Monday, March 23, 2020

Tales Of The New Crown Senate Debates Its Fears In The Transposable Model TARP 2.0 Because They Stole All The TARP

These people know this is TARP 2.0 because they stole all the TARP and need more money to bail themselves out, again.

For everything you want to know about TARP because it all started in Detroit.

From what I observe, there are serious departures from the rulemaking process, leaving open legally challenges to the passage of the bill, itself.

Not on mention of fraud in the health care and insurance industry because they are pushing for a silent expansion of Child Protective Services.

The self-employed, caregivers, elderly and disabled are part of the stimulus discussions.

Every last one of these Senators financially benefited from TARP because it was, and still is, about gerrymandering, or rather, stealin' the children, land & vote.


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