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The Sordid Tale Of Michigan Privatization: From Emergency Manager To Russia

Gather round my curious ones for the Goddess of the Woodshed shall tell the tale of how global privatization all began.

For those of you just now joining in on my mission, allow me to take the time to reinforce my proselytization on how and where privatization began.

It all started here in Detroit, Michigan.

Once upon a time, there was a Governor named John Engler who came up with the gradiose scheme of handing out social service contracts, beginning with child welfare services, to private NGOs through pharmaceutical corporations to profit from Medicaid, as Michigan, at the time, was the only state that comingled its reporting data of child and adult Medicaid recipient populations.

This was the beginning of the Public-Private Partnerships included the two-year reporting delay to SACWIS on foster children of Targeted Case Management billing, where the FDA was allowing these privatized child welfare organizations to bill Medicaid to conduct their pharmaceutial drug experiements on foster kids.

Engler was able to execute this privatization scheme through the decentralized Type III transfers of authority to the executive cabinent heads, who, in turn, could and would contract with private entities, who could never be FOIA'd and would be completely immunized in the dark, murky waters of the unwritten legal structure of governmental oversight in privatized contracts.

In short, Michigan was the pilot state of the privatization model that was then launched around the world, even in Russia, and it all started with Child Abuse and Prevention Treatment Act of 1974 and the Michigan Emergency Financial Management Act of 1976, to coincide with the newly Medicaid funded operations of Child Protective Services.

That Michigan privatization pilot model was the reanimation and reinvention of the Michigan Children's Institute from being a brick and mortar to a theoretical instiution, with the Superintendent from being, basically a janitor of the building, to a "Czar" of authority, hence, the very first emergency financial manager.

Michigan Quo Warranto Petition by Beverly Tran on Scribd

By the end of Clinton administration the Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA) had been implemented throughout the States and the next leg of the privatization pilot model were ready to be put to the test under Governer Jennifer Granholm through the Michigan Local Financial Stability and Choice Act of 2012 under the Michigan Emergency Management Act of 1976, to take over Detroit Public Schools and all its federal funding.

The privatization pilot model of transforming emergency management was such a success in Michigan child welfare, that the green light was given by the NGOs, to go ahead with the final component of transferring authority, through a physical emergency manager in the creation of land banks, who in turn, transferred and transformed (henceforth to be known as "transed") governmental authority to bestow it upon its the State's first authority, the Michigan State Housing Development Authority, which "transed" authority to the Michigan Land Bank Fast Track Authority, which "transed" authority to the Detroit Land Bank Authority, to suck up another lump of money from the national treasury called TARP.

With whom does one use to execute the "transed" of laundering federal dollars through a corporation when the "authorities" are not incorporated, or just basically fake, when they were all set up by the one and only "Legal Geniuses" (trademark pending) Perkins Coie?

None other than the man who ran FEMA, James Lee Witt and his EB5 Global Management, LLC.

James Lee Witt, former FEMA and now
EB5 forced migration privateer of TARP

for the Clinton Foundation


EB5 Global Management, LLC is limited liability company with offices in Washington, D.C. and Little Rock, Arkansas. Our primary business is to form, fund and manage special purpose limited partnerships to loan money to companies creating jobs in the United States. We align the capital requirements of domestic developers and entrepreneurs with the immigration goals of our EB-5 Visa investors. We accomplish this goal by coordinating the investment of foreign capital into development projects that are located within the United States in conformity with the requirements of the EB-5 Visa Green Card program. 
The TARP hustle in Detroit was such a glowing success, that the Michigan Emergency Manager Model was then, taken to the next level, Puerto Rico, which is a territory, with a NGO model, the Clinton Foundation, ready to swoop in and be transposed to steal the children, the land and the vote.

"Unlike President George H.W. Bush, President Clinton had a strong interest in disaster management.  On Witt's recommendation, the President filled the many politically appointed positions in FEMA with individuals with extensive experience in emergency management."

Now, we shall travel back in time to the point of diffusion for the Michigan "transed" authoritative pilot model for foreign nations.

In a land, far away called Russia, there was this guy named Boris Yeltsin who liked to party, their own political private party, that is.

Image result for yeltsin clinton
Boris Yeltsin & Bill Clinton partying at a press conference
He rose to power pumping the U.S. privatization policy models.

Now, what few, very few, even less than a dearth of likelihood that #perkinscoiesucks is a false positive statement, is going to believe me when I tell you that the first privatization model that was exported from the U.S. to Russia was...drumroll please... child welfare, and it came out of Detroit, Michigan.

They stole the children.

That Michigan CPS Model was quickly disseminated across the globe on the wings of political parties as the transitional answer to address "The Easter European Poors" (still said with clinched teeth) who needed to be indoctrinated into western politics, or rather what was privatization through child welfare programs.

I was there.  

Sometime in the late 1990s, right around the time the Berlin Wall came down and I am going to put it sometime after 1996 with the Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA), the trafficking of tiny humans was consider a great job, and it was all federally funded in the U.S. through the U.S. State Department, USAID.

European adoptions, mail order brides, all became a booming industry and it was all done through private, non-profit corporations, or rather the NGOs.

One of the jokes we used to make was that you could always tell who had just come from behind the wall because they always walked around looking up at the buildings because they really did not have any tall buildings due the destruction and lack of reconstruction of war.

The NGOs began to pop up all over Eastern Europe to "save the savages" by putting them in orphanages and raising lots of money, where none of the money went to the children, like UNICEF, the Red Cross and lots of christian charity operations.

They stole the land.

Boris Yelstin also borrowed another Michigan model and that was a state voucher program, but it was not education, it was real estate.

The problem was "The Russian Poors" (still said with clinched teeth) were issued, "governmental property vouchers" to purchase shares of state enterprises, then sold their privatized state vouchers to privateers for pennies on the dollar, to basically pay bogus property taxes, just like they did in Detroit with the quiet title scheme.

Next came the Detroit imported mortgage fraud scheme.

The privateers (I much better prefer the term privateers over oligarchs) of Sherbank, Deutsche Bank, the United Financial Group all gathered together and came up with a way to officially swashbuckled their way into taking over the government of Russia and pillaged the coffers of its national treasury, just like they did in the U.S. with the Detroit Land Bank Authority, a Quasi-Governmental Organization (QGO).

That operation went so well, that, a few years later the next leg of the Michigan privatized model was implemented in Russia, called Rosatom, the world's largest QGO, which, exactly like the MSHDA, and the MLBFTA specifically, the Detroit Land Bank Authority, is not incorporated in Russia, or any other nation, as it is a fake corporation, just stealin'.

Once the children and the land are placed under an authority through a man-made emergency under chattel law, then it is quite simple to steal the vote, which is another tale I shall let play out and tell another day through the eyes of databases.

This is what the Magnitsky Act is about.  The money laundering through children's trust funds and its unique model of trafficking tiny humans through U.S. foster care and adoption

This is why the Russian Privateers joined forces with to ensue Clinton would win the U.S. Presidential election of 2018 and repeal the Magnitsky Act, so they could get their money back and keep on stealin'.
And that ends the tale of the Michigan Emergency Manager Model.

Voting is beautiful, be beautiful ~ vote.© Voting is beautiful, be beautiful ~ vote.©

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