Monday, October 24, 2016

How The U.S. Is Selling Off Child Poverty To Foreign Investors

Some time ago, I was asked to look into what we call the "Million Dollar Green Card".

Blow Out Sale Starts At $500K
In short, if you invest a whole bunch of money which creates alot of jobs, you can become an American citizen.

Yes, of course the EB-5 program is a bit more nuanced than this, but you get the picture that the "rich man immigration program" may have a few flaws which are being addressed.

But, then, I deeply inhaled and realized something was afoul.

The EB-5 is a foreign investment program which "targets", supposedly, economically distressed communities.

It was the word, "target" (a code word for "The Poors") that triggered me to review my issues with social impact bonding.

Private Financing of Social Services

Privatization of Chattel and Services In A Global Economy

For those of you who will not take the time to learn about social impact bonding through the links I have provided, allow me to sum it up with the quickness.

They want the Social Security Trust Fund, really, really badly and plan on doing it by generating targeted populations called "The Poors".

It is called privatization and it was perfected through child welfare programs.

See, in child welfare programs, everything is a secret, protected with privacy laws, arcane recordkeeping systems, and, as everyone should know by now...say it with me..."you cannot audit God."

That is correct, no audits nor oversight, where rampant fraud is but a bit of a monetary civil infraction.

So, now, we have foreign national interests investing in child welfare programs for the purposes of reaping a bountiful return through social impact bonds, while jumping ahead of everyone else to get a green card and grabbing up swaths of land to substantially impact the vote through gerrymandering.

Stay tuned.  I have much more to say.

GAO Immigrant Investor Program: Progress Made to Detect and Prevent Fraud, but Additional Actions Could Fur... by Beverly Tran on Scribd
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