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Cocktals & Popcorn: Why Snyder Tells OCO To Review Child Protective Services, Again, The Feds Will Only Know

The Michigan Auditor General releases an audit report on Michigan Child Protective Services, and it is not pretty.

Then, this happened.

This was the response for the State Child Welfare Licensing Division:

Good Afternoon
A youth, a mandated reporter, an interested citizen, frankly anyone can file a complaint against a licensed foster home.  You say home provider so I assume you are talking about a foster home.  If there is a suspicion of abuse  or neglect the complaint  should be made to Children Protective Services Central Intake.  If you have a complaint  against a child placing agency or a child caring institution, it is handled through the Division of Child Welfare Licensing under the Department of Health and Human Services. DCWL investigates child placing agencies and child caring institutions around  compliance with specific rules.  You can make a complaint using the website if it is against a child placing agency or a child caring institution, or you can give me the information.  I hope this helps.  I am not aware of who investigates Protective Services.  I would suggest contact with a supervisor or the District Manager of the local office involved.
As you can read in the response, Michigan Child Welfare Administrators do not have a clue to what is going on in the system, or even how the system actually works, or even a personal passion to actually respond to the questions regarding the reporting of fraud or if foster kids have civil rights.

You can tell she has yet to read the Auditor General's Report on CPS.

Then, this happened.

Gov. Snyder Calls for CPS Review

Governor Rick Snyder is now calling for changes after the Michigan Office of the Auditor General released a scathing report last week detailing several faults in the state’s Child Protective Services program.

The audit found a number of glaring issues in the state’s CPS program, including failing to launch and complete investigations within the required timeframe and not referring investigations to prosecutors.

The governor has tapped Orlene Hawks to lead a review and improvement process of CPS.
Hawks is currently the director of the Office of the Children’s Ombudsman, though she will leave that post during the review.

Snyder hopes Hawks will be able to find ways to rapidly improve Michigan’s CPS program, having called the audit’s findings “unacceptable.”

In the spirit of fuchsia...

Snyder's hopes shall soon be dashed because Orlene Hawks has been put on notice, from the first day she took her Oath of Office, that the entire system sucks and has sucked since it was first conceived.

(NOTE TO SELF: Check to see if her Oaths of Office are filed in the Great Repository of the Seal

Orlene Hawks has not done a damn thing to improve the system, as the Office of the Children's Ombudsman functions as a strawman of oversight, on a shoestring budget, with no cooperation from the Attorney General or the Department of Health and Human Services.

Did you know DHHS has the power to refuse to cooperate with an OCO investigation?

I can prove it, you know.

Did you know the OCO does not possess powers of subpoena?

By the time OCO can review and present finding to the Legislature for the rulemaking process to commence, there is a term limit and another election cycle.

No one communicates with anyone up in Lansing.

The last time Snyder called for a special commission review, they lied to him, like they always do.

The Attorney General will not partner in investigations with OCO.

OCO does not have to refer any criminal activities to the Attorney General.

The Attorney General will not even appoint a Special Prosecutor.

The Attorney General refuses to investigate DHHS.

The Attorney General will not even investigation the Legislators on all their special interests child welfare legislation foreign dark money campaign contributions or those lucrative, privatized contracts these elected officials end up getting through their corporations.

As a matter of fact, the entire Michigan Child Welfare System has been under the federal monitor for over 10 years, yet Children's Rights continues to generate billing, without even advocating for the civil rights of these foster kids...because they cannot....because they are a private corporation and have not had the grant authority transferred, or rather parental rights...because these foster kids are under the jurisdiction of the state's legal guardian, Michigan Children's Institute.

To believe Children's Rights is advocating for anyone other than themselves makes a strong case to go to a drug rehab, because there is no other logical explanation to think otherwise.

Will Snyder Stop Medicaid Fraud In Michigan?

Children's Rights received the largest attorney fees payment in the history of the state and not one penny went to the children.

The Court was going to put Michigan Child Welfare under Federal Receivership, but the "Legal Geniuses" (trademark pending) talked Edmunds into letting them privatize the oversight where Kevin Ryan at his "neutral" Public Catalyst is doing nothing but expanding the operations to maximize his revenue.

Perkins Coie & Children's Rights Covered Up And Profited From Trafficking Tiny Humans In Arizona Child Welfare

Think about that for a few minutes then remember that Perkins Coie Sucks.


There is no need to call for the OCO to review because all she has to do is read my work.

I have all the Auditor General reports, congressional hearings and reports, and international reports, lawsuits, original sources, and everything else you ever wanted to know about child welfare, right here.
Yet, Orlene has not once reached out to me and she should know me very well; if not, we have a serious problem with her remaining in her position of authority.

Get ready for the legal battle, Boys & Girls, because this is going to get really raw, or at least those are my plans.
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