Monday, March 23, 2020

Tales Of The New Crown: Her Flatulent Boviness, Sheila Jackson Lee Announces The Congressional Procurement Consortia Task Force - TARP 2.0

This woman is not human.

She is a vile creature who has no soul worthy in this ethereal realm of existence.

Her Flatulent Boviness, Sheila Jackson Lee, in her regal leadership on reparations, is now memorialized as the one who publicly initiated Emergency Manager Emperor Pence's Procurement Consortia Task Force to launch her bipartisan working group for TARP 2.0, because they stole all the TARP and need more money so their fake ass schemes for stealin' the children, land and vote can get bailed out, from another bailout, because they ran all the money out the country through children's trust funds, then back into the country to fund political campaigns, like hers.

It is all about the timing.

It is almost that time for Trump to stop obstructing justice and pull those IG Reports from his backpocket.

I bet they timed this to blame her this all fell apart, which is shall, when the heavens fall.

This is about the trafficking of tiny humans, of which, Her Flatulent Boviness promulgates the residuals of the peculiar institution for her personal inurement.

This is not her first time bearing false witness into the public record.


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