Sunday, April 2, 2017

Happy Compassionate Human Trafficking Month (aka Child Welfare Propaganda)

Legally Kidnapped "The Baby LK Report" - 2012

It is time to break out with the pinwheels to raise awareness of child abuse and neglect!

Yes, that is correct, April is the month where the non-profit corporations will pump millions of tax payer dollars to promote the multi-billion dollar marketing industry of human trafficking in child welfare.

The video shows New Jersey officers working at the behest of Maryland Child Protective Services, without warrant, without court order. across state lines, to take a child.

But, it does not matter because this is April, the glorious month of child acquisition, in the name of abuse and neglect, whatever that means in this situation.

The officers are utilizing the age old, blanketed doctrine of exigent circumstances, meaning, "if someone thinks the child is in danger", they do not need warrant or order of the court.

It looks like there will be termination of parental rights.  I will provide updates.)

Once the child is removed and placed in foster care, all stakeholders, except the parents and family, will generate revenue of about $200,000 a year in Medicaid, Targeted Case Management cost reimbursements.

Foster parents will get paid.

Pedophiles will have a new product for child sex trafficking, because we all know, a state will run a background which will not produce any criminal history of child sex crimes as they have never been previously busted.

The courts will expend the federal funding to remain in operation.

Foster care and adoption agencies will keep their doors open and paychecks flowing, with a lovely adoption bonus at the end of the tunnel.

Adoptive parents will garner a substantial adoption tax subsidy.

The psychiatric and pharmaceutical industries will profit from scripting the kids for the trauma of being kidnapped and trafficked.

Schools will expand special needs programs, billed to Medicaid, to provide services for the kids who will more than likely never graduate from high school due to the trauma of being raped and tortured in foster care.

And, of course, I would be remiss if I did not mention that these privatized child welfare agencies operate in the name of the tax exempt christian God in order to fund political campaigns and pay dividends on the social impact bonds promoted by private equity firms.

So, in order to embolden the glorified practice of compassionate human trafficking, let us all pick up a pinwheel and the phone to call Child Protective Services, to create more jobs and stabilize the States economies.

As for the parents whose rights are terminated, well, there is always a profit to be generated in private prisons, organ harvesting or the other compassionate sectors in the industry of slave labor.


Pinwheels!  Isn't human trafficking fun?

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