Thursday, September 6, 2018

Michigan Child Protective Services Audit Is Out & The System Still Sucks Tiny Humans From Society To Sell

Stop sucking children from society to sell.
The Michigan Child Protective Services Audit is out and it says our databases suck....

And the system sucks....

And management sucks...

Doug Ringler, the Auditor General, reached back...way back to cross reference with previous audits of Thomas McTavish to show that Michigan has not done a single thing to improve how it treats tiny humans.

Much love and respect for exposing what they did to Ricky Holland and two little boys.

As a matter of fact, the underlying message that I see in this audit, is that CPS is the front line in protecting the ratlines of child trafficking, not protecting the children or the parents, whatsoever.

Where is the Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette when it comes to trafficking tiny humans in Michigan, and other from countries?

What about our civil rights when it comes to being placed on a Central Registry, a secret database without even notification?

(I strongly encourage people to check and see if your name is on the Central Registry because you never will know, otherwise.)

What is Bill doing about the billions upon billions in fraud when it comes to stealin' the children, the land and the votes?

ANSWER: Campaigning for a legal defense.


Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has two months to come up with a compliance plan.

The only thing I await are federal indictments.

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