Sunday, April 25, 2010

National Child Abuse Registry Covers Up Fraud

Another fine example of the lack of parallel jurisprudence in the child welfare industry.

Flaws Found In State Child-Abuse Registries
Push For National Database Barely Progressing
DAVID CRARY, AP National Writer

POSTED: Sunday, April 25, 2010
UPDATED: 12:33 pm EDT April 25, 2010
NEW YORK -- Combatting child abuse is a cause with universal support. Yet a push to create a national database of abusers, as authorized by Congress in 2006, is barely progressing as serious flaws come to light in the state-level registries that would be the basis for a national list.

In North Carolina, an appeals court ruled last month that the registry there is unconstitutional because alleged abusers had no chance to defend themselves before being listed.

In New York, a class-action settlement is taking effect on behalf of thousands of people who were improperly denied the chance for a hearing to get removed from the state registry.

And the U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to hear a case this fall arising from the plight of a California couple whose names remain on that state's registry years after they were cleared of an abuse allegation made by their rebellious teenage daughter...more

I always say:
If they can put us on a central registry, then we can put them on a central registry.  

The national registry is being promoted to destroy any possibility for transparency and accountability. Once placed on the registry, all false claims are thereby validated as legitimate claims. Until there is due process in child welfare a national database of child abusers is nothing more than part of the never ending cover up of child welfare fraud.

End the secrecy and let due process live.

Follow the link above to read the national report to Congress.
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