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Conyers: Time to Return to Helping Struggling Americans, Not to Perpetuate the “War Against Women”

(WASHINGTON)—Today, H.R. 3803, the “District of Columbia Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act,” failed to pass the House of Representatives. This legislation would have banned abortions in the District of Columbia starting at 20 weeks after conception. The bill did not contain any health exceptions, including psychological threats to a woman’s life, nor did it provide for exceptions in cases involving incest or rape. Ranking Member John Conyers, Jr. (D-Mich.) released this statement following the House vote:

U.S. Representative
John Conyers, Jr.
“I am pleased that the House of Representatives voted down the ‘District of Columbia Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.’ As the United States continues to struggle through the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, House Republicans have decided to fill our calendar with divisive legislation focused on social issues. Rather than focusing on job creation efforts, my colleagues sought to impose their beliefs on the District of Columbia.

“This legislation would have further undermined women’s constitutional reproductive rights, and spurned women’s health in favor of an ideologically driven agenda. At times, serious and potentially dangerous complications can arise during pregnancy. The bill did not include any exceptions for women who were the victims of incest or rape, but rather mandated that doctors focus exclusively on the health of the fetus. By disregarding these real world implications of pregnancy, this abortion ban would have put some women in real danger.

“Not surprisingly, this legislation is opposed by the nation’s leading civil rights organizations, including Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health, the Center for Reproductive Rights, NARAL Pro-Choice America, the National Abortion Federation, the American Civil Liberties Union, and Catholics for Choice.

“In addition, this legislation was an affront to the citizens of the District of Columbia, who lack equal representation in Congress. In 19 of the last 23 years, Congress has used the appropriations process to impose restrictions on women’s reproductive rights in the District of Columbia. These efforts have severely limited reproductive-health options to women, and have disregarded taxpaying citizens’ right of self governance in the District of Columbia.

“It is time for Congress to stop treating women and residents of our nation’s capital as second class citizens. I urge my colleagues to quit playing politics with women’s health and refocus their attention on getting the economy on sound footing.”

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Building a Bipartisan Consensus and Rebuilding Communities: A Job Creation Bill for America's Hardest Hit Areas

By John Conyers, Jr.

U.S. Representative 
John Conyers, Jr.
I can think of few issues that have led to more heated rhetoric and emotions than immigration. Much of the recent focus has rightly been on fixing our broken immigration system and what to do about the undocumented population that has been living and working in the United States, in many cases for years. These are important issues, and I am committed to finding humane solutions in keeping with our tradition as a nation of immigrants.
However, I also know that immigration policy can be a tool to spur new foreign investment, business development and job creation in the United States. So, I have worked with my Republican colleague on the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Jason Chaffetz from Utah, to introduce H.R. 6210, the American Investment and Job Creation Act of 2012. This bill would amend our immigration laws to prioritize existing employment-based green cards for entrepreneurs who start new businesses in the United States and create jobs for American workers, particularly in economically troubled areas, such as Detroit.
Currently, our immigration system provides green cards to those who fill jobs in the American economy, but not to those who create jobs. And our laws provide only temporary visas, such as E-2 "treaty investor visas," for foreign entrepreneurs. This makes no sense. The lack of a path to permanent residency deters many entrepreneurs from helping to revitalize our economy and lowering the unemployment rate. Studieshave shown that immigrants were key founders of 25% of all engineering and technology startups in the United States from 1995 to 2005. These are businesses and jobs we need here in Michigan.
The American Investment and Job Creation Act would address this by making existing employment-based green cards available to those who establish new businesses and create and sustain jobs for American workers. It will specifically help cities like Detroit that have been especially affected by the economic recession by increasing employment opportunities for American workers and beginning to reverse decades of population decline.
This is a common-sense bill that refocuses our immigration laws so that they better serve the needs of our country and its citizens. Rep. Chaffetz and I are pleased to have support from various business groups, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Venture Capital Association, the National Small Business Association and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce.
The bipartisan support for this bill shows that there are places where we can work across the aisle with the goal of achieving incremental, but important, results. Much work needs to be done to repair our broken immigration system, and we must continue to rebuild urban and rural areas devastated by the financial meltdown and the subsequent recession. The American Investment and Job Creation Act is a step forward, and it is an immigration bill that people from all sides should be able to support.

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Judge Is A Crook! - Baby LK Report For July 29th 2012

Baby LK recaps the week in news for the child protection industry.

Please note that Judge Kevin Cronin is a person I highly respect and I do not support the accusations made against him.  This gentleman actually inspired me to set forth in my studies of law and policy.  I take personal offense to the attacks Lawless in America project.
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Detroit Cafe Haven: Community Beauty Through Art

In the late of the night on Detroit's east side, I was startled by the sounds of musical rhythms that could only emanate from the passion of artists who are calling to share the beauty of life in a community struggling to rebuild.

I was drawn to the Detroit Cafe Haven.

Illuminating Harper Avenue like beacon of hope, I was drawn in to be a part of Detroit Rebirth, The Beauty of Community.

It was Tuesday night poetry where poets and artists come to pour their heart and soul out into the crowd to share their personal messages of hope and peace.

As I have no words that can do justice to the performances, I leave you to watch the performance of Pierre of the Detroit Dreaded Poets' Society.

Yanie, owner of Cafe Haven
More than the Tuesday night "Feeling the Community", hosted by BLK, there is the Friday Night Jam Session hosted by Larry Stewart and the Music Makers and Sunday Church Gospel Explosion.  Asking more than the traditional donation, Cafe Haven asks to bring in non-perishable foods.

The owner, "Yanie" began to tell me the story of the community.  The food donations are shared with the community either by her cooking up dinners on Sunday or delivery food boxes to needy families.

More than making sure people do not go hungry, she is planning a community action day.  Offering the volunteer services of professionals in the community, there will be free haircuts, nurses, maternal-infant health programs but her work does not stop there.

There are plans to have needle exchanges and HIV/AIDS awareness activities and she has no intentions of stopping there.

Space is available to sell artistic creations to encourage and promote local entrepreneurs.

Cafe Haven will soon be holding a special auction for an evening with local community leaders to raise funding for more community programs.  I plan on being there.

Cafe Haven is located at 7738 Harper, Detroit, MI 48213.  Contact Yanie, 313-617-9469 to find out how you can celebrate the Detroit Rebirth of Community.




These are beautiful people.  Support them.  Please.

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Michigan Needs To Take A Lesson From North Carolina Attorney General Office

A few years ago I posted on the North Carolina Medicaid SWAT Team and the fabulous work of Attorney General Roy Cooper.  Yes, I am shamelessly a Roy Cooper fan.

What is of great interest to me in this particular article is the warm relationship between the the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services and the state's Medicaid Fraud Control Unit.  

What I see is a partnership, far beyond a funded, mandated Medicaid Integrity Program.  I see referrals.  I see communication.  I see partnership in accountability and transparency.  I see innovation. I see program improvement, increased efficiency and improved delivery of services.  I see reduction in health care costs.  I see Electronic Health Records and functional information technology infrastructure of the state.

What I do not see is any of what I have just mentioned in the State of Michigan.  Michigan is so bad with Medicaid fraud it had to have DOJ/HHS HEAT Task Force come in and set up shop.  Detroit was one of 5 cities picked to set up shop because the Attorney General, Mike Cox, was too busy having fun.  Still, nothing has changed except Attorney Generals.

Mr. Schuette, I am so disappointed with you.  We shall do lunch, soon.

DHHS investigating dozens of alleged billing fraud cases

The N.C. Department of Health and Human Services has investigated 75 cases for potential Medicaid billing fraud and has already referred 35 cases to the N.C. Attorney General’s office.

Using data analytics software from IBM, DHHS combed through 75 cases that showed what it called “questionable billing practices by Medicaid outpatient behavioral health providers.” Of those, 35 cases totaling $21 million were referred to the special Medicaid Investigations Unit of the Attorney General’s office.

The practices were not listed by name, though 13 were in Wake County and four were in Durham County. DHHS spokeswoman Chrissy Pearson said the names of the practices were confidential because they have been referred for a criminal investigation. If charges are filed, the names of those being investigated would then be public record.

More referrals could be forthcoming if DHHS finds more suspicious billings.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Conyers Applauds President Obama’s Creation of New National Office to Ensure that African-American Youth Are Better Prepared for High School, College, and a Career

Says Initiative Could Increase College Graduation Rates, and Break the Tragic Cycle of High Incarceration Rates for African-Americans, but only with the Active Support of the American People

(DETROIT)— Today, Representative John Conyers, Jr. (D-Mich.) applauded President Obama’s new initiative to help African-American youth be better prepared for high school, college, and a career. During a ceremony at the White House, President Obama signed an Executive Order establishing the first ever “White House Initiative On Educational Excellence For African-Americans.” The initiative aims to promote best-practices in education, which will lead to more effective programming for African-American students.

President Obama’s new federal initiative builds upon a recently announced plan to make college and universities more affordable to young people, who are graduating from our nation’s universities with high levels of debt. Under the President’s new college tuition initiative, the federal government would provide more funding to colleges who keep their tuition costs down.

Representative Conyers issued the following statement in support of the new office:
U.S. Representative
John Conyers, Jr.
“For far too long, African-American youth have been left behind in our nation’s educational system, and far too many have ended up in prison.  Some of the root causes of educational failure in the African-American community have been due to a woefully inadequate federal commitment to fund successful programs like Head Start, after-school enrichment programs, and the Pell Grant college scholarship program. President Obama’s ‘White House Initiative on Educational Excellence For African- Americans’ will elevate the educational achievement of African-Americans as a national priority, so that all African-American students receive an education that fully prepares them for high school, college completion, and productive careers. In addition to President Obama’s initiative, we must fully fund technical schools, job training programs, and direct job creation programs in our nation’s inner cities.  

“This program has the potential to be one of the President’s lasting signature achievements - but only with the active involvement and support of the American people.”

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Conyers Introduces Bipartisan Bill to Spur Foreign Investment, Business Development and Job Creation in Detroit and Other Areas

(DETROIT)—Today, House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member John Conyers, Jr. (D-Mich.) and Committee Member Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) introduced the American Investment and Job Creation Act of 2012 (H.R. 6210).  The AIJC Act would amend existing immigration laws to spur new foreign investment, business development and job creation in the United States, particularly in economically troubled areas, such as Detroit.  Specifically, the bill would prioritize existing employment-based green cards for entrepreneurs who start new businesses in the U.S. and create jobs for American workers.  Our immigration laws currently provide only temporary visas, such as E-2 “treaty investor visas,” for such foreign entrepreneurs. 
U.S. Representative
John Conyers, Jr.
“The American Investment and Job Creation Act will help cities like Detroit that have been especially affected by the economic recession to spur economic growth, increase employment opportunities for American workers, and begin to reverse decades of population decline,” said Conyers. 

“Currently, our immigration system provides green cards to those who fill jobs in the American economy, but not to those who create jobs.  This makes no sense.  The lack of a path to permanent residency deters many entrepreneurs from helping to revitalize our economy and lower unemployment.

“The bill would address this concern by making existing employment-based green cards available to those who establish new businesses and create and sustain jobs for American workers.  Particular emphasis is placed on small business development and job creation in areas with high unemployment or that have experienced significant losses in population.  This change will further incentivize entrepreneurs to invest in the American economy.  And that is a win-win situation.

“The American Renewal and Investment Act is a common-sense bill that refocuses our immigration laws so that they better serve the needs of our country and its citizens.  I am happy to be working with my Judiciary Committee colleague from the other side of the aisle, Jason Chaffetz, and to count the support of various business groups, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Venture Capital Association, the National Small Business Association, and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce.  This is an immigration bill that people from all sides should be able to support. I am hopeful we can move this bipartisan, commonsense legislation after the summer recess.”

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Special Message For The People Of Michigan

A special message from Baby LK and George Clinton to the people of Michigan to vote August 7, 2012 for Beverly Tran.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Fleeing From Social Workers - Baby LK Report For July 22nd 2012

Baby LK recaps the week in news for the child protection industry.

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The Story Of Detroit Political Endorsements

Last night I was talking with a dear friend who has personally guided me through the world of Detroit politics.  He made a comment that threw me for a loop.  He said, "I would love to direct all that passion of yours into something you find of interest."

That friend is John Conyers, Jr.

He is right.  It is not that I solely enjoy politics; it is the passion of speaking out and professing my knowledge.  It is the passion of giving voices to those who have been silenced.  I will no longer be silent in my passion of identifying the problem and presenting alternative solution.  I run so that no human being will ever experience what my children have, at the hands of political games.

Since no one will touch the hot button issues of a campaign, I will.

Therefore, the story of the day is Detroit Political Endorsements.

An endorsement is the public act of supporting a person or product through legal signing of a formal document but there is more to the story of Detroit Political Endorsements and it is deeper than just signing a check.

In Detroit and its enclave municipalities, political endorsements come with a price tag.

The Auction Endorsement
For example, Rev. Wendal Anthony's Fannie Lou Hamer Political Action Committee  typically runs about $2,500 for a candidate to secure the endorsement.  In return, the PAC will generate and distribute campaign literature of the candidate through mailings and/or door to doors.  Candidates are not vetted nor are they interviewed.  In the event there are multiple candidates in a particular race, the cost of the endorsement will substantially increase in auction until a candidate wins the final bid.

In situations where there is an incumbent candidate, the cost of the endorsement remains high as it is guaranteed that the previous election cycle war chest is full enough to pay to continue the endorsement. For an incumbent not to carry the previous election cycle endorsements is to stir up controversy of losing support, jeopardizing precious votes.

The Lobby Endorsement
The best way to discuss the lobby endorsement is by using a labor union example.  UAW 1A broke with UAW 1 to endorse its own candidates without going to rank and file.  In a union region, the members are suppose to have the chance to vote for which candidate will be endorsed.

Labor unions bring rank and file members out to hit the ground canvasing for a candidate while injecting large amounts of money into a campaign for television ads and campaign literature, but it does come with a price.

Lobbying is the post-electoral term for an endorsement because once a candidate accepts a union endorsement, that candidate, upon election, is now in a long term, committed relationship.  A union is considered a volunteer organization and not a business, meaning it does not have compete with corporate lobbyist dollars after successful election because the relationship is already established.  Corporate profits lobby, union dues endorse.

The Profit Endorsement
For this example I am going to borrow from the recent Detroit Free Press editorial endorsement of John Conyers, Jr.  which went viral and is considered to be the worst endorsement in history.  Some people have questioned me as to why the paper did not remain neutral or silent.  The best reply I could summon was the one published by Jack Lessenberry.
"Some observers speculated that the endorsement was motivated by the feeling that the paper couldn't end up not endorsing a black candidate for Congress."
I was interviewed by the Detroit Free Press editorial staff and if I remember correctly, Stephen Henderson was the perfect choice to take the lead on the publication of the endorsement.

If the paper did not endorse Conyers, there was potential for backlash from the Detroit community which might have resulted in a boycott (which is extreme and unlikely) or drop in sales with advertisements pulled.

The historic endorsement increased profits.  As the elections approach, candidates are more likely to take out print ads in the local newspapers as circulation will increase.

The Hamtramck Review, a domestic profit corporation, recently published its recommendations for my District race.  It chose its top two candidates who just so happen to be the only two candidates who took out campaign ads.  The candidate who spent the most money got the endorsement of the paper.

What I question is why a local paper would endorse a state candidate who claims he will have the power to work outside his jurisdiction on federal issues but it does not matter because he spent the most money and brings in potential advertisers from the community.

The second campaign ad buyer for the paper just so happens to have Rose Mary Robinson's son, William Isaac Robinson, running her campaign with Conyers campaign funds.  As she and her son are licensed attorneys of the State of Michigan they should know that this is questionable activity and just flat out wrong to lie to Conyers and the public about how congressional campaign contributions are being used.  But it does not matter as she bought campaign ads.

As this is a primary election in a field of 12 candidates, I am aware that there will be no major endorsements.  I also know because of my personal relationships with elected officials that the political climate is too volatile to risk any public association with me at this time as they run their own campaigns.

I only seek approval from the voters.  My friends already approve of me, no matter the results of the election.

And for those of you who do not like what I post, you can always become an official in my fan clan.

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George Clinton Wants You To Vote For John Conyers, Jr.

Dr. George "Funkenstein" Clinton wants you to vote for Congressman John Conyers, Jr., August 7, 2012.

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13th Congressional Candidate Shanelle Jackson on Beverly Tran

I do so enjoy someone who takes pride in dismissing me and factual finding of state and federal reports.  It is so cute yet insults the intellectual abilities of women.

Governance should be gender neutral unless one assumes the electric just wants a sexual fantasy for leadership.

You have no children so how can you promulgate policy for families?  What do you know about child welfare when you claim to not know who I am or my work?

By the way, men also care for families or were you just riding on the misogynist political opportunistic storm of your Tea Party buddies?

How dare you challenge John Conyers, Jr.  This is personal.  Go back to work at Summerset.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Underground Railroad Is Alive In The UK But Not The US

The Unites States has yet to construct a sophisticated network to assist families.

In Michigan, the tentacles of the Superintendent of the Michigan Children's Institute Bill Johnson are far more nefarious than one can believe.  He possesses the omnipotence of no oversight to dispel the governing authority of another state.

These are issues of placement which have been nefariously promoted for the purposes of campaign contributions.

The Amer Act, recently introduced by Congressman John Conyers, Jr,, was pathetically retained to intentionally omit me from discussions in D.C.

What ever the arrogant reasoning, the problem now manifests itself as another issue of omission.  The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC).

Without going into grueling detail, allow me the moment to share the issues.

The Amer Act fails to address the current legislation on placement decisions.  It comes across as adequate but does nothing more than promulgate the status quo of operations within the State of Michigan, which is a leader in national child policy, and other states.

I have too many individuals who have contacted me from across the nation asking why one man, Bill Johnson, has the omnipotence to make or break a family.  This man will allow people to spend their life savings under the guise of getting their grandchildren or other members of affinity only to be shot down at the last minute, or should I say when the time threshold has come to fruition for him to have the traditional legal argument that. "the child has bonded with the new family and has been in care too long."

I know what he does is unethical and illegal.  Why?  Because state administrators have told me they cannot find anyone else dumb enough to take on the position.  Michigan does not want to change, let alone acknowledge MCI.  This is quit apparent in the Dwayne B. v. Granholm federal settlement case of which District Judge Edmonds is about to release Michigan form the oversight of Kevin Ryan, monitor.

The following article has nothing to do with Michigan or even the United States. but it has to do with the political climate of the lunatic fringe trying to transmography Parental Rights as something the average person can posses.

If the average person could possess Parental Rights, then what would happen to the powers of the States Attorney General in dealing with child abuse cases?


Let us recognize the beauty of the new underground railroad.  I am praying it does not come to the Unites States because I am on a mission to make it unnecessary.

August 7, 2012, vote.  And vote for me.  If you cannot vote for me, spread the word.  I'm on a mission...

  Revealed:  the networks helping families flee social services

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An exclusive investigation by Channel 4 News gains unprecedented access to underground networks which help families flee from social services in the UK.

The families say they are forced to flee because they will not get a fair hearing in the UK in thefamily courts. They turn to shadowy networks, often based online, and run by other parents, many of whom have already lost their children to the care system.
The scale and sophistication of the networks is extraordinary. We were told of safe houses across the UK where parents and their children could lie low before heading overseas, of fake birth certificates and of keys for rented homes in foreign countries that are exchanged in the middle of the night by strangers connected only by the networks.
As to the numbers involved it is impossible to verify, but we were told by one woman central to several groups that help parents get out of the country, that there has been "anything [from] 300 to 600 families in the past year that have left [the UK] from the involvement of social care".
The most popular destination is the Republic of Ireland, but the networks extend across Europe, Mediterranean countries being the other main destinations for families on the run.
From UK foster care to Cavan
We went to Cavan, a small town in the Republic of Ireland and one of the hubs for the network. There we met a mother who described a meticulously-planned snatch operation to steal her four-year-old son from foster care in the UK. At an organised contact session, she arranged an untraceable car, fake ID papers and even had a wig waiting in the car. "I knew I had to get him and get to the boat straight away. I knew that if I got caught, I would be done for kidnap," she says.
Her son had originally been put into voluntary care after she had a breakdown. She insists she got better but they refused to return him - leaving her, she says, with no choice but to run.
Having made it to Ireland she turned herself in to the authorities in the belief – shared by many in these networks – that she would get a fairer hearing from Irish social services. "They are not idiots over here but it's the way they act [and] work completely differently," she says. "They took him, completed the assessment and decided what was in my son's best interests."
For this mother that decision turned out to be that she could keep her son. Having been helped by the network herself, she in turn began to help others. This is how the networks regenerate themselves and grow.
Revealed: the networks helping families flee social services
'Punished for something that we hadn't done'
The charge levelled against the parents we spoke to was not physical or sexual abuse but emotional abuse or the risk of future emotional neglect or abuse. They say it is a charge that they cannot defend themselves against.
We met one British couple, Julie and Andy (not their real names), hiding out in a southern European country [pictured above]. The network helped them flee from the UK earlier this year when they discovered she was pregnant. They are now a couple in hiding.
Like many parents we met, their argument was that they were not given a fair hearing by a system that was too quick to remove children. Their child was removed at birth because the mother, who suffered pre-natal depression during her pregnancy, and the father, were assessed as posing a risk of future emotional neglect.
According to the couple, the local authority "just pressed the nuclear button". Talking about their daughter being placed in care they told Channel 4 News: "We hadn't hurt her. We were punished for something that we hadn't done."
While they accept the need for action in some cases they insist that parents can be accused of something that it is impossible to defend themselves against: "We recognise that that the child protection system is important but you can be convicted of the potentiality of causing harm or neglect."

They are now in hiding. "Once you've lost one you have no chance at all...after our experiences of our first child we have absolutely no confidence at all in the system."
Social services vs parents
Channel 4 News discovered an unlikely figure in an unlikely location, who is a central character in these networks. He has taken it upon himself to assist in the flight of many of these families. Sitting in Monaco, Ian Josephs [pictured left], an 80-year-old British businessman, puts it bluntly. "It's war," he says, "between parents who've had their children taken and the social workers who've taken them."
Having first come across what he sees as family courts' injustice some 30 years ago, he now helps hundreds of families each year as they fight the system to keep their children. "I get two or three new calls every single day practically," he says. "That doesn’t sound too many, but if you multiply it by 365 it comes to quite a lot."
But it is more than advice: "I'm no Bill Gates, but I do pay for pregnant women to escape the country."
He is motivated by an unshakeable belief that the system and the family courts have the wrong approach and that other countries will treat parents fighting charges of emotional neglect in an entirely different manner. "If you saw the women that I have seen whose babies have been snatched from them by truly heartless social workers who've shown no compassion, no sorrow, no pity, no words of consolation, you would think that somebody should do something about it," he says.
"Why is it happening so much in England and not in France, for example, where I live, or Monaco where I live, and not in Spain and not in Italy? It's a very British phenomena."
Who are the networks helping?
Mr Josephs and the other networks say they screen parents and do background checks into their histories before offering help. But how much can they really know about the parents and children they help flee the UK and the safeguards of the child protection system?
It all poses profound questions about who these networks are helping and whether they are not in fact putting some children in further danger. It is a view shared by Professor Corinne May-Chahal, the co-chair of the College of Social Work. "It is clearly saying that there is something very wrong with the system, if the only option people have is to run then there has to be something that needs to be looked at," she told Channel 4 News.
She adds that the potential risk to some of the children involved is of serious concern: "There are probably some very vulnerable children and how can we know they are getting the right help? It is really very worrying. If what's happening within the system is forcing parents or encouraging parents to leave then that could well be putting them in more danger."
And she says that this points to a wider issue in the system designed to protect children. "We all know the system has to change. And it’s not just social workers that need to improve - that is the key. Social work has to work within the system and it is the system that needs to change, not just one person or professional body within it."