Sunday, August 29, 2010

Meet The Pimps of AstraZeneca

A man named Stan is quite the investigative reporter, but I have found a much easier way to track who are fans.  Just make sure you use my first and last name in all your reports, Pimp Daddy Brennan.

David Brennan, the international policy pimp
Public relations firms do more than pimp propaganda for the entire child welfare industry, they monitor it, too.

AstraZeneca makes sure CMS will always be their bottom bitch.

A BRAVE NEW WORLD -Big Brother/Pharma hires data miners and PR firms to track individuals and blogs as part of their huge public perception/spin/image campaign machine

Who would have thought a little blog like mine and maybe yours were so damned important that Pharmaceutical Corporations would hire huge PR data mining firms to keep a watchful eye on us.

Yes, they rate us, write reports, even suggest a response strategy, and then take all this gathered analytical analysis to Big Brother (whoops typo: Big Pharma).

This is just one segment of the huge "Spin Machine" that is used to take any possible negative news or revelation about the "Sacred Pharmaceutical Cash Cow" to task, while reacting to any descent or counter messages in real living time.

In fact the companies the pharmaceutical Industry hire pride them selves publicly in their ability & stellar track records of taking any kind of serious negative fact/information, and then turning into a profitable positive fiction through controlling/manipulating the information, the message, the media, and in the end the highly valued public perception.

Companies like V-Fluence working for Corporations are watching us no doubt.

Just recently I had written about Robert Whitaker's New Book "Anatomy of an Epidemic".

When I happened to stumble upon a revealing tracking page VIA V-fluence the PR Firm (hired gun) working for no other than AstraZeneca Corporation.

So through my secretly held guarded trade nanotechnology methodology, and some highly honed intergalactic correspondence skills ( in other words known as pure "dumb luck"), I was able to open this interesting little page/document.

Meet the Pimps of AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca Cheif Officers  
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