Sunday, August 19, 2012

Vista Maria Grows Its Own Human Crops

This is the intro to Vista Maria's girls foster care program:

 At Vista Maria, we serve over 1,000 children every year who have been abused, neglected and  traumatized.  They are confused, angry and scared.  Some are full of despair with little hope for a promising future.

This is what they forgot to include in its program description:

More than half our girls are pregnant.  Because we are not federally required to report nor maintain data on the number of girls each year who are raped or become pregnant in our foster care programs, we do not have to develop any maternal infant programs beyond taking the baby at birth and placing in foster care with the label of abuse and neglect.  

Due to the fact that we are a Catholic organization, we do not teach sex education nor do we condone the use of contraceptives.  These young girls become pregnant due to years of sexual abuse in foster care.  We offer no sexual abuse counseling and upon removal of the infant at birth, we have no intentions of immediate reunification as this is our way of accessing new funding, keeping our staff employed.  

This is the Catholic birth control hypocrisy of Michigan foster care.

I guess you could say Vista Maria is into in-house, green social harvesting.  It grows its own human crops.

Since Madame Corrigan, DHS Director, former State Supreme Court Chief Justice along with the current State Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Young have removed themselves from the Board of Vista Maria, I am quite sure they have not absolved themselves from the culpability of the treatment of these young girls.  Keep in mind, boys get raped in foster care, too.  Just ask Sr. Dorothy Doyle.

I dare anyone to ask Madame Corrigan to answer this question:  To whom do we report child abuse when the state is the abuser?  Make sure to have your cameras rolling, you do not want to miss her snotty dismissal of a serious issue.  And do not forget to send it to me.

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I need some info on Vista Maria in the mid to late 40's. Could you steer me in the right direction. Thanks.