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How They Stole Detroit: Clinton Foundation, Mike Duggan, Rip Rapson, Rick Snyder, Detroit Land Bank Authority & Medicaid Fraud In Child Welfare

The time has come, on my mission, to realize, that no matter what anyone says, I am and shall always be an original source.

It all started in Detroit.

In the spirit of fuchsia...

Duggan, Detroit get spotlight at Clinton conference

Published 5:06 p.m. ET June 8, 2015 | Updated 6:38 p.m. ET June 8, 2015

Detroit will figure strongly in a three-day conference in Denver on American economic revitalization hosted by former President Bill Clinton.

Mayor Mike Duggan is among nearly 1,000 political and business leaders gathering for the conference put on by the Clinton Global Initiative America. It will focus on the nation's economic recovery and on, boosting social mobility and transforming battered cities like Detroit.

Other mayors participating in the event that kicks off today include Michael Nutter of Philadelphia, Michael Hancock of Denver and Richard Berry of Albuquerque.

Duggan will be joined by Rip Rapson, president and CEO of the Troy-based Kresge Foundation, one of the major donors to Detroit's bankruptcy deal that eased cuts on city pensioners and protected the city's art from liquidation.

This is the pitch for the Detroit Land Bank Authority by Rip Rapson of the Kresge Foundation at the Clinton Global Detroit with Mike Duggan.

This is Rip Rapson at the Aspen Institute discussing the behind the scenes strategy of the Kresge Foundation for the Detroit Bankruptcy.  His plan was a Public-Private Partnership.  Listen to him speak about Flint.  Listen to him speak about "The Poors" (always said with clinched teeth).  Listen to him talk about Dan Gilbert, Title Source, Inc.  Listen to him talk about the Detroit Economic Development Corporation.  Listen to him talk about Rick Snyder.  Listen to him talk about Kevyn Orr, Emergency Manager.  Listen to him talk about Steven Rhodes.  Listen to talk about Gerald Rosen. Listen to him talk about the art of the Detroit Art Institute.

Detroit Land Bank Authority was a creditor in the Detroit Bankruptcy.

The Kresge Foundation partners with the Aspen Institute where Rip Rapson works with John McCain, in human trafficking in child welfare.

He was working with Kwame Kilpatrick to create the Detroit Land Bank Authority.  He is why I do not have my degrees from Wayne State University because I blew the whistle.

Rip Rapson needs to be imprisoned for promulgating propaganda to cover up fraud.

Duggan is featured prominently on the agenda for the conference. A bio on the website, www.clintonfoundation.orgsays Duggan has partnered with the Detroit City Council and leaders in Lansing and Washington, D.C., to remove blight, install more than 35,000 new streetlights, purchase 80 new city buses with federal funding and reduce response times of police and ambulances.

Here are blog posts on Mike Duggan on the Clinton Foundation site I archived:

It Just Became Easier for Families to Buy a Home in Detroit

Foundation Happenings, Brought to you by Donna Shalala: Improving Homeownership in Detroit

"The mayor is now focusing his energies on economic growth in the city and creating pathways to opportunity for Detroit residents," the bio says. "His ultimate goal is to reverse the 60-year population decline that began around the time he was born."

The Kresge Foundation also transformed foster care in Wayne County by focusing on strengthening public-private partnerships when it came to getting into the multi-billion dollar fraud schemes of foster care and adoption in Michigan, or rather children trust funds to invest in Detroit real estate, or rather the Detroit Land Bank Authority.

Duggan's office had no comment on what he would say during the conference.

Duggan and Rapson were to speak during closing remarks Wednesday focusing on "comeback cities." The agenda notes that the last nayears are turning themselves around through a series of different approaches."

Detroit was one of those inspiring moments with Duggan and Papson.

A Year in Review: 11 Inspiring Moments from 2016

Duggan's ties to Clinton date back to the 1990s, when Duggan, then deputy to Wayne County Executive Ed McNamara, worked with the Clinton administration to secure federal funding for the modernization of Detroit Metro Airport.

The following audit was the other side of the Detroit Metro Airport Audit.  It was the Wayne County Department of Children and Family Services Juvenile Services Division by former Auditor Brendan Dunleavy, a man I hold in the higest esteem.

Brendan Dunleavy saved the lives of a few young boys who were being raped, tortured, drugged and trafficked by uncovering a multi-million dollar fraud scheme in child welfare.

The FBI dismissed me each and every time I would go downtown to the office to report fraud because I did not have an attorney, let alone afford one, if I could have even found one who could grasp the technical and legal concepts.

Plaintiff also alleges that he was a confidential informant who provided the FBI with information about possible criminal activity he uncovered in the course of these investigations.

Dunleavy is a hero and I shall make history humbly bow to him.
Dunleavy filed under the wrong statute.

I did not.

They were to be joined by April Anderson, co-owner of Good Cakes and Bakes, an organic bakery Anderson founded with her partner, Michelle Anderson, on Livernois in Detroit in 2013 with funding from Revolve Detroit, a Detroit Economic Growth Corp. program aimed at entrepreneurship to revive vacant storefronts in the city.

I produced congressional reports on the meetings of the City of Detroit Charter Commission.  I sat at the table of all these programs, with these people.

Rapson also was to speak tonight on the future of American cities.

I attended their meetings when I ran for office.  I only ran to understand the network to protect my Sweetie.

I amended the preamble of the City of Detroit Charter.

I blogged to preserve the public record.

The Clinton Global Initiative has figured into the 2016 presidential race, with criticism about Democratic front-runner and former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton's ties to the organization that has accepted significant foreign donations, including while she served as Secretary of State under President Barack Obama.

The Clinton Global Initiative also figured into the Michigan 13th Congressional District Primary race because they tried to take out my Sweetie, and the chosen candidate was Janice Winfrey, the City Clerk of Detroit.

Hillary Clinton resigned from the board of the Clinton Foundation, which puts on the CGI America event, the day she announced her candidacy for president.

The Clinton Foundation now functions as the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, a Michigan as a charity funneling money into political campaigns through child welfare tax exempt organizations like the Kresge Foundation or directly from the Detroit Land Bank Authority through the City of Detroit and Wayne County while the Michigan Attorney General of the Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Division covers up the fraud.

Then they launder the rest overseas through international child welfare NGOs.

They stole the children of Detroit and trafficked them.

They stole the water of Detroit.

They stole the vote of Detroit.

They stole the property taxes of Detroit.

They stole the houses of Detroit and are attempting to erase the annals of history. 

Back on my mission...

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