Thursday, January 24, 2019

Marie Osmond, Clinton Foundation, MSU & Faith Based Funding For Medicaid Fraud In Child Welfare Of The Children's Miracle Network

It seems Jeffery Epstein was the brainchild behind the creation of the Clinton Foundation out of Michigan State University.

The Sparrow Clinton Hospital Foundation operates out of MSU with ASSETS of $129,806,280.

Edward Sparrow Hospital Association  had reported in 2016 $966,512,648 and ASSETS of $1,361,393,716.

Sparrow Health System generated revenue of $107,496,545 in 2016.

Michigan State University - Sparrow Hospital Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (RNICU) does lots of research on really tiny humans.

Sparrow Health Systems handles the Flint Water Crisis which is why I continue to say it was intentional.

Sparrow Health Systems is part of the Michigan Life Sciences Corridor, built as a Public Private Partnership so they can keep all the intellectual proprietorship of all pharmaceutical, biomedical and genetic research discoveries using the tiny humans they used as lab rats, while billing Medicaid.

Sparrow Health Systems is part of the Children's Miracle Network and more than likely uses the MSU Federal Credit Union as its financial arm.

The Children's Miracle Network is also working with another Baylor University through the Texas Children's Hospital.

Ken Starr, former Special Prosecutor of the Whitewater Impeachment used to be over the children's lab rat research programming at Baylor until he was asked to leave.

It seems the Children's Miracle Network is part of the Bush Family's charities of OneStar, but the Michigan Attorney General Charity Section finally shut it down.

I guess Bill Schuette found prudence in heeding my words.

Anyway, for more background into Faith Based Funding that allows the Children's Miracle Network to maximize revenue (because non-profits call it revenue, according to 501c3 IRS codes), you can find it here.

And now you know a bit more on how privatization established these children's research operations like the Clinton Foundation, which never incorporated, just like the Detroit Land Bank Authority never incorporated, using children of "The Poors" as lab rats.

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