Monday, July 4, 2016

Privatization of Chattel and Services In A Global Economy

For those of you who do not understand the movement of privatization, this video gives a global glimpse into one of its mechanisms.

The privatization  movement originated in child welfare, because, as we all know, no one cares about child poverty and its ills.

A handful of states commenced the experiment, with Michigan being the leader as the first state to privatize its child welfare services.

Then came Religious Freedom Restoration movement, another Michigan initiative to breath life into the corporation.

The Citizens United decision ceremoniously granted corporations with the power of speech through voting rights via the dollar.

With the Trade in Services Agreement, released through Wikileaks, we now know the final leg of the animation of privatization.

Once a service is privatized, it can never go back to being public, ever. 

Now, let us examine Detroit Public Schools and "The Elected Ones" as our privatization test subject.

Child welfare has already been privatized in Michigan with major investors promoting their evolving charter models.

The emergency manager law has silenced community representation as "The Elected Ones" have no clue of what is going on, nor do they have an alternative plan to bring to the table.

"The Elected Ones" can only remain in office by doing the will of the pastors who pay for them to remain in office, so, they do not care about learning about privatization and the technology behind it.

The rate of child poverty is high enough to trigger charity campaigns to tout the wonders of the non-profit corporate education models and its social impact bonds.

Home-based,community-based child welfare service models are being designed by banks and charities to blend into the educational system, with appropriations, Medicaid, in the pipeline.

These are the markings of chattel law 2.0.

I have nothing against privatization as long as there are checks and balances.  As of this moment, the privatization Leviathan is alive and thriving.

The Wex, a term of endearment for Richard Wexler, who has resurfaced, recently published an interesting piece.

Family First Act Institutionalizes Institutions, Sets Up Prevention to Fail

It is reflective of what I have been doing for almost 20 years, just not as sophisticated, but it does give a good foundation to understanding the long term implications of the Trade in Services Agreement and privatization in a global economy.

It started with children and will end with the privatization of land, air and water.

Selling Chattel: The Oldest Form Of Survival

Yes, there is relevance in this video.  It's a chattel theoretical Hobbes v. Locke kinda thang.

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