Sunday, August 29, 2010

Honor To An Original Source

Our friends over at Legally Kidnapped are very strong in busting the myths of foster care. One method they have found has been to elevate the silent voices of foster children, and its graduates of the foster care system.

Here is a young prolific blogger, who deserves honor for his expertise, as an original source, to bust the myths of foster care.

 this has no fucking title — it’s about parents

Stop telling me that most people MY AGE don’t have relationships with their parents.   The truth is they do…. the truth is that most of you –  of any age —  do, of some type…because the research shows it…..
….and my daily life experience shows it……I work with young adults my age, 20-somethings, I see and hear it everyday……
I don’t even get a shot, a chance — I never had a chance and yes, it matters….it fucking matters — parents matter; they mattered then and they matter now…


To the child abuse propaganda machines: If anyone wants to "help" this young man, then I encourage you to contract/hire with him to do public speaking, commission reports from him and pay him well for his expertise.
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