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Bob Goodlatte And The Mandela Effect: Why Medicaid Fraud In Child Welfare Funds Campaigns

As the U.S. Judiciary Committee wants to finally set foot into my jurisdiction, let us have a see if they are going to listen to me....or their re-election campaign donors.

In this particular video produced by the House Judiciary Committee, we have what I am calling Propaganda ~ The Mandela Effect.

In short, the Mandela Effect is, according to the latest trend in social media states:
The Mandela Effect refers to a phenomenon in which a large number of people share false memories of past events, referred to as confabulation[13] in psychiatry. Some have speculated that the memories are caused by parallel universes spilling into our own, while others explain the phenomenon as a failure of collective memory.

Now, watch this well-produced video of confabulation from the majority of the Committee, replete with Hollywood-style, happy, laughing child actors, who look like they are not from "The Poors", with featured special guests of those who have contributed to the confabulation of the horrors of human trafficking in foster care and adoption, or rather, the Mandela Effect, below..

I wonder how much money, or even, where the money came from to produce this high quality child abuse propaganda.

Looks like it is FOIA time.

Now, watch to see how the subliminal "blue pinwheel" fundraiser symbol was craftily co-opted into the propaganda video, above.

Now, someone explain to me why the foster care and adoption, Child Protective Services, the entire child welfare industry are excluded from the Committee's nomenclature when it comes to discussing "preventing crimes against children".

If you have made it this far, then, allow me to pose this query:  "How come no one is talking about the financial crimes against children in the child welfare industry?"

The answer is privatization, the multi-billion dollar industry of human trafficking.

In the spirit of fuchsia, I shall provide my 2 cents for the Bills Approved Through the Judiciary Committee.

The Adam Walsh Reauthorization Act of 2017 (H.R. 1188): This bill, authored by Representative Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.), reauthorizes the two primary programs of the Adam Walsh Act—the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act and Sex Offender Management Assistance Program—for five years and makes targeted changes to make the system more efficient and just. These programs help prevent child abuse by ensuring the public has access to information on known sex offenders who may live in their neighborhood.

MANDELA EFFECT:  The passage of the Adam Walsh Reauthorization Act of 2017, continues the feel good moment of believing that the U.S. House Judiciary Committee has done something to make them get that warm and fuzzy feeling to go back to their respective home Congressional Districts and solicit campaign contributions from the state sub-contracted administrators, like MAXIMUS, but in reality, yet, in the most dubious manner, blatantly ignores, omit, does not give a flying rat's arse...ignores the other component of the Act, itself, being the Central Registry of Abuse and Neglect Databases.

Alternative, parallel universe:  Instead of running around trying to figure out how to save face, I have provided just about all the background research on the issues in dealing with the Central Registry right here, and it is not pretty, not pretty, at all.

The Child Protection Improvements Act of 2017 (H.R. 695): Introduced by Representatives Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and Mike Bishop (R-Mich.), this bill ensures that youth-serving organizations have access to national background checks on prospective staff and volunteers through the FBI’s database. Currently, many youth-serving organizations only have access to state-level background check systems.

MANDELA EFFECT:  Youth-serving organizations, otherwise known as child welfare organizations, make lots of pretty, shiny brochures, videos, and have lots of fundraising spectacles that give out awards and financially empower re-election campaigns; therefore, to continue the wonderful work of the tax exempt God, these organizations are given carte blanche when it comes to access to human databases to stop the bad people from doing bad things to kids.

Alternative parallel universe:  These youth-serving organizations are currently engaging in a massive scale of Medicaid fraud in child welfare, but what is even worse, they are about to set up the most complex, predictive behavioral and biomedical modeling system, which obviously has become a technically out of reach when it comes to issues of who is watching the watcher.

But, of course, positing any discussion on regulation would severely cut into those campaign contributions.

How can you do a background if the perpetrator of such behavior has never been caught?

Here is a taste of the structure of these national databases which, of course, will be billed to Medicaid:

Michigan Child Welfare Data Fusion Centers

The New Face Of Child Welfare Fraud: Ashton Kutcher, Databases & Human Trafficking

The Clinton Foundation Launches Another Medicaid Fraud In Child Welfare Initiative

The Targeting Child Predators Act of 2017 (H.R. 883): This bill, authored by Representative Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.), helps protect valuable information used to prosecute and convict child predators. Under current law, law enforcement is able to obtain the IP address of a suspected child predator and then subpoena Internet Service Providers for the user information attached to the IP address. The provider then may notify the user of the law enforcement inquiry, allowing the alleged child predator to destroy critical evidence. Under H.R. 883, Internet Service Providers must wait 180 days before notifying customers in child predator cases, where law enforcement has certified that such notification would endanger a person, cause the destruction of or tampering with evidence, cause flight from prosecution, or cause the intimidation of a potential witness.

MANDELA EFFECT:  Said Act will "help protect valuable information used to protect and convict child predators" and make all the co-sponsors look like superheroes by championing a cause that will save all the poor child victims of online sexual predatory activities.

Alternative parallel universe:  The majority of these child predators that are being targeted are finding their child victims through the human trafficking in foster care and adoption, domestically and internationally, but to discuss this in public would impact campaign contributions from the tax exempt child welfare organizations that have major trust funds and PACs.

Immigrant child sex trafficking victims are not just excluded from these U.S. protections of the Act, they are monetized right back into the U.S. Child Welfare System which will generate revenue to fund political campaigns...

Besides, the U.S. already possesses the capability to execute this task.

The Strengthening Children’s Safety Act of 2017 (H.R. 1842): Authored by Representative John Ratcliffe (R-Texas), this bill makes communities safer by enhancing penalties for sex offenders who fail to register in the national sex offender registry when they have a prior state conviction for a violent crime. It also ensures enhanced penalties for child exploitation crimes apply equally to all dangerous sex offenders.

MANDELA EFFECT:  This micromanagedly formatted, designer piece of legislation obfuscates the scourge of child trafficking making all the bad people register in a national database.

Alternative parallel universe: The foster care and adoption industry is not held accountable in its operations of "maximizing revenues" of human trafficking and false claims as it is exempted and excluded from any form of external scrutiny, not even having to register in a national exclusionary database.

The Global Child Protection Act (H.R. 1862): Authored by Representative Martha Roby (R-Ala.), the legislation combats global sex tourism by closing loopholes that allow child predators to go unpunished for their abuse of children overseas. Specifically, the bill expands the conduct covered for child sexual exploitation cases that involve abuse occurring abroad to include sexual contact. It also broadens the offenses covered in the recidivist enhancement provisions in current law to protect the youngest of child victims.

MANDELA EFFECT: This Act protects the entire world from the global sex tourism industry.

Alternative parallel universe: The U.S. has allowed the global sex tourism industry to become an importation of international tax credits by deregulating the already unregulated industry of foster care and adoption to fund political campaigns and its launder tax exempt revenues.

The Protecting Against Child Exploitation Act (H.R. 1761): Authored by Representative Mike Johnson (R-La.), this bill protects child pornography victims by remedying a federal court ruling in United States v. Palomino-Coronado. This decision allowed a defendant to walk free from production of child pornography charges, despite photographic evidence that he had engaged in sexual abuse of a seven-year-old child, because the court found that he lacked the specific intent to produce child pornography prior to abusing the child. To address this loophole in the law, the Protecting Against Child Exploitation Act adds additional bases of liability to the crime of child pornography production to prevent this heinous crime and bring criminals to justice.

MANDELA EFFECT:  Going down the list of constituency based, designer legislation to protect children makes for a great campaign fundraiser.

Alternative parallel universe: Anthony Palomino-Coronado was 19 years of age, still in high school, when he was prosecuted of producing child pornography, not the sexual abuse.  At no time did it come up in discovery, or maybe it did but was not presented at trial, that perhaps, just perhaps, this person was also a child sex victim or held unmet cognitive and psychological needs.  This legislation allows for the prosecution of, more than likely, juvenile victims of sexual predators, but do not tell that to all the privatized juvenile delinquency institutions because most of the youth incarcerated are being raped, drugged and tortured.

The imperialistic morality parade must keep its tax exempt operations a-flowing.

The Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse Act (H.R 1973): Authored by Representative Susan Brooks (R-Ind.), this legislation requires prompt reporting of suspected cases of abuse, mandatory training, and implementation of policies and procedures for preventing, reporting, and addressing allegations of sexual abuse at amateur athletic governing bodies. It responds to recent allegations of sexual abuse made against personnel involved with USA Gymnastics, USA Swimming, and USA Taekwondo.

MANDELA EFFECT: U.S. Representative Susan Brooks is now, linked with metatags, of prominent internet search key terms regarding sensational main stream media stories which is a great new way of cyber campaigning.

Alternative parallel universe: This legislation has nothing to do with children and youth who are raped, drugged, tortured, and let me not forget to interject being legally kidnapped and trafficked through foster care and adoption programs nor does it provide opportunity for prosecution of these tax exempt child protection organizations that have "profitably" engaged in the filing of false claims allowing these children and youth being raped, drugged and tortured.  I guess no one wants to mention the money involved in the Jerry Sandusky and child welfare sex scandal out of Indiana. ssssshhhhhhhhh.....

 Victims First Act (H.R. 2473): Authored by Representative Ann Wagner (R-Mo.), this legislation, among other purposes, provides training to prosecutors on investigating and processing cases with a trauma-informed and victim-centered approach, and encourages states to provide appropriate services to victims of trafficking. The bill also calls for reports on the implementation of state safe harbor provisions and on how to improve mandatory restitution procedures for victims of trafficking in federal courts.

MANDELA EFFECT: This is the greatest partisan legislation in the history of U.S. lawmaking to help victims of human trafficking.

Alternative parallel universe:  Human trafficking exists through foster care and adoption as there are no civil rights protections for the victims who are either wards of the state, whether residents or non-residents of the U.S., or the original guardians, otherwise known as "The Poors".  All this legislation does is provide opportunity for more cost-reimbursement opportunities to submit child welfare false claims to Medicaid, of course, to fund more political campaigns.

Always remember, it takes a judicial determination to turn on the funding spigot and it takes a village...then pillages the resources.

Stay tuned...on a mission...

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