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Cocktails & Popcorn: The Civil Rights Work Of Loretta Lynch ~ NYPD Busted In Human Trafficking & Trafficking Tiny Humans

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"They never learned about their civil rights
or its history."
Is this the reason Loretta Lynch threatened to reopen the Eric Garner investigation if the New York Police Department leaked the contents of Anthony Weiner's laptop?

There was an ongoing investigation, or should I say, investigations, with an 's'.

We have everything, anyway, so that entire "Q is an idiot" propaganda of Loretta Lynch and the SCOTUS appointment is now verified as crap because the cute little "Wanna-Be Junior Spy" graduates from the Naval Academy are absolutely clueless about the entire pro forma Blue Slipping of how one gets to be a Justice.

This is a very sad day of reflection in the open and obvious educational depravity in the history of civil rights, branches of government,  and its administration from our Super Secret Smarty Pants institutions of national security.

My question, now, is..."What did they do with all those millions and who are the rest of the individuals involved?"

I bet they were running honey traps, which are nothing more than recording compromising situations with individuals of prominence and power, like elected officials.

Yes, there will be lots and lots of porn with your favorite public figures and I will bet it will be with individuals who hail from the world of foster care and adoption, domestic and international.

I will even standfast and say they were money laundering through child welfare NGOs and funding of political campaigns.

I bet you can even find pictures and videos from child welfare fundraisers, like....oh, I do not know.....let me think of an example... not that I am alleging anyone of any violation of law or policy, nor am I accusing any individual or organization... well, let us just use, as an example, only The Children's Defense Fund.

The next level of the investigation will be in Kansas and Michigan, in the National Alliance for Children's Prevention & Trust Funds, as it seems they have forgotten to incorporate, then actually have the audacity to turn around and file bogus IRS filings because the name of the organization is National Alliance for Child Abuse Prevention & Trust Funds.

How did I come to the conclusion that it is a Corporate Shape Shifter?

Simple, both groups use, verbatim, the exact same mission statements, which immediately lets me know that we are probably dealing with "Legal Geniuses" (trademark pending).
To ensure all states have a strong and effective childrens trust or prevention fund capable of leading and investing in strategies, policies and best practices that prevent child abuse and neglect before it occurs. To initiate and engage in national efforts that help State Childrens Trust and Prevention Funds in strengthening families to prevent child abuse and neglect. To promote and support a system of services, laws, practices and attitudes that supports families by enabling them to provide their children with safe, healthy and nurturing childhoods.

This is the work of Loretta Lynch, so do not be confused because this action goes far deeper than we really know as our schools never taught us about our civil rights or the history, thereof.

This is about human trafficking and the trafficking of tiny humans, the term I use for complex, financial fraud schemes in child welfare.

If you think this is wild, just wait until we get to Detroit.

It will be raw.

Ex-Vice Detective, Wife Allegedly Masterminded Multi-Million-Dollar Prostitution Ring; 49 Arrested, Including 7 Active NYPD Members

A total of 49 people, including seven active-duty NYPD officers, were indicted in the ring, which saw multiple brothels rake in millions in 13 mounts, according to the indictment

A retired Vice detective and his wife allegedly were the masterminds behind an elaborate prostitution and gambling ringthat had brothels in three counties and led to the indictments of more than four dozen people, including seven active-duty NYPD officers, the Queens district attorney's office said Thursday.

Ex-NYPD detective Ludwig Paz, of Queens, allegedly helmed the sweeping enterprise along with his wife, Arelis Peralta, who prosecutors say helped operate brothels in Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau counties and gambling rooms in beauty salons and other businesses throughout the city. 
Seven active members of the NYPD, including detectives and a pair of sibling sergeants, are also named in the indictment for alleged various roles in the operation. Those include 43-year-old Brooklyn South Vice Detective Rene Samaniego, who allegedly helped Paz run both the gambling and prostitution operations and "outed" undercover detectives as they entered the brothels.

Sgt. Carlos Cruz, 41, and detective Giovanny Rojas Acosta, 40, are accused of giving Paz information on law enforcement activities related to prostitution to help him avoid detection. They, along with Paz, all face charges of enterprise corruption, according to the indictment.

Two brothers who are NYPD sergeants -- Cliff Nieves, 37, and Steven Nieves, 32 -- are accused of promoting prostitution and operating an invite-only "pop-up brothel" within another established brothel, the indictment says. Another cop, Giancarlo Raspanti, allegedly gave Paz confidential police information in exchange for discounted sex at a brothel. And yet another sergeant, Louis Failla, allegedly helped Paz get out of a jam following a brothel ride.

Prosecutors say a tip from an officer about gambling and prostitution issues within the department to the NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau in 2015 launched the investigation. Queens District Attorney Richard Brown says over the course of the probe, investigators used wiretaps and surveillance, among other techniques, to map out the flow and players in the complicated enterprise.

At the top of that flow chart, Brown said, was Paz, who allegedly ran or helped run the day-to-day operations at seven of eight brothels. He also allegedly used his knowledge of NYPD Vice procedures to set up protocols for new prostitution clients. Knowing that detectives could not expose their genitals during their interactions with prostitutes, Paz allegedly required the new clients to undress and allow themselves to be fondled to pass the brothel’s security screening. The retired detective also allegedly used his contacts within the NYPD to thwart raids by paying for confidential police information, the indictment charges.
The brothels used online ads to attract customers and after passing the screenings, clients would be allowed to choose a prostitute and paid anywhere from $40 for 15 minutes of sexual activity up to $160 for a full hour, according to the indictment. And between August 2016 and September 2017, prosecutors say the prostitution ring took in more than $2 million.

At the same time, Brown said Paz and his wife allegedly profited from several illegal lottery businesses set up at a deli and beauty salon in Queens.

The bust also snared nearly three dozen civilians on various charges. The seven active NYPD members all pleaded not guilty at their arraignments Thursday; all of their attorneys declined comment. Paz's arraignment was still pending Thursday afternoon, and court officers said the rest of the dozens of arraignments would likely take place through the day Thursday into Friday.

Officials for the PBA, DEA and SBA unions representing officers, detectives and sergeants, did not have immediate comment on the arrests.

NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill praised the tipster who came forward and blasted the officers in a statement Thursday afternoon, saying, "Whenever officers betray trust by engaging in criminal behavior, they tarnish the shields they wear. The New Yorkers we serve will never tolerate this, and neither will this police department."

Brown echoed O'Neill's sentiment.

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