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Nancy Pelosi & Philippines Overthrow: It All Started At Nancy's House

It all started at Nancy's house.

Once upon a time Nancy Pelosi was mean to my Sweetie, and it really bothered me because I did not know exactly why.

Then, one day, I was magically sent to her house by a little cyber mermaid who had returned from a deep dive and found there were no property tax records. 

It seems she had her properties set up to be put into the family trust, which means they probably have warranty deeds and filed a land patent so she does not have to pay property taxes.

2012  J573584-00 12/28/2012 K802 0923 Deed of Trust R Paul Pelosi Family Trust, financed through Union Bank NA, which just so happens to be behind the Land Bank of the the Philippines.

These trust funds get TARP money and are registered as foreign entities.

It was at that moment, the stench of the Detroit Land Bank Authority began to permeate. which led me here, the San Francisco Land Bank:
5243 Mission St · San Francisco, CA

The San Fransico Land Bank is registered as the Philippines Land Bank:


They set up the same predatory privatization model in Haiti.

They set up the same predatory privatization model in Detroit.

They are all the same people.
Over the years, LANDBANK has successfully managed this tough balancing act as evidenced by the continued expansion of its loan portfolio in favor of its priority sectors: the small farmers and fishers, a good part of which are agrarian reform beneficiaries; micro and SMEs; agri- and aqua-projects of local government units and government-owned and controlled corporations; communications, transportation, housing, education, health care, environment-related projects, tourism, and utilities.
Then I quickly discovered how they were laundering money out the country.

They privatized administrative banking services, just like they did with human services in Michigan under Engler, just like they did in Russia.

The government owns the corporations because the corporations own the politicians, who in turn make the law to make the policy for them to what they want: privatize..

This is the predatory lending model for profiting off poverty, or rather another model for the new human trafficking, all neatly packaged into pretty databases in BANCNET.

You can now withdraw your money anywhere in the world through your cyber accounts, under the structure of whatever this concept of a land bank is operating as.

LANDBANK is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.
Copyright © 2014 Land Bank of the Philippines. All Rights Reserved.

This is how they were laundering the money
Section 10 relates to the “Freezing of Monetary Instrument” wherein upon verified “ex parte” petition by the AMLC, the Court of Appeals (CA) should act on the petition to freeze within twenty-four (24) hours from filing of the petition, and the freeze order shall be for a period of twenty (20) days unless extended by the Court/CA.
TRANSLATION:  A land bank does not fall under traditional financial banking institutions, which means they made it up all the rules themselves, without any input from the public, because it is a private institution.

This is one of those slave labor programs set up to replace social welfare assistance because it provides free labor for the corporations whose child welfare NGO privately funded through social impact bonds are the ones who profit by billing the national trust fund, the treasury in performance standards, put in place through their own NGO think tanks and universities.

Moreover, the Program was able to forge a partnership with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) under its “Cash for Work and Livelihood Assistance Program” that provided farmers with an initial grant to set-up a mini-farm. For its part, the Department of Agriculture (DA) provided free seedlings and much needed farm equipment.

This is a social impact bond program where "The Poors" (still said with clinched teeth) are nothing but "Works For Hire", packaged as a sexy, neofuedal policy of serfdom.

If a corporation can privately contract with State entities to grant legal custody and guardianship to its chattel, as in the reference to child welfare services where the child becomes under the aegis of the state, with guardianship being granted to private corporations like GALs and CIVITAS, then, under the exact same principle, these tiny humans, in essence, become copyright individuals granted legal guardianship of the NGO, owned by the land patent.

The child is an immoveable chattel, but the birth certificate, the ownership, will always be moveable, for leveraging as a financial instrument as a repurposed allodial title, as a land patent.

The trust funds, being the children's identities are now accessible for leveraging mortgages to buy land, and as such, have developed an entire, fully, ready-to-go-to, transposable model to take out a government by stealin' through law and policy.

Remember, before you are a man, you are a child, and now they own you at birth, of which they are now doing predictive modeling to forecast "the best interests of the child", literally.

Remember this?

I wonder just how many of those stolen children's identities who are now all grown up are being used as fake employees in federal government, to take out fake mortgages, make fake contributions to strawman child welfare NGOs functioning as a front for trafficking tiny humans of "The Poors", (always said with clinched teeth).

I wonder just how vast this operation of snatching identities and assets of those who hail from "vulnerable" or "targeted" populations, being determined by the state to be in need of corporate guardianship, for other purposes, like laundering fake campaign contributions through FEC campaign finance reporting.

Just on a side note, I thought it was interesting that "Pelosi's Meanies are running Air BnB operations in San Francisco and Haiti.

I truly hope there are no undercover trafficking tiny human operations associations going on with these Land Bank supported ventures in the Philippines, or San Francisco, for that matter.
And I truly hope none of the Land Bank of the Philippines operations are fueled through TARP.

Either way it goes, it all started at Nancy's house, and this is hardly close to even being finished.

Stay tuned.

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