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FBI Busts Baby Selling Ring, Then Sits Back On Its Arse While Human Trafficking Continues

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Theresa Marie Erickson  
Disbarred 11-30-2012
It seems there is a new interest in the world of child welfare, or rather "saving those poor, abused and neglected children".

Having run across an older piece I posted some years ago on the industry of "Selling Babies", where the term is most endearingly embraced as foster care and adoption, I was remiss for failing to follow through in reporting on this.

My #Superfans found this post to be of interest:

So, I reviewed the case and look what I found.

The FBI nor DOJ have done a damn thing with the organizations Theresa Erickson was working.

Neither has the IRS, because they are, all of them, still in business, as banks, unregulated land banks.

On that thought, allow me to share a thought of which I have already, in depth, researched:

If land banks, which are completely unregulated, in contrast to a bank in the banking industry, which can take out mortgages from federal programs, and just "poof the debt away", then what stops a human egg bank from doing the same credit scheme, but in the form of life insurance, or perhaps, Medicaid billing?

Donor Egg Bank USA
The Donor Egg Bank USA even has payment plans for those interested in purchasing humans before they are born, because, of course, it is illegal to sell humans.

Once one registers, you can place custom pre-orders or just go down the cyber-aisles from its online human trafficking store front.

Or, a corporation can step in and just manufacture its own human assets for profit in organ donation, human subject research testing of biomedicals, pharmaceuticals, or your basic free labor, reimbursed through tax payer dollars of Medicaid fraud in child welfare.
Pacific In Vitro Fertilization Institute

Oregon Reproductive Medicine

Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago

Gifted Journeys
Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine
A Perfect Match

IVF Traveler

Genesis Group

Alternative Reproductive Resources

Egg Donor Alliance

Fairfax Egg Bank

If there are unregulated donor egg banks, unregulated sperm banks, and  unregulated organ donor banks, does this mean the U.S. Child Welfare System, an internationally diffused model, replete with the importation of tax credits, is an unregulated donor, whether voluntarily, but  mostly involuntarily, human bank where deposits of paper orphans are made, to be leveraged and marketed through privatized, federal cost-reimbursed programs and grants;

Then, selling the "parental rights" to a human is the selling of chattel, the oldest form of survival, for it is the title, the deed, or in this instance, the certificate of birth, which is the moveable good being sold, in an unregulated market;

Therefore, the residuals of the peculiar institution are now mechanized in the financial industry in what is called, privatization, or what I prefer to call modernized slavery, and it is all done in the grace of the tax exempt God, just like they used to do back in the pre-Emancipation days.

But, since this unregulated, quite complex, industry of human trafficking is legally stratified, right down to patents of the biomedical industry, this would mean that humans are the newest form of global currency and ownership of such humans, not all humans, just "The Poors" (always said with clinched teeth), hail from the genus allodial title holders, which are now these unregulated banks.

The same logic can be applied to immigration, deportation, forced migration, human trafficking, slave trade, tomato, tomato, potato, potato, whatever, it is all the same legal concept under the theory Of Parental Rights: The Acquisition of Goods ©.

As one does not have legal residency, children born on this soil, or those whose feet touch this soil without certification, become, by automatic allodium default of title, "wards of the state", or property of the state with financial leverage in billing Medicaid, at whim, arbitrarily and capriciously, whenever or however these privatized arms of the state feel like they want to bill and there is nothing that can be done, as the industry of child welfare is unregulated.

Ergo, banks own "The Poors" and all perpetuities, thereof.

But, I digress.

Let us return to the issue of surrogacy and selling babies, or rather the pro-life movement.

Yup.  The architects of the pro-life movement like to sell babies in the name of the tax exempt God to make money and they have their wet-dream (pun intended) superstar, Vice President Mike Pence in the White House.

Not to bemoan the entire political ideology of the abortion issue, we shall adopt (pun intended) the nomenclature of the pro life movement:  "Personhood".

For your learning pleasure, or just for my #Superfans to prepare to create a special division when we get back from my dream vacation, I have provided a series of links on "personhood" and its premise in in-vitro & ex-vitro parental rights.

Michigan Contracts Parental Rights

Fetuses Get Representation In Court In the Name of God

Alabama Law Takes Over The Uterus

Michigan Proposes House Bill to Measure Personhood

SCOTUS ruling in "Hobby Lobby" is all about child welfare

Conyers Assails Republicans’ Fixation on Rolling Back Women’s Rights

Anti-abortion reforms child welfare policy

Abortion Bills Create Jobs

Michigan CPS Sticks Hand Between Women's Legs

CPS Can Now Steal The Twinkle In Your Eye

In the spirit of fuchsia, allow me to proceed with my 2 cents...

Convicted Surrogacy Attorney: I'm Tip of Iceberg 

 Under California law, surrogates must enter the agreement with prospective parents before the embryonic transfer.

Under California law, the entire thing about surrogates entering the agreement with prospective owners before the embryonic transfer is based in animal law, yup, the same concept that originated in the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Children.

 The woman convicted and sentenced for her role in a baby-selling ring said there need to be changes in the surrogacy industry and in state law to avoid similar illegal operations in the future.

Yes, Theresa Erickson, I would love to get with you and do some stuff about this...and make some history...and some money.

Surrogacy and adoption in California is a “billion-dollar industry" that is "corrupt” and needs to be changed according to former high-profile surrogacy attorney Theresa Erickson.

Surrogacy and adoption in the United States is a "multi-billion-dollar industry" that is "corrupt" and needs to be changed according to Beverly Tran.

Erickson, who is now headed to federal prison, called herself the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to people abusing the system.

Girlfriend got that one right.  This is only the "tip of the iceberg" in the global industry of human trafficking, a.k.a. child welfare.

The Poway resident will spend five months in prison and nine months in home confinement for her role in the operation that sent would-be surrogates to the Ukraine to receive embryo transfers.

That is it.  Five months in and nine months in home confinement for her role in human trafficking.  What I find most egregious is that she could not even create jobs in the U.S.  She just had to send them to the Ukraine to save money in the cover up.

Once the women reached their second trimester, the attorneys then sold the unborn baby to unsuspecting parent claiming a prior surrogacy agreement had fallen through.

The attorneys did not "sell", they charged fees.  You pay a fee for a service to traffic and own a human.  It is a service fee.

Under California law, surrogates must enter the agreement before the embryonic transfer.

Commerce is a legal meeting of the minds which makes this a ripe area for legal discourse on the contractual agreements, including policies of the States for the areas of termination and reinstatement of parental rights, or whatever the hell parental rights actually means, considering it is only found, once, in federal law.

Federal prosecutors said Erickson worked with Carla Chambers of Las Vegas, Nevada and Hilary Neiman of Maryland to create an “inventory of unborn babies.”

"Inventory of unborn babies"?  Central Registry?  Banks?  Repositories?  Fiduciary trusts? U.S. Department of Commerce, Census Bureau's new division on predictive data, or just "bootstrapping"?

The women then submitted court documents claiming the surrogacies were legitimate.

And Child Protective Services submits false claims to be cost reimbursed through Medicaid just because they have the Right To Lie...even though a federal court said it did not.

After the papers were filed, Erickson would add the names of the parents who had purchased the child.

Wow.  She sounds like a child welfare worker.

The group made $400,000 in profit from the sale of parental rights prosecutors said.

Riiiiiiiiiight.  Like the FBI even contacted the IRS or the FEC.  LMAO

Erickson estimated she profited about $70,000 over the course of six years.

Beverly Tran estimates that Erickson is a brilliant and refined liar.  If she only profited about $70,000 selling humans, then that means she made a few million in fees that she probably wrote off as back door tax exempt contributions or your basic money laundering through other international child welfare agencies.  I wonder what ties she had with the Clinton Foundation?

 In an exclusive interview with NBCSanDiego, Erickson said she has disgraced her profession and her family and broke an oath she vowed she would never, ever violate.

You mean to tell me it took a federal, criminal prosecution to make her realize she besmirched her profession?  Ooooo, we may not be dealing with a rocket scientist.

However, she believes the alternative family building process is confusing to many.

"Alternative Family Building Process"?  I need to trademark that shit.

“Legal has not caught up with medicine and medicine has created this technology that the law hasn’t kept up with,” Erickson said referring to the surrogacy industry as the “Wild, Wild West.”

Erickson, who closed her practice and resigned from the legal profession, said she would like to see a change in state law and new guidelines put in place.

She did not close her practice, voluntarily.  (See, DOJ Press Release, below).

“The industry has tried to do it for years and the industry hasn’t done much of anything and it needs to be done,” she told NBCSanDiego.

Liar.  Even the DOJ did not do shyte.

She believes people in the industry initially get involved to help people.


She herself was a donor and had infertility within her own family.

She did it for the money, and we all know it.  She is blonde and that brings the highest prices.

Ultimately though, she said there is the temptation of money.

There ya go, come clean.

“They want things to stay the way they are because of the money but it just can’t stay the way they are, it just can’t,” she said.

Ok, Theresa, you are out and I am reaching out.

U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy released this statement regarding Erickson’s sentencing: “The surrogacy laws were enacted to protect both unborn babies and parents seeking children. Erickson abused her position as a trusted legal advisor and officer of the court by circumventing the law and undermining the rights of children and intended parents. Out of sheer greed Erickson preyed upon people’s most basic need: to raise a child. We cannot and will not allow individuals like Erickson to profit by taking advantage of vulnerable people who have a sincere desire to lawfully adopt and parent children.”

Very well, but what have you done since her conviction, release, the 2018 Presidential Election....?

Erickson, who practiced law for a decade, regrets losing her law license.

I bet that sucks.

She put herself through law school raising her two children with a husband in the military.

But, what happened?

She said her law license may be reinstated depending on a decision from the state bar.

Nope.  Just checked.  But for the simple fact that she even hallucinated the fantasy of getting her law license reinstated is further evidence that she did not, nor probably still does not, see that selling humans, or the rights to own a human, is not a good thing to do.

However, Erickson said the most difficult realization for her was the damage she did to the victims in the case.

"That was truly the hardest, and I mean that from my heart," she said.

Would you be so kind to share with us how wet your pillow is every morning, or at least every morning when you woke up in a federal prison for 5 months.

Call me, girl.

Prominent Surrogacy Attorney Sentenced to Prison for Her Role in Baby-Selling Case 

United States Attorney Laura E. Duffy announced February 24, 2012, that attorney Theresa Erickson was sentenced by United States District Judge Anthony J. Battaglia to serve five months in prison and nine months of home confinement for her involvement in a baby-selling ring that deceived prospective parents and the Superior Court of California.

 As noted during the hearing, California law forbids the sale of parental rights to babies and children.

The law does, however, permit surrogacy arrangements, but only if the Gestational Carrier (“GCs”) and the Intended Parents (“IPs”) enter into an agreement prior to an embryonic transfer.

If the GC and IPs do not reach an agreement before the GC receives the embryonic transfer, the GC can only transfer parental rights in the unborn child through a formal adoption procedure.

California law permits participants to profit from surrogacies, but not adoptions.

 In her August 2011 guilty plea, Erickson (an internationally renowned California attorney specializing in reproductive law) admitted that she and her conspirators used numerous GCs to create an inventory of unborn babies that they would sell for over $100,000 each.

They accomplished this by sending women to become implanted with embryos in overseas clinics.

If the women (now GCs) sustained their pregnancies into the second trimester, the conspirators offered the babies to prospective parents by falsely representing that the unborn babies were the result of legitimate surrogacy arrangements in which the original IPs had backed out.

The conspirators also drafted fraudulent “assumption agreements” for the prospective parents to sign, which reinforced the lie that original IPs existed but had simply backed out.

 According to court records, Erickson admitted to lying to the California Superior Court by fraudulently representing in court documents that these post-pregnancy agreements between the GC and IPs were legitimate surrogacies, which allowed Erickson and her co-conspirators to make over $400,000 in profit from the sale of parental rights.

Specifically, Erickson admitted that she prepared and filed with the Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, declarations and pleadings that falsely represented that the unborn babies were the products of legitimate surrogacy arrangements—that is, ones that involved agreements between the IPs and the GCs prior to embryonic transfer.

With these fraudulently obtained pre-birth orders, the IPs’ names would be placed on the babies’ birth certificates through a surrogacy and the conspirators would be able to profit from their sale of parental rights.

 According to court records, Erickson and her co-conspirators risked the health of at least one GC in order to profit from a fraudulent surrogacy, instead of a legitimate adoption.

For example, in 2010, a GC, who was living in a Midwestern state that did not allow surrogacies, received orders from her doctor to be on bed rest due to premature labor contractions.

In response, Erickson told the GC, “I really think that you need to get out to California as soon as possible in order to avert an adoption.” In her guilty plea,

Erickson also admitted that she caused applications containing materially false representations to be submitted to the State of California’s Access for Infants and Mothers program to defraud the agency out of the medical expenses from the birth of the babies. United States Attorney Duffy stated, “The surrogacy laws were enacted to protect both unborn babies and parents seeking children.

Erickson abused her position as a trusted legal advisor and officer of the court by circumventing the law and undermining the rights of children and intended parents.

Out of sheer greed Erickson preyed upon people’s most basic need: to raise a child. We cannot and will not allow individuals like Erickson to profit by taking advantage of vulnerable people who have a sincere desire to lawfully adopt and parent children.”

United States Attorney Duffy also praised the efforts of special agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for their dedication on a unique and complicated investigation.

 FBI Special Agent in Charge Keith Slotter commented, “Though the FBI investigates many different types of fraud, it is particularly disturbing when victims have been taken advantage of because of their desire to create a family.

In this case, the victims were exploited at a time in their lives when they were in a most vulnerable situation and trusting in legal counsel to abide by the laws of this country to provide them with legitimate services.”

 At sentencing, Judge Battaglia ordered Erickson to pay a $70,000 fine and serve three years of supervised release. Today, Judge Battaglia also sentenced co-conspirator Carla Chambers to serve five months in custody, and seven months of home confinement and $180,020.20 in forfeiture, and three years of supervised release (Case Number: 11CR3368-AJB).

 On December 1, 2011, Judge Battaglia sentenced Hilary Neiman, a Maryland attorney specializing in reproductive law and the third member of the conspiracy, to serve 12 months’ custody (five months in prison and seven months of home confinement), pay a $20,000 fine, $133,000 in forfeiture, and three years of supervised release.

 (Case Number: 11CR3247-AJB).

The court will set a future date for the restitution hearing for all three defendants. Defendants Theresa Erickson (11CR3372-AJB) Age: 43 Poway, California Carla Chambers (11CR3247-AJB) Age: 51 Las Vegas, Nevada Hilary Neiman (11CR3368-AJB) Age: 32 Chevy Chase, Maryland Summary of Charges Theresa Erickson and Hilary Neiman Title 18, United States Code, Section 371-Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud Carla Chambers Title 18, United States Code, Section 371-Conspiracy to Engage in Monetary Transactions in Property Derived from Specified Unlawful Activity 

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