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The Privateers Are Coming! - Social Impact Investment Summit 2017

The privateers are coming!  The privateers are coming!

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So, "What exactly is a privateer", you may ask?

According to Wikipedia, a source I rarely cite, but in this instance, it shall be used as a rudimentary introduction into the concept:

A privateer was a private person or ship that engaged in maritime warfare under a commission of war. The commission, also known as a letter of marque, empowered the person to carry on all forms of hostility permissible at sea by the usages of war, including attacking foreign vessels during wartime and taking them as prizes. Captured ships were subject to condemnation and sale under prize law, with the proceeds divided between the privateer sponsors, shipowners, captains and crew. A percentage share usually went to the issuer of the commission. Since robbery under arms was common to seaborne trade, all merchant ships were already armed. During war, naval resources were auxiliary to operations on land so privateering was a way of subsidizing state power by mobilizing armed ships and sailors.

Now, that you have a basic, historical, understanding as to what a privateer is, let us apply this to the current understanding of social impact investing, or more intuitively understood as 'public-private partnerships' (PPP).

What is a Public-Private Partnership (PPP)? from PPPIRC - World Bank on Vimeo.

Of course, there are many who are thinking that there is nothing wrong with these Public-Private Partnerships, but let's examine this a bit further in what is known as privatization.

Do you know how the private side generates profits from the public side?

They submit claims in the form of cost reimbursements for tax dollars.

Did you know there are no civil rights in these PPPs, meaning they can do what they want with no legal recourse because corporations are private persons with no public oversight as no one really knows which governmental jurisdiction these quasi-governmental organizations fall?

Did you know you cannot FOIA PPPs as they are not subject to public disclosure laws?

Did you know these PPPs are known as "authorities" or what I like to call artificial, fake-governments?

Did you know that PPPs are supposed to incorporate, unlike the Detroit Land Bank Authority?

Did you know that private investors come up with social programming for "The Poors" (always said with clinched teeth) where "The Elected Ones" typically are in full support or do not have a freakin' clue of what is going on because these private corporations through their non-profit arms, or even political action committees, will contribute significant amount of campaign contributions to ensure "The Elected Ones" remain in office for future programs to help "The Poors"?

Did you know these PPPs are typically incorporated as non-profits, many being religious, mostly Christian, organizations, which means they do not pay taxes and are exempt from any external scrutiny in its operations?

Did you know many of these PPPs operate as children trust funds, which are tax exempt and use profits, yes, I said profits, in real estate schemes of other social impact investing?

There are three hot and heavy emerging markets when it comes to social impact investment:
  1. Child Welfare, which includes education, foster care & adoption;
  2. Real Estate, which includes mortgage foreclosures, property taxes & redevelopment, which includes infrastructure; and,
  3. Opioid Crisis, which there are no committed funds to address the nationally declared emergency.
For those interested enough to dig their heels into a few of the issues surrounding PPPs, or rather Privatization, here are some backgrounder links I have previously addressed:

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Latest agenda for Impact Investing Summit 2017 being held in London on December 7-8, 2017.

These are the people who are designing your social policy and programs by unraveling the social safety net, for proft purposes, only.

These are the people laundering tax dollars through false claims into bogus child welfare organizations to fund political campaigns.

These are the people who are destroying the historic record and manipulating votes through bribes & blackmail.

These are the purveyors of "The Poors", the incorporated-tax exempt human traffickers, the new, suit-wearing privateers of the Social Security Trust Fund.
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        Deutsche Bank
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                Bridges Ventures
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                  SIDA, Sweden
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