Friday, August 2, 2019

Cocktails & Popcorn: Dan Gilbert Sends Proof Of Life - Duggan Is Lost & All Alone

Call me Missy Morbid, but why would one edit a 30 second video?

It was scripted, like he was in the custody of the writer of the video, but hey, what do I know?

I know Mike Duggan is dazed and confused right about now.

Dan Gilbert sends video to Quicken Loans employees during stroke recovery

I am waiting for someone to publish how he acquired those commercial properties and for how much.

So many stories to be told about the chain of command of those deeds.

Businessman Dan Gilbert, recovering from a stroke two months ago, has sent a video to his employees at Quicken Loans in which he appears on the road to recovery.

“As Dan continues his rehabilitation and makes progress toward his recovery, yesterday he recorded a brief video to share his gratitude with our company’s 17,000 team members who have set numerous records through the second quarter and beyond," the company said in a brief statement Friday. "We all wish Dan well as he continues down the path to recovery.”

The Detroit News reported Friday that a "snippet" of the video showed Gilbert seated and speaking clearly in a strong and steady voice.
Some Bedrock people got their feathers ruffled because Langton published the private video.

Well, that sucks.

"Whatever you're doing is great," Gilbert told his employees in the video, according to the News report. "It's going much better since I left a few weeks back, I noticed."

Gilbert had a stroke May 26 and was treated at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak. Quicken Loans said in late June that he had been released from the hospital and was "focusing on his recovery at an in-patient rehabilitation center."

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