010, a 6 percent drop from the 2000 census, members of the Michigan Nonprofit Association decided to start early.

The issues of the U.S. Census is in SCOTUS because there is a serious question to identities, like fake identities, you know, like how they ran the absentee ballot fraud schemes in the City of Detroit in the 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016 & 2018 elections, but, hey, what do I know?

BEVERLY TRAN: SCOTUS U.S. v. Department Of Commerce - Privatization Of Citizenship Question On Census For Violations Of Voting Rights Act & Administrative Procedures Act
Stop Medicaid Fraud in Child Welfare 

Failing to account for some of the hard to count populations, like children and racial minorities, would negatively impact the state's revenue source. Because almost half of Michigan's budget comes from the federal government, the state is at risk of losing hundreds of millions of dollars.

The following is a facebook query I made to the new anti-gerrymandering authority.

We are not sure what you mean by that. Voters Not Politicians is a grassroots organization working to pass Proposal 2 to end gerrymandering in Michgian. You can learn more at


I asked a very specific question. Is this a Quasi-governmental organization? Statutorily, from whence do the powers originate? Is this incorporated? Is this part of a governmental body, and if so, which one? Is this created under Type III transfers? Where does its authority hail?
Voters - Not Politicians

No, Voters Not Politicians was started from a Facebook post by a then-27 year old woman who lives in Grand Rapids. It grew quickly into a 5,000 volunteer organization, that is a registered ballot question committee in Michigan.

That is not what I asked. Please re-read.

Is the redistricting committee to be incorporated in the State of Michigan?

Yes or No.

Voters - Not Politicians

The Redistricting Commission will be established by the Michigan State Constitution as an independent authority within the state government. That is, it will not be part of any other state office or be subordinate to the legislature or executive branch, but will be a separate entity with authority over redistricting.

How is it to be established as an "independent authority"? Will it be done similar to the Detroit Land Bank Authority?

Will this separate entity be incorporated?

Is your organization doing anything to address that fact that the Michigan Board of Canvassers has yet to certify and record the 2018 Primary Election? Will this have an impact on this "authority" vote?

How can the 13th Congressional District cast votes if the Primary has not been certified?
Voters - Not Politicians

The Commission will be a governmental body housed in the legislative branch. Its powers will derive from the state Constitution. (Proposal 2 will amend the state Constitution to establish the commission.) It does not need an enabling statute.

Our proposal does not address the Board of Canvassers task that you mentioned above.

But your success at the ballot addresses the fact that the Primary has yet to be certified and recorded. Thank you for the information, but the language fails to address the creation of the "governmental body". It is just like the Detroit Land Bank Authority. See you soon!

USCulturewar--theSDTandUSPresidElections19682016 by Beverly Tran on Scribd

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