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Detroit: Become Human - Where Developers Use TARP & AI Robots Have Civil Rights

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Commandeer David Cage
What better way to strip a civil rights legacy and commandeer the future of Detroit than with a video game!

The Meanies are rather crafty when being mean to my Sweetie!

Detroit Become Human is game developed by Quantic Dreams SA, out of France, by David Cage, who seems to have taken on the task to co-opt the civil rights history of Detroit by making AI and human rights issues, fungible, through predictive modeling.

Quantic Dreams has a very interesting background in game development that I would deem to be a bit on the socio-psychological in its message, not that all propaganda is bad in nature, but the fact that I just see this game as another activity of amending & editing the annals of history for the purposes of expediting that "authority thang" which seems to be all the rage in Detroit, by being really mean to my Sweetie.

Detroit Become Human is published by SONY, out of Japan and had preview press conference out of New York.

It seems Quantic Dream to be experiencing its own civil rights issues.

It is such a shame Detroit Become Human never came to Detroit to talk to civil rights icons, publish in Detroit, release in Detroit, or contract with anyone in Detroit, but, then again, if they did, it would not be a propaganda campaign to rewrite history.

I only call this "Heavy Rain narrative-focused" throwback propaganda is because I think, kinda sorta, I think I recall, maybe I might be a tad bit mistaken, hold on, let me sit back a moment and collect my thoughts before I go off on this.....allegation, that SONY was dipping in the TARP complex financial fraud scheme out of Detroit.

Never mind, just click the link and the Wikileaks SONY document on TARP I am providing, below.

Quick Question For SEC: Why Is SONY GSN Speculating TARP In Its Valuation?

Learn more: BEVERLY TRAN: Quick Question For SEC: Why Is SONY GSN Speculating TARP In Its Valuation?
Stop Medicaid Fraud in Child Welfare 

Ok, now that you have had time to gather a quick understanding on how SONY was using TARP to speculate its valuation by clicking the link, above,, which I am just going to throw out there that they were using Detroit real estate, and here is why:

One day those "Legal Geniuses" (trademark pending) of the Clinton Foundation, et al, decided to move its predictive modeling, central operations to California and partnered with a bunch of Smarty Pants from Israel, to come up with the concept of using Detroit as its Smart City pilot project.

So, what had happened was... the "Legal Geniuses" (trademark pending) came up with the glorious idea called "Let's use TARP to fund these Smarty Pants operations with SONY to market our complex financial fraud scheme".
"As strategic investors, we believe that continual learning is the core of future AI," said, Corporate Executive in charge of Intellectual Property and Mid-to-Long Term Business Development of Sony Corporation.  "We are deeply aware of how previous claims in AI have failed to pan out, but we believe that Cogitai has assembled the people and tools necessary to make rapid progress toward real, continual learning AI and to harness this technology for the betterment of society through innovative commercial applications."
"Did you really think you could
 cyber-commandeer the legacy of John Conyers, Jr?"
Rocket Mortgage of Quicken Loans is a really great example of capturing the opportunity to control the narrative in the advancement of AI in Detroit considering the fact that my favorite "Legal Geniuses" (trademark pending) of Perkins Coie may have locked down any patent issues when it comes to selling stuff, perhaps like land and mortgages online. *

*NOTE: This was a pro se intellectual property case.

Detroit Developer Quantic Dream Sues French Media Over Articles On Toxic Work Conditions

...Quantic Dream founder and CEO David Cage flew to New York City to show demos of his dramatic new PS4 game, Detroit: Become Human, to press. In his home city of Paris, meanwhile, a different type of drama was unfolding: French journalists were defending themselves against Cage’s legal charges.
Quantic Dream has sued the French newspaper Le Monde and the website Mediapart for reports on the studio’s working conditions, Kotaku has learned. As far as we can tell, this is the first incident of a video game studio taking legal action against the press for negative reporting. Cage and co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière had threatened litigation in January when the reports hit, but some observers assumed that was posturing. It wasn’t, as both Cage and the media outlets have confirmed to Kotaku.

This is a really good Super Best Friends color commentary on Detroit: Become Human.

For some strange reason, this SONY - TARP relationship seems like a John Podesta and Rahm Emanual production, but, hey, what do I know?

On a side note, pay attention to all the firms that also were involved in the Great Bargain of the Detroit Bankruptcy, just it could be a coincidence, but hey, what do I know?

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