Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why New York City Recycles D.C. Administrative Rejects

I have to step in here and defend Mayor Mike Bloomberg.  Mayoral appointments are made upon recommendation of his deputies.  There are components of public consent but it only comes, again, from the public recommendation of the deputy mayors like (left) Linda Gibbs Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services.

The decision to recycle failed administrators is due to the fact that there is a very limited pool of administrative candidates who are knowledgeable in the area of revenue-maximization schemes in child welfare.  

Former D.C. child welfare administrators have demonstrated amazing accomplishments in skirting federal prosecution in fraud, waste and abuse in child welfare services; therefore, it becomes beneficial to maintain a workforce deeply entrenched in a culture of risk aversive policies of getting busted as being dysfunctional.

DC’s Incompetence Is Coming To NYC in Droves

First Director of the D.C. Department of Youth Rehabilitative Services Vincent N. Schiraldi (a D.C. reject) gets “recruited” by NYC. Now Schiraldi is bringing in more of D.C.’s incompetent juvenile administrators. Instead of firing incompetent administrators, government just shuffles them from one state to another. Vincent and cronies were too incompetent to fix D.C.’s Juvenile Justice, so NYC decides to take them off DC’s hands.

How do we know they’re incompetent? Just look at some of their D.C. “accomplishments” as reported by the Washington Post no less.

DC Division for Youth Rehabilitative Services Accused of Prescribing Seroquel as a Sleep Aid for Incarcerated Youths

DC Death Toll: Seven (7) Wards Slain Ten (10) Wards Charged With Murder

Violence at DC Youth Center

D.C. Mayor Fenty Fires Head of Juvenile Justice Agency: Marc Schindler (Schindler took over from disaster Vincent Schiraldi). While Deputy Director David Brown and Head of Internment David Muhammad Resigned. David Muhammad was recently hired by former D.C. crony, Vincent Schiraldi.

Here’s a release written by David Muhammad tooting his own horn – though how he thinks success is 7 wards dead and another 10 charged with murder escapes my understanding of success. Now NYC is stuck with more D.C. dysfunction.

These are not stories of incompetence.  These are resume milestones in child welfare fraud.  District of Columbia child welfare administrators posses rare skill sets.  Not only are these professionals extremely capable of maintaining operations as noted in these news stories, but they are uniquely qualified in double billing.

Remember, District of Columbia is not a state and since there is no transparency and accountability in child welfare fiscal operations, administrators are experts in double-jacket cost-reimbursements for the child welfare system, simultaneously billing Maryland and District of Columbia. 

HHS OIG District of Columbia and Maryland Medicaid Audit 2008

There are other signals flagging multiple layering of double-jackets.  The technique was identified by a former governmental auditor who wishes to maintain anonymity, termed it the "Will Smith-Bill Smith" Syndrome.

The "Will Smith-Bill Smith" Syndrome
 A child is taken into the foster care.  An administrator will submit foster care cost-reimbursements for the child named "Will Smith, Social Security number ABC-12-WXYZ". The costs are reimbursed to the government administrator.  Then, as the governmental entity has never implemented any computerized fiscal integrity systems, the administrator will also submit cost-reimbursements for the child named "Bill Smith Social Security number ABC-12-WXYZ".

There are no mechanisms in place to monitor the allowability of the costs and, in the event the syndrome is diagnosed, the administrators get recycled.

Take this syndrome and do it in a state and federal venue, and you have the creme' de la creme' in child welfare administrators.  This is why New York City recycles D.C.
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