Saturday, April 17, 2010

Imperialistic Morality Parade

It is true that I put out a public challenge for anyone to test my authority and veracity, but if this 19th century salvation drummer thinks I am going to allow them to lead the imperialistic morality parade...

This was my response I took the liberty of augmenting.

The terminology of child abuse has been reduced and refined to fit the criteria of poverty, a moral impurity.

This, if you do not know, is the actual platform for the concept of what we know today as child abuse:

We believe that our first parents were created in a state of innocency, but by their disobedience they lost their purity and happiness, and that in consequence of their fall all men have become sinners, totally depraved and as such are justly exposed to the wrath of God.

The entire concept of child abuse is so archaic that it continues to reach back to its roots of the peculiar institution of slavery, meaning that the harm to a child is still not codified to meet the statutory equivalence to those of an adult.

To wit, when an adult beats another adult, it is called "assault and battery."

When a child beats another child, it is called "bullying."

When an adult beats a child, it is called "abuse and neglect."

Why the different standards?

I can develop the assumption that the reason why parallel jurisprudence does not exist for minors, beyond the theories of chattel, is because the moral impurity doctrine kicks in, meaning, remove the children from the element and provide them with salvation to end the cycle of moral depravity.

Conservatives consider poverty (i.e. moral, financial, social, educational, economical, language) to be grounds for abuse and neglect as justification to remove a child and terminate parental rights.

This thought was put to paper in the form of a poem written by Rudyard Kipling, called "The White Man's Burden." The poem speaks upon the burdens of taking savages, erasing their cultural histories and assimilation.

Then, you have on the liberal side those who believe that the foster care system, complete with all its services and programs which are impossible to complete, is the only solution to end moral depravity by terminating parental rights and promoting adoption: the dream of every child getting to live with a rich family.

This idea was put to paper by Henry Labouchere entitled "The Brown Man's Burden. The idea was to give so many burdens to assimilate that they would fail and fall back into servitude.

The peculiar institution has been never been dismantled, it lives on as the child welfare industry, an industry without accountability nor transparency, riddled with fraud, waste and abuse, and supported by tea baggers and coffee grinders alike.

Now the question is why.

Either through theories of eugenics or federal funding incentives, that of which are specifically designed to target poor populations, children are removed and placed under the auspices of a state. What is much more egregious is the fraud, further examined on my site and massive multi-billion dollar federal actions.

Whatever I state is backed by finding of fact and conclusion of law.

To dismiss federal audits and legal determinations is basic ignorance.

Child Abuse Prevention Month is nothing more than a national commercial to sustain the child welfare industry.

I advocate for the protection of all humans but it must be done with all intentions to invest in the future of humanity.

Child protection demands transformation to emerge as an industry to invest in the people. Transparency, accountability and love.

Dismiss me as you will. April has been officially designated as Child Welfare Fraud Prevention Month by me...and the feds are right behind supporting me.

As health care reform is now in motion, more resources are being allocated to the people which shall dispel the myths of poverty being the crime of abuse and neglect.

Before one gets on a soap box, it would behoove one to at minimum, educate themselves upon that which they speak. I question any sensationalistic position where the writer has failed to identify his/herself and offer his/her authority.

I appreciate your candor but appreciate even more your support for the status quo. If we cannot eradicate the myths of what is coined as child abuse, we shall make a shit load of money in qui tam actions.

Child protective services must reform to invest in the future of society. The child protective services industry must stop  the environment of harvesting.

What you submit as reasons to promote the sensationalism of Child Abuse Propaganda Month, I call anomalies, created through the promotion of the aforementioned child abuse propaganda.

Give...not take.

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