Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Michigan Medicaid Targeted Population Cost Reimbursed Self Sufficiency Workforce Training Revenue Maximization & Asset Forfeiture Model

Whoever said the 13th Amendment abolished indentured servitude or slavery lied.

There is the exception of being duly convicted of a crime, where poverty, is codified in Michigan as a crime.

In our next exciting adventure into the national policy diffusion of  asset forfeiture model through an
access to health care model
 from"The Poors" (always said with clinched teeth), Medicaid, we have Michigan in play.

Michigan Medicaid Targeted Population Cost Reimbursed Self Sufficiency Workforce Training Revenue Maximization Model

It is about time we stop labeling people.  Seriously.  Stop it.  We have the technology to make it end.

I have no problems with generating opportunity for individuals to participate and flourish in society, however they ultimately decide; it is the lack of opportunity to discuss, or at least identify the doctrine of cui bono?"

Who benefits?  The Public Private Partnerships or the individual?

Michigan, being the privatization think tank of the nation, has been pushing the proverbial envelop on targeted populations, the formal term for Medicaid revenue maximization.

How to find a Medicaid revenue maximization free labor workforce.


Who determines the boundaries for meeting the criteria of able-bodied adult?

Is this an GAL model?

Is this the Shared Parenting model, where Jim Runestad refuses to address anything to do with the State sharing parenting through the current child welfare model in Michigan.

What does "capable of working" mean?

Is this the new low wage manufacturing workforce, human currency, with the hourly wages paid through Medicaid, as life self-sufficiency training through social impact bonds, of course.

Does this mean the "able-bodied adult" who is capable of working will have to work off the Medicaid debt for being previously classified as disabled, having received benefits, considering the disability criteria is about to change.

If this is the case, then we have ourselves asset forfeiture of the trust funds because every corporation should hire a child.

Well, actually, these Privateers really did want to convert children into its new workforce and even attempted to change child labor laws, but it did not go over so well.

So, what they did was start to change the entire concept of disability to include age, or rather, children.

This is an Industrial Organizational predictive analytical model to maximize revenues and seize assets.

Someone is going to make a whole bunch of money off this population of chattel through social impact bonds.

I am quite sure there will be those highly sought after, lucrative database, third party contractors who will eventually sell off our data and intellectual property.

Why would there be a penalty provision of stripping one of opportunity to medical access if there is a procedural error?

Whether you like it or not, I am going to make the world go blockchain. 

That way, if someone suspects you of stealin', we can trace it right back to the original mines the copper for the pennies you got by filing false claims for fraudulent cost reimbursements.

Oh, and if your programs suck, you will be shuttered, immediately because the world will know.

That is how you start building procurement policies.

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