Monday, April 3, 2017

Michigan Child Welfare Administration: Same Day, Same Administrators

I bet this just sucks, well, I mean with what I am about to say about preserving incestuous institutions of child welfare administration of Michigan.

The DHHS Director, Nick Lyons is not in the best mental condition to even be executing orders in transfer of powers to the new Children's Services Agency Director, Dr. Herman McCall, formerly Juvenile Justice Program Director from this failure of an ethical creature Steve Yager (this is strictly a personal assessment in his professional capacity, in supposition to his willfully nefarious actions, just for his own personal pleasure of covering up federal fraud...or he is really just a dumb ass.  Either way, I am justified in both positions.)

For those of you who are unfamiliar with McCall's background in running juvenile justice programs, allow me to take you on a stroll back down memory lane.

Michigan Moves To Close Kiddie Jails

So, as rumor has it, Michigan has a policy where the emails of a former administrator are wiped from the server and hidden from any access through FOIA.

This means that, unless someone is willing to hand over their first born child in the form of outrageous FOIA charges to secure the emails, all evidence of fraudulent activities are shredded into the black hole of Michigan secretive recordkeeping in child welfare.

And, as another rumor has it, Michigan is about to launch its new model to warehouse its child welfare population, or, as they are going to spin it, foster care reforms are going to take on the model of group homes.

That is correct.  Foster care in Michigan is about to be transformed into mini-plantations, where children, who are removed from homes, mainly for being poor, are going to be placed in privatized group homes, where there is little, if any, enforceable oversight because the Bureau of Child and Adult Licensing has been stripped of any of its oversight powers due to issues of immunizing the state.

If my term of mini-plantations comes across as alleging chicanery in state administrative operations, then, how about applying the term micro-residential institutions?

Think of it like this:

Michigan is about to re-interpret what is called "home-based/community-based services" under Medicaid to generate more creative layers of service billing which does nothing to promote the viability of families in need, but it does maximize revenue for these contractual micro-residential institutions which will have no incentive of ameliorating the situations which brought children into care, in the first place, or rather a continuance of human trafficking.

This would lead to a justification of shuttering these out dated juvenile justice facilities, which would not be a bad thing, if only there existed some form of oversight in the secret operations of child welfare in Michigan.

Until which time, Michigan will carry on with its horrific treatment of children in child welfare and remain under federal monitoring through its incestuous preservation of child welfare administration through recycling its experts in covering up fraud.

Same day, same administrators.

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