Sunday, October 6, 2013

How the Michigan State Guardian Tried to "Bootstrap" the Juvenile Guardian

Here is a case featuring the Michigan Children's Institute (MCI), the supreme sole guardian for more than 7,000 children who has demonstrated a pattern of practice of 'bootstrapping'.

In law, to bootstrap (just applied to this situation) means one of the parties is trying to gain jurisdiction over a matter that has no jurisdiction with another legal matter.

In this case, it was set for the grandmother to get guardianship of her grandchildren when her daughter's parental rights were terminated.  Instead, MCI denied the grandmother to adopt her grandchildren by using his same old tired argument of, "Well, the kids have emotionally bonded because they have been with the prospective adoption parents for almost a year."  And then the  lower court put the children on an adoption fast tract with the foster parents.

Michigan Court of Appeals said the lower court erred because it treated the grandmother like a regular guy off the street and not like a family member.  This is one of the matters that the federal consent agreement was all about:  relative placement.  According to the federal agreement, Michigan was supposed to look for relative placement.  In this instance, the child Placing Agency of Holy Cross, under direction of MCI, made no efforts to tell the Court that they had no intensions of placing the children in guardianship of the grandmother, ignoring the record of the lower court and who basically Legally Kidnapped a child who administratively generates revenue, through Medicaid and other Social Security programs, for sustainability of a governmental policy that retains directorial jobs of that particular program, which never meets its goal nor obligations, to eventually plop its unionized membership to force money into a political campaign to keep that official far away from the bootstrapping of profitable policy

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Michigan Court of Appeals Revoking Guardianship of State for Relative Placement

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