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The Clinton Foundation Launches Another Medicaid Fraud In Child Welfare Initiative

About a week ago, it was reported that 70% of children trafficked came from foster care.

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Keep in mind that these data are only collected from the trafficked child victims that were "rescued".  

There are still hundreds of thousands more out there, but have no fear!

The Amber Alert system does not activate for children in foster care who have been abducted or who have run away.

That is correct, even the Michigan State Police has realigned its policies to enact an Amber Alert to reflect this policy.

The approval and activation requirements for an AMBER Alert include:
This is due to the fact that any information about a child in foster care is private, for the best interests of the child, of course, which leaves one to question why the Vice President of Marketing for AlertSense, with a history of child trafficking, would even be affiliated with anything to do with missing and exploited children.

There is a collective of organizations which have been on the ground floor of human trafficking of children since the inception of the child welfare system.  

These bold and brave leaders were the emblazoned powerhouses to crafting of the legislation, policies and setting up the funding networks to promote public awareness of for the need of foster care and adoption.

Or you can say "It takes a village, then pillages its resources."

Clinton Foundation beginning to study child welfare in San Diego

Next month a major initiative to help vulnerable children and their families will begin in San Diego under a partnership between three prominent organizations.

With the help of alot of corporate sponsors to maximize revenues for future privatized projects.  It is always most cost efficient to use federal funding for personal, corporate inurement.

The collaboration between the Clinton Foundation’s Health Matters Initiative, San Diego County, and San Diego Foundation, will focus on the foster care and juvenile justice programs, particularly what sort of factors lead to the disparities that cause some populations disproportionately entangled in these systems.

The proper and legal term for the disparities that case some populations disproportionately entangled in the foster care and juvenile justice programs is "targeted populations".

The three-year effort is expected to help diagnose what the county does well to assist its most vulnerable children, where it needs improvement, and then recommend changes.

“We are really looking at diving deeply at what are some of the causes, elevating this issue, and elevating this topic,” said Gillian Sealy, the CEO of the Clinton Health Matters Initiative, a part of the Clinton Foundation.

Designing human databases, with no public oversight, is just one way of tracking humans, because, we all grow up to be adults, well, at least most of us.

While the campaign is still in early planning stages, some of the details about the collaboration, and the potential benefits to the parties and the people they serve, are starting to emerge.

It is called compassionate corporatism.

“We’re looking and want to determine that the systems do everything they can so that those children who are living in the system are living the best quality of life possible, and we’re strengthening the families of youth engaged in the system,” said Kathlyn Mead, the president and CEO of the San Diego Foundation.

Next month the Clinton Health Matters Initiative will convene in San Diego with county officials, the San Diego Foundation to begin the process of analyzing the foster and juvenile justice systems, and will meet with public health organizations, community groups, and faith-based organizations, to discuss factors that impact the success of the foster care and juvenile justice systems.

The Clinton Foundation and their associates do not have the best track record when it comes to dealing with children in poverty.  The last time I checked, the Clinton Global Initiative was shuttering, so why would the federal government continue to work with an organization that is under scrutiny of federal law enforcement?

These groups will be charged, based on the data they provide, with developing a plan to improve these services, Sealy said.

The data will be suspect, as it always is.

The effort could help address some of the disparities that different communities face, Supervisor Greg Cox said. For one, it could identify reasons why a disproportionately high number of African Americans are in the foster care and juvenile probation systems, he said.

“I would hope that one of the deliverables we would find is a decrease in out-of-home placement of African Americans,” he said. “That’s pretty easy to measure. We’d see a decrease in percentage of African Americans in our juvenile court system, our juvenile diversion system, and improve the quality of life, and keep families together,” he said.

No matter how many times they put lipstick on it, sew in some Yaki hair weave, dress it up in the coture of the season, the same, exact reports will be generated, rates of poverty will increase as well as the rates of human trafficking in foster care and adoption, jobs will be created, people will generate profits from their investments, and the Medicaid will continue to be fraudulently billed, all by "researching" this targeted population, again, and again, and again.

Last weekend Cox and Mead went to Arkansas to meet with the Clinton Foundation, including former President Bill Clinton and Sealy.

The process could result in San Diego implementing successful programs from other jurisdictions, the development of a report about what works well here that might work elsewhere. The overall goal is a reduction in disparities and an improvement of existing programs in San Diego.

Each and every time there is a pilot program of this type, nothing gets done, except for more fraudulent billing of Medicaid.

The work isn’t expected to cost taxpayers any additional money beyond what is already allocated for public health programs.

The work will not cost a penny to taxpayers, but the fraudulent billing will.

“The good news is that it doesn’t really cost us financially. Certainly staff time will be focused on it,” Cox said. County employees, he noted, already work to address disparities amongst residents. The San Diego Foundation is providing $900,000 to cover expenses with funding through private donors, Mead said.

Private donors secure the funding through multiple Medicaid fraud schemes in child welfare, then, through social impact investments, reinvest to maximize profits of its new institutions, tax free, of course.

As the May meeting approaches, the county and San Diego Foundation are scheduling meetings with child welfare groups, community leaders, and faith-based organizations to hear about their experiences serving children, Mead said.

The best part of this new Clinton Foundation Initiative is that it will not, absolutely not, never, ever, ever speak upon human trafficking, funded through fraudulent Medicaid billing, in foster care, adoption and juvenile justice.

Why does the federal government continue to work with the Clinton Foundation Medicaid in child welfare fraudfeasors?


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