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The Tale Of The Mandated Reporter: "Please Do Not Fire Me & Make Me Homeless" Asks ~ Do Foster Kids Have Civil Rights?

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"Please Do Not Fire Me & Make Me Homeless"
the Mandatory Reporter Whistleblower
Once upon a time there was a little Mandated Reporter, who goes by the name of, "Please Do Not Fire Me & Make Me Homeless", but sake of brevity, we shall address them, in the collective form as a member of "The Poors" (always said with clinched teeth).

The Michigan Auditor General has just released a report on the ills of the State's Child Protective Services System.

But, as you well know, I shall craft my famous incremental inquiry for the next level of legal scrutiny through the lens of civil rights.

Do Foster Kids Have Civil Rights when it comes to reporting fraud?

Of course, not.

So, why is this?

Because it is all about chattel law, or rather SystemSucks because Mandatory Reporters are not mandated by law or policy to report child welfare fraud and retaliation is real, because the child welfare system is privatized, whereby the Mandatory Reporter has no civil rights.

The following is an tutorial on what a SystemSucks is.

So, how can a Foster Kid report fraud and a violation of their civil rights when the Mandated Reporter knows that it has previously been reported and nothing has been done?

Report the fraud to the fraudfeasors?

Considering the fact that we are dealing with a licensed foster home that, obviously, is not being monitored, we have an issue of fraud, because someone is not doing their job, or maybe they are.

Here is where I present for public discussions, the question of how a Foster Kid can report a violation of their civil rights without the Mandated Reporter being arrested, fined and stripped of their professional license for simply just helping a Foster Kid who does not want to end up tricking in the streets to eat.

Foster Kids only get $150.00 a month in SNAP, you know, and all the "U-Buy-We-Fry" joints do not take EBT benefits anymore, now, praytell, how does one eat when the foster care placement is not, how shall we say this, conducive to a proper dining experience?

I thought it best to ask the professionals up there in Department of Health and Human Services since the Mandated Reporter is a paycheck away from meeting the eligibility criteria for SNAP.

In the spirit of fuchsia, of course... 
Greetings Linda,
It has been brought to my attention that there are open questions surrounding the proper way to address how foster youth may file a complaint. 
Although the foster home provider is said to be under multiple investigations, there continues to exist the environment of deteriorating living conditions of food and improper electrical, like running extension cords and limited outlets that spark. 
Can a mandated reporter direct the foster youth to contact their elected officials to file subsequent complaints against Child Protective Services? 
Can a mandated reporter assist the foster youth in filing formal complaints to the Michigan Auditor General in the light of the September 2018 Child Protective Services conditions illuminated in the audit? 
Can a mandated reporter guide the foster youth in the filing of a Civil Rights Complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice? 
Do foster youth have civil rights, and if not, please elaborate? 
Can a mandated reporter instruct, in a professional, educational setting, on how to file a grievance, as reporting fraud to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector?  I only present this question as it is suspect to questionable cost reimbursement activities by the Child Placing Agency. 
I look forward to your expertise, or referral, so we may address the continued, systemic ethical deficiencies in the Michigan Child Welfare System, by which it has been the global leader in child welfare policy development. 
I strongly encourage you to reach out to me if you have any concerns.
Have a great day!
Here is a great video I just so happened to have stumbled across to teach a Foster Kid on how to file a child welfare grievance, and I am not even a Mandatory Reporter and I know Bill Schuette is too busy campaigning to do anything about child trafficking or child welfare fraud in Michigan.

Hey Bill, Smooches!

Please share to all Foster Kids you know!

Now, here are a few more questions I have about Mandatory Reporters.

If a report is submitted to CPS about living conditions, does CPS report the living conditions to the City of Detroit Building, Safety and Environment & Engineering, since the Mayor has implemented city wide inspections or rental properties?

What if the home is one of those Detroit Land Bank Authority homes?

Would not that demand a conjugal collaborative in an open, working relationship with state, county and local governments?

Oh, wait... it is all up under those state registered foreign corporations called Public Private Partnerships where there are no civil rights, so I just answered my own question, again: Child have no civil rights, and if someone even slightly mentions that bloody Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) fake authority transfer, I shall pummel words of shame in your general direction.

A GAL, I know, in many states, is not even a mandatory reporter.

Hell, a GAL does not even have to be a licensed professional, not even an attorney.  (Sounds like a great job for those who have a nasty penchant for the tiny ones.)

See, a foster home is not considered a tenant in a rental property, and, as such, a foster kid is not a tenant, nor is a youth who has aged out of foster care and has to live in an Adult Foster Care Home.

Then, you have those instances, where you have no idea of who really owns the actual real property where the foster care license is issued to the foster parent, and not attached to the property address, meaning, there are multiple options of running foster care payment scams, like running a multiple roomed building, as a foster parent, where the majority of the foster kids are running the streets doing what they do best to survive, while those foster care payment checks are cashed and split with the foster care worker and case manager, because you know they are also billing for non-existent services.

Anyway, I believe it is time to end all that anonymous and mandatory reporting through threats of enforcing policies of economic deterrence against the Mandatory Reporter, and just put it all, out there on the front lawn, dirty panties and all, because neither do Mandatory Reporters have civil rights due to privatization, leaving the reporting of child welfare fraud open to prosecution in breaching privacy laws about foster kids.

Report Fraud to the Michigan Auditor General
And that ends the tale of the Mandatory Reporter, who hails from land of "The Poors" (always said with clinched teeth) and the search of civil rights for children.

Voting is beautiful, be beautiful ~ vote.©

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