Monday, April 3, 2017

Oh, Look, Another Democratic Women's Toll Fest.

The National Organization of Black Elected Legislators (NOBEL) is putting together its Annual Legislative Conference to do anything but talk about poverty, human trafficking, and privatization.

How do I know?

Well, allow me to share with you another one of the famous models of the Democratic Party I like to refer to as a "toll fest".

So, what is a toll fest, you ask?

NOBEL Toll Fest 2017
A Toll Fest is when an elite group charges a fee, typically not a nominal one, to access entry into the group.  If you do not pay the fee, your voice is excluded.

Toll Fests are closed systems designed to exclude any social media exposure or input.

Think of it as a roaring groupthink party where they celebrate the fact that they came up with a national agenda once again without engaging the majority of the population it is suppose to be representing.

For this particular conference, there will not only be a toll of an outrageous entry fee for participation, there will also be the "brown paper bag test", because, I guess, only privileged women who hail from the darker persuasion are allowed to speak upon socio-economic and geo-political issues in their conclave of groupthink.

One would be completely aghast if "The Poors" crashed their toll fest, as I am quite sure it would be contrary to the dictum of their glorious leader.

But, hey, a hustle is a hustle and I am quite sure it is all about making that money because, now, they just solicit political campaign contributions.

Hey, NOBEL, the 1980s want their domestic policies back.

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